Explaining psychic abilities and what you can expect from them

Clairvoyance is the ability to see or picture things in a psychic way. 

This will mean that when Sue looks into her crystal ball, she will see scenes that she can describe to you, it also means that she is able to see Spirits, Guides and Auras , and that scenes of future and past events will be  running through her mind as she is with you, She will see people who are attached to you, places that you have or do or will know, and situations that you will recognise from the past or the present as well as describing situations from your  future to you.

Clairsentience  is the ability to feel spiritual things.

This allows Sue to go into a persons psyche , or spirit,and feel how they feel, to feel words,and to feel pictures. This will enable Sue to pick up difficulties around you very quickly,and is one of the reasons that  people can feel that she knows them as a friend, when they have just met. When you are clairsentient, you are bombarded by feelings and senses of people around you, and their feelings and situations. This can, to any newly discovered psychic, be quite overwhelming, especially  when in larger crowds of people.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear spiritual things.

Sue will hear messages from spirits,and guides, and also sound from the 'spiritual video' which she is veiwing.This will help  explain why sometimes something is thrown in to the reading,and this will come  from one of her guides, or a spirit.

Clairgnosticism is the ability to 'Just know' things.

The knowledge of what is happening and has happened, and will happen, is shown in the readings and begins to flow after a connection is made with a client, without tools needing to be used. When people walk into Sanctuary (Sue's shop) and Sue is there she will just know things about them, and may say things which seem relevant for people to know,if its appropriate. This comes through her clairgnostic ability.


This is connection with spirit. Sue will get a connection with a spirit which has crossed over, by whichever means the spirit is comfortable.  She will usually be able to describe the person from their physical appearance in life. She will not wish to see the photo, and will hope to prove that who is coming over is who you wish to see by her description of that person.  This is why Sue asks that while you bring a photograph with you, you bring it covered up in a sealed envelope;  This is so that she can ask her guides to bring this person forwards, to be around during a mediumship reading.


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