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Ace of Swords


The Ace of Swords suggests High and intense feelings, Study, Intelligent actions and Truth
















The Two of Swords




Two people of the same mind, an intelligent way to go,  and a new gateway to learning are all shown by the Two of Swords.


























The Three of swords



New emotions, new ways forward, which require some study, and a baby boy are all answers suggested  by the of  the Three of Swords











































Four of Swords




A rest from emotions, holding a grudge, The Heart, and a New Home are all meanings of the four of swords card 















The Five of Swords




This card  shows a feeling of Loss, Depression, and sadness, You may need to let go of something which is pushing you to these feelings













Six of Swords





The Six of Swords suggests right mindedness, successful  examinations, and following and fulfilling your dreams.























Seven of Swords





Uncertainty, unbalanced, ambivalent feelings. Unsure which way to go, the answer is within you , give it time.























Eight of Swords






The return of feelings , Eternity, Marriage, constant feelings, ongoing study, feeling married;The Eight of Swords has you continuing on paths that you have already discovered. ending up in the same place, emotionally.

 This can feel claustrophobic
















 Nine of Swords




The Nine of swords shows devastating feelings and pain,  dread and fear. They can be all encompassing, when fear itself blocks forward progress.























Ten of Swords




Death, or deathly fear , Intense Pain or emotional hurt

which has to be gone through to reach the other side.





















Page of Swords




A Younger person with dark hair and light eyes is important.  With Learning,  gentle actions may be necessary to teach new things 




















Knight of Swords






Swift and decisive changes emotionally

A dark haired light eyed man aged  35 or thereabouts comes forward.

















Queen of Swords






A dark haired or grey haired woman with light eyes


Expect  difficulty , possible issues with paperwork and Visas























King of Swords




A dark haired or Grey haired man with light eyes is important.

Demands from others are overwhelming

You are in demand.