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First – some observations. One of the tarot spreads pointed to a stomach problem and you specifically mentioned the word ulcer. I have had persistent stomach problems for years now, and have often wondered whether or not I had an ulcer. Two days after the reading, in my hotel room, I was suffering from symptoms which are identical to those associated with ulcers. You knew nothing about my medical background and asked no questions, so that is highly impressive.

During another spread you were talking about creativity and used the words “you're quite a wordsmith yourself.” When you said that, you had no idea that I make my living from writing.

Observations about me not doing anywhere near as well as I hoped or expected to do are exactly right as well. This is what I simply cannot understand and have never been able to make any sense of. I am not a moron. I should have been able to start a proper business and make it work.

The bottom line is that I can smell a fake psychic a mile off and you are clearly anything but. I have never been so impressed with the detail and clarity produced by a sensitive before, and I have certainly never had one produce mediumistic abilities (you had my father and a spirit guide with you at one point) during a tarot reading before. I will leave a full, detailed testimonial for you on the independent review site when I get the time.

I leave that with you, with sincere thanks for the highly accurate and insightful reading you gave me, and for the opportunity to ask these questions. A.



A couple of years ago I came to you for some help following an encounter I had had with a woman, whom I called the W*******.  Because of your courage, compassion and integrity, you solved in one hour, a difficulty which more than two years with a "psychotherapist" had even been able to address.

thank you for confirming my past, grounding my present and giving me hope for the future.C

I don't know how to begin but i guess THANK YOU is what I really want to say...

 I don't know how you'll remember me but I hope you do from last weekendI found you and the whole Palm reading, Tarot card reading experience absolutely fascinating, thank you.It was my first experience and readings so I didn't know what to expect, just kept an open mind.

You were very accurate with almost everything you revealed about me & my past, shockingly accurate when I think back now.I feel the things you said about my future has released some sort of inner tension or anxiety which I feel I had been suppressing for some time now.  Hearing that I will  be happy has given me some bizarre sense of confidence and i gues it's restored my faith in not just myself but my life and it's direction.

I don't want to write you an essay but I do want to highlight the value and significance your words have made, such an impact I could never have believed. I feel I can move on more confidently in the things I enjoy doing and live my life the way I choose. So... THANK YOU!


Thank you Sue, you are always in my thoughts and I think of you often. Your sense and wisdom always allows me to see the world differently. 


Marvellous! & wow, spot-on 


I can't believe the things that you said came true!! 


Spot on! 


Thanks Sue - last night was great. I can't stop thinking about the possibility of twin boys! 



OMG Sue my ********is back just like you said .


I hope you are well. I would also like to say how spot on you were my daughter gave birth to a little girl last week. 

Once again I am touched by your sensitivity and ability to read these cards and wonder how much spiritual intervention is at work.

Many thanks for your reading this morning, you are so amazing!!!


Not sure if you remember me - girl from ******** living in Bedford. I have had two readings with you and you have given me really good advice 


Thank you so much for the reading, you have described everything that happened in the past and everything at present so accurately. Your reading for the future and your answers to my questions all make perfect sense, now maybe I can start to make my life take the path that I want.


Keep up your god work and I have recommended you to a lot of my friends. You are doing a great job.

Thanks for the reading last night, it was lovely to talk to you. Sometimes it strikes me really how acurate you are.

That is great and again uncannily accurate. Thanks Sue.



OK you were DEFINATELY right. ********* sent me a message on my wall on Facebook then followed it up with a suggestion that we meet.


Message: Hell Sue: Thank you so much for the email palm reading, it is amazing and as far as the past, present and details about my personality is concerned, and it is 100% accurate. The future sounds interesting and good.

  Sorry Sue, I should never have given you that feedback that I did  saying things werent happening.You in fact said November time frame which isnt yet anyway.  You're right in that I am getting too needy. Once again sorry.x

Thank you sue - i appreciate youre input. I really do - the fact you described me perfectly gives me a little faith in what you have to say . If youre interested in talking to people from the states write me . 


I had a tarot reading with you on wednesday 6th october 2010 and was given a very accurate reading and you also said that i can ask up to and additional 4 questions within the next 2 weeks... i have them...



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