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Last time I came to see you, you advised me not to try to go abroad for a while. Of the three holidays that I tried to book, one was cancelled through ill health and two through difficult family circumstances; I need to know if I’m safe to book a holiday abroad now?      Mrs CC (Support worker)

 Two years ago, you did a reading for my daughter. You predicted many things correctly, including the fact thatshe would go and live in Australia.We were discussing this with her Fiancé, whose name is John, and said that the only thing that you had got wrong was that you had said she would marry a man whose name began with the letter D.

Ah, That’s all right then, he said. I was Christened David. They were married three weeks later."                              Mrs Mrs.W.(Headteacher)

         “You were spot on! "     Ms M.K


 "You've just done readings for all of us, in front of each other, so we know that each one was different, and each one was only for that person.  I know that what you said to **** in front of me was also correct,and that you don't know us at all. Its weird! "  SG  


 Hello my old friend.. what a beautifull site.. and sooo pleased you have finally moved further afield technology speaking lol. If it wasn't for you my fiend, I would have never discovered my own paths in life and entered in the realms of the psyhic and spiritual levels myself, something I will always be blessed in knowning that I have the pleasure of being a faithfull friend of yours.
stay well my friend and may you progress along your own path with calm and serenity. M.

 How the hell did you do that? You don't know me! R.

You told me that there was difficulty with my blood, and some kind of growth in my womb. When I went for a check up the doctors confirmed this, I have high blood pressure, and the growth is a polyp, and is now being taken care of. J

You gave me a message from my nan reminding me of the time she fell over the back seat of the car and just lay there in fits of giggles, It made me happy, sad, and kind of relieved all at once, you can't make up that kind of thing.

My friend came last week, and you were able to describe their cousins funeral as if you had been there, when you made contact with him, it gave them so much comfort.  RG

I just had to ask, can you make these things happen? Only two days ago I came for a reading, and you said there would be trouble with a car, Today I could not get it to start, I've had it three years and I've never had trouble with it before.PS

You looked at my palm and said there was an old ramshackle house which was a money pit ,which I could not  or did not want to lose. I certainly have that old house, but it is so dear to me I would never let it go.ARP

 My friend was so happy with her reading, we have passed your number on to so many people. you are amazing A

How can you look at my palm and tell me that I have been in the army, yet however hated violence, and that I would get married next year, that is already booked, it is all true, I don't see how you can tell that from a few lines! JP

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