There are a great many 'Old Wives Tales' which forecast changes in the weather.

These are the result of generations of weather watchers, noting changes to the skies , trees and animals around them.

Red sky at night shepherds delight

The orange red glow of the setting sun showing pink, and skies which can show orange , pink and crimson streaks have been noticed to foretell a bright warm sunny dry day following

               The Oak before the Ash, we'll only have a splash;                The Ash before the Oak, were sure to have a soak.

The first tree to open its leaves foretells the kind of summer we are likely to have. This year the oak was definitely first, So summer is shown as good. Last year the Ash was first, and we did have a pretty lousy summer.

Rain before seven, dry before eleven

Mostly true, except in days of constant deluge, But certainly a shower, or normal rain before 7am has been followed by a drier, and usually bright , day

When the cows are sitting down,it will change from smile to frown

The old thought was that cows laid down when rough weather was due to protect their softer underbellies from the cold and wet.I would say that I have noticed this to be true around 70% of the time, but only when all the cows in a field are lying with their feet tucked under them.

Seagulls inland soaring in circles foretell stormy weather.

This used to be true, before rubbish tips where so prominently full of waste food, and when the fishing stocks where less depleted. Nowadays seagulls are constantly inland, searching for food.


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