A spell to enable you to let sadness go...

For this spell you will need.

 A peice  of paper and a pen, 

1 Pink candle.

One citrine stone or three shiny copper coins

 Say ...

As I write my list ,

I must let go,

 of all these things,

 that hurt me so. 


 write everything that hurts you down on a list, with how it made you feel.


 If you know how to open a circle, open one, if not just ask the energies of the universe to listen to the words you speak.

Light one pink (for loving energies) candle



'Sadness lives inside of me,  

only because I let it be,

With pen and paper,

nerve and flame,

I'll send it all away again.'






 Light the list with the candle, watch your fingers, make sure the paper has all burned away and is gone out.

snuff out the candle.


Place the citrine or the three copper coins in the sunlight on a window sill,

where you can leave them to shine every day


 As always never leave unnattended candles lit.


Always keep  lighted candles away from children,curtains and clothing etc.



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