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Ace of Cups





You have feelings of supreme love, and should feel comfortable, and loved

























Two of Cups





A loving and contented relationship is around you
























Three of Cups





Children ,  A creation of love
























Four of Cups







Consider yourself surrounded by safety, and comfort


















Five of Cups







 You feel loss, and sadness,  but there is a possibility still to change this, so that is less hurtful, by remembering what you have left.

















Six of Cups







A Loving and fulfilling relationship






























Seven of Cups






Uncertainty in love, lots of excitement, but  likely to be unsure of true feelings, or may be unsustainable.

























Eight of Cups








Infinite love, a lover keeps returning to you,























The Nine of Cups






Ample love and family feelings can support you through this time.

























Ten of cups






It is almost a case of too much too soon, or trying to be too controlling in a relationship.Beware of jealousy.






















Page of Cups







Children, and gentle loving times




















Knight of Cups







Falling in love , love coming towards you.






















Queen of Cups






A Brown haired brown eyed Woman is important. Expect love.


















King of Cups







A sometimes demanding but loved man is featured in your cards