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Starfield with The Double Cluster (Cadwell 14) in the constellation of Perseus formed by t
Starfield with The Double Cluster (Cadwell 14) in the constellation of Perseus formed by t

About Sue



'I give faith to many Gods , but only one power'




Sue has been reading Palms,Tarot and Gypsy love


cards, and telling fortunes for over thirty years.





Born in 1955 in Billericay in Essex , Sue comes from a family with  four brothers,used to her mothers stories of a little boy ghost running around outside the family home, of unexpected help coming through angels,and of messages coming from those  who had passed over.




She was gifted with empathic intuition through both her paternal and maternal grandmothers; Nellie wood, her fathers mother; who read palms, cards and tea leaves, and Mary Campkin, who was known to have 'the sight'.


She began reading cards and palms at an early age, and progressed to the Crystal Ball.



 For many years she lived in a village near Colchester, before moving to Bedford where she now has her Sanctuary shop.




Sue has been a life long white witch.


Being a hedgewitch   (a solitary country witch) she does spells clears negative energies, removes Curses, and sends spirits onwards to their true destination.




  She spent  her early life in an Essex Farm house, and her latter years in a narrowboat on the River Ouse. It was in these places that she gained immense respect and love for nature, honing her craft to gain the knowledge which she has today.




Sue is sometimes able to help with healing, For this there is no charge. it has to be as time allows, however. Sue also keeps a healing book in the sanctuary shop, which she regularly sends healing to all who are listed.please email if you would like someone to be added,


She is happy to pass on her learning to those who will use it best.


There are many who ask, and Sues first advice to all would be get out into nature, learn the different trees, leaves flowers and fungi.


Learn about British native animals and  birds and their habits,know the different types of soils, clouds, and learn to recognise the smell of the air before rain comes, and after a storm.


 When you are begining to learn all of this, then you are becoming a hedgewitch. Then the training can begin.

Starfield with The Double Cluster (Cadwell 14) in the constellation of Perseus formed by t

The Clairs ....... Explained

Explaining psychic abilities and what you can expect from them

Clairvoyance is the ability to see or picture things in a psychic way.


This will mean that when Sue looks into her crystal ball, she will see scenes that she can describe to you, it also means that she is able to see Spirits, Guides and Auras , and that scenes of future and past events will be  running through her mind as she is with you, She will see people who are attached to you, places that you have or do or will know, and situations that you will recognise from the past or the present as well as describing situations from your  future to you.


Clairsentience  is the ability to feel spiritual things.


This allows Sue to go into a persons psyche , or spirit,and feel how they feel, to feel words,and to feel pictures. This will enable Sue to pick up difficulties around you very quickly,and is one of the reasons that  people can feel that she knows them as a friend, when they have just met. When you are clairsentient, you are bombarded by feelings and senses of people around you, and their feelings and situations. This can, to any newly discovered psychic, be quite overwhelming, especially  when in larger crowds of people.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear spiritual things.


Sue will hear messages from spirits,and guides, and also sound from the 'spiritual video' which she is veiwing.This will help  explain why sometimes something is thrown in to the reading,and this will come  from one of her guides, or a spirit.


Clairgnosticism is the ability to 'Just know' things.


The knowledge of what is happening and has happened, and will happen, is shown in the readings and begins to flow after a connection is made with a client, without tools needing to be used. When people walk into Sanctuary (Sue's shop) and Sue is there she will just know things about them, and may say things which seem relevant for people to know,if its appropriate. This comes through her clairgnostic ability.


Mediumship is the connection between a psychic and spirits who have passed over

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