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These reviews are replies sent to review requests  sent after readings, and others from people wishing to submit after readings some time ago. They are all  as submitted by the client, and unchanged, except for spelling anomalies

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Calming and positive *****
Sue is always so good at what she does, really knows you before even opening your mouth. gives great guidance on personal situations and helps make you feel positibe about outcomes even when things are stressful. couldnt recommend her enough :)

Wow! *****
Sue is brilliant and spot on

Email request *****
Sue always answers questions on time and efficiently and is always accurate.
Colin Anstee
12th May 2022 at 11.20am

Wow *****
Spot on hope it all comes true now Can’t wait to book a face to face reading
Friday 13th

Amazing *****
Such a great feeling seeing Sue, she is truly gifted. I left feeling very uplifted with a sense of direction and clarity. Thank you.
Destiny *****
Sue is amazing. Been feeling like I've been walking through mud for the last few years and getting nowhere so needed some guidence. Everything Sue told me was correct and has inspired me. If this year pans out as she says it's going to be a good year and a chance to move forward. Definately would recommend a reading. I had the 30 min face to face.
Tuesday 3rd May=

Wow *****
Totally impressed with Sue. I left 2 very vague questions for her, which she absolutely nailed!! I will return x

Tarot  Reading*****
Highly recommend Sue. Was spot on with so many things, found it really helpful. Sue has a lovely warm personality and makes you feel at ease.
May 2022 

Great! Is always good to speak with Sue. Clears confusion. Good advice and is enlightening
Gives me hope *****
I was sceptical at first about seeing Sue, but both times I’ve been I can honestly say she leaves me speechless. There are things she just couldn’t know that the cards reveal, it’s so interesting. My logic is whether it’s real or not, it gives me something positive to think about (and sometimes negative to avoid). Im ok with things happening the way she suggests or with me making changes to change my direction

10/10 *****
I have been to Sue before and she really is fantastic! She is honest even if it's not what you want to hear. Did a shared reading with my partner who had never had his cards read and was unsure of his feelings towards it. He loved the experience and felt more comfortable with himself and the future after it. If you want someone very honest and down to earth who won't lie and tell you what you want to hear this is the lady for you!

Great Reading *****
I saw Sue only recently and I had a lot on my mind with every thing going on. It was the best thing I did as she answered all my questions to put my mind at rest. Thank you Sue x 
April 2022

Very enlightening  *****
I am a strong believer of things falling into place when they need to, however, at this current moment in my life I really found myself needed some answers or direction and Sue really helped me through a Tarot card reading, its the small answers that make the biggest of difference. It was my first time doing a reading and it was recommended by my sister but I did do my research. some advice for first time readers: don't try and be investigative with the reading, have questions prepared and keep in mind that it's all about perspective and what you do with the answers you receive is up to you, Sue is there to translate and articulate what the universe is trying to say.

Blown away  again *****
I used to go to readings with my mum, as my dad had passed away, Sue always blew our minds away with her readings, I went for a tarot card reading, for my future, and again my mind was blown away, my mum passed away last year, and to know that she is with my dad again, puts me at ease, Sue is just fantastic, and would highly recommend a visit. sue has always been spot on.
4th April 2022

Finding your path when you need guidance *****
Sue has an amazing way of tuning into your life situation. When ever I become unsure of my direction or situation , getting guidance from the cards via Sue helps immensely in keeping my mind on an even keel. Sue has a lot of accuracy and her experience helps to translate the message very well. If you haven’t tried Sue, don’t hesitate
Long term male client 
4th April 2022

Thank you Sue *****
Tarot and Mediumship (recorded) with Sues Face-To-Face Readings - Sue greeted me like an old friend. The room was calm and so peaceful.  I'd lots of questions and my photo in an envelope of my loved one.  Sue spoke quickly whilst reading the tarot cards I'd chosen, and her replies to my questions lifted a weight off my mind and heart. I asked for it to be recorded as I wouldn't have remembered all the information being given. (Listening back to the recording afterwards gave me time to absorb and reflect about what had been said.) I was very sad due to a recent and sudden bereavement of our pet dog. My heart felt heavy and I'd found it so hard to get through each day.  I'd so many unanswered questions, lots of guilt, and 'whys' and 'what ifs'. I needed reassurance.   With mediumship, I learned that our dog was not suffering anymore.  (He) gave an understanding of how he'd felt prior to passing on, and that he was fine now.  We had done all that we could, but he wasn't able to stay with us any longer.  We were not to blame.  He told me not to worry so much about him!  He was the one doing the worrying and looking out for ME now....   I learned he'd been around me recently to give support and comfort when I was at my lowest ebb. I was able to remember these occasions too. I've always been  sensitive to my surroundings. Sue mentioned some ways in which he may connect with me and I was able to relate to some of these times.   Thankyou Sue for helping us both to find each other once more. You were 'his voice' and you brought us together again.   The best thing of all is that I know he's never far away from me, and is looking after me in his own ways. I still chatter away to him at home every day..... Yes, I still have times when I long for his physical company and for him to sit on my lap like he always did. Sometimes my heart feels heavy again, but knowing he is nearby gives me comfort and reassurance that I'm not alone... Now I feel i can begin to heal. I would certainly recommend Sue. My time with her gave me the strength to carry on and put my mind at ease. I was also given two follow up questions in case I'd forgotten to ask these at the time. Thank you Sue. 
Thursday 10th March 202

Face to face reading *****
I was really happy with my reading with sue will definitely be going again 
Luigina Ruggiero
15th March 2022

Fantastic experience *****
My ‘meeting’ with Sue was a Telephone call and, Tarot card reading.—so we have never met in person- I have always had a deep interest in the spiritual world but felt rather nervous of pursuing it —-Sue is a remarkable lady and I felt immediately comforted and ‘at ease’ in her presence. The information she gave to me was invaluable and certainly enhanced my life and perception on many items. I am definitely going to book another sitting and hopefully would like the opportunity of meeting Sue in the future. Thank you very much Sue for your great gifts and patience.
Valerie Morgan 
2 weeks ago 

I love Sue *****
I love my time with Sue! She is spot on and I always feel like I’m in good hands and that she genuinely cares about me. Looking forward, as always, to my next reading xoxox

Relationship and future *****
Amanda H 

Brilliant reading from Sue - do not hesitate to book  *****
I booked my first full face to face reading with Sue, not knowing what to expect but I have to tell you my mind was blown! She is brilliant and is such a lovely lady. The reading was a combination of Tarot, the Crystal Ball, Mediumship and palmistry and I was so happy with it all. Sue was spot on about everything, she was honest, professional and is extremely gifted. I also felt so at ease. I will definitely be booking with her again and will be highly recommending to her to everyone.

Very insightful *****
My first reading with Sue was very interesting! She told me many exacting details about my surroundings which were very accurate, though she has never seen where I live. She was also very insightful about other aspects of my life and relationships, with some very astute and uncanny observations. I am looking forward to another reading with her again soon.
Katy S
1/28/22 (USA) 

Wow enlightening *****
Sue was amazing so spot on every single detail the answers and information kept coming. Very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgable I will Definitely be recommending sue and be back again thank you x
27th January 2022

Sue is AMAZING *****
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Sue is absolutely amazing. Her gift is unparalleled! Every time I talk to her, the details she gives astonish me.
21st January 2022

Great experience *****
Sue was spot on with my reading, with no prompting she hit on my past and present, and I can’t wait for the future. Sue truly has a gift and I feel lucky that I could experience it with her.
20th January 2022

Fab as usual*****
What can i say? Sue is a vey gifted lady and always makes me feel welcome with her great readings highly reccomended! Brill Stew
Stewart Crawley
22nd January 22

A good reply *****
I had one question for Sue and got a very intuitive, intriguing and thought-provoking response from Sue that operated in my mind on a number of levels
18th January 2022

Absolutely the best! *****
There is absolutely no one like Sue! Hands-down she is the best, most accurate, and proficient reader I have ever been to. I’ve been to many and I am a reader myself. I am blown away by Sue’s erie accuracy. If it wasn’t for her these last two years I don’t know what I would’ve done! She brings me such peace and clarity. I replay her readings over and over and over again for insight and for peace of mind. They are more than just readings they are healings. Thank you Sue for everything you have helped me with! You are amazing and a gift to this world!
Lindsey M
12/23/21 (USA)k

Review from S Palmer *****
I have had 3 readings with Sue. Her insight is incredible. I will not use anyone else now. And she is so honest and always tells me extra things to help guide me that she sees. And no one else could. Sue helped me with a difficult period in my life and I will always be grateful x

A Reading Can Change Your Life  *****
When I consult Sue it is because I am worried about something and I consult her as a friend - the best type of friend, one who cares, who knows what is worrying and who is genuine, kind, intuitive, strong and who has an extraordinary gift. Sue can see things in the future and in the past and uses her skill to reassure and advise.
I have total faith in her ability and don't hesitate to recommend her; it can change your life, I promise.
Carolyn H

Amazing *****
I go to Sue only once a year. She is amazing as I am given whats ahead so not need to see any other readers as Sue is is accurate. You will not be disappointed. Honest as straight to the point. Thank you again Sue

My reading with Sue *****
Very recently, I had a face to face reading with Sue.The first in a couple of years due to lockdown.Sue related to me exactly how I was dealing with an ongoing issue, without my saying anything.she is extremely accurate about the past to do with this and also the present, this gives me hope that the future she describes is also accurate. Which helps me deal with , the reasons I have a reading.I have trust in Sues honesty and integrity. She has helped me enormously, I am sure I will continue to have readings with her. Booking is straightforward and easy. Not expensive, given the absolute high quality of reading. I am very happy I found Sue and her husband. Thank You so much for the help and guidance I have been given

So reassuring and accurate *****
Fantastic, calm and accurate - truly gifted lady - thank you Sue for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

Spot on Sue *****
have recently seen Sue and needed answers to various things on my mind, and before I even asked what was on my mind she looked at me and told me what I had intended to ask her. Sue in my opinion is a truly gifted woman kind and warm hearted and a pleasure to know her. Thank you Sue.

Tarot Reading *****
I often have a reading with sue when I am confused about things that are happening in my life. Sue gives great insight and helpful answers to how to move forward

My Reading*****
Sue is BEYOND AMAZING! She is EXTREMELY GIFTED and has been so accurate with all the information she gave to me. I LOVE HER BEYOND WORDS.

As usual- Fantastic! *****
Over the last couple of years or so I’ve been having my Tarot reading by Sue, be in no doubt she is the real deal, insightful , fun , and to a very very large degree- accurate ! She has unstintingly helped me navigate my way through a difficulty period in my life. For me, I can’t imagine anyone having a reading that they dont get a lot from. If you are hesitant take the plunge  , I don’t think you will be disappointed.., get it recorded its impossible to remember all she reveals in such a short time span. 

Thank You *****
Sue was friendly, reassuring and very professional. Thankyou Sue.  
Jan Boresta

Peace *****
Sue’s abilities and insights have been incredibly on point and supported my journey over the last few months, she never waivers in patience and delivers accurately time after time. My latest reading was a connection with my dad, which had us both chuckling due to his charismatic and funny nature, which brought me so much peace. Sue has Incredible gifts, don’t hesitate in booking in with her at all, she will give you the answers you need.

Review *****
I had a twenty minutes face time reading with Sue. She was able to answer all of my questions within the given time. She predicted a great future ahead and I cannot wait to see it. Definitely will book her again!Thank you for the reading

Great bonus to our Halloween party,
Sue came along and read cards for our guests - about 10 mins apiece- even our sceptics came away with some interesting thoughts - throughout the evening our guest were exchanging what was read to them and are still talking and sharing the next day! Sue was professional, yet, fun and courteous - booking her again - there’s so much to hear ! Our guests were in awe and thought it made the party !
Saturday 30th October

Amazing Sue *****
Sue is the best. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a lovely lady, extremely accurate and professional in her readings - caring and funny too 😀 I’m so glad I found her. 
Valerie Peace

Shocked *****
I went into my reading not knowing If I fully believed in psychics but everything sue said was completely true , I am completely shocked!
Mollie Rose
29th October 

Clarity *****
Sue brought a lot of clarity to the questions I had. She really can connect in a way that I’ve never seen before. I would highly recommend a session with her and get it recorded ;)

2nd visit *****
This was my second visit to see Sue. It was much better without masks, as I could hear her more clearly. She made me feel at ease and shared my frustrations with my late husband. I felt much more at peace when I left after her consultation than I did on my first visit. Thank you Sue.

A glowing review *****
I have been welcomed warmly by Sue and she immediately set me at ease. I believe her to be authentic in what she does. She has been able to reveal answers to questions that have been unanswered for quite a time. She is a real gem. Thanks Sue
12th October 2021

Peace and Healing *****
Amazing. Sue has given me peace and healing and helped me so much. X

Amazing as always!*****
Sue is an extraordinary reader. After many years, she still has lost the touch of magic with me. There are things she told come like exactly what she said and the time she said. But important to keep in mind that things are progressing base on so many external factors and conflicts just like how we grow, so it is good to have a reading through out different stages rather than holding on to a single prediction. She always helps you to make good decisions. 

Lovely lovely Lady *****
Had a quick facetime reading with the lovely sue on Friday when she predicted someone would return into my life but using a different tack and low and behold a few hours later they did and using a different tackxx
Friday 1st October 

Wonderful *****
Sue gave me lots of answers and I felt enlightened after my reading. Very insightful! Thank you Sue!

Review *****
Sue gave me useful advice and hope for the future. I'd definitely recommend a reading

20 minute reading *****
My reading with Sue was amazing! She saw things that no one else could know! She is the real deal! I will definitely use her again! Thanks again Sue.
John Watkins (USA)

Sue is a Gem *****
Sue is so warm, familiar and personable. Come prepared with questions as she moved fast. No dull moments. A bunch of psychics come to her because she really “has the gift.”. Can’t wait for my next reading with her.

Quick Answer *****
I had a specific pressing question as to which option would be the better one for me and it was as usual promptly responded to by Sue and made feel more secure regarding my next steps
September 9th

Amazing *****
I have been to see Sue on few occasions and she has always been accurate. I saw her mid August and have to say that her reading was surprising to me on a number of aspects. Even though it is only a few weeks since I saw her, what she foretold me has started to come into being at an almost alarming rate and with such clarity. I can only highly recommend Sue. Thank you Sue and I have found that secret place, never did I imagine that would be the case. Much love, you know how to reach me when you need me. Kindest regards
14th August 2021

Top Notch*****
Sue is amazing. I’ve had 2 readings with her so far and both have been immensely helpful. The guidance she provided help me to move a relationship forward. She recommended I do a particular thing and she was exactly right, it had the desired effect. 
First reading July 2nd second reading September 6th

Great Reading *****
I had a 20 minute reading and I can't believe how much we covered in such a short space of time! Sue was speedy in answering my questions, but also very detailed. She has a kind and friendly manner, which made me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the reading, as it gave me a lot of insight, and I would definitely recommend.

The best psychic I have ever encountered *****
Sue is amazing she is spot on it’s incredible. Her abilities are amazing! She helps you be truely enlighten with information that are undoubtedly true because they are exactly what happens..
Jeanette (USA)
September 7, 2021

Spot on *****
Sue is incredibly intuitive and accurate. Her energy is wonderful. I cannot believe the things she saw, felt and described. She is so gifted and provided so much clarity for me. Also she was available so quickly. Definitely book! You’ll be glad you did.
9/3/21 (USA)

Reassuring check-in *****
I've had readings with Sue a few times now and always enjoy Sue's relaxed style and empathy, which enables me to ask the questions I really want to ask. Key points have been unerringly true or have come to fruition. Equally, timescales can move and things can change, so by checking in with Sue, I get a great deal of comfort knowing where I am and what is going on, so I can make a choice about what I do next. She gives me an insight and perspective that maybe I haven't considered. before and it helps me feel in control - maybe because so much of what she has told me has been proven true. Thank you, Sue!

Silver Linings *****
Sues tarot reading was very accurate. She was spot on regarding my character and current circumstances with enough details to convert any non believer. Sue gave me hope and I’m looking forward to the next year ahead. I’ll def recommend Sue and even have a reading done again.
21st August 2021

Lovely Sue *****
had a full face reading with Sue in July and I thought she had such a lovely aura and I instantly felt calm, I was able to ask her a question that had been seriously impacting on my state of mind and I thought she was just so so lovely and reassured me on what had been bothering me. I felt so comfortable with her and could have spoken and listened to her for hours. Since then, I have continued to feel better about it. Thank you Sue. x
July 2021

Lots to take away and ponder on *****
I have had several readings with Sue and they are always enlightening and often very accurate. Maybe not always what you’d like to hear but plenty to go away and reflect on. Depending on what’s going on in my life the readings have been comforting , helpful or thought provoking . Great kindness and sensitivity from Sue alongside frankness about life.

Truly Gifted *****
I had a reading with Sue recently and she is one truly gifted woman, kind hearted and tells you exactly what you need to know. Highly recommend her and always a pleasure to speak to her. Thank you Sue.
Great *****
Is good to see Sue. She is precise. Is lifting. Is advisor when needed. Overall helpful. Is worth to visit her.

Reading *****
Sue is a fantastic reader. She's very accurate and fast with answers. She is very psychic. I will be calling her again.

Best Experience  ever!  (Mediumship by facetime US)
Sue as always was very compassionate in her reading. She was spot on with everything she said! I highly recommend Sue for any of the work that she does! Sending you healing in your journey!
8/5/21 at 4:30pm (London Time)

Telephone reading *****
Absolutely amazing, Sue went right deep into the problem and in just 15 minutes made me exactly aware what was going on. I would have never have possibly thought some of the things that Sue was referring to. Sue has the accuracy to pinpoint situations and make you feel at ease. Thank you once again Sue. Jo x

Sue was accurate and senstive as always. There were others with her however she was able to complete the session with the person I wanted to hear from.
Last week

Medium recorded *****
Sue was accurate and senstive as always. There were others with her however she was able to complete the session with the person I wanted to hear from.

Returning customer - excellent as usual *****
I had a recorded reading with Sue some years ago and somehow stumbled across it again in my old emails. I listened to it and was amazed that a lot of things she predicted did transpire. She predicted in 2015 that there would be massive changes in 2017 to someone in my life. And I'm astounded to say that it has panned out exactly as foretold. I came back this year for another reading and she was able to validate my current circumstances, my person of interest as well as my dog! Sue is a very skilled reader who's very quick and honest. I will be returning soon for another reading
jennifer C

Always amazing*****
I always recommend Sue, as her skill is amazing. Definitely, she is the one to go to.

Email. Reading *****
Sue when she gives a reading is accurate. Thank you Sue for reading for me.
Colin Anstee 

Telephone recorded reading *****
It always surprises me how accurate Sue is. Thank you so much

Enlightening *****
I met Sue for the first time yesterday. I was so pleased I visited her , she was so insightful into where I was heading in my energy. I needed guidance and I definately got it . I will be booking other sessions with you Sue - such as palmistry . Thank you so much for your time , energy and kindness.
Love 3 xxx

Good reading *****
 I had a reading recently with Sue and as always it was good, she always is able to tell you something that can not work out for yourself. Thank you Sue x

Spellbinding *****
Sue is a a guiding light who helps you see the way. Frighteningly accurate and highly recommended 😊

Insightful *****
Needed clarification on a few things as as always Sue clarifies making the situation less confusing and more comprehensive. brilliantly she answered my questions. I shall be writing another review once the things Sue mentioned to me unfold as time goes by in due course. 
Miss S B
Tuesday 22nd June 2021

30 min Tarot card reading face to face *****
This must be my 3rd reading with Sue, she's absolutely amazing and spot on. She's truly gifted and will point you in the right direction, she will pick out things that will get you thinking. I get mine recorded to reflect back on with a clear mind which definitely helps. 

your review*****
You gave me a lot to think about Sue, but I know I am on the right track! And in the right place!!

Don’t hesitate you won’t be disappointed!!*****
As usual Sue and her cards we enlightening, clear, and incredibly insightful, overall though the whole time I’ve known her she has predicted, guided me and told me things that no one knows but me knows. She is fun and direct, if you are nervous- don’t be - she is the real deal , highly intuitive and accurate. Get the card reading recorded otherwise you won’t remember the half of it ! And it’s fascinating re listening after a period of time has passed 
Summer Solstice 21/21 

Thank You *****
I Sue was warm helpful kind and very accurate. I found the time she gave very positive
Louise R. 

