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Starfield with The Double Cluster (Cadwell 14) in the constellation of Perseus formed by t

Major Arcana

The Magician

A man stands with one arm upraised, holding a scroll, On the table or Altar in front of him is a cup, a sword a pentagram and a wand; together these are the signs of the Tarot deck suites. They also cover the four corners:-North, East, South , and West, and four of the elements Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Above his head is the sign of infinity, at hisis a Lily, the symbol of purity.

(Significance: 'Forever truth' )

While one hand points heavenward, the other points to the Earth, and underworld, a symbol of connection between the realms.

This card describes a person or situation which has all the abilities, and skills necessary to complete the task.

 In relationship questions you would describe him as 'The One'

Skilled craftsman,


The person who can complete the task

Ideal, more than suitable.

If you were to pull this card on a one card reading, the thought for the day would be

'You have all the necessary abilities to complete a task superbly, so go ahead and do it.'


The Fool

This card begins the Major Arcana story, and shows a man dressed  haphazardly, or in fairly ragged clothes, carrying all of his belongings on a stick  and walking  in a daydream; with one foot on solid ground, while the other is about to step over a precipice. A dog bounds around him (sometimes chewing on one leg,) leaving him unconcerned.

He seems in his face to have the look of one who has not a care in the world.

This card means, among other things;

 1. Carefree, childish happiness,

 2. Foolhardiness

 3. Do something spontaneous, without a concern for the outcome.

 4. A time of frivolity,

  5. Don’t think too hard.

  6. Take chances,

  7. You are taking a risk, but it may be worthwhile.

Pulled as a single card for a daily reading, this would generally mean.

"Give yourself some time and space, doing something spontaneous, which you would not normally do. You need to find your inner child."

The Fool.jpg

The High Priestess

 The High Priestess shows a woman, usually in a long white dress standing between two pillars; one white and one black, these signify judgement and balance, wherever they are found in the major Arcana cards. Sometimes a pomegranate is shown, showing a connection with Persephone’s time in the underworld, and there is often a connection with the moon, alluding to the psychic mind. 

This card means, among other things

A highly regarded woman,

Doing things in a correct, and proper way,

A Bride,

Highly thought of

Spirituality, high thought,

Being put on a pedestal,

Seemingly out of reach.

In a one card daily reading she would mean,

‘Go about the day with your head held high, doing the right thing, in the knowledge that others would respect your decisions.’

The High Priestess.jpg

The Empress

The Empress

The Empress card shows a picture of creative femininity, Often shown heavily pregnant, the Empress is often surrounded by  growing crops, and is often equated with the Goddess Ceres, Female guardian of abundance and growth. The card means, among other things

New Life,






New hope


As a One card reading, this card would urge you to take a fresh look at your life, and make the most of new opportunities, which would come your way.

 Of course, it can also tell you that you are pregnant.........

The Emperor

This card shows an emperor, finely dressed usually with one foot resting across one knee.

He has an air of relaxed gravity, and pomp about him, as he watches those below him with an almost fatherly expression, while exuding immense power.

There is also a sense that this man could do anything he wishes, without asking anyone else for an opinion. (This is probably why he can refer to government and councils)

The card means among other things,


A Boss, a Governor. In charge,

Doing things which have to be seen to be correct.

Absolute power.

Someone to respect and look up to.

Government, councils and seats of power.

 As a one a day card reading, this card would urge you to be aware that you have great power to change things, or put things through, but must do things which are seen to be upstanding.

The Emperor.jpg

The Hierophant

This  card shows a man of high spiritual importance, everything which he does is done with the thought that his does it under the guise of the highest Authority, which explains his stature, upright, committed to believing that his way is the only correct way. He wears a pointed mitre on his head, and often carries a globe, or orb, and holy sceptre. He sits between two pillars of judgement, and below his feet are the crossed keys, a symbol of his ability to access secrets which others are barred from.

Meanings of this card include

Holiness and spirituality.

A spiritual higher plane

Perfectionism, Perfect.

Needing to have all the t's crossed and i's dotted

Bowing to Authority,

Yes, if everything is in order

Do not try, unless everything is perfectly ready.

