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If Sue does a spell for you it will be completely  free of charge.

This does not mean that it is worthless!!!

 It  doesn't mean that she has spare time to answer questions on it.

So you should  not phone,  email or text or drop in  for updates.

If Sue were to check on its progress, the spell itself has less chance to grow, and would be less likely to work. She likens a spell to a freshly planted seed.Once it is planted, it needs to be left to grow; pulling it up to look at its roots will kill it. Sue will plant the spell by invoking the energies. water it with her intentions to give it life; then set it free to do its work...... 

But be assured , If Sues says that she will do a spell for you, she will be doing it.


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Magic starts with belief, with the 100% belief that you can affect a change, it is pointless having ritual down to a fine point, with everyone word perfect, and all the points exact, if no one truly believes that they can make a difference.


 Go for ritual certainly, to make yourself believe that you have everything else perfect, so that the effect must be perfect too. But most of all, just believe that it will.


 I start with honouring the elements, honouring the Goddess that is the earth, and honouring the spell that I am about to perform, I cast my circle in the belief that this will protect me from difficulties and harm. I cast my spell in the belief that if will do some good, and then I go away and forget it, leave it to work its magic, I do not disturb what I have done, or check that all is done correctly. Usually all works well, and in a short time change is evident.




    Sue will perform spells if she can help without harm

     email her on


There is no charge for spells, as is our creed,however you are free to make a small donation if you wish.



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A spell to let people see themselves as others see them, and then return to their true selves.....


 For this spell you will need a pen and paper, and either fourteen two pence pieces or circular pieces of card  about the same size. 

 Draw a face which you name as the person for whom the spell is intended . 

This is one spell which has the effect of things getting worse before they get better;  so expect that result first.

 Cover the eyes of the drawing with  two pence pieces or circle of card every night for one week,  at the same time; saying 

In the darkness may you see,

the person who you've come to be.

 Hidden by worth which is not your due

Hid from yourself, you are not you.

Building up this cage will be

Like hiding from reality.'

After seven days remove the coins  one from each eye day by day for another week.


'Worthless gain I take away,

To return you to yourself this day.

swift the change in you will be

As you climb  back to reality '


When the coins are all removed surround the picture with eight small tea lights.

8 is the number of returning and infinity

a spell to bring two people together

for this spell you will need


                                  2 pink candles,

a piece of rose quartz

a length of string or ribbon.

take the candles and inscribe the names of both people from the bottom up ,with a pin 

one name on each candle.

 With a drop of hot wax, stick the string on the bottom of the candles, one at  each end of

the string, place the rose quartz on the centre of the ribbon. Light the candles,


"This day (other persons name) and I are apart

though we are together in my heart.

as I move the flame, to find its mate

inch by inch, without deviate,

as wax and stone and flame combine

May we be brought together and together entwined."

let the candles burn for 10 minutes, visualising the two of you together, before you snuff them out, and move both candles toward the rose quartz 1 inch, repeat this every night at the same  time, until the  two candles are touching the quartz,then let  them burn out, thinking of the two of you together as they burn, to complete the spell.


A worth spell

  A Worth Spell.

 Even the most giving soul still needs money in this world, and self worth.

            This spell combines the two

in a way which also brings wealth and self worth to others.

 You will need* 3       * yellow or gold candles

(*for creation)                   (* for wealth and self worth)

some copper coins, the shinier the better, *3 citrines.

*the happiness and self worth crystal


Light the candles as you say:


'I light these candles to create,

The will to grant a wealthy state,

and happiness, with enough to share,

 from within the dish thats lying there.

 To ask for myself, and not be greedy,

I ask for myself and  for all the needy.'

Gently drop the coins ino the dish, alternately with the citrines





'I lay these coins witin the dish, though they be low, and few.

May they be mirrored , day by day, and trebled through and through.'

Let the candles burn right down

Put the dish on a window sill in natural light and add any other copper coins that you get to the dish, without ceremony.

If the dish fills up and overflows,  scoop up the money and give it to a good cause.

Apart from that do not take money out of the bowl.

Any windfalls should also have some of its sum added to the bowl, to go to needy causes or people.

( Not yourself or those who benefit yourself.)




Learning about Magic


      A Wiccan altar allows space for the elements, Air, Earth, Water,Fire and Spirit .....


It also houses a chalice, an athame, a wand, a pentagram, and items of celebration for the ritual of the time.

Ever Watchful     Amazing.............theres more to heaven and earth than meets


 The Eye of God?

(from Hubble)

Will our Sun look like this one day? The Helix Nebula is the closest example of a planetary nebula created at the end of the life of a Sun-like star. The outer gasses of the star expelled into space appear from our vantage point as if we are looking down a helix.

The remnant central stellar core, destined to become a white dwarf star, glows in light so energetic it causes the previously expelled gas to fluoresce.

Helix Nebula, given a technical designation of NGC 7293, lies about 650 light-years away towards the constellation of Aquarius and spans about 2.5 light-years. The above picture is a composite of newly released images from the ACS instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope and wide-angle images from the Mosaic Camera on the 0.9-m Telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory. A close-up of the inner edge of the Helix Nebula shows complex gas knots of unknown origin.








Dont be fooled by Con artists  and 'magic'

A practice has been bought to my notice involving so called spellworkers who put the fear of harm into people, once they have been sold spells at an exhorbitant rate, the practioners claim that the spell is nearly there , or that the individual did or didnt do something which affected the spell., and then demands more, and more money. I have heard of people charged literally hundreds of pounds, who then fear that to stop the work will upset the spellworker and anger them so that they send their client bad luck. Please dont be taken in by these scams. No real white witch will ever be able to induce harm, it is against our faiths, beliefs , and creeds.What we send out we can expect to have returned to us threefold.If we have any belief in our powers, we must also have belief in our laws.Anyone who says they can make change which involves hurt, is very definitely not a true white witch.Very few charge,because our creed tells us to help if we can , without harm.If someone tells you you have bad energies around you. think how much worse it can get if you find yourself short of a few hundred, or even thousand pounds, and in worse fear than before.Please dont be taken in.

spell bottles


Spell Bottles

Made with Natures plenty, Special Care and.... Magic

With special care by Sue during the Waxing Moon


Love Spell (Pink) Rose quartz oil, Rose petals, Wild cranes bill Geranium flowers and Magic

Money Spell (Brown) Caraway seeds, Citrine oil, amber oil, and Magic


Fertility Spell (Golden) Clematis seeds, Moonstone oil

Clearance Spell, (Green) Sage and Smoky Quartz oil


Healing Spell (Green Purple) Self Heal flowers, and Rose quartz oil for healing emotions

Healing Spell (Cream) Willow and Amethyst Oil


Protection Spell (Clear with black) Tourmaline grains, Sage, and smoky quartz oil


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