Tarot and crystal ball*****
I had a lovely reading. Sue made me feel very relaxed and gave me some wonderful information. Thank you x

She’s amazing *****
She gave me so much insight on how we need to proceed and so much information to help keep me on the right track. If you’ve never had a reading done with her I most definitely recommend. She’s incredibly fast and doesn’t waste even a moment of your time
Zachary Rumph

20 min Tarot *****
I had a great reading with Sue. Amazing accuracy, so quick with answers from cards & really personable. Open to questions & just so professional

Face to face reading *****
Sue was recommended to me by a friend. I've never been to anything like this before, but needed answers. I was unsure of what to expect and wasn't sure if I would believe. Sue mentioned things that only I would have known about, which convinced me she is a truly gifted person and the real deal.
Emma Marie Green

Intriguing, informative, relaxing *****
I have had many sessions with Sue which is always a lovely, happy, reassuring and informative experience. Many a time as was the case on this occasion, I later realise there was more information than my first reaction - for instance it was mentioned that I had recently had tricky/quite difficult stuff to deal with - and a couple sprang to mind, but there have been several all going on together - which is typical! and have sorted about half and can see the rest now getting resolved. The same with people mentioned, the characters in my life past, present and future fall into place clearly. Looking forward to next time. xx
Absolutely Amazing *****
Icant tell you enough how much Sue is just absolutely amazing,no question is ever to much as she really makes you feel at ease like talking to a friend. Sue is my regular reader and to be honest no one compares to her. Anything I need answering, straight to Sue I go. Guys you won't be disappointed at all!!
I have 1 every week or every  week 

Extremely Accurate and So helpful *****
Sue was by far the most accurate psychic I have ever seen. She was also kind, warm and very swift in providing information. She truly speaks the language of the mystery. She answered 20 of my questions in 20 minutes, and also provided me with a past/present/future reading at the very beginning, in which she was even able to see the unusual eye and hair color of a significant figure in my past. We did the reading on facetime, I'm in the united states, and the distance didn't seem to affect anything. Definitely have a lot of questions ready if you're going to do the full 20 minutes! Thank you, Sue. The reading was so, so helpful. I brought a lot of the suggestions she shared with me to my friends, colleagues and family and they were super receptive to them. The ideas made "sense" to them, too. Wishing you all the best, and I look forward to when we work together again. Thanks for all of your encouragement!

Reading with Sue *****
Absolutely amazing will recommend sue to anyone who wants a reading
June 4th 2021 

Accurate and heart based  *****
I have had a few sessions with Sue and can’t recommend her enough. She hears the question before I’ve voiced it and her answers are kind, compassionate, invariably accurate when one accounts for free will and time being elastic. She sheds light when I am lost and clarifies when I am confused. Her readings give me insights into myself and hope for the future. I wish I could hug her to show her my gratitude.
May 11th 2021 

Loved my reading with Sue! It resonates on a deep level and was quite accurate with regards to clear descriptions of people in my life and what has come up for healing so far. Thank you for your wisdom and insight 
May 29th 2021

Consistently Superb *****
Sue’s precise predictions never cease to astound.
3rd June 2021

Sue is Extraordinary *****
I honestly cannot say enough amazing things about Sue. I feel at ease when speaking with her, like a trusted old friend. She is incredibly gifted, I had faith from the beginning but was even more blown away by the accuracy of her predictions and her knowledge of past/present. I will continue to connect with Sue in the future whenever I am in need of her gentle guidance.
Today, April 2021 and summer 2020

Wonderful Reading *****
Really enjoy doing readings with Sue! She's great fun, on some occasions, scarily accurate, haha! All in all, I had a great time and I'm sure you peeps looking to do a reading with Sue, will do too!

Amazing *****
I have been to see Sue just recently as I know she always tells you how she see's things, and has never been wrong. As always she puts your mind at rest, in her calm state of mind and her presence by reassuring you when you have doubts about things going on around you. I can never thank Sue enough for all that she has helped me through. Thank you Sue.

Amazing. Always on point *****
Sue blows my mind every time I get a reading from her. She is very honest and to the point with her readings. I leave with clarity each time I hang up the phone. So glad I found her. Thank you Sue!!
May 20th 2021

Lovely lady, very insightful. Sue gave great explanations and detailed answers.
Danielle Rogers

Amazing *****
There really is only one word, amazing. Ok, I'll add a couple more, insightful, thoughtful, sense of humor, generally just kind. She's been reading for me for the past several years and I so enjoy her as well as am in constant awe. What more could you ask for? Don't know....honestly. I refer people to her and they all love her.
March 17th, 2021

Face to face tarot card reading *****
I was surprised by the knowable information given & would highly recommend Sue.
15th May 2021

Spot on *****
My 20 minute session with Sue was incredible. It goes so quickly having the recording is so helpful, I have already played it 4 times Ha Ha XX
Donna Stockwell 
 13th May 2021

The Best *****
Sue is absolutely the best! suggest you have all your questions ready before you get on with her. Not only is she highly intuitive she also tells you how it is. It's always exactly what I need to hear, even if I don't want to hear it! I could not recommend her enough!!
May 1st 2021

Helpful ****
Good advice. Helpful to sort out the situation

Happy customer *****
I've used Sue's tarot reading services several times in past 5 years. I've always been very happy with Sue's advice and readings. I would highly recommend to everyone with unanswered questions or life situations
May 2021 

My tarot reading was very informative. I was quite surprised at the information given and would highly recommend Sue.
26th April 21 

This was my first reading. A colleague recommended Sue, who described her as highly accurate and "gifted". I couldn't agree more. I'm well pleased with my reading and will definitely contact Sue again.

Palm Reading *****
Thank you so much once again for helping me feel much more positive about my future. It is always a comfort to come and see you. You have helped me so much through this last few years in such difficult times, your palm readings are so accurate and so fascinating. Thank you Sue. xx
Jo Brooks
21st April

Difficult times *****
I found Sue's reading very reassuring, my life has been turned upside down, but the cards gave me guidance and helped me find some direction. Sue is very experienced and professional but also sympathetic and understanding. The reading gave me comfort and reassurance. Thank you
Friday 19th April

Have been to Sue quite a few times now for face to face tarot reading. Always brilliant and always helpful. Sue is great very friendly makes you feel relaxed immediately definitely recommend

Face to face reading *****
So good to see Sue again, she always manages to cut through the fog and is amazingly accurate.

Thank you *****
Hi Sue, Thank you for giving me right direction through reading. All she said about myself and my family was correct. I had few sessions over 3years, I knew she is amazing from the first time when I visited iher. I am happier now but if I ever need help I would go back to her. I would love to recommend her to anyone who seek help for their happiness. 
1Year ago 

Simply Wow
I have been having readings with Sue over the last few years. All my readings are shockingly accurate. The best part of Sue’s reading is that you also receive support from her which is priceless. I would be lost without her. 

I was recommended to speak with Sue as I havent been in the best place recently and needed some clarification. First of all Sue has a calm and compassionate energy which I was automatically attracted to, she is super fast with answers that resonated with me, she guided me through a few questions and was an absolute pleasure to speak with, I will definitely be using Sue regularly at this vulnerable time in my life and I can not wait to speak with her again xxx Thank you Sue for all that you do.
30th March 2021

Gifted *****
I had a reading with Sue recently and she never seems not to surprise me, always spot on. Great reading. 

Fabulous as always *****
Another moment of calm created by the lovely Sue and her wicked sense of humour. Always in total tune with my own! My only complaint were the strange looks I got for randomly laughing out loud when I read my response to the question I had asked. Thanks Sue. As always, you know just the right words to calm me down xx

Always amazing 🤩 
Sue is lovely. Love her readings .

Reading *****
I always turn to sue for guidance. She has been stop on with many things. I would highly recommend her , you will not be disappointed. A truly gifted woman.
13th March

Wonderful reading *****
I have had 2 readings by Sue so far and both have been fantastic and have brought so much clarity. Highly recommend!

Very professional and accurate reading Highly recommended 
25th February 2021

Encouraging *****
Thank you, Sue, for a very prompt reply. It was concise, but gave me all the information I needed. 
Paul Spicer
20 Feb 2021

Insightful experience *****
Awesome experience very grateful to have been guided to book a session. What we talked about was spot on and I got exactly what I needed from the session to help move me forward. NTM the insight on my cats health was comforting in that what he’s got going on is manageable with just a simple change in diet. ❤️

I have been having readings with this amazing lady for nearly three years now and I can honestly say there are not enough words to describe her mind-blowing abilities. Sue never ceases to amaze me with her immediate perceptions and knowledge of my situation but also with the guidance she gives and the patience and nonjudgemental approach she takes. SO SO many of her predictions have materialised and I have complete faith that many more will too. I have so much admiration, respect, gratitude and appreciation for this incredible, pre-eminent woman and I totally believe in her, and her cards because... the proof is in the pudding! Thanks Sue Xx
16th February

Perfect antidote to life *****
Sue’s readings always have a knack of calming me down and making me look at life in a more practical manner. This time was no different. I’ve been having a mare or a year, and I find a Sue reading always helps to nudge me back on track when I’m having a minor panic. The fact that she understands me, even when I can’t phrase the question clearly, is always helpful. She’s a true friend and an excellent reader.

Calming the storm in my head *****
I had a FaceTime session yesterday with Sue which to start off with i was unsure on. In the past I have always been able to see Sue face to face and have always found that connection very strong. But was unsure how that would translate over FaceTime. However, I shouldn’t have worried as going through my past, present and future cards showed me that the connection was still very much there. The wonderful thing about Sue when I have a tarot reading with her is that the cards through her will aways offer me a message of positivity for myself. Whether that they say comes true or not I always find that message of positive is what drives me forward and keeps me going. Would highly recommend the tarot reading via FaceTime to anyone in doubt. It was sad not being able to go in and see Sue. But the experience was just as powerful. 

Great reading *****
I had my first reading with Sue 9.2.21. I have a lady I normally go to but decided to try Sue as I had been recommended to. Sue didn’t disappoint, she told me things no one else could of known. Sue has a warm and gentle nature and I would highly recommend

Amazing *****
I needed some advice so asked Sue. She was quiet brilliant answering my questions so right. I was amazed how precise and accurate she was. Can't wait to talk to her again. Fantastic experience thanx Sue you are truly gifted. Xx
4th February 2021

Email reading *****
Sue is brilliant , I highly recommned her she is spot on and that’s just an email reading.
Friday 5th February 2021

Review *****
Sue always gets it right she’s brilliant , I feel I have guidance after speaking to her . 
3rd February 2021

Gifted *****
I had a reading recently with Sue and always she is an amazing women kind hearted and understanding. Just when I need a real friend I know I can count on her to be there for me. Thank you Sue x
2nd February 2021

Amazing *****
I needed some advise so asked Sue. She was quiet brilliant answering my questions so right. I was amazed how precise and accurate she was. Can't wait to talk to her again. Fantastic experience thanx Sue you are truly gifted. Xx
4th February 2021

Tarot reading *****
Sue was great and right on! She hit on things that no one knew! She described my boyfriend to a T!! Thanks so much!!
Gloria Glynn

Amazing *****
Sue was amazing. She really helped me know where I was going in life. Sue knew so much about me and my past. I’m so happy that I made the decision to go to her. Thank you so much

Sue is the best. I have had several readings and she is truly gifted and accurate.
Saturday 9 January

Superlative Sue *****
I had another phone Tarot read8ng with Sueon Tuesday 5th January 2021. I know  my reviews are beginning to sound repetitive but what can I say but the truth as I see it 
Perceptive, insightful, accurate , informative, supportive. I don't think you will find a more honest or clear reader, that for me is certainly true. Yet again thank you Sue 

Awesome psychic *****
Sue is an awesome psychic. I was amazed at how accurate she is. I will be calling her back in the future.

Brilliant reading *****
I had been struggling with a few questions for a while and wanted some answers. I have visited Sue before when I worked in bedford and remember how accurate she was. So I chose the 10 questions via email and was not disappointed. Very emotional and powerful and what she said actually matched up with what was said in my astrology reading from another place. Absolutely magical. If you are needing answers you can guarantee Sue has them! Thank you Sue
Mon 4 january 2021

So Powerful*****
Sue has great energy! She is extremely powerful and has answers to my questions very quickly. I suggest you have all your questions ready before a session and spring for the recorded version!

Facetime Tarot reading *****
Sue's years of experience, level of professionalism and knowledge had really come through at a time when I wasn't sure how a non face-to-face reading would go. I was quickly reassured that Sue's service works to high standards even if we're not in the same room. I also received a recording of the session the same day which is most helpful. As always - a truly enlightening experience providing much support and care. I can't thank you her enough. Thank you Sue!

A Rock *****
I had another reading with Sue yesterday.I owe her a massive thank you  as I was very frustrated she handled my mood with so much patience. Thank you  for the healing you sent me. Anyone thinking to try help this way I strongly suggest you chose this lady
28th dec 2020
So good.Excellent detail.*****
I found Sue to read for me when I was living in the UK for a year.She was so accurate, it was amazing.Literally everything she said happened.Then I moved  back to the US and still have had her read for me several times 
Love the FaceTime option because now I can see her and hear her clearly.She’s very, very accurate. I know that I can count on what she tells me, that is worth every dime. You will be very glad you reached out if you really want to know something! Thanks Sue!
Latest reading December 21

Sue is a super ⭐️ star  *****
Sue is very kind - she is amazing at her work . She really knows her stuff and very good at predictions . I’m glad that I know sue and always enjoy her reading. Truly amazing person look forward to my next reading. Thanks sue , best readings - amazing person and Brilliant
A Kaur

Blown Away  *****
I had a telephone reading with Sue recently and I was blown away with the accuracy and how quickly she tells you how she see things. This is not the first time and it will not be my last, she is an amazing woman. Thanks Sue. 

Amazing *****
She was amazing! She answers all your questions so quickly because she has a lot to say. I highly recommend always getting the recorded version! Also if have your questions ready before your session!
December 19 2020

Tarot Reading *****
I am always happy after I have been to sue she always makes me feel content and happy and everything she tells have come true and she give very good advice

Spellbinding *****
Everyone needs a Sue or rather the Sue in their lives. She cuts through all the rubbish; sheds light on matters
; shows you the way and is ALWAYS bang on!

 Truly gifted! *****
Sue is a wonderful gift for all the lost souls in the World. If you are seeking for clarity and guidance into a dark corner, she is the best person to talk to. Many people here have validated her accuracy but she is also highly intelligent person with great ability to articulate the dark side of human emotions which makes her reading is both unique and rewarding for every audience. As my personal experience, you shouldn’t just come to look for predictions because that is just too easy but rather an experience that enlightens for your self growth.

Sue is Lovely *****
Like always she is amazing 😀
A Kaur

Amazing *****
Sue is amazing and her readings are so accurate , if you are ever unsure in your life, sue can definitely put things into perspective. Iwould definitely recommend that you take her reading.

Astonishingly Accurate *****
I have seen Sue three times now and she has been so accurate in her readings,I can’t quite believe it! I had not done anything like this before, however having read the reviews, I decided to take the plunge during a challenging time in my life. So many events have come true and details and descriptions that Sue could never have known, have been absolutely spot on.Sue herself is down to earth and approachable-she helped me immensely to feel reassured about where I am in my life and how things are for me-as well as what to expect in my future. I have already introduced two other people and they are both equally satisfied. I look forward to my next visit 

If you are thinking about it - book it! She never dissapoints  *****
I've had a thirty minute card reading on 23rd November. Ive been using Sue for eighteen months and to be honest I've run out of superlatives  to use for her. Accuracy, sensitivity, insight ,perceptivity, Calmness , good energy - I could go on -BUT be sure she is the real deal, and to me at least, let alone all her other reviews, she is extremely accurate and a great help to giving me insight into who I am and where I am in my journey through life, and what options are open to me. I cannot emphasise enough Sue is way, way beyond, and nothing like a fairground amusement. She is the real deal. Thank you yet again Sue xx

I've gone from a sceptic to a believer! *****
Sue was amazing, scariliy accurate, and such a lovely person to talk to. She instantly put me at ease, and honestly knew things that I had no Idea how she knew,  I didnt really believe this type of thing before, so I admit I went in not 100% sure how it would go, but by the end  was absolutely blown away by Sue .Can't recommend her enough!

Fantastic *****(Facetime reading)
From the moment I entered the room Sue put me at ease. As always she has managed to answer my questions with accuracy and detail. Sue has helped me to understand what is happening in my life at the moment and to accept and move forward on my journey. Sue is a truly gifted person and I would highly recommend a reading with her.
Friday 20th November

Crystal clear *****
Bang on the money as always, Sue gives you hope when you feel all is lost.

Truly Gifted *****
Had a reading just recently and as always the woman is kind hearted and tells you as she see's it. Always puts your mind at rest and has never been wrong with what she says and I am so glad to have met her. Thank you Sue x 

Sue is gifted *****
Sue is just amazing.She makes you feel comfortable,and puts you to easy.Love her readings.
Sue is a superstar
A Kaur

Incredibly accurate *****
Sue was really warm friendly and has a powerful ability to read the cards.. I went in need of direction and came home full of clear and helpful information. Be prepared with lots of questions to ask as there is a lot covered within the hour.. wonderful experience!
Ana Drummond
October 2020

Amazing *****
Sue is amazing, It was a short facetime reading but the reading was mostly spot-on. I actually felt quite relieved since I am so anxious about my situation right now. 
Oct 29, 2020

Amazing talent*****
Saw Sue in May19, wanted to wait to see if things went as she said. So happy to say things have gone so like she forecast it's mad! I even contacted her through this horrible covid time for couple of things and her 10min input has turned out to be really helpful also. I can't recommend her enough, she has an amazing gift x
Julie Smith

Not sure how i feel!? * 
Ive been to sue face 2 face twice and had email readings several times. One specific question i ask is about children,pregnancy ect. Each time i have a reading the time changes. I had an email reading in july where i asked and the response was the same as the time i had asked before... But i just asked again and its sooo far(years apart) from the date given in july. I think because it keeps changing its hard to believe.
31st october

 Amazing *****
Heard good things about Sue and she is actually amazing! Put me at peace with some things in my life. Just spot on. Thank you so much Sue.

Face to face reading *****
Sue is very helpful and understanding, she was able to answer a lot of questions I’d been unable to answer about situations in my life . Angela

Your review *****
Sue is fantastic psychic. Very straight to the point but always correct. She has been my rock these last few months through a very difficult period xx
Leah Scoble
Had lots with her 

Reading - medium *****
This is the second medium reading I have had and Sue did not disappoint! The accuracy and detail of the reading was amazing; during the reading several predictions were made and I hope they come to pass, soon. Lovely lady and trust her with my thoughts - highly recommend Sue for readings.
Mon, 5th. October 2020

Great experience *****
For a first time I was amazed at how much Sue said was right. Sue made me hopeful for the future. Great experience, highly recommend!

Like a second mum to me *****
All I can say is Sue has been my absolute go to person if I’m in a crisis in everything ! Relationships, health, children, job and all I can say is you won’t be sorry after your reading because I am here today to give you clarity that what she says is so correct and things have come true ! She said amongst so many other things my job To start with she said I will land a job soon was so correct my relationship she told me my partner will move in again correct so many things she has told me have come true ! Have a reading with this loveliest lady you will be mind blown away !! I have been going to sue for 4 years now and will continue through my journey with Sue giving me guidance along the right path. Once again Sue thank you so much you are always my go to person. Love Nicky xxx
Monday 19/10/20
Amazing *****
I have been going to Sue since 2017. Sue is one of the best readings I have had so far. She is direct honest and to the point and always gives her best.u
9th October 2020

Crystal clear *****
How did I manage before Sue? Sue manages to clear the fog and show the way and is always spot on! 

