Psychic Awareness and Mediumship one day Workshop

This workshop is taking place at Sanctuary on March 31st

from 11 am - 6pm

it will teach and bring out any latent psychic abilities and show you how to go forwards on this path

We can discover if you are clairvoyant,(see in a  physchic way) clairsentient,(Feel things in a psychic way) clairaudient (hear things psychically) or clairgnostic,( just know things in a psychic way) or have mediumistic skills(can talk with spirits)

We will help you discover your guides, and show you if you are able to be a healer,

 We will show you how to move forwards with any skills that we find.

We will also look at spiritual protection, and sending lost or stuck souls to the light

The cost is £120.00 for site members or £150.00 for non members

Sign up soon ( three places have already been taken), via this link