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Thank you so much for my reading, which I enjoyed reading with astonishment and excitement, you have bought me piece of mind, an inner calm that everything will be ok and which direction I need to be headed.****I just wanted you to know how your reading was lovely and accurate in understanding what was on my palms, and I would be recommending you to anyone interested in seeing a psychic, I hope to use your services again in the future. X

Firstly I have to say you were extremely accurate with your last reading you gave me and I am now in a relationship and it happened just as you predicted.  Thank you.

You said that My friend would be diagnosed with something that would require a small Op but that she would be OK - she'd caught everything early enough and once she'd had the treatment, she'd have to keep an eye on things but would be fine.
She was diagnosed last week with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. Has to have an op on 22 June and will then be on medication for 5 years, but the hospital are confident that she's going to be fine. She said that thanks to the comments you had made (which I passed on to her) it was much easier to cope when they gave her the diagnosis as she was more prepared for it. Thank you from *****....and from Me!



 A big THANK YOU for putting me back on the right road to be me again.
you are an angel!!!! put this on your site!!

thank you for your amazing email i read it many times and i think you are absolutely right thanks


Thank you for replying to our questions, it has helped us to put things into perspective.  We would appreciate it if you would add us to your healing book.sw

hi sue ,

thank you everything went great many thanks


hi sue ,
the spell worked thank you so much i cant thank you enough
im forever grateful the spell worked exactely as i wished
  god bless you

 Thank you for seeing me today. I was very struck by your reading of my palm and it has given me A LOT to think about a chew on! It was on the button, and not easy to hear! The tarot as well, was a bit unsettling although it also amplifies hunches that I’ve had about this situation I find myself in.L.

Thank you so much and i really was amazed by all you said thank you again for your time.

 Thank you so much Sue, you have really helped me out.

Thank you Sue, I understand nd also want you to know your reading is accurate:-) 

I am ever so grateful to you for your ongoing support and for the accaracy in your reading.
Everything you have said are really fulfilling.
 Thank you very much and may the God of host bless and keep you always.Kind regards
 Thank u everything u have said has come true . bout my sisters behaviour toward  ******and in the house. not sure what to do now about it as ***** had enough and if i do say anything it gets turned around. about the man i love**** has come true .

           You were right as usual xx:-) Leah

 Again, hate to say (very pleased, actually) that you were so right!! I always doubt what you are saying, but it turns out exactly as you have said!! T.

You keep amazing me dear friend.You made me understand the positive in situations
 I d always see negative,


Got another update for you! which proves your abilities beyond any reasonable, or indeed unreasonable, doubt!

Not sure if you remember or not....but in my reading last week.......which I still haven't got over.... :)
ou mentioned that in the next couple of months, ****** would be making a large payment for something for well as saying within the next 2 weeks (from the time of the reading), we'd be meeting up again.......
I'm going down there this weekend to stay at his :)
And he sent me an e-mail with his address etc and told me that his house is a 3 bed with double garage etc etc  etc with a white garage door and a green ford  parked outside......the green ford focus is apparently going to be swapped very soon for a 3 series BMW! Should say that's a pretty big expense.....wouldn't you?! :)

Wow you are amazing, thank you so much for your response, espically in the middle of the night!

Thank you so much Sue - I have got goose bumps - it is a very good reading, you are very gifted.

 My friend *****came to you for a reading on Tuesday afternoon.  I am sure you remember her, she is blonde and has had a horrible time with her partner, ******, recently.  I wanted to tell you that she was simply amazed by the insight you had into her situation, and the experience has helped her enormously.  I have been worried about her because she has seemed very lost, but is sounding so, so much better and more positive now.  I thought you would be pleased to hear this. G.
 The last time I saw you was around 3 years ago, and I have to say that everything that you said then has been spot on. Cathy

