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Thanks for your reply, it is interesting to know but at the moment I find it hard to believe that it could happen to me  as part foreign man  isn't really what I would go for and I couldn't imagine meeting him through a friend I hardly ever see from where I used to live, I also couldn't imagine myself living in a flat either as its not something I would consider I also wondered if I would be ok financially , It will be interesting to see what happens at least I know what to look out for thanks again and I shall let you know how things turn out

 Thanks for the reading.
You were very right with  it .
Looking forword to your hedgewitch course

 "I'm just phoning to tell you that the guy you said would be in contact again very soon , phoned me the  same night as the reading,  I just thought, spot on again Sue, but even I didnt expect him to be back so soon after you had seen him coming," A  

just wanted to say thank you for my reading last week,
as usual your always spot on.
it was nice to know ***'s ok and her other half too,
i all ways feel full of energy after one of your readings
you seem to emanate energy think thats the right word.
your always seem to be surounded by light.
well i saw light around you when i saw you the other day.


“I thought at first that I had just had the worst reading that I had ever had, everything that you said was going to happen seemed so unlikely. At the time I had been happily married for many years, I was happy in my home and was comfortably affluent.You said that I would fall in love with a younger, blond, tanned man, who worked outside. You also said that I would take out a large loan, and move house.I went away feeling that I had been taken for a ride. Within a few months however, I had divorced my husband ,( after discovering that he had been having an affair), moved house, taken out the large loan that you had spoken of ,and met the man that you described, I am happier now than I have ever been.I just had to come and tell you .Ms A.T.


“You told me months ago that my boss would get fired in May. On Friday (6th May) he was. I cannot believe that you can be so accurate.”

Ms K.C.


You told me that I would meet a new man at an outside gathering, you said that he would be wearing a blue striped t-shirt and dark blue trousers. He would have mid brown wavy hair and blue eyes and a ‘little’ name. In July I met him at a Bar- be- cue, dressed exactly as you was as if you had been sitting there. His name, by the way, is Lee.”  Mrs I.S. 


We were told that we would be having a Baby girl within two years, In February after many unfruitful years, she was born”.  Belinda, housewife



“Last time I came to see you, you advised me not to try to go abroad for a while. Of the three holidays that I tried to book, one was cancelled through ill health and two through difficult family circumstances; I need to know if I’m safe to book a holiday abroad now?      Mrs CC (Support worker)


“Two years ago, you did a reading for my daughter. You predicted many things correctly, including the fact that she would go to live in Australia  .We were discussing this with her Fiancé, whose name is John, and said that the only thing that you had got wrong was that you had said she would marry a man whose name began with the letter D.

Ah, That’s all right then, he said. I was Christened David. They were married three weeks later."                              Mrs Mrs.W.(HeadTeacher)

 "You've just done readings for all of us, in front of each other, so we know that each one was different, and each one was only for that person.  I know that what you said to **** in front of me was also correct,and that you don't know us at all. Its weird! "  SG  I've just come off the phone after having the conversation that you described to me word for word last week.

  Thank you for sending me the transcript below. And the accuracy with
the past is uncanny. You are truly remarkable Sue. R M.


"I had a reading with you 3 months ago, and already some of what you have said has happened, I have more questions now, that I need you to answer."



When you told me that I would meet a man who would help me out financially, I didn’t expect much. Two months later a new friend offered me £1000 to help me settle my debt     Miss S.(Student)


“Last time I came to see you, you predicted that I would come into a small, unexpected sum. Within 6 months, I had done so; not a huge sum, but a lot of money to me” Mrs JR.(therapist)


  I'm sure you've heard this many times,and I wish I could think of a better way of saying it; but you are, absolutely, spot on.  Christine

Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my reading with you on Saturday evening at J*****mums. I have to say I feel much calmer inside & at piece. R***** x 

I'm back so soon because stuff you said would happen has happened, its only a month, but I got  three things that you said would happen which did happ Sen, including me being asked to do some writing, yes, that happened.

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