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MessageHi Sue, I wanted to say THANK YOU for the last email. It really opened my eyes and caused me evaluate a lot of things, I made some decisions which I hope will open doors for the life I want for myself. I'm grateful for you and your gift. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I am grateful to have found you in this life. Your gift and medicine has helped me to feel safe in this world. Thank you. I will talk to you soon. I look forward to being your student one day. ?? Yen.

wanted to send you via email a really big thank you!  

A few weeks ago you told  ****** she needed to give up smoking and to go and have a full health check and there was a problem in her throat.  We went to London yesterday to visit a top private clinic where she had the works done for 6 hours!  She has no cancer (thank God!) but she has 50% of one of her neck arteries blocked.  The medical director told her she must not have another cigarette
You were spot on and once again, I am very grateful we found you x x x

 Thanks for everything you were great.

So you are right again!!!! I heard back from L****** today and another role has come up in that same company.

Thank you Sue for all your help, you have answered a great many things and helped ease my mindx

Last year you helped me most difficult times of my life. The hopes you gave me pulled me out of devastation, without it I would have not survived. You are truly amazing and certainly one of the best psychic in the world.

Thank you for being such a great support to me and for everything you have done
Thank you very much Sue for your reading. It was very helpful indeed. Gave a new insight into the matter.
I wanted to say thank you as i saw u a couple of weeks ago & i thought u was absolutely fantasic. Iv seen many readers over the years but i have to say you where 1 of the best
Many thanks x
PS I will defo be seeing you again :0) 
Your predictive capabilities have proved their worth once again As you stated in my first reading,******** would wobble as a result of the survey and things would come back into my court. You also stated within 12 days, and this was to the letter. I am sure you should be burnt at the stake, but I won?t do that!

I can't get over your response from yesterday's question... So on point I can not stop reading it over and over so thanks so much (spot on)!
Well, you were right again - a phone call came from S****** last night.....
Hiya Sue,I just wanted to let you know how amazing your reading was.Just like you said my court case was thrown out and he was seen to be messing about.I just wondered if I had any question's left.
You would not believe how accurate you are and this made a huge relief in my life.Just for talking to you and watch as your truth's unfold.xx
You told me i would find work late summer/early autumn on short term contract. I started on 1st Oct on six month contract. I'm really enjoying it and hoping to be made permanent.
Many Thanks for your healing making it possible...........
Thanks you for the most amazing reading I have ever had! I wish I had recorded it as I cant remember it all although I did some scribbling when I left!
It was truly incredible and worth every penny. I have no idea how it all works but you are the best! Have already recommended you highly. Thank you.

Sue you are amazing...I am awaiting for you'r 
other predictions to come to pass and I strongly 
believe they will..100%..
Friday, 7 December 2012, 10:25                                                                                                                                                                                               
Thank you Sue, I really do appreciate all your help. I'm sure you help many others but I feel you always take your time to give me a good reading. Thanks again, that has really helped.
Have just been looking back through your messages and just wanted to tell you how right you have been about so much. 
Many thanks. 
Your vision and accuracy and kindness were exceptional to experience
 just to say thank you,i have be found not guilty for the two count against me in crown court,,,,,very happy!!!!
Dear Sue... Thank you so much for my reading just now ..Wow!!..am still trying to process all the information you gave me in just 15 minutes 
 Sue you are brilliant..and very kind..
Firstly I would like to thank you as your readings came true back earlier in the year around march (I think) when their was a open day. I conceived a "summer baby" as you correctly predicted, after such a long lime of infertility and unsuccessful IVF attempt, so thanks  
Gosh I can't believe it as this is exactly what happened but had no idea it was affecting me this much. Thank you soo much. X 

Words can't express my gratitude for the hope and happiness your extraordinary gift, along with your kindness and empathy, have given my dear friend.
He wept on the phone when he spoke of the reading you gave him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sue thank you for been there for me truly.
Thanks for being my rock and for all your support. I couldn't do it without you.
 Thank you again for your reply, I am ever so grateful for your help. I really hope you are right but even if you are not I want you to know that I really appreciate what you do and the way you operate which is ever so ethical. I passed on your details to friends
 I came to see you years ago in st Loyes street, you said then I would be happy in the future with a  much younger man, and I thought Yeah right, that's gonna happen. It has.

