Sanctuary Bedford Sanctuary Bedford The salt lamps are everywhere They help remove any difficult or negative feelings. 101235224 Dryads and Altar plates You may feel yourself being watched, in the nicest possible way, of course! 101229328 Is that a totem pole? A lot of beliefs come together without judgement in Sanctuary, maybe that is why it feels comfortable. 101230116 Bast ( Bastet) This beautiful stone head is Not for sale.It gives out extremely strong vibes,which work to protect, and punish those who have no respect for others 101232781 serenity 101232782 Angels in a crystal ball 101232783 Crystals pull you towards them if you need them around you Whichever energy your body, mind or spirit needs, you will find yourself being drawn towards the proper crystal.The advice is to Let THEM pick YOU. 101232785 Pendulums are one of Sues passions She will always have over 40 different pendulums for sale(If she can ever bear to part with them.) 101232786 Lots to see......Where to look first???? 101232787 This is the place...... 101232789 Our very loved Buddha , Hoti, is always around Just come in and give his belly a gentle rub, while thinking of what you really need.It often works a treat. 101232792 Sanctuary,59, Harpur street, Bedford So many people walk by us for years, and then suddenly discover us when they need us. 101232793 The smell of incense is all around you,mixing with the sound of gurgling water. 101235225 fountains gurgle gently and incense scents the whole place 101232788 101235226 One of our therapy rooms 101235227 101235233 Singing bowls 101235229 sues room with its gypsy table collection, The centre table is covered in silk or cotton bags full of different sets of Tarot Cards. 101235230 101235232 101235734 The Wheel of Fortune Spread This spread uses bothTarot cards and playing cards to tell the changes in the coming year. 139610390 Rough points are stronger than tumbled stones Here we have quartz, smokey Quartz, and citrine points. 139610391