The Crystal Ball

All the pictures below were taken of the same crystal ball, in the same room at the same time on the same day...........

Below are some photographs of pictures seen within my crystal ball. these were taken on one weekend, and were a suprise to me that they came out, they were taken as I sat at my Tarot table, with  no one else in the room.The light which shows here is, however, the window behind my back.

                                   pictures in the crystal ball

One  fair haired man with lace collar and cuffs, looking down a sword, behind three smaller women in medieval dress.

Reading the Crystal Ball  is quite strenuous on the third eye and the relative part of the brain.



A crystal ball image of an Elizabethan Lady  wearing a feathered hat and ruff,pointing ahead.

To read it for too long can cause headaches and nausea; without practice it can be difficult to  distringuish  between real pictures of the future and symbolic pictures given by the psychic mind many readers  make the mistake of  predicting what is really a symbol of something which may mean a completely different thing to the person sitting with them;To teach the Crystal ball , all this needs to be taken into account.

 two walkers with poles and bales on their shoulders, shown in the crystal ball

The crystal ball as a reading  is given after attachment has been made with a client, so that the  psychic can then easily connect with the energies of both the client , and the crystal. It is the final part of the full reading, and in itself lasts around 10-15 minutes for the reasons stated above.


Clients will usually find that Sue's very old glass ball , which has been  read by the same family for over three generations, will   give off a feeling very like a static charge, and can leave them feeling gently calmed, and well as dropping them into past, present or future, (usually all three) before the end of the reading.


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Older crystal balls

 This Amazing 8'' diameter Crystall ball wieghs 25LB and hold enormous energy

Vintage: believed to be 1950-60 (there are more pictures of her below)

Immense psychic energy  and the rarity of its size and predominance  means that this beautiful sphere is available at offers over £1000.

If you are interested in making a serious offer please email Sue

 Each crystal ball has its own energy.

Older or antique crystal balls are much sought after,some fetch huge prices at auctions, especially if they have been used by a well known reader.

The ball has a definite feel to it, often described to be like tingling electricity,pins and needles or magnetism.


 Lucite  Crystal Ball

 From the United States

 5'' diameter

This  Lucite ball is from the late 1940s-1950s

It has a unique smoky, opaque look, which enhances the minds ability to open up its psychic side. It is set into a wooden plinth, which has been burned by exposure to sunlight .

This beautiful vintage ball is for sale at a cost  of

 £99 .00 plus postage and packaging  if necessary


Obsidian Crystal Balls

Obsidian is a volcanic Glass formed by  Nature, Crystal and scrying balls of black or golden sheen Obsidian are again much sort after, as they are excellent for scrying and magical involvement with mediational spellwork.

They have been found shown in Ancient Eygptian artwork

 This Black Obsidian Ball is 4'' in diameter

and costs £45. (plus p+p)

 The Crystal Ball by John Willam Waterhouse

Image:John William Waterhouse - The Crystal Ball.JPG


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