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Ace of Wands



You are urged to speak  only with best intentions, and with careful thought.



















Two of wands



   This a good way to go, as long as you take the time to fully explore all paths that it leads  you to.



























Three of Wands



This will require new ways of working, and doing things; all of which bring new life,and set  you on new pathways.


















Four of Wands



Wait, but be prepared for new situations at home,

let things settle down before questioning things.






















Five of Wands



There is a feeling that you are not in the loop where conversation is concerned, you may feel that you are missing out  at, or expecting to leave work.


































Six of Wands




Fulfillment and success are shown to be rewarded through your own efforts, you can be confident of your way ahead.



























Seven of Wands



Things are neither clear nor certain, get things straight in you head before proceeding, especially involving possible conversations which may be taken wrongly



















Eight of Wands




Ongoing situation, which should work well

re-opening old links




























Nine of Wands





 Congratulate yourself on a  job well done , there is still a lot to do and plenty of  work around, to keep you occupied.



























Ten of Wands




Too big a burden,



Very Hard work.

























Page of Wands




A fair haired or red haired young person is important,

Work gently, and takes things slowly,to do it right

Start a conversation.


























Knight of Wands




A Man of thirty five or thereabouts with fair or red hair and light eyes.

Things are moving swiftly,

Work comes in  strongly and quickly.























Queen of Wands





A fair haired or Red haired woman is important,

Expect word

Expect work or news of work.

























King of Wands




A fair or red haired Man, a good communicator who works hard, a demanding conversation,

Demanding and difficult work