The Hierophant.jpg

The Lovers

The Lovers card shows a couple, often naked, facing each other, their arms open, their eyes on each other. Between them is shown sometimes a mountain, sometimes a volcano, a symbol of love overcoming all obstacles, and the height of passion.

Other signs are shown an apple tree or pear and nectarines trees, for fertility.

Above them an Angel is on guard

The meanings of this card are; among others.....

A love affair

Loving couple

Being in love

 Loving feeling.

Trusting someone,

As a single card reading this card would mean 'Love is all around you today'

The Lovers.jpg

The Chariot

The chariot card shows a pair of vibrant horses, or sphinxes, usually travelling at speed.

Standing in the cart of the chariot is a handsome man, set on his task of winning a race, he is not running away from something, but spurring his horses to get where ever he is going quickly. He has the look of one who will not be set aside, or thwarted in his task.

It is as if he is enjoying the race; and however terrible the obstacles, he is certain to win.

Among the meanings of this card are these:-


You win,

You must go for it with every ounce of your being,



Believe in yourself, and you will succeed.

Stop for nothing.

Do not be deterred

This Chariot is from 'The Olde Path' Tarot

The meaning of this card if pulled as a single card for the day would be

'Get out and do your best, you are certain to do well'


The Chariot.jpg


The Justice card shows a woman sitting usually between two towers or pillars, often at her foot is a magical animal, around her head is sometimes shown an eagle or bird of prey, to symbolise the fact that while she is blindfolded, Justice sees all.

She carries the sword of truth, and will hold the scales which denote justice, and the way that life is measured, like against like, for the greater truth. At her side is usually a lion or a bear, for strength.

Among the meanings of this card are.

You will get justice

It will be fair.

You will get what you deserve

A court case

 Make sure that it is fair,

You will get back whatever you give

It will come back on them


The Hermit

The Hermit shows a man in long grey robes. In one hand he carries a lantern, showing that he is an enlightened one, light in the darkness. He is usually barefoot and sometimes a pauper in rags.  At his feet is a river, on which floats by the flotsam and jetsam of life He is a man who sees all, and keeps it within himself for greater knowledge. Often there is an association with the stars, again showing lights in darkness, a metaphor for knowledge.

This card means, among other things


A man who holds himself apart, and will not allow others in.




Wise move

Take time to think things out

As a one question reading, this card would urge you to take one step at a time, and to think long and hard before making any decisions.....

The Hermit.jpg

Wheel of Fortune

This card houses a wheel, usually with eight spokes from a cart or wagon, distinctly like the wheel  shown on the flag of the Roma People, but  surrounded by mythical creatures like lions with wings, sphinxes,  harpies or cockatrices, meant to signify the magic qualities of fate, below the Flag of the Roma.

The meanings of this card are, among others;     

You are fated for this to happen,

Its fate.

Good Luck

Consider yourself lucky


This is your destiny

Fate is on your side

Things will turn around,

Wait for things to turn around again

Wheel of Fortune.jpg


The Strength card is often symbolised by a woman holding a lion, or stroking or a bull, or dragon or other animal of power often opening its jaws to show its teeth.

She looks delicate and womanly, but shows no fear and has complete control of the animal, her face serene, her strength and power understated but absolute.

This card means, among other things:-

You are strong,

Be strong,


This is very important.

Strongly, the cards suggest




We strongly advise

As a one card reading, this card would mean,

Be guided to keep strong, and believe in your own strength


The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is one of the most misinterpreted cards in the Major Arcana. Certainly it can look scary, with a man hanging by one foot, one leg crossed behind him like an upturned figure four.

The meanings of this card are among others:-

You need to wait,

Stop for a while,

Hanging around




In a while


In a one question reading this card would mean.

Now is not the right time, wait for the proper moment.

The Hanged Man.jpg


One of the most feared cards in the pack, sometimes you can hear an audible gasp as this card falls. The figure of death complete with scythe and bony hands swathed in black can stir feelings of fear in even the strongest looking man or woman. Other cards just portray a skeleton, or a skull.

