Step inside the webshop; it is perhaps not as peaceful there as here in Sanctuary, but you can still buy some amazing things....

Sage sticks (for  clearance of difficult energies)Now In!!!!



Amazing new supply of Crystals, Rose quartz lamps, Smokey quartz and Snow quartz lamps and Salt lamps  which are all said to bring their own qualities of ambiance and loving peace to a room.


New Crystals arriving every week


Tarot cards , Angel cards, oracle cards


Crystal  Healing  Wands




All Crystal Wands Tumblestones and crystals Crystal balls Antique and Vintage wands (Pre used) witchcraft paraphenalia Wands Gemstone trees Crystal specimen clusters and geodes Dreamcatchers Cherubs Salt lamps and burners Gifts Buddhas Mortar and pestle Cards
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