I really enjoyed my telephone appointment with you today I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my head and heart. You were right though I thought of my other questions as soon as i put the phone down, do you mind if I ask you them now? S

am well sue,hope you are well ,you were right about ********,she was are excellent with your readings. C
Once again thanks for your accarate insight and support. I will be in touch again to let you know how things has progress    J           


  Just to let you know that there when you told me in December re work and setting into routine and the work becoming demanding but overcoming everything and gaining respect for it!! It is all coming true!! I am always so surprised, not that I don't trust you (I would have never kept in touch with you otherwise) but it makes me feel that I am witnessing a little miracle. I always approach things a bit sceptical, but you nearly always prove me wrong! Thank you!    T           


      "Hi Sue I hope you r well! I had a readin from you well

 nearly a year ago now and u said I would have 2 children 6 years apart, (I have a daughter
 aged 6) and now I am pregnant again.
It was a brill reading sue wen ive had the baby I am deff coming back 2 
u 4 another! I hopefully find out a week 2day what Im having
 ( a baby I hope lol) wondered if u had any ideas if a boy or girl?
 Take care Sue and hope 2 see u again soon x" Tanya

Thank you again for all your work on my behalf, I really am grateful especially for the
sense of calm which your reading has given me.  You know it's years and years since
I consulted somebody like you - a long time since I've felt such personal turmoil but
as I say you've helped me a lot.  "Buon lavoro" as they say here in Italy! Lindy x

Deep, deep gratitude for your wise advise....T.
Thank you so much... You always make me feel better about any situation I have problems with!!
Bless you for that!
I will keep smiling!!! T.

thanks for the reading, it was spot on ,I will be back  ....R.



Thank you so much Sue for your incredible insight, I am so grateful, that's really helpful, puts years of uneasy feelings at rest.  Thank you also for the great readings you have done for my cousin and sister.

What can I say...I was blown away! You were spot on Sue, thanks so much for your time and skill. Not sure why we got cut off before I could ask any more questions but I have more than enough to think about.
Thank you so much...

Thanks for Saturday, she got in touch late that night and said she felt she had made an awful mistake. I felt a change in the situation and energy actually the moment I left you, something shifted with your help, many thanks for that. P.

I just want to thank you so much for arranging the tarot course I have just completed.  You are a brilliant and talented lady and I have thoroughly enjoyed it - it has really done me so much good (in my currently turbulent life!) to meet with some lovely new people, in a totally peaceful environment, where I did not have any pressure to prove myself or meet with anybody's expectations and could be myself!!  So different from my day to day routine! The added bonus was that I passed! 

              Thank you Sue. This is really interesting and accurate.
                    Could we ask you a complementary question?

hi Sue....just wanted to say not only thank you for your reading this morning but how accurate your observations and thoughts were on the problem that i discussed with you and how much better and less worried i feel about it all...

Just to say thank you for the reading on Friday 18:30. Some of the things you picked upon
were amasingly correct. You made me feel a lot better.
Many thanks and lot of love. T


Hi Sue, It Helps.Best regards, V

I had a reading done by you on May 11th. I was surprised by your accuracy about the man I was with. You told me that I would leave him but found this hard to believe
as he has always left me in the past and thought I loved him too much to
do so. Within 48hrs of your reading I decided to end the relationship
and feel so much better for it. I feel much more positive about the
future and would like to thank you for this.

I must admit that you're amazing. I would like to book a telephone reading with you for myself if possible. Do you have any appointments thursday?    

Thank you very much for the reading (today at 2pm).  Fortunately for me it was everything and more that I really did want to hear, I am really struggling to make decisions at the moment because I am unnecessarily worrying about the wrong things and perhaps getting slightly depressed as a result of it – as you picked up.    

I came to see you was fantastic,everthing said was so true,thank you. D.

I saw you I asked about my health. You saw me visiting a hospital,out towards countryside , close to a church, and a river. You said I would go in for one procedure, but have two: As I went in I passed the signs, just as you described, and when the surgeon looked at me, He decided to solve an old hernia problem at the same time as the operation for which I went in for. I was stunned !Bob


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