A spell for wealth and money

  A Worth Spell.

 Even the most giving soul still needs money in this world, and self worth.

  This spell combines the two

in a way which also brings wealth and self worth to others.

 You will need* 3       * yellow or gold candles

(*for creation)                   (* for wealth and self worth)

some copper coins, the shinier the better, *3 citrines.

*the happiness and self worth crystal


Light the candles as you say:


'I light these candles to create,

The will to grant a wealthy state,

and happiness, with enough to share,

 from within the dish thats lying there.

 To ask for myself, and not be greedy,

I ask for myself and  for all the needy.'

Gently drop the coins ino the dish, alternately with the citrines   




'I lay these coins witin the dish, though they be low, and few.

May they be mirrored , day by day, and trebled through and through.'

Let the candles burn right down

Put the dish on a window sill in natural light and add any other copper coins that you get to the dish, without ceremony.

If the dish fills up and overflows,  scoop up the money and give it to a good cause.

Apart from that do not take money out of the bowl.

Any windfalls should also have some of its sum added to the bowl, to go to needy causes or people.

( Not yourself or those who benefit yourself.)



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