Tarot Card Reading *****
I have had a few readings from Sue and I am so impressed with the information she gave me and how accurate it is. She is very professional and explains everything in a simple way. Would highly recommend Sue to anyone. Raj
6 Oct 2020

Spot on *****
I got the reading as a present from a special friend. The minute the reading started, she was spot on in every way, I had a few questions, the answers were exactly what I was doubting, It all became very clear to me, then I told her, let the cards decide and then the real answers came, It was a positive confirmation of all the doubts I had at that time.. So Sue thank you very much for your amazing answers .. When was your reading with Sue 7th of september 2020

So Accurate *****
Sue is brilliant, she is accurate, insightful and honest 
Sunday 27th September 

Answered overnight *****
It was accurate, good advice , I recommend 

Very helpful *****
I’ve always found Sue to be very helpful in understanding my issues and she’s very good with her responses. Lovely and friendly personality, makes you feel welcomed. Highly recommend her tarot card readings. 
Saira Gondal
Monday 21 September 2020

Amazing insight *****
I have seen Sue on many occasions and I can not say how pleased I am having had her tell me what she see's. A truly gifted woman with a warm caring heart. Thank you Sue.

greatful *****
I'm so greatful for having my second reading with sue, such wonderful person her welcome is amazing, and all her reading was true and reality ❤ I will always recommend her to anyone who wants some answers,
Kerrie Castro
Tues 22nd September 2020 

Good experience *****
I had a 30 minute tarot reading with Sue
Tarrot cards *****
Hello everyone.i went to see sue for a tarrot reading and i found her mum dad and daughter came through to me which made me really happy they are all in the spirit world.and she also said that a younger guy wants to be with me which was true it was tom.she told me to get in touch with him which i did when i got home.and were now going back out with each other but taking it slowly so thank you ever so much sue it was great to have a reading with you and well worth the money.if you are thinking of having a reading please go for it.ull be glad you did and even more so if you have loved ones in the spirit world 😀😀 xx
Sharon Mcniven
 Thursday 17th september 2020.Star Rating5 Stars

Thank you *****
With everything going on with my family at the moment, a much needed bit of reassurance As always, Sue’s response was exactly what I needed and 100% accurate. Thank you lovely lady xx

The Enlightening Half Hour*****
I visited this very pleasant lady for the first time recommended by a friend. She was correct about my past and present and my future looks bright too. Just make sure you have all your quick fire questions ready as she puts a a lot into that half hour. Definitely recommend her. 
Saturday 29th August 2020
My future unveiled *****
Amazing as always. Sue has that amazing ability to put you at ease immediately. She could see what had happened in my past, where I was at at this moment in time and what was going to happen in my future. I had many questions and I came away from my reading revitalised and knowing what I had to do. Thank you so much. What would I do without your help.
29th August 2020Star Rating5 Stars

Tarot Card Reading *****
First ever Tarot card reading experience and I could not believe how accurate Sue was with telling me about my life and my past. I would recommend getting the reading recorded so you can listen back to what was said as there is a lot that is discussed in the 30 minutes. I will be going back for sure. Thank you Sue 
Tuesday 25 August 2020

A lovely experience once more...*****
I enjoyed another face to face Tarot session with Sue yesterday and once more she was caring and warm with empathy and is always also professional. Many predictions have become true with such accuracy. Often such detail with little things such as to watch out for dampness in the bathroom and there was a leaking tap to deal with before too long. I said once that I had studied a fair amount and there would be no more, but she said I would study again three subjects, all connected, and I did! I was concerned for a family member with a serious health outlook, and Sue said he would be well and also more cheerful and that was the outcome. There is a repetitive prediction yet to be and I can see that timing can alter. The atmosphere is always relaxing and I wandered home feeling calm and happy.
25 August 2020

Impressively Accurate *****
Had a 15 minute FaceTime reading with Sue yesterday. I had a couple of questions to ask firstly relationship and her ‘insight’ into my situation was very accurate and her response very reassuring. We then moved onto work and again she summed up my current situation perfectly and gave sound advice. We then moved on to money, home, the year ahead, health and a general question about me as a person. Overall I was extremely impressed and would definitely recommend Julie B

Lovely Reading ❤️*****
I had my first reading with Sue and know already I’ll see her again. Sue is very warm and friendly, a true natural with her cards also. Her messages about me, my past and my present were spot on, I have no doubt about her message regarding my future! Thank you Sue for uplifting me and making my mind and soul feel a little more settled. See you again x

Gifted *****
I have seen Sue on many occasion's and she continues to surprise me when ever I go to see her. See is an amazing person and truly gifted. She is also warm and kind hearted and puts you at ease.It's always a pleasure to talk to her. Thank you Sue x 

Brilliant *****                                                                                                                                                                  I had an appointment with Sue. She was just amazing. I highly recommend her! 

Blown Away *****

I was blown away by the accuracy of the reading; especially the palmistry .. Having the recording has allowed me to listen to it again as miss so much at the time. Sue is very friendly and professional. I will definitely be recommending her and using her again Thank you Sue x


Professional and warm *****

 I am regular to Sue. In the past years I have seen her many things came to pass but without given time scale. This lady really has a talent from heaven. She uses her gift to help these who are at across the life just like an Angel. The cards tells me scarily accurate information on your past. Better to record, never even intend to write what she says down manually because it cannot catch up her speed and in-depth information. You will be wowed and blank headed until you get used to it. So make sure to have plenty of questions and directions you want to ask. She helps you to avoid certain situation and lead your way, BUT you have to make your own effort. 


This week August second week

Tarot Reading *****

Absolutely brilliant. Have seen Sue many years ago as well as recently and she has proved to be so accurate. I would recommend her to anybody.


Saturday 15th August 2020

Sue’s reading was exceptional*****

This was my 1st telephone reading with Sue. I didn’t have to speak except to tell Sue what my questions were. She amazed me with her serious approach, her picking up clear detailed answers. Sue doe not repeat herself but answer each question. And when you listen to the recording again, you realise how many input she has brought in in 30min. I would surely recommend Sue to anyone in real need for answers or anyone at a crossroad in their life. 

Thanks again Sue!


Tuesday 11th August at 12:30pm

Amazing! *****

Sue is not just amazing at her reading but also as a person. Everything she said about my career and life in general are accurate. Last year she predicted that I would get a job with one third salary increase, I meant that is very hard to believe at that time. But it did happen, that was one of many stories about her accuracy. The only area I still find hard to believe and still can’t verify is my love life although I knew a lot of what she said is true and makes sense. My lesson is that you should have an open mind or at least be humble about your situation. Don’t come to see her with an attitude but rather a willingness to understand your self. She genuinely wants to help people and she is good at it. 




Sue's readings are so accurate and in depth. I have had many readings but nobody like Sue. It was because of Sue I knew there was more out there. Everything she has told me has come true. Everything Sue advised me on which I didn't listen to had the outcome she said. Truly amazing gift. Amazing experience and will come to Sue everytime I need guidance and peace.


Multiple since 19

Pretty Spot On! *****

This was my first professional tarot reading — Sue was on point regarding many of the happenings in my life. She gave me details only I would know regarding certain life events. Sue is so soft spoken and nurturing, it felt like an old friend was advising me on life. I’m about to book my 2nd session as I was thoroughly impressed by her accuracy, and would like to delve into more specifics on certain topics/life events. 

N. Raf

August 6, 2020

Your review*****

This lady is absolutely talented. She reads you like a book and knows your past more than I know. Her voice is calming that put you at ease when you are less of yourself. I keep returning her because of her honest caring personality. I hope to be able to continue consulting her. 


End of july

Phone reading *****
Very accurate would recommend Sue. Put my mind at ease.
3rd August 

Your review *****
Sue is an amazingly gifted lady. She is so informative and has a natural ability to make you feel so relaxed during her readings. I would recommend Sue to anyone in need of clarification and guidance during difficult times. I have turned to Sue for a number of years now and she is my “go to friend” for truth and understanding. Thank you as always x
30th July 2020

WOW WOW WOW my go to person *****
I have been going to Sue now for 3 years She has helped me in so many ways and things have always come true for me like job interviews to relationships and family. If you want a accuarate reading with no sugar coating she is the person. She has a warm heart and very sympathetic and I know she is guiding me in the right path for my future. Sue I want to say thank you 🙏 from the bottom of my heart. And any one reading these reviews you definately won’t be disappointed. Nicky xx

Reading *****
I had a nice reading with sue she is most caring when doing the reading also she takes her time and make sure we understand I would recommend sue 
Rajpal Rose

Amazing *****
This was my first reading with Sue after my friend highly recommended her. I was absolutely amazed at how spot on my reading was and will definitely be coming back again. 
Saturday 18/07/20 at 1pm 

Mhl *****

The best,the right things. 🙃🙃Good advices, kind person. 

Few days ago.

Another enjoyable reading *****

I had another telephone reading with Sue and as always, she was a pleasure to talk to. My mind was a bit blank during the initial reading, but Sue suggested that I half the reading and complete the other half another time when I have more questions. This meant I wouldn't waste any money. The reading was good, Sue always makes me laugh and helps me understand situations. She is truly gifted and talented. 


4th July

Your review *****

Sue is very honest and detailed. She doesn’t beat around the bush and will tell you what you need to know!! Lovely lady and comes across sensitive to your situation. Would Definitely recommend!!

Leah Scoble


Gifted Woman*****

Sue has a warm and kind nature which straight away puts you at ease. I have had a few readings with Sue and her readings have been accurate each time. Sue has helped me through a some challenging times and her advise and guidance has been reassuring.Thank you Sue.



I always feel better and more hopeful after consulting Sue. She has a amazing gift and is sensitive, kind, and incredibly gifted.
June 2020 

Truly amazing *****

Sue has a magic way of shuffling her cards and asking you say to stop. She then lays out her cards for you. Sue had no knowledge about me before starting her reading.When reading my cards it was as if she had known me before. Her readings were remarkable insightful. 

Kyra Algazi


2 question reading *****

Sue is quick in her responses & her readings are spot on. 


Wednesday 1st June

Wonderful! *****

Sue is such a lovely soul. I felt extremely comfortable with her and there was something so familiar about her. I did have some trouble with the audio quality for my call, however, despite a few things here and there being muffled for me, I was still able to understand what she was telling me. This was most likely connection issues on my end. Sue tells you such a thorough story and with so much detail. Her accuracy with certain things made me wonder how much I had told her, then realizing I hadn’t said much at all. I cannot wait to ask my follow up questions and to see if her predictions for my future come true. I have already recommended Sue to a friend! 



No one better *****

Sue is spot on everytime which is why I keep returning. She helps you make sense of things and helps you moving forwards.



Reading with Sue *****

I had a face 2 face reading with Sue in November 2019. She was very thorough in her reading of the past present and future. Her predictions on event time scale were SPOT ON. This in turn increased my confidence in Sues reading and I had to return for a refresher, reading on doubts and concerns this time over the phone. Sue is Awesome. One of the best readers I’ve encountered and trust me I’ve had many in the past.. Thank you Sue~ I’m glad our paths crossed.


25th June 2020

Amazing *****
Had a telephone reading with sue on Friday, I had a bit of uncertainty over the last couple of months and sue reassured me that I was still on the same path, i think sue is amazing and gets everything spot on! she makes you feel so much at ease and I will definitely be recommending to my friends and family. Im excited to see what the next couple of months bring as predicted, thank you sue! 😊 Xx

Tarot reading *****
Sue was amazing as usual. My daughter had a reading for direction. Sue made her feel at ease,they laughed and giggled. Sue was so helpful. The reading was spot on! 
Karen25 June 2020

Your review *****

Sue is great at what she does, have used her 3 times now, one very recent and she’s just brilliant. Still waiting on last 2 questions of 10 to be answered but you can’t rush these things so please be patient, she is worth seeing/hearing from. Has brought me a lot of peace. Definitely recommend and will always use in future for readings and healing. Thank you Sue.



Amazing ***** 

Had a telephone reading with sue on Friday, I had a bit of uncertainty over the last couple of months and sue reassured me that I was still on the same path, i think sue is amazing and gets everything spot on! she makes you feel so much at ease and I will definitely be recommending to my friends and family. Im excited to see what the next couple of months bring as predicted, thank you sue! 😊 Xx

Spooky & Brilliant *****

No matter how much I want to disbelieve, Sue just keeps nailing it!



 Miracle Diagnosis *****
I've been visiting the GP and hospitals for scans for the past 4 years for unknown pains in my stomach and then i came across Sue the amazing Reader and thought id ask her what the cards are saying about my stomach pains. ..i couldnt believe she diagnosed that i had Candida growth for 4 years! I mentioned it to my GP and they confirmed it was what Sue predicted!! Unbelievable talent and spiritial powers. I am now able to treat my condition thanks to Sue. Im so grateful to her shes been my light house showing me the way during stormy weathers. Ana

 Spot On *****

What a lovely lady Sue is, so welcoming & warm. Sue got me down to a tee. And gave me so much information to take away & digest. Highly recommend anyone in using Sue. Thank you for my reading. x

MAGIC *****
Sue has a profound nuanced way of cutting the mustard that leaves you with a confident sweet feeling afterwards. Great clarity, warm understanding and totally empathetic in all that she does. a special talent that has helped me massively and continues to do so. x

Great clarity *****
I had a 15min video call with Sue via WhatsApp and there was no messing about, no time wasted. I got the clarity I needed with a decision I was due to make that were driving me crazy. The cards also reiterated some of the things told to me a yr ago. So so grateful to Sue for putting my mind at ease. Thank you again Sue xx
Julie Smith
06 June 2020

Great insight *****
I spoke to Sue only just recently and it is never a surprise as to what you get to know about yourself. She is an amazing person and always says it as she see's things. Thank you Sue.

All seeing *****

Sue manages to cut through the fog and help you see things more clearly. Amazing!




I have been coming to sue for several years the latest a telephone reading yesterday which has helped me through a heart renching time .But its the first I would like to share due to the loss of my mother a huge family rift was caused sue brought my mum through leaving me no doubt it was her .At the end as I was paying sue held out her hand and placed a ring in it . I asked her if it was hers NO was the reply its been hanging on this crystal tree for months I found it outside the shop your mum just said give that ring to her you don't need it I just stared as during the family rift the two rings my mum owned were given by the hospital to my sister I wanted my mums wedding band and despite my brothers best efforts she wouldn't let me have It .Inside the ring the words always and forever were written ….Sue kept telling me I would meet a man who has watched me for a long time well I did my child hood sweetheart I never loved anyone like this guy and I know I never will mum liked him a lot without realising it at first I end my emails to him always and forever...….I have turned so many corners since having spirit and sues guidance in my life she is a truly lovely person and I urge anyone struggling out there to go and see her ……


21ST MAY 2020

Peaceful *****

I find Sue to be very accurate who gives me the answers I need whether I like them or not. Haha. She’s very knowledgeable and in this particular reading I realised she has more than just psychic abilities. I am always satisfied with my readings with Sue and have already recommended her to a number of my friends. Thank you Sue


 07 May 2020Star Rating5 Stars

AMAZING!! *****

There are not enough words to describe just how wonderful I think Sue is!! I have had many readings over the past couple of years and throughout that time she has been my absolute rock. I have complete faith in her guidance and predictions and her patience is outstanding. Her inexplicable talent as a psychic is awe inspiring and she always seems to know exactly what’s going on. So many of her predictions have come to fruition (not necessarily exactly when predicted but they do still happen) and I have so much faith that the rest of them will, in time. I always follow the guidance she provides, which has helped me enormously, and the caring manner in which she reassures me of situations is so heart warming. I always get my readings recorded as there is so much to take in at the time and so listening back on them gives better clarity and reassurance. I believe in this lady 100% and look forward to being able to have a face to face with her in the near future when the world gets back to normal. You’re the best Sue. Thank you for being you xx



Business  *****
My family have been speaking to for many years now. From personal matters to business matters. We have found Sue outstanding on what she says. Thank you again Sue
Sean Grant Connley
May 16th 2020

So talented *****
Sue has a warm and kind nature which straight away puts you at ease! I have had a few readings with Sue and her readings have been extremely accurate each time. Sue has helped me through a very challenging time and her advise and guidance has been amazing. 

First Tarot Reading *****

I visited Sue back in February when i felt i needed some reassurance on a few things, both personal and professional. It was my first ever tarot reading so i didn't know what to expect, but i was completely blown away by the professionalism and accuracy of Sue's reading. I intentionally tried to be relatively vague with the questions i asked but holding them heavily on my heart, so there was no way of knowing exactly what i was referring to. Sue was spot on with every card, reading out my past and present. I highly recommend Sue for her fluency, kindness, accuracy and ability to make you feel comfortable throughout the experience. She also has a wicked sense of humour! 



Amazing as always! *****
Sue is like a magician at what she does! Whenever I have any doubts and uncertain in my life which There are many at this difficult time, she is always bringing the sense of clarity in to the situations. I am really grateful to have her guidance regardless of where you are heading. 
Lynne Tran
A little reassurance goes a long way! *****
In light of recent events, I have been feeling a little uncertain about the future and like most people had a little wobble. Sue steadied me instantly as always, giving such supportive guidance which is spot on as always! Amazing lady. Cannot wait to see her in person again for a face to face reading in the future :)

Hope in a COVID-19 lockdown *****
Sue gave me a fantastic reading in March just before the lock down about my next year and over the last few week weeks of self isolation i have had a follow up via email just to be reassured everything will ok in my life as the self doubts have crept into my mind through being on my own.
Phil j
5th May 2020

Excellent as usual *****
I’ve been coming to sue for many years, she is a loving, caring and very professional at what she does. Had a face to face reading via phone. She is brilliant as usual can’t wait to see in the flesh when all this is over. More than happy with my reading as always. 
M patel
30 April 2020

 It Came to Pass *****

I have been doing readings with Sue since April 2014. She is very patient and kind. Her predictions are accurate. You have to keep an open mind because timings are quite tricky. For example, there is something that was supposed to happen in 2016 but only really happened in 2019. Indeed, there are also times she has seen something happening three months from the prediction, then it happens immediately. So keep an open mind, perhaps even put it out of your mind, but it will happen. Love and light.


Last reading was around March 2020 

Thanks sue your a star 🌟 *****
Sue is amazing 😉. Love her readings .she is always helpful and answer questions . She is very caring . She is the only person I use for readings . I look forward to my next telephone reading . 💖💖🌟🌟
25 April 2020 

Great reading *****
Always a pleasure to speak to Sue and to get an insight on what to expect and as usual she gets it right. Thank you Sue x

Telephone reading *****
Hi sue is amazing in what she does Put you at ease with everything and spot on, on how things are in your life at the moment Lots of good direction
Jotie Kaur

Great reading *****
Fantastic reading over the phone 10 mins . Thanks sue . Your reading are the best 10/ 10 . You are a super star xx 

Comforting outlook *****

Sue's advice and outlook she gave me for current situation was comforting and reassuring as always. It all resonated well with me and made perfect sense and will help me to guide me in my upcoming tasks. 


April 11

Sue has such a warm kind way about her that makes you feel instantly at ease. Her readings are so insightful and ring so true, they bring a clarity that leaves you feeling a sense of peace. She is exceptionally gifted and my family and I always consult her through life’s trials and tribulations! Have always found her so helpful and her connection to the Tarot and spirit world is very strong. It is the best gift to get advice through Sue from loved ones who have passed on, it’s like they can read the thoughts in your head. Can’t thank you enough Sue! Kristel

As always spot on *****
Just amazing. I always get a preview of my next six months from Sue. So accurate. It really helps me to plan my life. Also helps me to avoid any dangers. I will be lost without her guidance. So lucky to have her in my life. 

Comforting in confusing times *****

Sue has been with me throughout my journey to find love for a long time now, but is always patient despite my many questions. The greatest thing she has taught me is patience through her insights and guidance if you follow what she picks up many possibilities await. She has allowed me to slow my pace down and reflect offering a more positive way to progress she is not a love coach but what she does pick up about others and your situation certainly helps to identify a more positive path to take and the ones to avoid. Sue is compassionate and warm and very gifted, you will not be disappointed consulting with her and her gifts, which provide a far greater amount of detail than anyone else I have come across and her predictions come to pass, sometimes not in the exact timeframe sometimes but eventually they do.