Dear Sue

Firstly I would like to thank you so much for your email reading this morning!
I was so impressed with your answer... I have just bought 4 more questions :)
 Thank you Sue.  You are an amazing person and much appreciated.x
Thank you for your reading earlier. You are a great inspiration and influence to my soul.
Hi Sue

I think you were spot on.
 I look forward to your reply Sue and hopefully see you again in the future. You truly are gifted. Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the tarot reading on Monday 15th October, I found it useful at a time when I'm feeling confused and troubled about the future and have since thought about my follow up questions for you which are as follows:-
I hope you are well. May I just say that most of the things which came up in my reading with you have transpired. You probably don't recall the reading itself, and that's totally understandable (!)
 This is Dee I had a telephone tarot reading with yourself at 6:30. Id like to say thank you, was a great reading.

Message:Sue is amazing! She is a gift to hurting people because she can tell things about you know one could know. I'm hopeful for my future and she has calmed me down by giving me understanding for a bigger picture of my life events and what will happen next year..I'm very grateful and words can't express how happy I feel right now! I knoe Sue will tell you bad and good things but in my case..my future looks like a diamond after all my struggles! Thank you Sue!!!!!

Hi Sue, This is so spot on!

I dont know if u remember me but i spoke with u early this year as i was concerned as had lost alot of weight. Immedietly before i told u anything about my life u picked up that a girl had sent negativity to myself as she wanted me out the picture so she could be with my husband. At that time my husband came home from a holiday in jamaica and said he was leaving me and our kids out of the blue and was adament about this because it wasnt what he wanted anymore. You then did a clearing and protection for our family home. I was astonished as all my weight had come back within weeks of talking to u and my husband came back to me and had a complete change of mind set and heart and returned to the husband i knew before.
Hi its all true what you said, went to see doctor they advised me this is a problem i will have now and then.
Thank you so much!  As before you are so right about everything.  I will come and see you very soon for another reading and talk about your courses as it is something I would like to explore more.

Sue, it is incredible to me how you can sum up people's characters to easily and accurately with no input from me.  You have both their characters bang on.
A while back I asked you about my sons prospects work wise, and I'm so glad to say you were right.  He would get  a job by September and there would be training involved.  He now has a job and they have offered to train him to work in the department he really wants to work in rather than where he is.

When I came to visit you, you said the man who returns into my life, would be with his girlfriend for awhile but it would not last because of a baby.  They have now parted because she wanted a baby and he doesn't want anymore children.
 I'm lost for words and i would like to humbly apologise for not believing you...
I just want to mention that you were right. I saw you last Thursday. you said she would contact me with in 10 days. it would be a phone call and it would be unexpected. well she rang me in seven days and she did call me out of no where. you were right once again.
Omg Sue, how are you, i wanted to tell you...how right you were....told Mom went to go to the dr and her EKG was abnormal so we took her to the cardiologist and now she needs to get more tests...but so glad she went...I think it's not to serious but glad we didn't ignore it.

Many thanks, I think you are so so spot on........You are so good?and a treasure. Thanks.



Thanks Sue, your words are so comforting



Oh, Sue! You are exactly right! How very strange life is... and how gifted you are.


for there to be a good reading, the person must be able to interpret the information. I believe Sue is the best one out there when it comes to getting the right information about each subject because of her own life experience.

I needed to contact you and say your absolutely amazing :)

Thanks a lot Sue, you don't know how much you've helped me so far and how much of it has actually come true so far!!
Wow! Absolutely amazing :)    
Wow, you are spot on. That is exactly what the problem is.
Sue, YOU WERE CORRECT- THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!! i told them today what i wanted! and they said yes!!
I'm just out of the clinic and back home again.

Your sending me healing was so very welcome and  I'm sure was of great help in allowing me to come back so easily after my general anesthetic and, a couple of hours later; to walk without discomfort or pain and in my usual, normal manner.

You are a total Godsend; I'm so grateful that we got in touch through A**** and how you can do so much, and with such short notice, is beyond belief.  Thank you so much for being the wonderful, and truly gifted, person that you are!

In friendship. Z
Dear Sue,
Thank you so much for you continuous guidance and support on this issue.
The meeting went as you predicated, you did say I would have to go back again in autumn and that?s exactly what happened.


I had healing with Sue this week and I have had a reading and I have attended her open days too. When I went for a reading it was just before my divorce and she helped loads and was right in what she could see in the past and many predictions have come to light. I went to Sue for healing as I suffer from depression and she made my feel like I can relax abit and be open with what is going on. I will always recommend her open days cause they give you an insight of what is available and a great introduction to people who never had tarot etc done and a good way to be introduced into the spirit world.

thank you so much

hi sue thanks for the other reading very good. L

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