Returning a curse 'from whence it came......'

 I often come up against dark magic  from those who believe that I cannot fight it, because as a white witch I am not allowed to do harm......

However if a difficult spell is set onto me, I can return its energies threefold, and in effect the bad spell works on the spellmaker by their own intent.  This is called retribution, and will also work to turn curses around, and dispel difficulties back to those who send it. It is the equivalent of letting someone hang themselves with their own rope. 

I use a  lit black candle and a bowl of water, when the water puts out the candle the curse is lifted. You can also use the intents of a spell written backwards to invoke this intention like this example of this recent return of mine.....

flesym hctaw I

emas eht tsuj tuB

lleps siht nruteR

emac ti ecnehw morF

dloh od I ytefas ym otnO

egamad eht dens dna

!dlofeerht nruter,

ytimne ot snrut pihsdneirf nehw eraweb

eerht semit eerht reveroF sgnirb tI

The other party of course can turn this around at any time by ending the problems that they wish to send to me. 

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