Truly Amazing !!! *****

There are not enough words to express just how amazing I think Sue is. I have had many readings with her over the last couple of years and she has been my absolute rock throughout a very difficult situation that ive been going through. She is the kindest, most patient and empathetic lady I have ever met. So many of her predictions have come to light and I take great comfort from listening to my recordings. I cannot thank her enough for all the help, advice and constant support she has given me and, I hope, will continue to give. I have an enormous amount (beyond words in fact) of admiration for this lady and her abilities are truly astonishing. Thank you Sue, for being you x



Let's see *****
Have had a number of readings and questions answered 9 times out of 10 she is accurate so let's wait and see
Thurs 26 th mar

Sue is amazing! *****

I have had a few readings with Sue and she automatically makes you feel at ease. She’s caring, kind and a lovely soul. Thank you Sue x



Where my life is heading *****
Always an amazing reading I always go to Sue if I need any guidance and clarification. A genuine and honest lady her amazing hind set goes beyond me would truly recommend. Thanks again Sue hopefully I will have something to look forward going forward in my career and relationship. Nicky xxx 

Unbelievable *****
This lady is so good that I am unable to describe words to describe her accuracy, I am going back to readings I had with Sue last year, 1 Reading was in February 2019 and the other reading was in June 2019. in both readings I asked the same questions because what I was told in February 2019 never happened, so I asked again in June 2019, in both readings she mentioned a Government type job with an ongoing contract, However please note: although Sue gives a time scale, the time scale is very difficult for her to be accurate on, things have now happened as she described, she mentioned in her reading that the job would be paid by Government, as it would be a government type job and exactly what she said has happened to me but 10 months later, simply because I did not act and also timing of events in your life is not down to Sue but down to the fact that what is meant for you will not pass you by. I thoroughly recommend a reading with Sue and I will certainly be booking a reading with Sue soon. She is BRILLIANT. Do not use anybody else, Sue is the Real Deal !!
Miss SB
June 2019

Astounding *****
Fantastic tarot card reading from Sue... unbelievably astounding the one thing to happen by March has just happened!! I would highly recommend Sue she is a truly spiritual soul !! 
Monday 9th March 2020

Amazing reading by sue... excited to book another one soon
Sereta Edwards 

Uplifted *****

Having seen Sue I was uplifted and my mind was at rest, She is an amazing woman who has the ability to understand and help you see things clearly.Thank you Sue x 



Miss *****

I have a reading with Sue every year just before my birthday. Personally I think she is one of the best, as I have had a few readings in the past by different people but have never been back as what they told me or say they have seen never made sense to me,or has never come true. But so far what Sue has told me over the years and seen in my readings has slowly but surely come true. After my readings I always feel as if my spirit has been uplifted and good within my self. Even if you do not believe I recommend that you go for the experience. Elizabeth Campbell

30 minutes well spent *****

 What can I say ? Sues readings are always accurate and insightful, she helps you see things for what they are and her guidance is priceless.



Another wonderful reading *****
I’ve been having telephone readings with Sue for almost nine years and, along with her amazingly accurate predictions, she has taught me so much. Patience, compassion, acceptance, courage... Sue is an enlightened, exceptionally kind and gifted woman. I highly recommend booking a reading with her. 
28 February 2020

Peace of mind *****
I went to see Sue as I felt I was going mad. I was experiencing a mixture of emotions and unable to make sense of them. Immediately Sue was able to highlight not just the emotional sensations but the physical as well - this was NOT guess work - completely accurate. It would seem that I have psychic abilities (was not expecting that). Sue explained it all and also advised on ways to control what I was experiencing. I now have some clarity in my life and look forward to enhancing these new skills with Sue's support (see her classes). I don't feel as anxious/scared since my reading. Everybody should have a Sue in their life - wonderful lady.



Amazing *****
I loved every minute of my reading with Sue she made me feel very relaxed and at ease and the information that came through was so accurate. Thank you Sue
Emma Byrne
17th February 2020 
Sue is a gifted lady who is extremely friendly,and makes you feel relaxed.Hber readings are extremely accurate

And provide in-depth information.An excellent choice if you’re looking for guidance and clarity of thought.

Anna maria


My experience 
Sue gave me a thorough reading on myself and my family. I could relate to most of the things she revealed to me. It was a very good and interesting reading. She has given comfort and hope. Already something she revealed to me is about to happen. My visit to her was worthwhile and I would recommend her to my friends. I am looking forward to events that will happen in the future.
1 February 2020

Amazing *****

Sue made me feel very welcome straight away. She was so accurate about every part of my life. I've got alot to prepare for and I'm thankful to Sue for opening my eyes to that. I had my grandad come through which I really wasn't expecting so it's been abit of an emotional whirlwind for me! Will be back in a few months! Thankyou sue!



Face to face Tarot reading. *****

I've been seeing Sue for approx 8 to 10 years. She is amazing. She has predicted things that have happened in my life during this time. If ever I'm worried about anything,Sue gives me peace of mind. I would highly reccomend her.



Amazing! *****

I have had a few readings with sue and she is amazing! She has such a gift and I would never want to see anyone else. I always come away so uplifted by her readings,they never disappoint! Sue is funny and warm and is so accurate its unbelievable! Many of the things sue has told me have come true, she gives such detail too! Please do not hesitate to have a reading with her, you won't be disappointed! I have never seen anyone quite like her! 


30th December 2019

Hard to doubt *****
Well I started off as a total doubter, but over the past 2 years far too many things, that could not possibly have been lucky guesses or coincidence, have happened exactly as predicted. And she has an uncanny knack of knowing how people think and feel. No idea how she does it, but she is doing it. 
Amazing *****
Whether it’s a email reading,telephone or face to face it really doesn’t matter,sue always comes through as honest trustworthy and so genuine,my questions were thoroughly answered,everything she has said has either come true or i am waiting on some things to See how they develop.i do not go to anyone else but sue,thankyou again for a fabulous reading,I class you as my friend,
Michelle Ball


Brilliant *****

I have had readings before from Sue and she is absolutely brilliant. It has been some time since my last one so it was good to hear what she had to say about the now and the future. Her accuracy is outstanding and shes so easy to talk too if you have specific concerns or questions. Thorougly recommended. Thank you Sue x

Sarah M

31st Jan 2020

Amazing as always*****

I saw Sue recently and have seen her on many occasions before and as always she never fails to surprise me. Great woman kind hearted and honest. Thank you Sue .



Amazing *****
Went to Sue for palmistry reading and her timing of past events so accurate and also spot on about what was going on in my life right now but could also tell from my hand certain people in my life right now that would have a future influence. I can honestly that i have never been so blown away with such accuracy and detail. Best reading ever. Thank you so much Sue 😀
January 2020

Your review *****Sue is very experienced, she can tell what my current situation exactly and give me some suggestions for my future from Tarot card I really appreciated Sue’s help!
16th, Jan

Reading over phone *****

Sue was amazing. Put my mind at rest,gave me hope. My questions were about my daughter,she answered them all. She said a lot of things that were so spot on! Definitely recommend sue. Her voice was kind and reassuring. Wish I’d booked for 30 mins not 15 as I felt so comfortable talking with her. Will b ringing again. Thank u sue x



Lovely and insightful*****

Too soon to give an indepth review of my recent session, but some amazing facts come through once more. This year is predicted to be overall very happy both on a personal level and for a friend and a couple of family members that I have various concerns for, with the outcomes predicted as postive. My previous reading proved over the year many predicitons as accurate - for example despite noting that I no lionger wished to take up study, Sue said I would, involving three subjects all connected - this actually happened. She also foretold a fair amount of stress towards the end of last year, which turned out to be true. Certainly there are always many surprises about events and people that have either been in my life or are currently as well as future ones. I love to spend time with Sue who always leaves me with a sense of peace and happiness. Thank you Sue and looking forwad to seeeing you again.


10 January 2020

Face To Face Shared *****
Myself my daughter and mother inlaw all attended and had a reading. We all were so shocked how Sues got us spot on all of us. It was my daughters first time and wants to go again if we could give her more STARS we would and we are looking at going again. 

Hugely disappointed *

waited nearly a year before doing my review to give the prediction time to unfold. Disappointingly not ONE thing has come true or happened as predicted I have definitely lost belief in clairvoyants this has confirmed that you cannot predict someone’s life 


feb/March 2019 

Sue is a talented and spiritual soul. She is amazing at reading :) 

Never in doubt *****
Having seen Sue on numerous occasions I have never been in doubt about what she says, she is an amazing woman that I have come to know over the years and I can honestly say she has never failed to surprise me with her insight. Thank you Sue.

Amazing *****

I've been to see Sue a few time’s and each time I have thoroughly enjoyed the readings. I was told things that have happened and also told things from my past that had happened. What more could I want? Thank you Sue and hope to see you again soon. 



Still amazes *****
Ive had several readings with Sue over the years and she always knows whats happened and why im calling without me saying anything ive had plenty of validations happen like she said . If you want to get guidance from a trustworthy kind and genuine woman give Sue a call she doesnt disappoint thanks again Sue xxx

Amazing experience *****
What an amazing experience, sue is truly amazing, I’m not going into My reading, but I felt at easy and sue was 1000000% correct.





Amazed!! *****
It was nice to meet Sue, she was excellent and gave me an accurate reading on my past and present, hopefully she is also right about my future:D

Highly Recommend *****

I consider Sue my spiritual advisor, I’m an intuitive, and when I find myself in a place of confusion, it is hard to see clearly and I seek wise counsel I can trust. I know I can reach out to Sue for unbiased advice and divine guidance. The future is always moving and changing and free will play a part in it, so I remain open and curious and practice non attachement to the outcome. Sue gives me what I need in the moment to to be able to move forward. She is clear, compassionate, caring, generous, affordable and has a great sense of humour. I leave her session feeling empowered and my faith renewed. I most definitely recommend a recording, it is too much detail to retain, and as some mentioned, you get more and more as you listen tto it again and again. Thank you Sue for sharing your gift with the world. Much love.



On the ball *****

Each reading with Sue is spot on. She is sensitive, compassionate and always superb. 


21st November

Mind blowing reading*****

Sue is a wonderful lady who gives mind blowing readings that are so accurate that since I came across her a few years ago I have never been and won’t go to anyone else. She tells me things that no one else can or would know. I get the readings recorded so I can listen back and everytime without fail it has all happened and come true.  I have also done some of Sue’s courses she offers which are so informative and easy to follow. Although she is a 3 hour drive from me the distance is worth it to get such a professional teaching and understanding of the work. I would definitely highly recommend Sue.


19 November 2019

Email reading *****
I have had several readings with Sue, both face to face and via email, she never disappoints in her accuracy and understanding , I ca highly recommend her to you.

Tarot Card Reading  *****

I have seen Sue a number of times now in the last 3 years and she has been very accurate each time . I find it very helpful , especially if I’m struggling to make a decision . I always have a Tarot Card reading and record the session which I find useful to listen to over the coming months . Sue is so good that I’ve decided to now go every six months . 

Paula Thornthwaite


Accurate! *****

I saw Sue in person, plus had a palm reading and email readings, everything was extremely accurate! Thank you x


26/10/2019Star Rating5 S

Amazing *****

Omg Sue is wonderful, she was spot on with what was going on in my life and pointed out things that I need to watch out for which had put my mind at rest, lots of advice and predictions were quite accurate. Thanks Sue xMeena Sarasia


Spellbound *****
If you are troubled or in need of guidance go and see Sue. She'll even point out things you didn't know and you'll leave feeling so much better than when you went in.

One of a Kind *****
I met Sue and as always she never fails to surprise you, she always knows what to say to help you on your way. To me she is simply fantastic in what she knows and hard to find some one as caring as she is.Thank you Sue.

Always helpful*****
I have seen Sue and she is one of the most amazing person I have met, kind and understanding. She is very friendly and makes you feel extremely relaxed during the reading.i don’t have words to able to Thank her enough for the help she has given me. Thank you Sue. 
So many times

Mind-blowing and memorable *****
We asked Sue to attend our wedding on Halloween (31.10.19) and it's no exaggeration to say that she really was the main attraction. Everyone was talking about her readings all night long and it made for some really interesting and unusual talking points among the guests. She really made an impression on everyone- believers and (former!) sceptics alike! On both a personal and professional level, Sue ticks all the boxes. If you're thinking of booking Sue for your event - stop hesitating and just do it! :-)
Ty Kendall and Lee Moore
31st October 2019

Spot on!! *****
I came to see Sue for the second time earlier this week as I was questioning a lot in my life and relationship. Sue is very professional and I find the whole experience so calming and relaxing. Having my cards read settled a lot of anxiety I was feeling and they were spot on!! If you’re unsure, I really advise you to give it a go, I did and I wasn’t disappointed, in fact it made me come back!! 
Tuesday 29th November 

Super accurate! *****

Sue is truly gifted even if you don’t want to believe in these sort of things. I have consulted Sue for many years but recently on a complex purchasing of a property. She had given me absolute accurate details of what is likely to happen, almost to scientific level. There were few moments where I thought to myself ‘I m sure she can’t be right about this...’ But it turn out that her predictions were proved again and again. 

I have waited good 6 months until today the completion of my new flat to give this review, and as always I know she is well deserved

Lynne Tran

May 19

Reading *****
Sue is amazing she has gave me lots of comfort by having a reading with her so calming and relaxing Rajpal Rose 

2 week ago


I have had many readings with sue,sue had picked up what was going on in my current situation with work,which was correct, just waiting for the rest that has been predicted to unfold 😀


17th October 19

Thank you *****

Amazing reading, so accurate and insightful. Would definitely recommend Sue. Many thanks

17th October 2019

Amazing as always xx *****
Sue is such a lovely kind soul and she always connects to me and gives me strength. Her readings are always accurate. She will go the extra mile to help you if needed I wouldn’t go anywhere else this is my 4th reading with sue and can’t wait for events predicted to unfold. Would highly recommend this wonderful gifted lady . Thank you from the bottom of my heart sue Once again 
Nicky xx
Monday 15:10/19

Always a pleasure*****
Astonishingly accurate ,Sue has been my guide for eight years now and she's never failed to give me comfort and insight, especially during difficult times. Her ability to grasp any situation without prior knowledge is truly amazing and almost scary in its accuracy. I had another reading with Sue this morning and she was able to give me counsel and insight regarding a particularly nasty situation. As always, I'm very grateful. Previous predictions have come true, not always within the timeframe predicted but that can be a blessing. Thank you again, Sue. xo

Guidence Answers & Info *****

Having wanted to visit for 2 to 3 years but not having the courage to hear certain stuff, I was finally more than ready. Armed with 6 questions that then got broken down into more questions answered all I had wanted & needed. Even not good news was welcome as it gives a timeframe & duration so you can prepare. For years I have been lost & frightened and now I can see a worthwhile future. The reading is very fast paced, have your questions written beside you so your mind doesn't go blank. Speak up, dont mumble quietly or you cant hear when replaying your recording which can become very muffled at times if the phone is knocked or voices become quiet. Not everything will make sense but will click into place suddenly in the days after. Relisten multiple times as there's little bits you will miss. I simply can't recommend Sue enough. An extremely enlightning experience. 

Samantha Gilbert

October 2019

Amazing reading *****
I felt an immediate connection with Sue when I arrived. It was like the bag of tarot cards I picked were waving at me as we stepped into the room. Sue was immediately into the reading as soon as I touched the bag and it was my life events were just rolling off her tongue. Sue has such an amazing gift and I got a lot of comfort to know that I have people watching over me and care about my welfare. I will definitely be back soon to see Sue and to also explore if I have the gift as well. Thank you so much Sue xx
Hazel G
July 2019


Sue is always very accurate and highly skilled at giving in-depth detail regarding all questions. She’s very friendly and makes you feel extremely relaxed during the reading. I have recommended her to friends and family. Definitely worth booking if you need clarity on certain topics in your life.
27th September 

Gifted Woman *****
I have seen Sue and she is one of the most amazing persons I have met, kind and understanding. I have come to trust her over the time that I have known her as she is always right, and puts your mind at ease when I don't see a way out.I don't have the words to be able to Thank her enough for the help she has given me. Thank you Sue 

Always helpful*****
Always spot on and exactly what I need.
Sep 19

No- 1 *****
Cant thank sue for help in past and now will always go back.
September 16 

Readings over ten years *****

Sue has been a constant in my life for ten years. She is my backstop, the one person who looks forward and back with extraordinary skill. She is extraordinarily perceptive; she seems to know the person so well that I bombard her with questions about and she is always kind, considerate and has a great sense of humour. Sometimes I can find  no way out of a worry and yet Sue will always do so. I really honestly can say that she has a brilliant gift. I would recommend her most highly.


September 2019

30 minute face to face *****

Sue is amazing. I've had a couple of readings with here and definitely recommend. She reads quickly so pay attention but you can get a recording. She knows what questions you're going to ask. Brilliant! 

Friday 13th 14.30


A lot to take in******

Sue I thought you were excellent you said so much that was so true. You gave me lots of information in a short space of time, 15 min telephone tarot reading, you spoke very quickly so wasn’t able to take it all in. Wish I had booked to have a recording so I could go over it. Anyway thank you and I will definitely be booking again soon.



30 minute tarot reading *****
I have used Sue’s services a number of times over the last 10 years and always taken comfort in her readings. I will continue making use of her services in the years to come
Kirsti Harewood Vik
Friday 06 September

Excellent *****



Number 1*****

Sue give a great reading and will always use her



So interesting as always *****
It was lovely to see Sue after so many years, I had forgotten how much detail she offers. Much of it is confirmation of what is in your heart which I like but at the same time there is something new, something you hadn't considered. Sue gives very good guidance with the questions but good to have some ready beforehand and then the reading will lead to others.
29th August 2019

Genuine and very spiritually gifted.*****
I had another full reading with Sue on 17 August. It had been some time since my last one and Sue had lost none of her gifts. The large number of Tarot questions put by me were answered directly, to the point with specific detail and empathy. Sue has a deep understanding of the spirit world and a very strong link with the other side. The connection with relatives who have passed over once we had finished with Tarot was very direct and clear - it is as if they enter a room and talk to you through Sue. As usual much detail came through in both Tarot and spiritual connection that could only possibly have come from the other side. Sue's thoughtfulness also extends to being helpfully non-judgemental in relation to any private areas you wish to discuss. I have used other psychics, some good some not so good, but I can honestly say that I have still not met one as gifted as Sue.

17th August 2019

Number 1*****

Great as usual ,spot on.

Noel sloan
This week

My first reading *****
I arrived with a feeling of ..... I can't really say. Why was I here? Well, it was something on my bucket list of things to do in my big birthday year. 
Sue greeted me and I immediately felt comfortable in her presence. 
I had gone prepared with questions but on the first turn of the cards I was so surprised with the detail given and my thoughts took a different track. 
The clock reading that took me though a year from now into the future was most interesting. The first card stated exactly how I feel now and where I am in life. Moving forward, the detail Sue gave for each card seemed so believable and it will be interesting to see if the events do actually happen. 
The hour went very quickly and I was pleased I had requested for it to be recorded. 
Thank you Sue, a very interesting meeting. 

 15th August 2019

Highly recommend *****

Sue was very understanding and warm towards me which made me feel at east from the start. In a short space of 30 minutes I felt I got far more than I bargained for. Although I won't be seeing much of her prediction unfolding for another couple of months, her suggestions opened up my eyes to an alternative path that I'd never thought of. Highly recommended.


3rd June 2019

Valuable *****
Having not had a reading before I was unsure what to expect, but Sue put me at ease with her warm demeanour. Her view of my current emotional health was spot on, and descriptions of individuals uncannily accurate. I hope her insights will assist me in moving on.

Reassurance when in doubt *****
I came in to see Sue recently as my mind was running away with many thoughts going through my mind unable to make sense of it all.She immediately put my mind at rest by explaining what was happening to me.I walked away feeling uplifted and knowing that things will get better. Thank you Sue

14 hours ago *****
I had a very touching and very enlightening visit with Sue. It was as though she knew me better than i know myself! She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, as though we were already good friends. And her guidance for dealing with my current dilemma was absolutely priceless. I will definitely be going again.
Mick Spencer
12th August

Extremely helpful *****

Sue has always helped me decide the best course of action after i've raised questions on what have been troubling me. She is inspirational, helps clear my mind and i have no hesitation in recommending her. 
9 August 2019


Sue was recommended to me by a close friend and I wasn't disappointed. She shocked me with some of the information that she was able to bring forward for me and it will be interesting to see what happens with her predictions. I was amazed at the amount and speed of the information coming through and would thoroughly recommend that you ask her to record your session so that you can go back over the information afterwards as its too much to retain and comes too quickly to write it all down! Thank you Sue it was a truly inspiring reading.



