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I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance, You might say that I've done it myself, but you really did help.I have managed to change things in my life that I thought would never change,with our help. Thank You . F

You told me that I would see my ex wife again in  a pub, surrounded by other people, that her relationship would end, and she would tell me she still loved me. That did happen. R 
 I have to tell you that you described the man i was going to meet exactly, although the time scale was a bit out, I did meet him in the ******* ***** as you suggested, and was drawn to speak to him, as you said. D
Hi Sue I just got back.....They went in to operate but the two growths had disappeared...they were doing a colonscopy and were going to cut away the two growths but they couldn't find them. I'm sure it's a miracle..I saw the two lumps with my own eyes on the pc when they did the previous tests, the doctor showed me.  But I'm happy, they told me to do more tests next year...but we'll worry about that then. R.
  Wow thanks Sue you are right, thats amazing because you don't know anything about me! N.
I DID meet someone, as you said I would.  Gary
I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Tarot for Beginners course and I am thrilled that I actually passed, I definitely now have more confidence and feel as though I've really learnt something and can go and give people a little bit of an insight into what the cards are telling them..... 
I'm really going to miss Thursday nights now and spending time with the fabulous people that we met.
Both N. and i will be in touch soon to find out more about the Psychic awareness course!
Till then, thank you again and take care.


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