Tarot readings

 With a Tarot card reading you will very quickly be able to see that the cards are being very specific to your own personal circumstances, and as one spread leads to another,clarity of mind  begins to fill the spaces where confusion was before.

You will have time for several "questions"

Sue has no problem with Sceptics, sometimes the cards themselves seem to enjoy the challenge of someone who does not or will not believe. Sue has many clients who are self described 'Sceptics', and yet they keep returning.

The Tarot pack contains two seperate packs within it  the Minor Arcana., and the Major Arcana Arcana comes from Arcane, meaning secret,
 so the packs can be described as the greater and smaller secrets. The two  packs shuffled together give the main message of the story, and fill in all of the smaller details

 A description of a Tarot Card Reading

  The Reading  begins by chosing a pack of  Tarot cards from

 the several on the velvet topped three legged gypsy table

 thinking of a 'question' or  a direction  that you wish to know  about.

 When the  shuffled Tarot cards feel 'ready' they are handed

 back to the Sue, who will lay them in one of a variety of spreads

    Sue will ask if you understand all of the reading, and if you have anything else you need to ask, before she shows you out,




Ways to pay

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For email or telephone readings, or if you prefer,  the old ways,  readings by letter,

Payment can be with credit card through Paypal, a Registered Secure Site

 Payment can also  be made by cheque : payable to "Sue Peppiatt"

 and posted to:-

Sue at 59 Harpur street,

Bedford MK40 2 SR

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