Perfect *****
Sue is always diligent and timely in her work. I highly recommend using her when the beef strikes. Xoxo

Just What I Needed*****
I didn't know exactly why I was drawn to call Sue this month (she had done a couple of readings for me a few years back now) but I am so glad I did. Her reading was spot on and will really help guide me going forward in the upcoming year. She revealed things that were on my mind but that I couldn't quite put my finger on. She helped me see how I can support myself and those around me and showed me what I should be looking out for. The details she gave about my family were very specific and resonated deeply. Sue has a gentle confidence that makes her reading feel very stable, practical and yet still very kind and spiritual. I just cannot recommend her highly enough.
August 6, 2019

Recorded reading *****

I was listening to the recording and I am so surprised how you new my exes personality better than I did and I was with him for nearly 8-years. 
You told me he is some kind of schizophrenic and cold and actually he is a great narcissist. 
I have been studying about those type and what he does and his attitude describes him perfectly as a great narcissist. 
You said he is scary cold . You couldn’t be more right. He has put me through a lot of very challenging times where I struggled to keep my head above the water but now I feel so much stronger than I have ever felt and even though he is still trying to punish me for leaving his punishment don’t hurt me anymore and are not as effective. 
I also got rehoused in March as you told me I will. 
You told me so many things that are so true. 
Me missing out on my studies was another truth that constantly used to hurt me and you knew and I will definitely try and follow your advice to start studying something as now I am ready and free to do anything I want. 
Its amazing how accurate you were with my reading. 
You are amazing and I think you are really nice too. 
I just wanted to thank you for your time and wish you all the best. 
Will probably come again to see you soon and bring a friend with me. 
Earlier this year

Review *****

Sue, I come to you so often as every single situation I have been through you have correctly predicted. From my baby to my car to relationship and issues. You are always spot on and accurate.



Second Full Reading *****

Sue has an amazing ability and much of what she predicted 9 years ago has happened including having boy/girl twins. I travelled over 60 miles each way to visit Sue for my second reading as she is by far the best psychic and Tarot reader I’ve ever seen. Sue spoke openly and very honestly about my future, the Tarot cards were so accurate and I found the messages that she gave me from a close relative in the spirit world to be incredibly comforting. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sue and will be returning to see her again in the future. 



amazingly accurate *****

amazingly accurate reading as things sue said have happened quite accurately,awaiting the outcome of rest a big thumbs up!



This is the 2nd time I've seen Sue and I think she knows me better than I know myself! Her answers are descriptive and accurate. Everything she told me from my first reading has happened just like she said it would. A wonderfully gifted woman with a great sense of humor. I wouldn't get a reading anywhere else. Thank you Sue ❤

Amazing *****

Sue is truly gifted and I have now attended 3 Tarot readings and I always feel very uplifted after seeing her. I didn’t know what to expect when I saw Sue for the first time, but straight away she put me at ease with her caring nature! Thank you Sue



Sue is more than just a good friend *****
She is someone who really cares. She is gentle and giving and her gift is extraordinary but she gives it to you in this same gentle, giving manner. She reassures; she is always on your side you feel. I have consulted her for many years now because of her extraordinary insight. I am so jealous of her gift; how wonderful to see the future, with all its ups and downs and be able to convey this to us, her followers. It is incredible that someone should have such insight; I am in awe. I will always return to consulting Sue, I have no interest in others who purport to have such gifts - Sue is the real thing.

Carolyn H

14th July 2019

Fantastic as ever*****
Sue never fails to disappoint she knows every answer to whatever question you ask she tells it like it is her predictions come true thanks Sue

Questions & Answers *****
The reading is very professional & to the point. Sue answers your questions direct and helps you as much as she can. Recommend Sue every time .

Interesting ****
My reading was quite accurate, and certainly interesting. Extremely beneficial having a recording of it as Sue is quick in her reading of the cards so I am now able to play over and over, collecting anything I missed previously. When I had my first reading in January, I was allowed 2 follow up questions two months later. Do I still get the option of this service. ?
Friday 5th july 2019

Thank you *****
Again don’t know what I would do without Sue, she has been reading for me since 2013, lovely gifted lady and I wouldn’t have a reading with anyone else , everything is always correct and she makes me feel calmer about my love life ( I seem to pick the wrong men) I don’t know how she does it but she does , thank you for your patience with me I sometimes have to get updates on a monthly basis 
11th June 

We all need a little guidance...*****
We all need a little guidance now and again, whether if it's about being on the right path or about life in general. Sue just confirmed for me what I already knew in my heart (but self doubt does kick in, we are only human after all), but as an extra she gave me timescales. I felt comforted by this knowledge and it gave me confidence to push on. Thank you Sue, I am forever grateful.
Monday 24 June 2019

Good Guidance*****

I visit Sue every few months just to check my path ahead, however I do find that each reading more or less the same thing comes up, it could be that certain cards stick to you and that whatever is going to happen might be in the pipeline to happen. not every reading is the same as we also have a free will to go and change our path ahead. I find each reading very informative and Sue also picks up things about you that you thought she would not. I recommend Sue any day.


Tuesday 18th June 2019

Spot on*****
Thank you very much for your reading xx J.

This was second time I visited Sue, she is amazing the feeling after my visits were amazing and relaxing. Thank you Sue ;) 
17 June 2019

Brilliant *****
Thank you for seeing me, your reading has filled me with inspiration and strength. I haven’t yet received my audio but I have email you in case you haven’t got the correct email. Looking forward to here it. Thank you so much 
17 June 2019

Brilliant *****

Sue was really good and very descriptive with her readings.


8th June 2019

My reading with sue was really comforting. Sue was spot on with most things she said. I'm really glad I had a reading with sue xx
Tues 11th june

Always right*****

I've been using Sue for about 7 years now, and without fail she is always right. I've recently asked about something and she was correct again about what the situation is and hopefully what I need to do. She's amazing.

Mark N


Incredibly accurate and even told me things I hadn’t asked about 

Beyond Belief *****

To all that wish to see sue I can not recommend her enough.. Her timing is really on point and so far since I have been coming to her everything she has said has pretty much happened in different stages. She is very to the point and tells you what she is seeing and so easy to talk to. You must see her as she really does help and things she says do come true in good time or events do take place. Great readings and always a joy to see her. Thank you for everything so far sue good and bad xxx 


23rd May 

Hope and motivation 

Sue has helped me enormously on several occasions. This time I needed to ask about a problem affecting my daughter. I went away feeling lighter, full of hope and motivation to take the next steps towards a better life. I had several questions Wanted to ask and sue helped me with those and more that came out of the answers. As always I felt relaxed and comfortable with Sue and enjoyed my reading immensely. I would recommend Sue without hesitation as she is assured and very, very experienced so she can answer in great detail and quickly too!


May 30th 2019

Lovely experience *****

Always a pleasure spesking with Sue. Always reassuring and honest, and very pleasant to talk to. She sheds light on stuff for me and helps puts the pieces together when things are bothering me! Thanks Sue. xx


Yesterday (May 5th)

Truly Gifted Woman*****
I went to see Sue recently and had to ask a number of questions about certain things that I was not sure off. This woman is warm and has a kind heart and I truly believe that she is gifted because she always puts your mind at rest and reassures you that you have nothing to worry about.I have seen Sue on a number of occasions and she is open and honest. All I want to say is that I am so fortunate to have met this woman as she has helped me. I want to say Thank You Sue
 A B

May 5th

Mediumship reading....*****
Sue connected with her guides immediately and during the course of the reading provided detailed information. As the reading was coming to an end I was amazed at the level of clarity and insight afforded. I would most definitely be going back for an update!
Sachin Tendulka
Monday, 6th. May 2019

Not sure my question was answered Or maybe just not what I wanted to hear I know if the connection I don't need to realise it 

sheila h


A gifted lady **

But unfortunately all her relationship predictions seem way off it is well over the 2 yrs predicted till we were together but he married someone else and took her on the cruise. .but her predictions in other areas are accurate

Sheila h

Have had many over the years 

predictions didn't materialise *
I had a reading with Sue in March 2018. All predictions around my relationship/love life didn't come true. At the time I really enjoyed the reading but all her predictions never came to anything. 
March 2018

Mixed. ***
I have had telephone readings which have been good. Some bits really good. She is able to accurately describe the present and people’s characters. The future predictions are less reliable but interesting nonetheless and some have come true. She is warm and kind in her manner. Her email readings are very basic. One or two line answers and without the sense that she has really tuned in or connected in the same way that she does on the phone. Very hit and miss - I’m not sure they’re worth the money. But I would say a telephone reading is worthwhile.
26/04/19 and earlier times. 

Spot on *****
As usual has Sue is very gifted and uses that gift well sue is 100 per cent spot on for n my opinion I would recommend anyone to try sue as I said for years I have known Sue she has become a friend and went out of her way to send healing to my cat Patch when I needed her Sue has helped me so much 

Your review *****
Sue you are a gifted and blessed, I contacted you in the year 2015 and have been seeing you till date. All your readings have been accurate and your guidance has helped me through my difficult times. I feel so blessed to have found you, sue your an amazing lady . Thank you xxx
March 2019

Highly recommend*****
Iv been going to Sue for some years now. She has always been my number one go to physic who has always been able to tell me upfront exactly whats going on around me. I have little stability in my life at the moment therefore my path keeps changing. Sue has always been unbiased, non judgmental and truthful. As i have been going to her for quite some time now, I see her as a distant mother always willing with open arms to help me as best as she can along my spiritual path. Out of the warmness of her heart she has even gone so far as to help me and others that i have referred to her in times of need at no cost at all. Im grateful for her work within the community and wish her business bountiful returns so that she can continue to reach out and help many more also. Many blessings to you and yours Sue and thank you for everything <3

At peace! *****
I've seen Sue a few times now. All whilst I've been going through different stages of my life. One of these stages was a pickle to be in, and Sue picked up on that straight away. She did not judge me at all! She has nailed things with every reading I have been to. As for predictions, some have manifested but not all. But that is only when I revisit a recording and realise that at the time of the recording, I did not know what the prediction meant. I will not rely on her timeframes but every time I visit her, I leave feeling at peace! As for my latest reading, we shall see how it unfolds. I'm lucky to have Sues shop on my doorstep. Thank you Sue x
March 2019

Most helpful and reassuring reading*****
I had prepared for my tarot and mediumship reading with Sue by formulating 22 questions about the family matter I wanted illumination on. Questions with Sue often lead on to subsequent questions . All my questions led to very helpful answers and I felt very reassured calm and with peace of mind at the end of my hour with Sue. Several days before the reading I got in touch with Sue via email as I was feeling emotionally overwhelmed . She kindly offered to send healing to me which she did and did not charge me for that. It’s a great comfort to know that she’s there and wears her wisdom very lightly.A lovely lady.
April 9th 2019

Seeking guidance and responses*****
I have always been enlightened and left in better spirit after my sessions. I have felt guided after Sue’s interpretations of the answers she reads after I tell her when to stop. It doesn’t all make sense immediately, but eventually I am reminded when things happen or fall into place. Also, I feel hugely comforted and at peace after each session. I often think of Sue as my Guardian Angel.
11. April 2019

Spot on *****
As usual Sue did another great readingNoel

I have been seeing Sue now for 10 years, just recently had another full reading and I'm always amazed. She really helps me with ensuring I'm on the right path and understanding things in my life. Always spot on with readings, highly recommend her. Thank you so much as always 

Mind at rest *****
I went to see Sue recently I had a lot of questions which making me have sleepless nights, not knowing what to do or what to expect. Some times it's these little things that cause you to worry. I have no words to describe as how relaxed and how my mind felt so much calmer having seen Sue.I no longer have to worry about any thing only trust that every thing is going to be okay. Thank you Sue.
A B 

Email questions *****
Sue is amazing. Every reading I have via email brings me comfort and direction to my life. Sue always answers my questions with meaningful answers that relate to my life. Sue is a very special lady who brings joy to many people.

email reading *****
I asked 4 cryptic questions without going into detail but specific to my life at the moment and Sue certainly came back with an understanding of what is going on, especially about my health. The rest made sense as well although I had hoped for a more in depth message, the one I did get, I knew was right.

 Full Reading *****
Absolutely fabulous reading with Sue. Every point was spot on. I Would definitely recommend Sues' services, it helps that she is a lovely lady. 
March 2019

Speechless *****
An amazing and humbling experience, left me so at peace and content. Thank you so much. 
16th March 2019

Reassuring *****

Sue was instantly calming and welcoming as I entered Sanctuary. I was impressed by her honesty, and how accurate her interpretations of the cards were. There were things that she just could not have guessed from thin air. If you feel nervous about having a reading, don't be, as Sue puts you completely at ease. I got the sense that she truly wants to help, but the cards give advice that you need - rather than just what you want! Alison

Saturday 9th March

2nd time seen 2nd time amazed*****
I saw sue for the second time yesterday for a Tarot reading ,and of course there is no way to guarantee the future other than to live it, but her accuracy perceptiveness and insight into the situation I and the people around me find ourselves in was so clear I can only hope and believe that what the cards predict for the future will prove to be as accurate. I found her as the first time warm, approachable, supportive and utterly ‘ unvague’ as it were. If you are concidering trying Tarot ( or I’m sure any of the other things she offers ) based on my experience I cannot believe that you will walk out anything less than grateful you came to see her. 

Great *****
As usual Sue is spot on with the reading

12.30 12.03.2019

Clarity *****

Sue has helped me over the past few years from time to time when I have needed clarity, guidance and reassurance. I am very grateful as it has given me strength. She is very accurate and insightful. Thank you so much



Sue is terrific!*****

Her talent as well as commitment to every readings are admirable. It is only with a genuine care and sympathy for the pain of human soul, one can excel at this level. The way she reads the story out of the card is not just great psychic work alone, it is from someone with extraordinary perception, intelligent, and wit of a remarkable writer. I believe things she saw are truth in her interpretation or fragments of a whole truth that she very well put together. Some details has surprised me greatly, i did not expect it is that way. I love talking to her sometimes just to hear her perspectives on certain matter. 

Lynne T


Gulp- how does she know that *****

I’ve just seen Sue for a one on one 30 min tarot reading. Were I more paranoid I would think that she had secret cameras and microphones on me and what I’m thinking for a conciderably long time but had also conducted in-depth interviews with all of those nearest and dearest to me plus many who are not she not only nailed my past but double nailed my present and I have all faith will be accurate upon my future. She is highly approachable, kind warm, and generous of spirit. Have it recorded- the speed and accuracy at which she reads is awesome- write any questions you have down- but do not be concerned she will help you with sensible and practical questions if you get in a muddle. In order to sound balanced there were a very few things I wasn’t sure of but in truth I can’t say she was wrong mearly that I wasn’t sure I saw it the same way- I suspect she’s right and I’m wrong This is no fairground amusement she simply could not have known what she told me were she not truely gifted for her calling. I’m disappointed the star rating only goes up to 5. In conclusion: you don’t have to believe or be an ‘ air head’ for this to be profound accurate of your circumstances and of great solace and strength


4:30. 4/3/19

interesting and encouraging reading*****
very relaxed fun reading a lot was scarily spot on I walked away feeling confidence about a work situation which is what I was hoping for Looking forward to seing the next 2 year prediction pan out fingers crossed 😀Emma
Friday 1st March  

Fantastically Magic*****
This is the 2nd time I've seen Sue. I love her,so down to earth and naturally welcoming. Everything was spot on, and I'm looking forward to my year ahead now. I love her wonderful shop of treasures too, just wish she had the time to put her trinkets and wonders on the net, as there's so many things you'd not find elsewhere.
Thursday 28th Feb 2019

2 lines *
Please be aware that If you book for the 2 question email you will receive a one line answer to each question. I thought for £13 I would have received an answer of at least a few lines. Lesson learnt, never again!! 

I came in to see Sue recently with questions in mind and trying to figure things out, not being able to do so I approached Sue and she had all the answers.I have no idea how she does it. I just want to say Thanks for the Clarification Sue.
A B 

Sue has been my go to for as long as I can remember to help navigate me through difficulties, allowing me to take a step back and reflect before taking action, which has kept things steady particularly in relationship scenarios. I find it truly mesmerising how Sue’s gifts work but she has proven time and time again that they do so if you want a true insight and understanding of things, do not hesitate to contact her. Some of her email answers can be short but other answers come back back very lengthy I guess it depends on what the universe feels is relevant at that time for you to know. Thanks again Sue, you are wonderful xx

Helpful and encouraging *****

Sue was definitely very helpful making me relaxed and positive towards my problems. Sue was able to answer questions that were troubling me for years and she's managed to put my heart at ease in less than an hour! Thank you Sue. Blessings xx



Efficient service *****

I’m waiting to see if the answers to my questions will come true . Once they do I will leave another review . I’d like to say I’ve been seeing sue for a number of years and she is accurate and the only clairvoyant I can trust . She’s efficient and never disappoints . 

12 Feb 2019 

Another great experience*****

I have been going to sue for many years now and her preductions never cease to amaze me she is scarily accurate Today I had another great reading from sue and I'm awaiting the great things to come her insights into my family were so accurate if you want to have a reading but you're not sure go to sue she immediately puts you at ease and will never judge you she is a truly gifted lady with a lot to give 


Sat 9th Feb 

very accurate *****

The time went very quickly and Sue gave lots of information in a very short space of time. We were fascinated about how accurate the information was. We paid five pounds to get the session recorded and look forward to getting the recording, as there was too much to take in at the time. Thought Sue was excellent and accurate on so many things. Thanks Sue



Great! *****

Sue put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. Her insight is great! Would come again for another reading.


Tuesday 29 January

Telephone reading*****

 Always spot on. Thank you 


5 January 2019

30min Tarot reading face to face *****
This was my second reading with Sue which indicates I never failed to come back. She's amazing guys truly gifted, accurate, precise, motherly by nature and will put you on the right road by clearing any misconceptions. Her advice and guidance is second to none. Between my first and second reading they interlinked perfectly. Thank you Sue your a star and I hope to see you again in the near future. Take care 
Pritesh 😃 

Always the best *****

Sue you are spot on again as always 



It feels unreal *****

I have had Sues reading every 3 years or so and very much everything has happened as predicted. It is almost scary the things she can read out from the cards. Her session is very well constructed (phone 30 minute) and she doesn’t waste time nor questions. She helps to form the right questions to get to the correct answer. Can’t wait to see how my life works out next.



Amazing clarity!*****

I saw Sue after recommendation from a friend, who is a long standing client. I was left dumbfounded at the accuracy, particulary around her love predictions incl past, present & future. She even offered me snippets of conversations that had taken place that nobody else knew about! I had to have a hot sweet tea when I got in, as I was left totally in awe of her gift. Thank you Sue! I feel so much clearer today now I have some clarity. (P.S keep your best bonnet dusted off, just in case) xxx



Your review  *****
Sue has a wonderful prescence and I felt extremely happy with my reading. It was very personal to me and filled me with renewed hope for my future, it gave me such comfort to know that my loved ones are always with me. I would definitely recommend to have the reading recorded. 

🌜🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌛 *****
This was my third visit to Sue. She was spot on as usual and has a knack of clearing the fog and making you feel calm when life is a little bit waaaah!
She is non judgemental,friendly and kind. Highly recommended for anyone seeking some guidance and reassurance 😊 


I enjoyed meeting sue .she was very precise and enlightening .very worthwhile and would probably go back again .


Brilliant *****

sue is spot on again simply the best


Always a lovely peaceful and calming experience is the result of having visited Sue about three times now. Often clear on some the past and so far accurate with a health issue. Too soon to know whether other matters will present themselves in the way they have been fortold. I also agree that to a certain extent you can change the future. Regardless though, Sanctuary is a very appropriate title as I always leave with a wonderful sense of peace. Thank you Sue.


