How Sue does telephone  readings.......

 Telephone and email readings can be just as effective as face to face....

 Sues' Telephone Tarot and Psychic readings  are also for half an hour, for which the total cost is £35 and a normal land line rate, (You call Sue) rather than an expensive pay by the minute call, which can often cost you at least £1.60 and often over  £2 per minute.


Hour long appointments are possible, if booked in advance.

These cost £60 if you feel that you need longer  speaking with Sue. Most people do not need anything like this long a reading.


 The reading begins with a Gateway of Fate spread, which tells  your past present and future, and how you felt about it all


It is a half hour  or 1 hour  of you asking  anything that you want to know,

Sue will ask you to tell her when to stop shuffling the cards, and will then ask you to tell her your questions, One for each of the seven or eight spreads,This can just be any subject, or even just one word,

 (If it is an email reading, Sue will ask your written  questions  for you as she shuffles the cards.)

 To book a telephone reading

book through the book a reading page

Telephone readings should be paid at least an hour before the reading .





Pay by Paypal



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Email readings:sorry due to amount of readings these need to be booked in on Sue's Diary

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