Psychic readings can take many forms,  led by the spirit themselves; Spirits can give the medium the feel of things that they want  to say, (Clairsentience)

They can give the medium pictures, (Clairvoyance) or make the psychic  hear actual words (Clairaudience)

 Sue may use all or some or these in your reading, depending on which way the spirit  is comfortable on coming through.

Please bring a photograph of the person who you wish to be in contact with, if possible, covered up in an envelope.Sue will hope to be able to describe them to you and ask her guides to help connection. 

It can  help the connection to  hold something to which your loved on had an attachment, to help contact be clear for you, or something that they have worn, or written.

Spiritual readings usually take from around 20 to 30 mins .

 Mediumship Readings cost £40

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