5th January 2019


I have used the email questions quite a few times now and have always found the answers to be very accurate and useful to my situation. Sue has provided a lot of insight that will help me deal with a relationship issue that I have going on. Hopefully I will return for a face to face visit soon as she is a lovely lady and it was a great experience 



The best*****
Sue is a great reader she truly knows her craft I would recommend anyone to her
11 30 Dec 24th
Informative *****
First time visiting sue very informative reading looking forward to seeing it all come to fruition 👌
27 th December 2 pm 

Accuracy unbelievable*****
I have had 3 readings with sue over the course of the year each time a 30 min reading which I would highly recommend. On all 3 readings I have had with her she has been completely spot on! She is an incredible lady and her insight is simply incredible would highly recommend
Nicky Brien

a bliss sent from the universe *****
I had a reading with Sue. This lady has a real and genuine gift. I trust her completely. I recommended her to all my friends. 

Face to face  *****
Lovely lady,I went with my daughter for a 30min face to race reading,well worth going.Sues reading was very informative,and we were amazed at how accurate she was.(one tip take list of questions you want to ask her). Very enjoyable experience,we will be going again.

my confidence in Sue*****

I have known Sue for over 7 years and I find she is utterly correct in her forecasts. She is a charming, warm, friendly person and I cant recommend her enough


year's forecast

Amazing reading*****
Thank you Sue, such a great reading. Have already recommended you too friends x
4th Dec 2018

Thought-provoking and Fascinating *****
This was my first ever full reading and I found it a fascinating and thought-provoking experience. Sue is clearly a very gifted lady and was able to tell me things about myself, my life and my family that were both very accurate and extremely helpful. There were no 'smoke and mirrors' , nothing spooky and I was not asked any leading questions. I have no doubt that Sue is the genuine article and her gift is extraordinary. She is also a very lovely person. I shall definitely be returning for further readings.

Ruth Hogan

Tuesday 27th November 2018


Sue was so warm & welcoming & put me at my ease immediately. My reading was accurate on so many levels & her offer of two more questions is brilliant & generous because, as with anything, you come away & then remember that all important question which with this offer gives you the chance of asking. If anyone has doubts, leave them behind, she is brilliant, I strongly recommend booking a reading. X 

Sue H

26th November 2018

The Real Deal *****

Sue is fantastic. She’s so in tune



Amazing Insight *****
I saw Sue only recently although I have seen her on many occasions before and I always go back for more.Sue is an amazing woman with years of experience in what she does.She has an amazing insight to the future and how things fall into place.I can honestly say she is truly amazing and the best in what she does. Thank you Sue.


I had a 15 min reading with Sue last night which is the second time I have used this lady when I felt I needed some insight. Sue is a professional and comes across very efficient and tries to answer as many questions as she can within the time span you have. During this reading Sue confirmed suspicions I had about my ex and whilst I am happy that she has confirmed my suspicions but am also deflated knowing that I can't do much about his dishonesty. The last reading Sue done for me was very accurate so I'm hoping the other information she divulged during last nights reading comes to fruition also.
13th November 2018Star Rating5 Stars

15 min telephone reading *****
I was blown away by the accuracy 
Cheryl Brown
8 nov 2018

Spot on*****
Sue was able to see what was going on in my relationship with my boyfriend.She was honest and gave me advice on what to do with certain things that will happen in the future.
Saturday 3rd


I had a ten minutes reading on the phone and I must admit, everything was spot on! I am glad to know Sue and I will ask her some guidance again!


27 October 2018

Amazing lady!*****
I had many readings with Sue over the years. I can speak from my heart that she is very special lady, because of her extraordinary gifts but also her commitment to use her gifts to help people. In the last reading,a very specific details from her insights regards our beloved family member s sudden death has help to ease the tragic lost. It was very later after the reading, I found out that the information she sent to us was absolutely accurate. The future is changeable especially when it links to other person, it will always be but when it comes to the matter of the soul, I believe you can count on her. It should be in our moral conscience to live truthfully to ourselves, so on that respect i wholeheartedly appreciate her guidance.
Lynne T

Spot on again *****

I have had a number of readings over the years and sue has been accurate in many predictions back in May she told me I would receive some cash from work but not wages I was made redundant in September she also said I would go to work for a company I had worked for before next week I start work with a company I worked for 15 yrs ago now just waiting for the rest a wonderful lady with an amazing gift thank you sue 



Spot on Sue*****
I had my reading back in August 2018. I'm rubbish with leaving feedback so I apologise for the late review. I was alittle apprehensive at first, but a friend of mine recommended Sue. I went for the full reading,on my own. I was amazed at Sue's accuracy , she was spot on with everything in my past. My late marriage, family situation, job situation ,current relationship . So much so she scared me with the future .... lol I'm having a set of twins girls and a son.... I'm 40yrs old and have 1 daughter at uni she is 19.🙈🙈🙈 So in a nut shell , yes i would highly recommend sue, she is a lovely lady. Very friendly and easy to talk to. I hope she was right about my forever man , as she did tell me he's not easy, But does love me.( the father of my future 3 children ).... I hope this leans you towards booking a ready. I will certainly be seeing sue in the not too distant future. Thankyou sue. Ps I also receive my recorded reading on mp3. I did pay for this option. That is definitely worth getting. Have played it back several times . 
Michelle x
Saturday 11th August 2018

This is the 2nd time I've had a reading from Sue and what she said this time has backed up some of the points I asked before. So an exciting future awaits. Go for it!
22nd october

1 question reading***
Felt it was more advice than a tarot reading. Short reading for the Money. I felt I had to ask a question. Which she did answer.
Michelle G

Never disappoints*****
I've always found sue to be a accurate shining light when you need that answer the truth ful one she is always there . Would highly recommend thanks Sue xx
Monday 15th october

Spot on*****

I went to see Sue recently about some things that were troubling me and as always she was warm and understanding.She knew before I had said any thing.And then as always put my mind at rest.For all the times I have met this woman, I can honestly say she will tell you how things will work out, and she's Spot On. Thanks Sue 



Optimistic And positive *****

 As always even if it's a 1 email question or a face to face I always feel positive and optimistic things will pan out as sue says.they have always before,some are still waiting to happen,but it's a lovely insight into what is to whole family are intrigued by what I get told and have had email questions with sue too,a lovely lady who I class as my friend,I always turn to sue in times of need and to clarify certain situations in my life,Thankyou sue.

Michelle Ball


Highly recommend*****
From the very start of the call I was impressed by Sue's accuracy; she pinpointed several key elements of my life at the moment and provided fast, and detailed responses to all of my questions. Sue's answers were punctuated with specific information, over and above the core answer, and very relevant to my experience, goals and life in general. 

Invaluable guidance *****

After a long and largely happy life, my father’s body is failing him. For many years now, he’s beaten the odds with a singular determination to live, one which I admire wholeheartedly but which makes me increasingly sad because I know he suffers. Sue is helping me to accept mortality, my father’s in particular, with empathy and precious insight. Sue has been my guide and friend for many years and now, more than ever, I realize how fortunate I am to have found her.


21 September 2018

Following a wonderful Tarot card reader*****

Sue you are brilliant thankyou. A great Tarot card reading answered all my questions. 



This was the first time I have been for a mediumship with Sue, I can honestly say, she was spot on, on so many things, and I didn't have to tell her anything, great experience , would defiantly go again and would recommend her to anyone,


Friday 21 September 

Extremely helpful and accurate*****
I have had 2 readings with Sue, the first one, she amazed me with her accuracy and insite, and by the time I called for the second one, several of the things she had told me from the first one had proved to be true. I really enjoy her perspective, and her delivery. The last reading I ended up literally speechless at what she was saying, so write your questions down, she will blow you away and like me you may forget!

True and genuine*****
Would like to say big thank you to Sue for her support and insight. So true and some things still to happen. I have contacted Sue twice now and she is genuine and honest. She also gives advice which helps in making a decision going forward. No doubt I will get in touch again if help ever needed. Don't doubt, contact Sue. Be blessed.
E mail reading

Briliant *****
Highly recommend it. Thank you xx

Always spot on *****
I’ve seen sue for a reading several times and I can honestly say I always leave her feeling focussed and happy with the direction my life is taking. I feel her readings keep me on track and give me clarity on personal situations that I’m coping with. If you’re feeling a little lost or need some direction in your life I highly recommend a visit to sue. 

full recorded reading*****

I came out feeling a lot better. My questions were answered. I will return in a year to see sue again. Mostly to let her know how I have got on and for another reading. She was very quick and went through everything, im so glad I got a recording as I was able to listen to it again. I would full recommend Sue and I have already told various friends who now want to book. I went to a reader before and got a lot of silly questions and answers that were wrong. Sue got everything right. 



Always straight forward *****

No matter the content Sue tells it like it needs to be told, but with great care and kindness. 



Excellent *****
 I have spoken to Sue on many occasions when I have needed clarity. She is consistent and always pin points the issues in question, I have recommended her to others, none of whom have been disappointed. Her insight and guidance have been of great value. 
Friday 31st August

Overwhelmed by the talent of this lady!*****
I have had a few telephone and email readings with Sue before which were all jaw dropping. She picked up on difficulties from my past, told me exactly what was going in my present and how I felt about it and her predictions for the future are, I think (I hope), now beginning to happen. This was my first Full reading and, yet again, it was awe inspiring. In my opinion, Sue is one of the most talented women I have ever met. Her ability in reading the cards, palm and crystal ball are amazing and it left me lost for words at times. It is really hard to take it all in at the time so I would highly recommend having the reading recorded. Listening back on it not only gives me great comfort and reassurance but it also gives clarity in the detail of what was said. Sue has been a great support to me over the last few months, giving great guidance (to which I follow 100%) and reassurance (which I have asked for several times!) and I don't know what I would have done without her. She has always shown great empathy and patience towards me and I cannot thank her enough. Bless you Sue xx Rachel


This is the first time I have met Sue and I was very impressed. I had a full hours full reading and was happy with it. She was spot on with a lot of things she said and I'm just hoping I can write another review and say she was right about everything the cards/ball/palm have told her. Will definitely be coming back. I feel a lot more positive after seeing her. Thank you Sue x



It was my first time I have had a reading with Sue. Iwould hightly recommend her. Sue was very accurate in in the reading she gave,and would go and see Sue again,she also was recommended to me by a friend 

Inspired by vision*****
Most people will not be able to explain visions and interpretation of the visions that you may have.Sue has managed to explain what is going on in my life and what the dreams mean.Thank fully I have some idea of what messages are being brought to me.I am so glad that I have met Sue to help me throughThank you Sue x

Waiting for change***** 
I have now known Sue for some time now and I have had words of encouragement and insight into how things will unfold. I can honestly say that a lot has happened.I can say that the things that have happened prove to me that Sue is truly gifted and a warm and kind person to meet.I truly consider her amongst the best that I have seen with out a shadow of doubt. Thanks Sue. 

Lovely lady who says it as it is. Difficult hearing things that are still raw but Sue delivers in a kind way and leaves you wondering how she knows your situation clearly. Third reading with Sue and would highly recommend. 
Mon 20th Aug 2018


I’ve had email readings with Sue for about 4 years now. She has been acccurate on a number of points and some things she predicted have materialised in time. The main topic I’ve asked about though has been more miss than hit. Although she has always said the same thing would happen the timings were off; the most recent prediction of this has now changed and is completely different leaving me thinking that for the past 4 years I’ve believed something would occur but in fact it won’t! So of course, this has left me confused. 

17 August 2018
'When your soul gives up on something , things can change. if you are determined and not feeling that your life is wasting while you wait, you can still have the future that you want,  but it depends onyour strength of will.' Sue 

So accurate *****
I always find Sue spot on. It’s amazing at how much she can read when it’s just an email. Thank you Sue for helping me understand things better through your insight.
Friday 17th August 2018

Lifetime advisor*****
Not the first time asking Sue burning questions and not the first time being very accurate. She had gained my trust and I highly recommend her as a life long trustee. In many cases I had lost hope and desire to carry on, but Sue managed clearly to guide me and show the invisible to me. Amazing lady! Thank you for everything!

Fantastic *****
I would highly recommend Sue. I opted for a phone Tarot reading as it’s much easier for me as I’m so busy and live far away from her. She was also recommended to me by a friend. Along with the very accurate reading she has a really lovely personality. She made me feel at ease and guided me through my reading. I will definitely be using her again.
Monday 13th Aug 2018 330pm 


Sue is amazing! She is very helpful! She is just a great lady! Thank you for everything!



Sue is rare and genuine! *****
I met Sue 10 years ago through a recommendation and I feel incredibly grateful that we have crossed paths. Sues readings whether in person, on the phone or by email are all extremely accurate and insightful. She is always genuinely kind, honest and non-judgmental, I have found an enormous amount of clarity, perspective, peace and confidence in my decisions through her dedicated work. This hardly feels enough of a thank you for everything you’ve done for me, but it’s a start, thank you SO much. With love,
Suzannah xxx
I’ve had many 

This was my first reading, it will not be the last. Within about 5-6 minutes, Sue was telling me things and confirming things that had been said to me by someone else. It was a great reading, not showy or over the top just filled with good information and answers to my questions. She confirmed her ability very quickly , I really enjoyed it.
Friday evening 


Sue has always gives such fantastic insight into situations in my life,I always go to sue and will never ever go anywhere else.I use sue as my guidance,some need to unfold but most things already have.I now class sue as my friend.sue always replies promptly or even before the stated time and date.I wouldn't know what to do without her now.
Michelle Ball

Tarot face to face 30 minute reading *****

I would definitely recommend sue to anyone. This was my first reading with Sue and certainly won't be the last which was recommended by my friend but I never regretted it. Sue is a truly naturally gifted psychic as well as a counselor, I was really taken by surprise on my reading with the accuracy and how much she knew and could pick out. I have been to a few different psychics before but nothing compares to her and what tops it off is that she is also very passionate about her job. A 5 star rating is an understatement in my eyes as she's worth a lot more. Thank you very much sue and I'll look forward to seen you again sometime soon in the near future, God bless you take care :)



Amazing readings *****

I first saw Sue 3 years ago, the detailed readings left me in tears & heart broken. Sue gave me healing, strength to carry on. Sue’s readings are like no other. I have returned to her 3 times since & no doubt will be back. Be patient and in time Sue’s predictions do come true. When they have, Its has taken my breath away how accurate the readings were. She has stated amazing detail about my feelings, events & people in my life, The predictions that havent come through, weren’t meant to be. Im patiently waiting for a few more to come to light. Sue is a beautiful kind soul, she makes you feel at ease and doesn’t judge you. I have cried & laughed at the readings. I have reccomended  friends, who have equally be amazed. Get a recording as you will hear things you missed & good to check back on long term predictions. Thank you Sue xx 


Jan 2018

Sue spellbounds *****
A fantastic magical experience! highly recommend it...xx
2 august 2018 @ 2:00 pm

Email questions *****
This is the first time I have had Tarot via email so wasn’t sure how this would work or what to expect. The answers I got back were very relevant to my situation and was just what I needed to hear at that time. I so pleasantly surprised that I booked a face to face reading and also recommended Sue to others! Worth every penny so far :-) Ash

5th year 
I had a reading from Sue as I was uncertain about a few things. Yet again sue was spot on with many of her replies to my questions. I like the way sues answers flow and aren’t just one sentence. I even had a message from spirit that was my grandfather and what she told me was a pleasure to hear. I would with out a doubt recommend Sue to anyone. 

Life saving *****

Sue has been so patient with me for over a year now. She always helps me no matter how overwhelming I am since I have a lot of stress and I can't handle anxiety well. Through all of our sessions together I've become stronger. I highly advise reading with Sue. 



No 1 *****
Sue is the best she has a gift and uses it with professional and extremely knowledgeable has never left me wondering have I chosen wrong to contact her through her site in my opinion she is the best at what she does So greatful for having as my no 1 Noel xx

 Not sure*

Was recommended so booked reading. Quite unlike any reading I have ever had. I had to ask a series of questions to which she then gave a response. I was told I would live to my early eighties and outlive my husband. Not a question I asked!! Felt very uncomfortable with reading


By Sue

Superb *****
Sue is extremely talented and a gifted individual. I throughly recommend her to anyone who needs answers and direction to specific topics in their life. She gives in depth and accurate readings in a friendly, no nonesense manner. I have used Sue on many occasions and she has been able to give me great clarity of thought. A wonderful lady, I can’t thank you enough! Love and light Xx



I had a one to one reading with sue. its my 4th reading with her and she always hits the nail on the head. she knows things nobody could know and reassured me on a lot of troubles. i will continue to see sue for the rest of my life as she always gives me guidance and not things i just want to hear.
karen lester

Right again *****

Sue is always truthful honest and right on point . So if you can handle this then Sue is your lady . As a added bonus she is a lovely woman thanks Sue
24th July

Incredible!! *****

I had the most incredible reading with Sue. Sue is clearly a very experienced and talented Tarot reader and her reading was incredibly accurate and helped to give me direction at time when I felt at a bit of a crossroads. I also love the fact that she allows a couple of follow up questions after the reading as it can be easy to forget what you want to ask when oh get caught up in the moment. On a separate note the booking system was simple and easy to use! 


24 July 2018

Best psychic you will fnd*****

This review is long overdue. Sue has been reading for me for over 5 years now and I can honestly say that everything she has predicated has come true, the month on months are outstanding, the only slight difference sometimes has been the names of who I have been asking about, but the outcome has always been the same, however saying this my ex partner that I married 4 years ago had the same name of a guy I was calling about . In this time Sue predicated my engagement to the exact month and marriage, my marriage unfortunately did not work out , so here I was again last year back to Sue for advice on what the future held, again she predicted last year the man that I am now with, we had our ups and downs at first with commitment issues and Sue kept me going. Thank you Sue, you have kept me sane all these years as I get anxious over relationships as we all know men are not easy. I wouldn't use anyone else..

J. Yorkshire

10th July

Truly Amazing!*****
I can honestly say I wouldn't know what I would've done without Sue over the past couple of months. I have had three telephone readings and was fortunate to meet her in person at the Bedford River Festival on Sunday. This lady is truly remarkable. There are not enough words to describe just how amazing her talent is. Not only that, Sue is full of compassion, empathy and has the patience of a saint. I am worrier and my anxiety has led me back to Sue for reassurance on matters that are affecting me at the moment. Sue never fails to make me feel so much better and puts everything in perspective. She has been my rock, and still is as my situation is still ongoing. However, I have faith in everything that she tells me. Far better than any counsellor that I've seen!!

Sue truly is a wonderful person...funny and full of smiles, understanding and not condescending. Unfortunately, none of what she had seen has ever happened in the material world over several readings by phone, face 2 face and on email with each reading backing up the others previous. Nevertheless, the hope she gave me was enough to get me through the most difficult period of my life but it would have been great if just one thing had come true but no joy here I'm afraid. I do recommend to see her even if you're just curious, you'll have a great time.
February '18
(If my advice is not followed Alex, you cannot expect the future to pan put as expected. I said NO contact, and No other women)

Incredible person! *****
I have reading from Sue for over 4 years. I often run out of things to say about her gifts. Her works is not just significant from spiritual level but actually so extraordinarily from humanity point of view. There are probably very few of us reach such level of intelligence and spiritual wisdom in this world. I hope Sue can help as many people as her gift guide her.
Lynne T


I had a email reading with Sue as I am not patient I honest feel this lady is the real deal my situation is very delicate she gives some fantastic advice I had a phone reading with her 1st I just thought see what she says 1st 3 mins I was blown away! I am booked in for another reading as I have lots of questions for Sue :) she tells me how things are and how to play them she is kind and funny and she makes me feel good even tho my road is hard I would recommend you get a recording coz when I feel like there is no hope I listen to it she also doesn’t beat around the bush and never gives you false hope and doesn’t judge you 
Last night :) 

One of the Best *****
I went to see Sue only just recently and I have seen on other occasions.This women is amazing at what she does when it comes down to making you feel better about yourself when no body else manages to understand you.The way she works and the total dedication in what she does is hard to match.She is a warm and calm person in all the times that I have seen her and always does her best for you.I simply don't have the words to thank her enough for all the help she has given me.Only to say Thank you Sue. 

