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  Can I record the reading?

 Yes you are welcome to, but magnetic tape recorders often have difficulty picking me up. Digital recorders or phone recorders do work, or I can record you and either email you a file, or send you a cd

.(There is a £5.00 charge for  either of these )

How do I know that your testimonials are real ?

They are monitored by the sites that allow them to be added, The Bookfresh ones are sent to peoples emails after they have had a reading, to gauge how the reading went, and only allowed from the same email booking address.

The Freeindex ones monitor which IP address and email address are used, and will not allow a review on to the site unless a return email has been verified from that address, before discarding that information.

Have I been hexed..?

.I feel as if I have been cursed,everything in my life goes wrong,

While there are curses and black magic which can affect people, most difficulties of this nature are due to disbelief in your own self  esteem and a  lack of drive to change,or fear of change,There is an adage that if you keep going down the same path, you will continually end up in the same place.

Change your actions, and things will begin to change for you.keep an eye open for opportunities, rather than difficulties, Set a dream and aim high then even if you fall short of your target, you will be in a different situation, most usually above the level of life where you commonly stay.

It has been my belief that you can only be hexed if you believe that others have the right to have power over you, and you believe that they are strong enough to influence you, and your lifestyle, while you yourself have no power

I hope to show people that they can deflect these difficulties  through their own self belief, sending bad karma back to those who wish them ill.Please do not be taken in by spell casters who ask 1000s of pounds  for this act, which you can do yourself, for nothing. I will always help deflect difficulties for free, if they are undeserved. Email me for this service.with your name, date of birth, and address.


 Where does all the knowledge come from..?

" I believe that the Akashic Knowledge,(also known as the universal consciousness) has the answers to everything in the Universe. Past, present, and future are accessible through the Tarot and other psychic tools." This knowledge is  thought to be the attained conscious knowledge of everyone who has lived,  is living and will live in the future, with each minds beliefs and each souls abilities also stored in the ether.

 Is Tarot Evil ?

" I have only ever found the Tarot be be helpful,and gentle,offering only non judgmental guidance. Certain religions  are said to believe that it is attached to what they call the "lower Vibrations." These same religions, have in times gone past, tortured and killed those who did not conform to  their ways and beliefs,many are believed to  have libraries which house hundreds of Tarot packs and other occult items. I believe that Religious and Country leaders were afraid of the amount of knowledge open to the common folk, and therefore found the easiest way to remove this knowledge from the public domain was to label it 'evil'."

 Can anyone read Tarot ?

"Anyone who has studied the cards as I have can see that they are designed to turn keys in the mind to bring forward answers. There are cartomancers, who just read what the cards say, and their are psychic Tarot readers. Both can read the knowledge when they know how.Psychic Tarot readers also add what their psychic abilities tell them to the overall reading."

 Which reading is best for me ?

"Tarot will answers questions on anything that you ask. You can also have a Tarot reading where you just  say your name and the Cards will tell you all about your past ,your present and your future. Of all my readings Tarot is  also  my least expensive reading, Ideal for you to try me out"

Palmistry will show past present and future, and will drop you in a map of your life and show you pathways ahead that you can either take, or avoid.

 The Crystal ball will give me images which I will describe to you. Most are future, but sometimes the past floods in. Sometimes it will give pictures as symbols, which mean something to the person being read, but not the reader."

Why do you use different spreads ?

"There are different spreads for different questions, The Celtic cross, which I use most frequently, is straightforward, simple, and effective. The year  spread will give you a month by month view of the year ahead. The gateway of fate tells you past , present, and future, The fateful square will give you a different viewpoint, driven by fate. The mystic pyramid will show where you are in the scope of things."

 Why do you ask me to ask a question, is it so that you can guess the answers ?

"Each Tarot card has over thirty  meanings.There are 78 cards in the pack. By asking you to have a question, or direction in your mind, I can find the story that the cards tell quickly,and leave time for more spreads for you 

 Guessing is totally unnecessary, the story will be in the cards, I just have to find it. Fortunately, I have been doing readings for a very long time, and now it is second nature."

  Do you have spirit guides ?

 Yes I do,  as I believe we all do, Some of us find it easier to hear and see them than others, but they are there  for us just  the same.  They are protective, and will drop things in for me to divulge  when they feel like it . Contrary to some peoples beliefs, they don't do as we ask, they test us, help us and guide us in their own individual ways.  Often they get me to question my own thinking,and are not above a swift dig in the ribs, when not listened to, or  feel taken for granted.

  Do I have a soul mate ?                                                                                   

  Different people are valued throughout life,I would say that everyone has a group of souls  which they travel with , rather than just one.  These are all soul mates .They can be around each other as family or friends, but there would always be a deep connection when you meet, as if you already knew each other.    Sometimes they have caused difficulties to each other in the past, and these can keep recurring, unless the source is addressed.     

Can things Change, from the future which is seen?

  The future is a series of pathways and gates which you are led up to through circumstance and life. You have choices whether of not to go through these doorways.If you do not wish to follow the future shown, ask the cards how to change things.They will answer you if the possibility is there, and how things would be if you choose to take a different path.

Will you give me bad news?

If there is bad news there, then the cards are likely to warn you , so that you can change it.  It would be wrong of me not to warn you if difficulties are likely to arise, which you can avoid, if certain actions are taken.  I take my responsibility to my clients very seriously, but if you really do not wish to hear something,I will listen to you, of course.

 Can I get spiritual contact through a Tarot reading?

Yes Mostly, The Tarot is one of the tools that I use, it would be a longer and stronger spiritual connection to bring something that the person that you wanted to contact has either written or worn, and have a MEDIUM SHIP reading .






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