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Many thanks for your reading and I am amazed by how much information you got from a photo!

Thank you so much. You have really helped.
Once again ... u were right!!!!!! HOORAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sorry- my fault!!! I know youre real xx
Thank you again so much for the wonderful phone reading I had with you on March 16!
You read my palm and also did a tarot reading for me on Saturday night, which I enjoyed and found enlightening.
 Thank you Sue. I think you're very gifted and incredibly accurate.
You are the most remarkable psychic everything you say happens it is unreal thank you so much for everything sue..
Hi Sue, i came to see you last year for a tarot card reading and it was very accurate.  
Thank you very much for today, as you could tell I was very nervous and probably slightly sceptical – I cannot believe what you were able to tell me.
 Hi Sue. Your reply is very accurate.
 "I would like 2 take this opportunity 2 say how impressed I am with you accuracy, it has truly amazed me!"
 Dear Sue thank you for seeing ****last Saturday,as always your kind words fill us full of hope, and help us as a family through a very difficult time.You are truly gifted and you really do help. **** was really inspired by you.
Just to let you know as you predicted things are falling into place regarding *****... and can't believe it.. You are a star..
You were right he started coming back to me slowly at the end of feb.. Then in march stronger... Yes it's had happened.

Firstly I just wanted to say again thank you again, you are as I said truly amazing and such a lovely person.  I felt totally at ease with you and you were so accurate with everything you said, and to have my Dad come through and tell me what I so needed to hear was truly incredible and now I feel much clearer in my head I will be following your advice to the word. I will also be writing a full review on your website.

Just want to thank you again for my reading.. I can't ex+plain to you what you have done for me, but I feel so at peace with everything now  
As always you are right.....
. well as predicted by u I met a guy on line with his own biz as a self employed Carpenter

 Thanks very much for the reading that you did for me last week, there was a lot of accurate information and I was a bit blown away so am thankful to have the opportunity to ask for clarification on some of the areas that you touched on.
 I was amazed at the accuracy of your reading about my past and present and you made me feel so much better. Thank you.
Thanks sue you have been right about so many things . I just hope your right about him coming back to work things out .
Hi Sue, I have had a previous reading by you last August 2012. I'm so shocked by how accurate you are. Would really like another one please.:)
 very accurate as always

Thank you so much for your quick reply. I didn't know who to approach or talk to  but knew you would be the one person to give me direction.  I can't thank you enough for getting me through some difficult times.
Your advice and knowledge has kept me going I thank you xxx
 Hmm Susan I know it was new for u but ur preds on the commodities is spot on
 Many thanks Sue.  I must admit things seem to be falling into place already with all aspects of my life since my reading.
Sue sue sue what can i say, Your gift has  confirmed my visions and have placed faith in my guides
Please put this on your site as with free index I can only place one review;
Sue you are truly amazing and can not praise you enough for sharing your gift and giving me valuable insight into my future and life. You have been there for me through difficult times and I can not thank you enough. Keep up the fantastic work. Please, to anyone reading this do not hesitate to contact this wonderful lady you will be amazed. God bless you Sue xxx

My appointment with Sue was just amazing. She knew exactly what the past and present issues are for me and she described the people in my life and their traits with total accuracy. Her predictions for the future were a total surprise as they are different than i had expected and i came away knowing things will turn out right for me in the end. It felt so comfortable chatting with Sue and she just knew the things that i desperately wanted answers to. In fact so many questions were answered i am wracking my brains to find 4 more to ask in the next few weeks. Thank you so much Sue you are such a kind and warm lady who put me at ease straight away. I have felt calmer and more positive since our meeting as I had been very down recently. I am so looking forward to future readings particularly at key times when events are predicted to occur. Thank you again and best wishes from Ann
Message: At a time of great turbulence, to go to a place where you you feel totally at cannot put a price on advise that gives you a clear understanding on your path in life. Fantastic and would always recommend to see Sue
Thank you so much for your help. 
Your very right and I'm going to listen to it and take a different approach.
Just to let you know Charlie is doing very well.  He's a happy boy, eating, playing and generally enjoying life.  He still has some way to go but, thanks to you and the vets he is being given a good chance.  I can't thank you enough

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