15 telephone reading *****

Thank you so much for the reading. I was blown away by the accuracy. Thank you so much 

Cheryl Brown

10 June 2018 

I have been coming to Sue since 2012 and she is brilliant. Everything she said has always played out. I can think of 6 situations what have happened from my last reading a year ago which Sue said would happen. Very complex situations which nobody could ever come close to guessing. If your thinking of getting a reading definately get one. I was dubious of email readings until Sue told me the exact month and year I would have my first child 2 years before having her. 
Vaugn Bennett

Kind and Patient *****
I have been in contact with Sue for the past couple of years, during a bumpy season in my life. The happy ending to my story is yet to come but Sue has been the soft cushion for me to land on throughout, she is very witty and funny when you meet her in person as well as calm and patient...she does not judge nor does she sugarcoat anything so if you want clarity or focus around any aspect of your life, I thoroughly recommend her. Sue’s predictions and the details she has given me in respect of life issues and the problems I’ve faced mainly around my love life is just astounding at times...right down to helping me locate a passport on one occasion that was so well hidden I would never have found it without her. Sue has an amazing gift and I’m very grateful that I found her.
Where do I start 😉


Went with my mum for a shared tarot card reading. Was very interesting and spot on, I would highly recommend Sue. We will be visiting again!
23rd June 2018

By telephone *****

What amazed me more than all my questions and the responses from Sue, was her last input - which I had not asked for! My husband passed away in February and I had no idea that Sue also acted as a medium with those who had died, but she voluntered a message from my late husband as I still had a few minutes left. She gave me 3 messages from him which there is no way she could have known about. It has helped me so much and I am so very grateful. I feel it’s easier to bear the grief because I am convinced my late husbands soul is with me every day.

Kirsti Harewood
23. June 2018

Sue is my Rock! *****
There are no words to describe just how amazing this lady is. She has been my rock over the past few weeks/months whilst I go through a very difficult time. I have had three readings now (for reassurance!) and they all tally. Im just praying that her predictions come true. Thanks Sue, for your patience and reassurance. Rachel

Thank you *****

Dear Sue, thanks a lot for your wonderful and accurate reading.

2 July 2018

Amazing reading! *****
Defo recommend and most certainly will be back. Thank u Sue

Top lady *****

Sue is real great at what she says in her reading have known sue over the years and her readings have been accurate every time 


Few days ago


So after reading the reviews about email questions I’d thought I’d use mine as I felt I hit a sudden block so I sat and thought about what I needed to know ( there were a couple of things that I couldn’t place in my second reading) but most of what sue said fitted today I told her that she was right and a brief outline of what I knew then I asked my questions and got my answers so I now know what I need to do and this makes me feel happier I think Sue is fab :)
Today via email 


Sue is an amazing lady, It never fails to amaze me at the accuracy of her readings, it's almost as if she lived with us. If I add that this was the tenth reading with Sue, that alone says how much I think of her. Lovely, sensitive lady.

Marjorie Ashby

30th June 2018

A few years without a reading to see the outcome *****

Several years ago I found sues shop,have been for readings, had phone calls, after a couple of years decided to stop having them done to reflect and see what happens,plus to find my faith, in all 68% came true, the rest hasent, disappointed it has not, but everythings for a reason. Keep up the good work sue, and thanks Ps, did say id have a long wait, but after some event seems impossible to wait for something I now don't believe could even happen.


couple of years ago

Jaw dropping!! *****

I recently had my first telephone reading with Sue and was a little apprehensive as to how accurate this form of reading could be. There was no need for apprehensions as within the first couple of minutes I was left speechless and amazed at what I was hearing. Sue summed up my past and present meticulously and her predictions of my hopes for the future were also spot on. She works quickly and fits so much in so I was pleased to have my questions written down ready. At one point I was a little speechless and taken aback at just how accurate her description of my current situation, and the people in it, was. I would DEFINITELY recommend having it recorded as it has been a great comfort to me to be able to listen to it for reassurance and it’s so easy to forget what was said.....especially when you’re in total awe of her. To top it off, Sue is a very caring, compassionate and patient lady. I often needed either clarification or reassurance on a couple of issues and Sue was very accommodating to my needs and didn’t once make me feel uncomfortable. I love how she tells you as it is and doesn’t sugar coat what she sees. I have since had a second reading (only 10 days apart) as I needed to know that what she had told me was actually going to happen.....basically, I needed reassurance! And I got it! Again, I was shocked and amazed at just how accurate she was. I’m now keeping my fingers crossed that all these (reassured) predictions come true!! Now that I’ve found Sue I will never look to another psychic. They just do not compare! Next time I see Sue will be for a Full 1:1 Reading and I’m very much looking forward to meeting this very special, talented lady in person. Thanks Sue. You’ve kept me going through what has been a very trying time in my life. I cannot thank you enough. Xx



Interesting *****

So I was up in the wee hours I had a reading with someone the week before over the phone it was not great so i spilt myself to her so I thought I’d try Sue she was more or less spot on about my current situation ( I told her nothing) just asked a general question about my love life she told me the bad stuff ( which was fine ) iv already been looking hard at myself she said I am obsessive ( I am) in a nutshell my ex has left me and I am heartbroken but we are currently living together ( it’s hard) she said he doesn’t want to go and I have a bit of crazy in me and he’s worried I told her I thought he was the one so she had a look and said in July I am going to missing him but I need to put me 1st iv already started the ball rolling she predicted a big row in around 2 weeks she also said this girl is just a friend but he mentions her for a reaction she also mentioned I’d meet a man in August that I would be very attracted too and that he would get jealous and then in October we could be looking at been together she also mentioned little things that made sense too I just hope she is right :) she made me feel calm and welcome she also made me laugh ( which is hard ) but she wasn’t judgemental she is a kind a caring lady and gives you value for money I wish I’d found her sooner and I hope all the above happens - I’ll probably book another just to check everything is ok and iv headed her advice fab lady thank you 


Thursday 21st June 2018

Spot on !! *****
Sue got my current situation spot on with me within 5 minutes of my reading would highly reccomend
Nicky brien
Sat 24/06/2018

Palm Reading *****

As always, Sue's reading helped me make decisions about things I was unsure of, or which way to go and made sense of it all. This is the second time Sue has read my palms - a few years apart - and certain things remained the same, so this made me more certain of what I want to do for my future. There were a few added surprises too! Sue has a way of making you feel very at ease in her company and can answer any questions you may have with accuracy from what she can read in your hand. Very fluid and totally amazing! Thank you Sue and I know who to come to when I'm unsure of which path to take!

Sue from Wootton

Friday evening - 22nd June 2018

Unique talent, and compassion *****

My dear friend Sue, how refreshing is to find that your great gift and compassion have the very thing we need so much in the pressurise we are living in. your values and honesty are so needed for the people who come to you looking for guidance, you have shown me true light and insight into my path, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Love and light, Carlos


21st of June 2018

Amazing *****
Once again this woman never seizes to amaze me.. could not fault her. It's been a good few years but again I have came back to Sue. And she has again got things right!! And the rest we will see in time again no doubt. Thank you lovely angel
Kelly McGrady 
Yesterday and over the years

always mind blown.*****

I needed to leave a review because Sue is amazing. And I genuinely believe she has an amazing gift and ability. I came to Sue for the first time just under 2 years ago. And since then had several readings with her. I did not get my first one recorded but have since then. and these past couple of days I have been reviewing the recording and the notes I took after my first reading. And I am mindblown by her accuracy. I know I’m always amazed during the readings at her ability to pick up things past and presents, identify people in my life and explain details about them that she just wouldn’t know. Also, identify people I know are on the other side with details you just can’t make up or expect to be true for just anyone who is sitting there. And even points out who she believes these people to be and is always right. But what is even more incredible is how everything she has predicted for me that could have happened up till now genuinely has come true. The rest is for the future so we will see. The only thing I can say is that every time I’ve been, what she has identified for my future has been consistent and followed the same thread. Which I just honestly can’t explain if she didn’t have a special gift. Even if what she has seen doesn’t come to pass Sue has given me hope and guidance in times of desperate need. She seems to know what you need to ask even before you ask it and is always helpful in getting the most out of your reading. And I always leave feeling better, more secure. She is an amazing woman and I would genuinely recommend going. But get it recorded because honestly you will want to go back and listen again. Thank you Sue for always being a light of hope and for taking the time to help those who come to you. 



God bless you Sue*****
I had a reading over the phone few days ago.Sue helped me a lot over the last two years.I always went from London to see her in person.But now with my reading over the phone, she is still spot on.She is very quick in answering, giving me the chance to ask as many questions as possible. Sue is extremely gifted, lovely and warm.I highly recommend her as the readings are great and always true. Much love to this lovely lady. 
Angela ×××
Friday,15th of June 2018

Shirley's Visit  *****
I love visiting Sue. She is like a friend and instantly puts you at ease. Everything she has forecast so far has come true so I am really hopeful about my recent forecast. I always come away from Sue feeling positive and that I have visited a favourite friend. Everything Sue tells me about my present and past is so true and she could not have possibly known any of my circumstances. Thank you Sue for making me feel so positive about everything. Never worry if its your first time - there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Great insight*****

I am always impressed with the clarity of Sue’s answers. She is accurate and concise.


14 June 2018

Always so accurate *****

My fourth visit to Sue and I find her warmth and understanding of one’s situation a true gift. She has been pretty accurate with much of what she has read from the cards when I have visited her. She tells you the hard stuff as well as the good and it isn’t always what you want to hear, but in my case I have found her readings to be intuitive and most helpful. So many facts that she could not have known seem to come out every time that I visit and add clarity to a swirl of emotion. Thank you Sue for you wisdom and advice to put me on the right path and back on track with my life. 


11 June 2018

Honest *****
I had a telephone reading with Sue I was in a dilemma she gave me so much clarity in the 15 minutes accurate and honest really helped me understand my situation..really gifted.. Many thanks
11 the June 2018

Amazing helpful reassuring *****
I Have had a one to one with sue and two email readings, one was about my lost cat which she told me was still alive which she was at the time of my reading. my one to one, all the validations came true and were spot on and i have just had a two question email reading over something that is very worrying to which she has helped me with. im due to have another one to one in a couple of weeks time and im really looking forward to it as its like she knows you iside out and is also good with guidence. i really reccomend spellboundsue.
Karen Lester

Lost for words *****

I went to see Sue recently concerning various things that I feel totally out of my control.As always she listens to what you have to say and gives you her interpretation as how she see's things.As always she makes you feel back in control of you self and the thoughts going through your mind making you feel uneasy.Sue to me is a woman with a heart of love,compassion and kindness always see's the best in you. Once again Thank You Sue 

God Bless you. 



Reading *****

Excellent reading. Lots of very accurate info. Linked with everyone i wanted. Cant fault sue and such a lovely lady


5th june 2018

I met Sue for the first time yesterday. Be honest I was nervous and apprehensive about going, but boy I am glad I did. she put me at ease. The good thing about Sue is she doesn't make you wait, she began her appointment on time and got on with it - NO TIME WASTING. Every minute of that hour was valuable and it was like she wanted to give you as much info as possible in that hour and not waste ur time, which is so rare in people. She told me things that were going on, how I can avoid things and how she and I can help myself. she put my mind at ease and made me feel more confident in myself and get out of depression. The other beautiful thing is she does not judge you. Bcoz u are at a low part of ur life you are asking random questions she does mnot prompt u saying u asked that lets deal with that first, no she will just deal with you as you are asking - it was a beautiful reading. All I can say is THANK YOU SUE!!! Watch this space I will be back in a few months with good news I hope!! 




Sue is very accurate cannot wait to have another reading from her!



I visited Sue for a full reading with a list of 30 questions that I hoped she would be able to provide illumination on. The main reason being concern about an adult child trapped through his gentleness in a long term relationship & now marriage with a partner with mental/ emotional issues. who plays mind games with them. Sues answers reassured me that there would be an ending and release for the individual concerned. beginning in 12 months time . Her answers were consistent with what Sue told me about this situation 12 and 24 months ago . Sue really cares about the work she does and the people Spirit send to her .She is so down to earth and normal and you immediately feel calm and relaxed in her presence which is a healing one. She is the only intuitive medium that I would spend time and money on visiting. As one sensitive to energy her workroom is a high vibrational space and as a therapist / healer she is the only medium I recommend to my patients. 

Thank you Sue for the wonderful work you do with complete integrity .


Tuesday May 29th 2018. 12 o/ clock 

Mr *****
I am amazed at how accurate Sue is in her readings. I have had a face to face reading, email and telephone readings over the years and every time she has been spot on and so helpful. Sue is a very special gifted lady. Philip

Genuine *****

She knows what you want to know or your concerns without telling her. I wrote a dozen of questions as

I know she reads fast to fill the purchased time but within first 3mins she combined answers to what I wanted to know for 70%. Past and present 100 accurate it is not a realm of psychic but it goes to almost scientific precision. Let’s see how future unfold. I encourage regular clients to write here with how their predictions went curious to know the others personal experience. It is my previledge to know her.


Last night

Therapy *****

My readings with Sue have so far been very enlightening and have given me insights in areas where I had doubts and felt insecure. It was almost like a therapy session. The recordings were helpful to go through the questions again, because there is a lot of information in a very short amount of time. I definitely recommend the recorded session for a telephone reading.

Couldn't read me ***
I had never done anything like this before but with a fair amount of turmoil in my life I thought I'd give it a try. My background would tend to make me sceptical, but I came into it with an open mind. When I was waiting in the ante-chamber I felt at peace. Sue called me in and asked me to pick some cards. She read them and the "past" aspect of my life did not tally. The present part was vague. She asked me if her reading was accurate and I said no. So she used a second set. The results were similar. Finally, I shuffled some cards and she asked me to ask her a question that I knew the answer to. Reading the cards, her answer was wrong. At this point she said that for whatever reason, she was unable to read me. To her credit, she left it at that and did not charge me. Part of me felt I might have had strange sensations visiting her, but I was at peace and relaxed the whole time. In fact I felt very calm leaving. This didn't work for me - no reflection on Sue - but leaves me wondering about the next stage on the spiritual journey.

I have had a number of email readings with Sue and I can honestly say Sue has reassured me in this time of need. Despite feeling extremely bad for the back and forth email, Sue was absolutely wonderful and reassuring. I will be visiting for a face to face reading within the next few weeks or so. Thank you xx
Monday 14th May 2018

Very good***** 

Had a 2 question email reading and sues answers were pretty reassured me that I was right to follow the path I was she is pretty much spot on whether it's a 2 question reading a face to face reading or on the phone xx 


Had several over yrs 

Positive experience *****
I was found the reading quite accurate...I had 15 minutes and was able to gather a lot of information in such a short space of time...I was also given the opportunty to email over a question as part of the reading...I would definitely use this service again 
Tuesday 8th may 2018 

Sceptic to Believer *****
I went in the hope than a family member would come through, I didn’t expect so many to come through the thing spellboudsue knew and Said was unexplainable, I later spoke to family memebers and they were just as shocked as things I wouldn’t of known about those relatives my mum did. At one moment I felt overwhelmed and very taken back, I came away feeling very comforted. I would recommend and in time I will re visit. 
Mr Roberts
8th May 2018 5pm

Mind at rest *****

I had a reading with Sue only just recently, and as always she puts your mind at rest. When every thing appears to be going wrong and you don't know what lies ahead, it's just good to know this amazing woman who I have been fortunate enough to meet in times of trouble.I don't know how I will ever be able to thank her enough for the help an support she has given me. Thank you Sue.



Full reading *****

It was my first time having my cards,future and speaking to a loved one who has passed so I wasn’t sure what to expect , My experience with Sue was absolutely breathtaking . Sue made me feel completely at ease and her ability and gift she has is just beautiful , everything Sue could see and came through were spot on Sue knew things no one could know it blew me away mentally and emotionally . I will definatley be coming back for more reading :) 

Charlotte (charlie)



 Spellbound.. This is why exactly why Sue is called Spellbound Sue. This was my second reading with Sue and i visited her because i needed clarification on certain things happening in and around me and my life. This time i wrote down all the questions i needed answering and was well prepared for the reading ahead of me. The moment i sat down Sue knew exactly how i was feeling and picked up on the energy. I thoroughly recommend Sue for a reading and will look forward to waiting for things from the reading to unfold because the Tarot tells a story which unfolds over time............

Miss Sandeep

30th April 2018


I visited Sue in December 2017. I really enjoyed the whole thing, Lots of detail and my questions clearly answered. I wrote these down and came prepared which helped. Sue has a very calm presence so you instantly feel open to the tarot experience. It is Also very handy to have your reading recorded because 6 months on I have listened to the recording again and connect to more of the details as time goes on. I would highly recommend anyone open minded to Tarot to visit Sue. I will visit again. Thanks Harriet
 28 th December 2017

Enlightenment *****
Sue is truly amazing. The questions I’ve had for years have finally been answered and I have found peace. Since seeing Sue I feel like a different person much lighter and more peaceful. I cannot thank her enough xxx
Nicky Robinson

Remarkable!!! *****

Beside from her powerful gift, Sue is also an extremely intelligent, articulate and witty person who I always feel uplifted to talk to regardless of circumstances.

Lynne T


Highly recommended *****

I had a thirty minute reading with Sue, it was very helpful and insightful, Sue knew things about me that she just wouldn't have known!! She guided me through the process, I made notes but to be honest I should have got it recorded as there is so much information given and she is so accurate, I would certainly recommend having a reading with Sue.

Gloria Hill

20th April 2018

Accurate *****

I came to Sue in a moment of need, and she described my situation almost to a tee. Sue is a calm, understanding and personable reader who has given me hope for the future. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 3-4 months have in store and hoping things pan out as she said for me.



Chanel *****

First time reading and this certainly won’t be last ! Efficient straight to the point!!!



A remarkable gift *****

Sue’s reading flows easily and there was no awkwardness or effort involved. It really helped me clarify some Issues. Amazing gift, Sue’s reading was so accurate I almost fell off my chair!


10 April 2018

never wrong *****

ive been going to sue now for over 3 years and everything she has picked up on has come true . i would highly recommend her if its the truth you are looking for Thanks again Sue 



Great reading *****

I had a telephone reading with Sue which was very accurate. Sue was lovely, answered my queries by email promptly and was friendly and warm on the phone. If i could only have had longer as the 15 mins went so quickly.I would book longer next time. I would definiteley highly recommend sue. Wouldnt hesitate to book and i will be a returning customer.Thankyou sue.


Tues 6 th April aft

Saving Grace  *****

I was told about Sue in November last year, through one of the darkest times of my life yet. She was unbelievably warming, calming and welcoming. She was accurate and consistent in her readings till date! Sue has helped me see light in situations which I would normally willow in, she is someone I can confide in without judgement and has been brutely honest with me when needed. There are no answers she sugar coats for for benefit which is refreshing and provides clarity no matter how big or small your questions are. I can say I’m so glad I met Sue when I did and could no longer imagine my life without her guidance and service. I’m so glad despite having my friends I have Sue to trust to give me the right and most accurate advice. 


(Date) Ongoing


Sue is a truly enlightened gift :) 

Bianca Montgomery

March 27,2018

Thankyou sue for giving me insight into a situation that is occurring,wether it's face to face or email or telephone,they are all as accurate as each other.i get so much reassurance and comfort I now class sue as my friend.sue is the first person I think off when I need a helping hand.a truly lovely caring lady who takes much of her time to help others.thankyou.
Michelle Ball

Phone reading *****

Wow, Sue was amazing at every single thing she picked up and told me. I’ve had readings done before by others but no one can come close to how good Sue is. I look forward to seeing how things work out over the next few months. Highly recommend.



Positive vibes and spot on characterisation *****

my reading with Sue was revealing and spot on in many points. It gave me some positive vibes and explained some things from the past and gave me lot to think about in a very good way. will definitely book a reading again when I need some direction in life. The most revealing moment was when I was told that a painting of mine would sell, which happened the same evening of the reading.


March 16

Always go back for more *****

I have been seeing Sue for some time now as I happen to be a person that likes to know what is happening and why. Each and every time I ask Sue some thing I am left amazed as some of the things you simply can not explain and the truth is they are as she says, when you look back.Over the years I have been looking for answers to make sense as to why things happen as they do, and I still do.This helps me to relax and knowing that I will come out okay at the right time.Sue puts my mind at rest don't know what I would have done with out her.To me she is the most down to earth woman, caring understanding and never judges you.A truly remarkable women and I am glad to have met her. 



