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can't thank you enough for your kind words and understanding. I'm getting my focus back. I was scared but now you have told me I have no reason to be scared. U really are amazing, the way u sense what I'm feeling. Thank you for your guidance.

  Much to my surprise and in spite of this economic crisis and in spite of the fact that
          our group was impacted with layoffs, we have received bonuses.  If you recall, you           predicted that I would eventually get bonuses.  I did not think it was possible but            they start kicking in by Sept. 22....

Just a quick note to say thanks for my reading earlier. You put me at
ease straightaway, despite me being late, which I hate (sorry). I liked
the way you didn't wait for clues or hints from me, but got stuck in
straight away and were very specific and not wooly in your approach. I
also liked the way you spoke plainly and didn't confuse me with jargon
(I'm easily confused!). Most of all, you're very easy to interact with
and approachable. Thanks again, have a great weekend. H.

  Hi Sue, you told me at Oakley carnival my holiday would be nice, but tiring, and have a delay at airport. The holiday was nice, did turn out to be tiring, had a 20 minute walk into town every night, and when we got on coach to come back, were told "there's a 2 hour delay"!!!!!! your incredible! Will be back to see you soon.
 J. xx    
Many many thanks for your help. My friend told me today she senses a change but is too scared to believe it.
You are a very special lady. please carry on being a light worker.

You are wonderful and totally spot on on a lot of things that only I can know. It is a God's gift and I feel so fortunate that I have used your gift in order to answer some of my life's questions!!
I will be back again for help and advice!

Sue im so grateful 2u4 making me beleive in my dreams which r coming true.Without ur hope i wouldnt have made it

Thank you so much Sue! The description of ****** you gave is amazing - it's Him, the way you described him!!

Thank you ever so much for such a warm detailed reading! I am amazed, plus it will help me to really put my thoughts together about L**** and myself. You are amazing and I am forever grateful for your guidance!

Thank you Darling...your words touched my heart.

Thank you so much for answering my question so
rapidly and with sensitivity. You/the cards were
right about the 'difficulties' arising - we have
just finished renovating an old house and have
only recently moved in. I therefore found your
expression 'settling into a routine' quite appropriate.

Sorry to speak to you again. Thank you very much for your time yesturday evening, it was very interesting and insightful.

        really have amazed me tonight..... John



 Your reading saturday was spot on and some parts a surprise also, but most of all it has made me open my eyes regarding my work place.
I thank you sincerely and will keep you informed of events!

Thank you Sue. You don't know how accurate you really are. That has been a great help
Brightest blessings

thank you so much Sue for your incredible insight, I am so grateful, that's really helpful, puts years of uneasy feelings at rest.  Thank you also for the great readings you have done for my cousin and sister.

What can I say...I was blown away! You were spot on Sue, thanks so much for your time and skill. Not sure why we got cut off before I could ask any more questions but I have more than enough to think about.
Thank you so much...

Thanks for Saturday, she got in touch late that night and said she felt she had made an awful mistake. I felt a change in the situation and energy actually the moment I left you, something shifted with your help, many thanks for that. P.

I just want to thank you so much for arranging the tarot course I have just completed.  You are a brilliant and talented lady and I have thoroughly enjoyed it - it has really done me so much good (in my currently turbulent life!) to meet with some lovely new people, in a totally peaceful environment, where I did not have any pressure to prove myself or meet with anybody's expectations and could be myself!!  So different from my day to day routine! The added bonus was that I passed! 


              Thank you Sue. This is really interesting and accurate.
                    Could we ask you a complementary question?

hi Sue....just wanted to say not only thank you for your reading this morning but how accurate your observations and thoughts were on the problem that i discussed with you and how much better and less worried i feel about it all...

Just to say thank you for the reading on Friday 18:30. Some of the things you picked upon were amasingly correct. You made me feel a lot better.
Many thanks and lot of love. T

Hi Sue, It Helps.Best regards, V

I had a reading done by you on May 11th. I was surprised by your accuracy about the man I was with. You told me that I would leave him but found this hard to believe
as he has always left me in the past and thought I loved him too much to
do so. Within 48hrs of your reading I decided to end the relationship
and feel so much better for it. I feel much more positive about the
future and would like to thank you for this.

I must admit that you're amazing. I would like to book a telephone reading with you for myself if possible. Do you have any appointments thursday?

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