This card, however, rarely means death; more often it is the harbinger of change, of sweeping away all that is finished and preparing for new beginnings.

This card means among other things,



Sweeping away past existences

Someone who has passed away


 A new way of looking at things

As a one card reading this card would say, prepare for changes which sweep all the deadwood out of your life. They may be uncomfortable, but they are for your general good.



The Temperance card shows a beautiful angel pouring the fluids from one jar to another, despite a volcano exploding in the background, laying waste to one side of the card she is committed to the task, of not wasting  a drop  and acts as if she were constantly pouring from one jar to another. There is no evidence of stress shown in her. She is often shown at the side of a lake, or a River. The destructive side of the card  strongly contrasts with the fertile growth on the other side of the card.

Among the meanings of this card are.


Sticking to the task,

A need to temper emotions,

A need to temper activities,


As a One question reading, this card would mean, make sure that you are not just doing something because you feel it has always been this way.


The Devil

 A horned deity sits between two pillars, he has the hindquarters of a goat and curved horns, there is often a semblance of fire.

Tortured faces are shown at his feet. A Man and woman are shackled to him, with heavy chains and seem as if they are trying to escape

This card is another of those which people associate with difficulty and fear; however you will see from the meanings below that this is definitely not always the case.

The meanings of this card are, among others:-


The Devil,

Tied, shackled,


Cannot escape,

 You must do this,

 A Sexy Man,

You cannot get out of doing this

As a one card reading this card would say, you are heading for something from which it may be very hard to extricate yourself. Be aware.

The Devil.jpg

The Tower

The Card shows a tower being struck by lightning, fire and catastrophe.

From the top of the highest wall bricks have come away and two people fall to earth, usually one man and one woman

This card means amongst other things

Huge Changes,

Catastrophe, which can be avoided, with great care,


All devouring difficulties, close by,

At great risk,

In Danger of,

Swift and cataclysmic changes,

Expect difficulties,

As a one card reading, if pulled, this card would mean there are changes which you have to expect to go through, they are difficult, but necessary.

The Tower.jpg

The Star

The Star Card shows a beautiful young woman gazing up at the most brilliant star in the sky,

She often carries water, or is shown dipping her hand or foot in a river or stream,

This card means, among other things,

A dream,

A high hope,

Star quality,

A Star,

Shown up,

In The spotlight,

Aim High,

 As a one card reading, this card would mean, aim high, and believe in your own abilities.

The Star.jpg

The Moon

This card shows the full moon amongst stars, usually reflected in water .From the water a crayfish emerges, a creature which can breathe both in air and in water, one of the many signs of duality on the card.

The Moon card means, among other things:-

See both sides,

A mind in turmoil,



Psychic mind

Female child

One month

Hidden depths

As a one card reading, this card would say 'Be aware that you are not seeing the full picture, there is something else which you should be aware of which may not surface for a while'

The Moon.jpg

The Sun

The Sun Card shows a brilliant shining sun, with blazing rays shining light into the corners of the World. A small boy plays happily in its warmth.

This card means among other things,



Shining the way forward,

Go For it,

Yes Yes Yes,

Bringing light out of darkness.

The Start of a new Dawn,

 A Boy Child,,,,

As a one card reading, this card would mean 'you will learn something which will give you happiness'

The Sun.jpg


This card shows an Angel blowing the trumpet of doom on Judgement day.

The dead rise out of their tombs to be judged. In the background a mighty mountain crosses the horizon, showing that the way is hard and completely blocked for some.

This card means amongst other things,

A court case,

A divorce,

A decision,

A judgement needs to be made,

Use your judgement,

Weighing things up,

 A Judgemental person,

Being judgemental


The World

The world Card shows a woman surrounded by a wreath of leaves. In each hand she holds a wand. Mythical creatures sit on the turn of the circle, clothed in clouds, each one symbolic of elements and directions. The meanings of this card are, amongst others


All encompassing,

The World,

World travel,

Across the world,



A one card reading pulling this card would mean. 'Everything is within your grasp'

The World.jpg
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