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  thank you for everything sue you have helped me a lot and you dont know how grateful i am ..Beth

Many thanks Sue for both of the readings. I have found them very useful. They have helped me through a difficult time and have given me the understanding I needed.  Rashmi

Thank you Sue. I am delighted. You transformed this gloomy day in a bright one.  David

I am very interested in Tarot readings, therefore I made contact with
Spellbound sue for advice on her classes for same.

Sue explained that I could either join a group of (6) or, I could have
private tuition one2one basis which would last for 6 weeks at 2
hourly intervals.. I opted for the latter.

I have now completed the above course, and am more than happy with the
reults.. From the onset, Sue was professional throughout. her
training was second to none. Any questions asked were answered in the
finest of detail. A relaxed enviroment in comfortable surroundings.
Need I say more..... SIMPLY THE BEST...... Diane

I emailed a very open question to Sue and got the answer a couple of
 hours after. I was stunned by the fact that she described the
 situation I was facing, without knowing anything of me.
 So I booked a telephone reading and there we talked about many things,
 essentially relationships and work. Here also I was impressed by the
clarity of all her statements, which all sounded right and were very
 precise. I feel relieved from several questions that were
 worrying me. I am now looking forward to see if everything that she
 told me will happen.
On top of everything, Sue is a very nice person, with whom it is
 extremely pleasant to talk, even on very private things. Thank you very
  much Sue :-)   M


Just to update you and let you know how wonderfully correct your predictions are:
'This month is actually quite suprising, towards its end when a loved one opens up to you, almost on the spur of the moment,laying themselves quite bare,on an emotional level.'
To let you know that this is happened exactly as you have predicted and was totally unexpected...Take care and I will contact you again soon


 Excellent reading, Sue was totally accurate on past events. I am now looking forward to the future. I will recommend her to all my friends. Maxine


I came to see you in June and I thought you may be interested to know what has happened so far.
My son had his operation and all went well just as you had predicted.
He is going to have another operation middle of Oct which you had  mentioned restriction on his airways. The operation is to have his tonsils removed. You said autumn would be a good time for him. Would you recall if the operation is what you meant. As always I am apprehensive are you able to tell me if he will be ok?



My lovely friend has recently had a one question reading with you and was very impressed.S

Dear Sue, 
Words cannot express how happy I am right now. I will never forget the moment
I first spoke to you, if I had never picked the phone up that day 2 months ago
 I would never have known what u told me and be able to have come so far 
in my life. Speaking to u is an overwhelming experience, u know and say 
everything exactly the way that it is. God says there are angels that 
are here to protect us, but I say that god has sent you to help us and 
to guide us through the hard times and to help us to take control and 
realise that better days will soon be with us. I never thought that I 
would ever know happiness, but I finally do and its all down to you. 
Thank you, I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart.
I hope that god graces u with everything because you truly deserve it
Now I can't wait to hopefully one day under your guidance be able to help
                        people in my own way.
I look forward to starting the tarot course with your warmth and sincerity.
N x

I have just paid five pounds for another question…Before I ask, I just wanted to say that I was really pleased with what you were able to read on my parents as they have always been very solid and were worrying me lately as they didn’t seem to be as tight. The evening after I got your reading I forced everything to the surface and we all felt a lot better afterwards so thank you very very much.

Thank you for checking things for me. I must let you know that my partner spent most of yesterday with me looking for a freehold property for me to run my business from. It really seems like it getting better.I must say that you are amazing; you did point out in the reading that he would be around this time and that I would feel more secured. God bless you and I will be in touch again to let you know how thing progress.

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