Sanctuary is Sues Shop in Bedford.,it houses her Readings Room.

            Look inside..........      spend a while ......... take the weight of your mind.........and just be....


Amazing new supply of Crystals, Rose quartz lamps, Smoky quartz and Snow quartz lamps and Salt lamps  which are all said to bring their own qualities of ambiance and loving peace to a room.

New Crystals arriving every week

 Carved wooden Wands and altar pieces

 wooden carved bowls


Crystal  Healing  Wands

 New supply of pendulums.


Here at Sanctuary we have a shop which houses the different things.
The things which make life that little bit special.
Like You...
Along with some wonderful Buddhas, old and new, are candles, incense, crystal balls and dream catchers. oil burners and tarot cards, hand made boxes,witches capes and wands.

We have carved wooden dragons, and carved stone boxes.

Incense as oil and incense as sticks,cones, and simmering granules.

 We have nooks and crannies bursting with different stones,

crystals, feathers, seeds and hand made jewellery.

Sue has a stock

of over 60 pendulums, and is constantly adding and changing them.

We have spells and ritual Athames,

protective Amulets and Charms

Wiccan herbs and candles, snakeskin sheddings,

and the unusual ingredients for spells,

which are hard for the town living witch to find.

We have

Chalices and Candleholders.

Fountains, Cherubs,and Angels.

We aim to sell everything spiritual from the 


down and the Earth up, 

If we have not got what you want,

 we can

 try to get it for you for a small deposit.

We rarely fail.

Drop in and see us at 59 Harpur street,

Take the weight off your mind and Just Be,

You might surprise yourself....

find us at

59,Harpur street Bedford or see our other site,

Sanctuary, Bedford at  59, Harpur street MK40 2SR  

for Therapies

Readings , Workshops and Courses.

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