Pathways, Gates and Doors

Sue describes the future as travelling forward and upwards through the trunk and branches of a tree.Once you are in command of your own life, you leave the trunk of the tree and start climbing up the branches, which all travel upwards in the same general direction but can reach different areas, depending on which side branches and twigs are put in your way,and which you take on and climb, and which you ignore. Every action will take you on wards, but different paths are accessible with thought, and by looking in many directions before taking a particular path, you can begin to see where it is heading, before you take the route in front of you.

Is the future fixed ?Is fate already defined?

 The future is not fixed, but appears to follow different pathways,depending on which doors you open and which doors you choose to avoid, or slam shut.

However the general direction  will usually proceed along one path unless a definite decision is made to change it.

 There are many ways  that you can change the future,some are below:-

You can turn away from the path you are heading on, and go in a completely different direction, this would be a definite decision Not to go there.

 You can choose to back pedal, and hang back ,ignoring signs which you would normally follow, and letting opportunities fly past.

You can choose to rush ahead to your preferred end, ignoring the usual situations which would make you behave differently,and  miss the opportunities because you are no longer acting like yourself.

 You can destroy possibilities by acting differently to people who are to make differences in your life , by acting too intensely, and out of character,with out allowing the situation to develop correctly first.

Look out for new gateways,pathways and doors, and let yourself see some of the possibilities before you go through, or slam shut these ways forward.Take a little time, and make each step a step in direction that you want to be eventually, or via an interesting diversion which is still on the way

Never shut a door through spite, as you are almost always bound to regret it, eventually.

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