Palmistry from one minute  to 1 hour readings

Because your life is shown in your palms, along with you character , readings can be incredibly swift, if necessary, for example at large parties and functions, where Sue can work through a crowd,giving accurate past and character readings and give great insight for the future. If you are interested in these type of bookings,please contact Sue by email or the contact me button for a quote.

Sue  also  does regular talks at prestigious health spas,  retirement villages restaurants, and companies,with demonstrations of both swift and in depth reading styles.


To book a talk or event please email or press  the 'Contact  Me' button.

 Swift one to one palm readings within the revellers

at Colchester Castle Elizabethan Extravaganza  March 23rd 2013


A one to one palm reading lasts between 25 and 30 minutes, and costs £40.00

Palm readings

 Palmistry is an amazing reading, which can give you  an enormous amount of information on where you are in you life, what is in the past, and has made you who you are today,and what is in the future. You will be able to tell close to exact timescales with past happenings, and have accurate timescales on future happenings.

It can also give you ways to avoid situations, and advice on how to get the best out of Work, Relationships, Love and Life.



  Some history

 Palmistry was studied as a science hundreds of years the top of ancient society, to the point where Alexander the Great was known to have used it to enabled him to pick suitable generals for his army.

Today it is still used by the captains of many industries to sort out suitable staff, and give accurate insight into prospective candidates for many different careers.

(See meet an mingle in corporate events)


Sue will read first the hand that you use most prominently, as what you have made of your life, and the less used hand as what  you were given   in life, by  reading hand shapes, mounds, lines and fingers.These hands often differ drastically, and  will show the difficulties which you have had to countermand to get to your  present position in life.

It will also show your gifts.
Palmistry lines for those learning palmistry

The better known lines shown on the palm are :-

The heart line

which runs from under the mount on the little (mercury /luna) finger towards the index finger, at the top of the palm.

This line shows relationships, depth of relationships,flirtations, bindings and love ties, depending on the strength and style of the lines, grids or chains which cross or go along it.

It can show who has been in your life, who is still holding on in your heart, and who is to come.

The head line

which is usually just below this and runs across from the index finger towards the edge of the hand below the little finger, but which usually stops short of this.

This line shows the manner of thought at different times of life,It can tell of ideas, dreams ,intelligence and where you are heading through your own efforts..

The fate line

which runs from the wrist upwards around the centre of the palm.

The fate line shows destiny , where you are headed, and which other opportunities are coming up for you,it offers you the chance to change your future, if you are aware of what lies ahead and what happens if you carry on on the same path.

The health line

which sometimes is shown between the fate line and the luna mound( the fleshy raised part which runs down below the little finger.)

This will show illness, depression, obsession, and addiction.

There is sometimes also a Simian line which is where the head and heart lines are adjoined, running in a strong line right across the hand.This shows when the head and heart vie forpower in a life, so  a head rules the heart, or the heart rules the head, depending on the strengths and depths of the lines.

 The Plain of Mars

The plain of Mars is shown in the  hollow in the palm of the hand, It shows agression coming in to you and out from you, it also gives you times to avoid confrontation.

Hand shapes

Hand types fall into distinct shapes.These tell personal characteristics they are designated as

Fire, Earth ,Air, & Water

Sometimes you can have a mixture of qualities, like an air palm, and fire fingers, which would mean an intensely explosive personality (Fire and Air cause intense blazes) or an Earth hand and Fire fingers , which would make an intelligent, but immovable or inflexible personality (Earth and fire make brick) but many people will fall into just one category, as below.


The Earth hand

Is square palmed, with a fairly flat palm front,and  mid length fingers.

Earth hand types belong to down to earth people, who are trustworthy,and reliable, but have hidden depths.They can be controlling personalities.

Many of our leaders of industry have Earth, or Earth and Air hands


The Air Hand

Is slim and fine with long fingers and a long palm

This is the hand of the intellectual , they are often over logical, and strong minded but can  cause themselves to be indecisive, and lose out through over thinking situations,instead of acting swiftly.


The Fire Hand

 Has a squarish palm with pointed fingers : Fire handed people are quick witted, and swift to act, they also have tempers which can flare up in an instant for almost no reason,and  which can disappear as quickly.

They are great in situations which need swift , but not prolonged action.


The Water hand

Has rounded palms and conical fingers

These are the palms of sensitive people  who feel the need for the best in life

they can be seen as selfish, and conniving.

They are very easily hurt, by criticism.






Palm readings in person, at Sanctuary, 59 Harpur street Bedford MK40 2SR

or by email Why not email Sue your palm prints.

Palms usually print out very well on scanners etc. email me the print of the hand that you write with, and either send  a cheque by mail, or pay through paypal, securely with credit card or paypal account..... your reading will be back with you within 24 hours

Sue  reads palms in one to one sessions

She also  teaches palmistry in one day workshops throughout the year

 The shape of the hand, the feel of the hand, the shape of the fingers and the fleshy mounts at the fingers base, as well as the lines on the hand all add up to give a fulfilling and often stunning reading.

Palmistry can tell of relationships, homes, money ,power struggles, work, home and friendships; coupled with a view of your past, as well as your future, this reading is a gentle but forthright way of fortune telling.

 Its history began in the hands of gypsies who travelled all parts of the World, taking their craft, at which many excelled,with them.

Palmistry map of mounts and lines

 Palmistry been known for centuries in China, India, Greece, Eygpt, Italy, Poland  The Ukraine, and Europe, with famous and even infamous readers being shown throughout history.

 There was Rasputin, who read the hand of the Queen of all the Russias, and told her the fate which he saw befalling the Russian Royal family, warning her that they would be removed from the throne and then killed. 

Also  Cheiro, also known as  Count Louis Hamon, who read the hands of many of the great and the good in across the world, famously predicting Lord Kitcheners death by drowning in his 64th year,  predicting that his ship would sink. 

Lord Kitchener died  in june 1916 when HMS Hampshire sank. He was 64 years old.


 Sues family have been reading palms, cards and tea leaves  since


Using skills which are innate in her lineage

Email Palmistry

You can now have an email reading of your palm. Copy your hand print on a scanner or copier, making sure that you can see  the lines clearly.

You can take a photo on a scanner, photocopier or digital camera

or mobile phone as long as Sue can see the lines and mounts she

will be able to read your palms.

Then send an e:mail and attachment of the print to Sue at


 Sues reply will be with you within 24 hours of payment 

  Either send a cheque to

'Sue' at  The Sanctuary Shop 

The Life Focus Centre

59 Harpur Street,

Bedford MK40 2SR

 (with card number clearly on the back please to speed  cheque clearance)


Pay by paypal with this button for secure credit card payments.



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