Readings with Playing cards                       (Gypsy reading)

Playing  cards can be read with equal accuracy  as Tarot cards,the knowledge and language that the cards speak is very similar, but  is missing  the Major Arcana Cards, which some  people mistakenly  feel that they have reason to fear.

There is no Death card, no Hanged man, and equally no Wheel of fortune, which can often confuse people or frighten people, who can assume meanings which are not meant.There are  only the 52 Cards of the playing card pack.

The Tarot Pack contains 78 Cards as it also includes four 'page'cards, as well as the knight card, which corresponds to the Jack or Knave card, and the 22 Major Arcana or trump cards.

 The language of the cards is straight and simple, but none the less accurate, or less empowering than  a reading of The  Tarot.Gypsy card readings have been around for centuries, and are derived from a simplification of the Tarot pack.

A Gypsy card reading lasts half and hour and costs £35


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