The Heirophant (also known s the Pope) Major Arcana

This  card shows a man of high spiritual importance, everything which he does is done with the thought that his does it under the guise of the highest Authority, which explains his stature, upright,commited to believing that his way is the only correct way. He wears a pointed mitre on his head, and often carries a globe, or orb, and holy sceptre.He sits  between two pillars of judgement, and below his feet are the crossed keys, a symbol of his ability to access secrets which others are barred from.

Meanings of this card include

Holiness and spirituality.

A spiritual higher plane

Perfectionism, Perfect.

Needing to have all the t's crossed and i's dotted

Bowing to Authority,

Yes, if everything is in order

Do not try,unless everything is perfectly ready


The Lovers






















































The Heirophant




Go ahead,  if everything is in order

Do not try,unless or until everything is perfectly ready.


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