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Ace of Pentacles






You should really look deep into yourself to find where your best happiness lies, it may well be already around you





















Two of Pentacles





A doorway to happiness

A happy couple

A worthwhile enterprise






















Three of Pentacles




Creating something worthwhile,

A baby Girl,

A New way of life which is worthwhile.



























Four of Pentacles



A home to the West,

Saving Money,

A Happy,  Home,

Wait for best and most worthwhile time.

 An Expensive house






















Five of Pentacles




Loss of money,



Loss of self esteem
























Six of Pentacles





A worthwhile treasure,




























Seven of Pentacles




Uncertainty of the worth of something or someone,

Unsure of yourself,


Hoping against hope,

Neither here, no there.
























Eight of Pentacles




There is ongoing happiness if you continue this path,

This card can also mean a gold ring.


























Nine of Pentacles





This card shows plenty,as long as you are confident with your aims, and believe in yourself.



























Ten of Pentacles






 Excellent outcome, all that you could hope




























Page of Pentacles




A young dark haired dark or olive skinned person with dark eyes is important

 Gentle happiness is on its way ,

Money is easier,

You are easier in the mind.



























Knight of Pentacles



A Man of thirty five or thereabouts with dark hair , dark eyes and olive or darker skin makes entrance,

You have more energy,

Happiness is coming swiftly


























Queen of Pentacles





A dark haired dark eyed woman may be important,

Expect more success, especially with money or being more self assured.


























King of Pentacles






A dark haired ,dark eyed man may be important.

Expect success to be demanding, or demands of money