Hi, Thank you so much Sue! I have been to see Sue a few times, and I'll definitely see her again. Her predictions are so accurate, just talking to her helped me so much. Such an amazing women! Thank you so much Sue! xxx Sveta
March 2018

Excellent *****

Sue provides in-depth, accurate readings. She is extremely friendly, and makes you feel completely at ease. I have come to Sue for advice on a number of occasions and I would highly recommend her to all my friends when clarification is needed. Thanks Sue for your help.



Insightful, helpful & greatly appreciated *****

I have contacted sue a handful of times over the past few years since being recommended by a friend. Each time I have been thoroughly amazed at the insights that I never expected! So apart from my curiosity being satisfied when having my questions answered by Sue, the additional unexpected info and insights are just fascinating and so helpful. I am so very appreciative of sue and her sharing of her gifts! How amazing to be able to access a higher source of knowledge when needed!! Thank you so much 😊

7th March 2018

Spookily Accurate *****
I must confess. I did the first reading to prove that a friend's answers to questions about me were either lucky guesses by Sue or wishful thinking on my friend's part. I was deliberately careful with my questions and responses so I didn't influence Sue in any way (something she is very keen for you to avoid as well). I can honestly say I was completely freaked out by her accuracy. She most definitely did NOT tell me what I wanted to hear, nor did she sugar-coat any less than great news. She had details about my businesses that she could not possibly have known and predictions of behaviour in others that were uncannily accurate despite not being the most obvious response to a given situation and having no knowledge of the people involved. My second reading (6 weeks later) was half believing and half fearing that the doubter in me was right and the 2nd time would contradict the first and disappoint. But no. Situations had evolved and again Sue was uncannily accurate. I don't understand it. I can't explain it. But call it what you will, Sue has knowledge that she shouldn't have from a few minutes conversation with a total stranger. Believer or Cynic, all I can say is test it for yourself. What have you got to lose?

Amazing and accurate *****
Sue was amazing, this was an incredible experience and was accurate. Thank you so much Sue. 
24 Feb 2018

Reading *****

I saw Sue in 2013 and have never forgotten the wonderful experience I had. The reading which I received was incredibly accurate and the recording of it has been a source of comfort to me over the years since. Furthermore, just being in the company of Sue was a very spiritual experience, Sue is a master at her craft and this fact shines out from the moment you meet her. At the time of the reading I was experiencing a tough patch in my life, but after my time with Sue I left feeling like my soul had been soothed. 


 June 2013

Recorded reading *****

My first time seeing Sue. Very relaxed reading made me feel at ease. Very enlightening and knew alot about what was going on in my life. I would definitely go back another time and have another reading.



No words! *****

Sue has a gift that beyond what my humble mind can fully comprehend. But one thing I know, she is not only a great clairvoyance , she is a also great a therapy who has helped me see through every dark corner of my life and a friend who is patiently answers to the same questions over and over again. At the end, it is only the knowledge of your true self can shape your own future. Good luck!

Lynne T


Sue is an exceptional medium and I would strongly advice anyone seeking comfort or answers to visit her.

Richard from Bedfordshire


Excellent Reading *****
Sue was amazing, very warm, friendly and made the reading very comfortable and comforting. She shared things that she could not have known about my family and life. The reading has started to help me think about things I wanted answers to. I will be booking a medium session soon. 

Woman of wisdom *****

I have seen Sue for some time now and she never ceases to amaze me, each and every time I have doubts about some thing in life she is quick to reassure me that things are not as bad.For any one looking for answers to their problems or a way forward this woman simply has a gift like no other that I can compare her to. Sue makes you feel at ease from the minute you meet her and tells you as she see's things going forward.She's spot on ever time. Thank you Sue. 


Tues 13/02/2018

Excellent - inspiring  *****

Sue is excellent and helps you feel very at ease and inspired 


10th Feb

 Telephone Reading *****
 Wasn't able to see Sue in person due to family stuff and she kindly allowed me to change to a telephone reading. My reading was every bit as good as a face to face reading with Sue and I am amazed how much ground she covered in 15 minutes. It is scary how accurate she a good way of course! 



Help from Sue *****

I have been consulting Sue for many years now and I am amazed at her gift. She is also a sweet, caring person. She has helped me so much and I can absolutely commend her to anyone thinking of asking for her help or foresight xxx




30 minute tarot card reading. Perfect - sometimes it’s hard to hear but I know she’ll be correct. She has 

been every time. 



Slightly disappointed **
I found seeing Sue face to face for a reading better than emailing questions. I paid for 4 questions and just felt the answers were very general and did not touch on anything that is relevant in my life right now. I thought some more insight to my current situation would be given. I think paying the extra and having a phone or face to face reading is probably better.
29 January 2018

Compassionate and Accurate *****
I have had quite a few readings with Sue - face to face, telephone and tarot, mediumship and palmistry. She gets quite a few questions fit in, in 30 minutes - don't be surprised if you run out of questions before you run out of time and she will always help suggest questions if needed but be prepared! ! She is also compassionate (especially when the readings go to difficult topics) and there is no feeling of judgement. Worth checking in with!
23 Jan 2018


Wow,nothing more to say really, speechless when I came out and will certainly be booking again



Sincere and exceptional *****

Sue's gift is second to none she reads your life without being prompted from the client. Regarding my prediction they are to be seen. Most important things are to be waited for my case. But I must say that some of then did come true to the detail. ie when asked my acquaintance's career perspective she said he will be heading to xx and OO area of the globe - by the time it was asked there was no sign. But a few month later suddenly project came up and he did go to these rather uncommon part of the world. On top of that I would like to mention her beautiful personality. She has a solid personality, down to earth, properly spoken intelligent lady with a warm heart. So you expect a top quality customer care from a genuine phenomenal psychic. Anyone who thinks psychic is sort of weird thing or a person then she is the opposite and demonstrate her amazing talent at the same time,. She will soothe you and put your feet back on a ground. Absolutely Trustworthy lady, Me being a very private person but I trust her that I speak anything with her. Highly recommend for a phone/in person reading. 


16th January 2018

Simply the best *****

I saw Sue recently and asked her for clarification on things going on in my life and other areas. As always when I have been to see Sue I come back feeling reassured and optimistic going forward and I always go back to see her time and time again.To me this woman is Simply the Best and I am so glad to have met her.She wants to help her clients the best she can.Sue is in my opinion a truly gifted woman and I can never repay her for the help she has given me when every thing seemed impossible to manage. Thank You Sue. 


Fri 12th jan 2018

Outstanding everytime *****

I've just had an email reading with sue and now I feel so much better for it,I just need to take Sues advice and guidance and move on from my latest problems,sue gives me insight on what I should Do for the best and I always feel so much calmer and happier after my readings.simply the best and I am so confident in sue after numerous readings now and I regard her as my friend for life.a wonderful caring lady's,thanks sue.



Always a pleasure *****

It is always a please to go see Sue. I’m always amazed at what she manages to see and give me insight into. She’s never afraid to give you straight up answers, but I always leave with a sense of comfort. She is truely gifted. 



So Glad *****

I have had readings with Sue before and she is always so welcoming and calming. She mentions things that I have not told her that surprise me each time, and this was the case yesterday. I came away feeling a lot better for her reassurance, hope and healing. Things change of course, so whatever the outcome turns out to be in your life, Sue always gives calm, wisdom and healing, those 30 minutes are insightful, happy and worthwhile. I am going back again in a few months 

Peggy x

4 January 2018

Addictive *****

Spot on honest reliable and truthful that is what we want to know and that is what you get . But as a extra added bonus you get a wonderfully warm kind person too . Her patience and her speedy accurate response shows she cares book and see for yourself you won't be disappointed we can't all be wrong



Tarot reading *****

I have had several readings from Sue in the past, they are always insightful, Sue is very honest and expels any concerns I may have about issues in my life. I could not thank her enough for her help.



Very good *****

I have had many readings with sue and she has been very accurate on everything except my rather complicated relationship she does get the relationship right but her predictions have been way out but free will and all that this doesn't in any way change the fact that sue has a wonderful gift and i highly recommend her I shall be having more readings in the future 


Had several over yrs 

Good Guidance*****

I recommend visiting Sue for guidance and insight into what is happening around you In the past I have visited many psychics but have never found them to be as good as Sue , Sue was spot on and accurate with certain situations around me Very good I thoroughly recommend Sue  

Miss S.B.

December 2017

How many superlatives are there *****

Going to see Sue is one of the highlights of the day. She is such a lovely genuine lady and her readings are just amazing. My daughter comes with me and we have been going to see her regularly four times a year for 3 ½ years. There is absolutely no way that she knows the things that she tells me. Even if she had the most amazing memory she couldn’t possibly remember everything is said.. For example my daughter and I went I was actually too frightened to speak. I only spoke very end of the session. I already knew during the session that she was really amazing. I want to give her a cuddle after each session, in fact I genuinely think of her as my friend. Oh dear really sound gushy, I AM. If you haven’t seen Sue yet, give her a try I am sure you will be as happy as I am. 

28th December 2017

Enlighting reading for the year ahead *****

Thank you to Sue for my tarot card reading! I felt very uplifted after our 30 min appointment. Keeping a positive mindset into 2018. Thanks again  


Thursday 28th December 

Amazing, spot on! *****

Sue is so insightful and gives such accurate readings. She understands the situation without any prompting and gives a clear account of what she can see. Would highly recommend Sue!


September and email readings 2017

Always helpful*****

Accurate and to the point 

Jessica Crockett


Lost for Words *****

I am lost for words when I talk about this amazing woman, who comes across as just an ordinary person.Yet she has a gift that is so amazing, and she uses it to help people like myself to have hope when every thing seems lost.I can only say that the accuracy and commitment of Sue is outstanding, she wants the best for her clients.I for one trust her without any doubt and will always recommend her to be the best amongst the very best. AB



Absolutely fantastic and spot on with things which had happen in the past. Provided me with the guidance i needed.Thank you!


28 September 2017


I have visited Sue 2 or 3 times over the last few years. She's very good and some things she told me 2 year ago have been spot on about a relationship and she has made some predictions of which some have happened and i'm waiting for 2018 to see if the rest of the story unfolds. Definitely will continue to visit Sue. Frankie

Dec 2017
Accurate and honest, but be ready to learn *****

Sue has answered my questions in person and by email for 4 years. I have no doubt that she has been a messenger for those on the other side who have wanted to provide me with guidance and take me to the place where I now am. With her own wisdom and experience in these matters added where appropriate, her service is true, honest, and empathetic. To get the most out of the readings though you have to go in with an open mind, or at least be ready to learn. There is much that we do not understand about the other side - although Sue has built up a wealth of knowledge and our guides that communicate through her are there to help us. Many things predicted in Sue's readings have happened including with relationships and work. What is shown are pathways though, as Sue would readily counsel herself, and we have the power always to change that. However for the best results in the long term you should use Sue's readings for guidance, rather than just 'wanting to know the future'. That is not to say that Sue's readings are like the kind of frustrating, generic waffle that can be found in online or high street Astrology readings anywhere - because they are very much better than that. Rather that her readings offer the best insight in the long term if used to weigh up choices and consider the soul's best path for the future, rather than seeking any degree of control or dominance over what awaits. For reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of Sue's readings I am near the end of my time being read for, but she is highly recommended. 


July 2013-December 2017

 Amazing as ever! *****

 Sue is by far the best tarot cards reader I have come across ever. Highly recommend 

Mrs L


Sue is amazing ! *****

I have been seeing Sue for the last 6 years and feel I couldn't be without her in my life !. At every cross road she helps and guides me and is always extremely accurate. She has helped me through many difficult situations and trust her readings completely. She has never lets me down and I will continue to keep having my readings with her. Thank you Sue x



Simply the best. *****

 I have had many readings with sue,face to face,telephone and email readings.everytime sue has been 100% accurate, I ask sue questions mainly on subjects I am anxious or worried about and I always receive a reply with a lot of care.sue is simply one of the best,I highly recommend her with any type of reading,as they are all accurate as each other.i now regard her as my friend.thankyou for all your wonderful guidance.

Michelle ball


The absolute best experience *****

Sue is the most useful and on target psychic I have ever had the pleasure of being able to connect with. I can't express how important her readings have been to my life. This year was not easy and through these readings I was able to push through. She's just always right and the availability is no contest. Utilize these opportunities. 

Jessica Crockett


Truly Gifted *****

I recently had a reading with Sue I have seen Sue on many occasions and I always choose to go back to see her again,She is kind and warm hearted woman that has put my mind at rest when ever I have gone to see her.I am so glad to have met her,and will always recommend her without any hesitation to any one looking for answers.Thank you Sue.


Amazed! *****

This was my second face to face tarot reading with Sue. The way she picks up on things, situations and people around you is astounding and a bit spooky but in a good way of course! I cannot rate Sue and her gifts highly enough. Thank you Sue 🤗



Nervous *****

I was nervous as I approached Sue place, but that soon reseeded and went, Sue voice,is calm quiet and reassuring, my readings where of great help to me, all that Sue told Me was a great help , as to,which way I should focus. I came away feeling calm and uplifted. Thank you Sue. The cd arrived.  

Thursday Nov 17. 

face to face *****

Sue, simply fantastic, clear, objective, clearly understand where we were, where we are and where we are going.   Thank you. Ana 



Accurate *****

Sue picked up what was going on in a past job I had just left, also things that are going on around myself & my daughter Just have to wait for the future predictions to come true 



Returning Customer *****

I've been returning to Sue for readings over the past five years and keep coming back because she's the only person that I trust fully. She's helped with a number of things from a sick cat to insight into personal matters in my life. She's slways been honest and has an incredible insight and knowledge which has truly helped me. Has been accurate to date and doesn't seem to be anything Sue cannot tackle !! Thankyou Sue as always for Sharing your gift X 


13th November 2017


Sue has an impeccable way of delivering her words and reading with pinpoint accuracy. The detail involved is simply incredible. I had a list of several questions for a 15 min phone reading but she answered 75% of the questions I had immediately without me asking them. A simply incredible lady. Highly recommended.



Absolutely super! *****

Sue really has an exceptional talent. She is an honest, professional but beyond everything, she is really caring. There is something I have learned through several years of her reading, it is patience and how to take her insights as guidance to get through difficult time. Don’t feel bitter if things doesn’t happen the way she predicts, end of the day actual facts is always less interesting than the experience that inspires you. I also strong recommend phone/face to face reading rather than email.

Lynne M.

30 min Tarot reading *****
Sue is an extremely warm, talented and gifted lady that makes you feel immediately at ease with her.Her readings are in-depth, precise and highly informative. To the extent where you ask yourself the question “how did she know all that..?” Sue is a blessing to all that contact her, especially in a world where confusion and uncertainty prevail she provides that all essential element of clarification. I am truly grateful that Sue has entered my life her knowledge and understanding is second to none. With love and thanks.
8th November 2017

Sue is very friendly caring & her readings have been so accurate it is uncanny. She answers all your questions with clarity & honesty. I shall certainly visit Sue again .

A great insight  *****
I have had a number of readings with sue over the years and she has always been consistent about my situation generally she is spot on but we won't know for a while just how spot on she is extremely understanding and straight talking and helps clarify things I highly recommend her for face to face or telephone readings ( these are what I've had ) and also a email questions a 5 star experience always ccx
Thurs 2 nov

Truly an amazing woman *****
I am so glad to have met Sue.She is a kind hearted an honest woman.She has given me hope and belief through some very difficult times and I would recommend her with out any shadow of doubt to anyone looking for answers.I do believe she is truly gifted as what she has said has come true for me.
Excellent *****
Sue is a lovely lady very honest and caring. Sue reads those cards super fast and she doesn't waste any time so you get a lot of card spreads during your visit. I was able to ask lots of questions and Sue was more than happy to move from one topic onto another topic for me. I will revisit and would recommend Sue to a friend. Thank you Sue for the reading. 
30 October 2017

Wow *****
Wow, excellent reading. I’ve had many readings over the years but this was one of the best, most detailed I’ve had. I didn’t expect how fast the pace was during the reading, so next reading I’ll be better prepared with my questions. Blessings to you Sue -

Caring *****
I went to see sue as I was going through a very difficult time in my life and Sue was very caring and compassionate in understanding my troubles without explaining. She had shed some light on my path her guidance was very helpful to the direction I needed to take. God bless her very gifted lady.
27th October 2017
This was my first Tarot reading. I was amazed by Sue’s gift - she was so accurate and intuitive - and also grateful for her patience and kindness. Her guidance will be a great help to me at a difficult time. Thank you for a really wonderful reading.Emma

Spellbound Tarot reading *****
Sue put me at ease straight away. She was accurate about the past and present so I'm looking forward to seeing of her predictions about the future come true. I would recommend anyone to see Sue and will definitely return in the future.

This was my first reading wtih sue.  asked her 10 questions and her answers were not just run of the mill they actually corresponded well to what I was asking and needed to know. IThis is the first time that I have used her services but I will use them again - perhaps in person next time. I came over from France for a few days and was not able to actually visit her as she is one busy lady.
October 24th 2017

Great help through stressful times *****
I can't stress enough the kindness Sue has afforded me. We lost our home and Sue was able to tap into the higher realms and provide guidance and the bigger picture. Just enough insight to bring calm to our lives. Highly recommend Sue in a heartbeat. Just try her and see how she helps.
27th Oct 2017 

 Thank you *****
I have been having readings with Sue for years now. Sue is fab, she has been so insightful and helpful to me through some very tough periods of my life. She is also very patient and kind. I thoroughly recommend Sue. Thank you Sue for all your help and understanding. Ali xxx
Thursday 11.25am

Email 1question reading *****
I've been using Sue for 3 years now regarding my relationship and everything she's said has come through. She has given me reassurance when I was confused about my relationship. I will continue to use Sue whenever I feel I need to get some guidance. It's only one question but that's all I need to know I'm not wasting my time! Thank you Sue!!
19 Oct 17

 I have been to see Sue 8 times now and every time she just amazes us. (meaning my daughter and I). She couldn't possibly know any of the things that she speaks of when she connects with my husband. Sometimes he would almost make her hair curl. LOL. What a lovely lady she is. I really feel connected myself. She even uses sayings that he would have said. See you after Christmas Sue. xxxxx
Marjorie Ashby

Spot on *****
I have had a couple of reading with sue over the last 12 months and sue consistently predicted that my daughter's worries would come to nothing and she was spot on she has been cleared of all allegations and was even described as a very caring honest professional . 

Felt disappointed **
 I had heard and seen amazing reviews so had done the 4 questions email. I think I expected a bit more depth and a bit more than a couple of sentences. Have had the 1 question email before and had more depth over 2 emails. Just feel from what iv been told and reviews iv read that face to face or telephone readings are much better. 

Truly gifted!*****
I am extremely grateful for finding Sue. She wasn't recommended to me by anyone I know, I found her online and given the amazing reviews decided to speak to her. First don't worry if she is running a little bit late as she is very busy and does give you the time you are entitled to. I was a bit sceptical of doing it over the phone and the fact 30 min seemed too short but now I wouldn't worry about any of that and here is why. Sue is clearly exceptional. In the first minute when she read my past I was absolutely sure she could 'see' my whole life there in front of her. The reason I wanted to speak to her is that I've suffered quite a lot in the past for taking a hasty decision that turned my life upside down, and after recovering from it, I've been very afraid of making any changes to my current life. However, I feel it is time to look forward and move on, but I wanted to have an idea that the decisions I'm about to take are not going to end up as another personal drama. Speaking to her enlightened me to a level that I can't possibly describe, left me positive about the future and with the feeling I can and should take the steps I had in mind. I'm glad the conversation was recorded as I could go back and listen again to her advice, go over a few things I missed first time. She is really fast with her predictions. I wrote down around 10 questions before calling her and I soon ran out of things to ask, so 30 minutes were plenty! Next time I'll write down many more questions. Don't be afraid to ask anything that's in your mind. She has got everything that I'm facing now spot on, it is just incredible, absolutely everything. I am so excited to now see the future predictions unfolding. I'm definitely coming back to her, she is truly gifted. I must say I am very impressed by her abilities.
 reading date 14/09/2017

Absolutely amazing! Every reading has been 100% spot on and everything she has predicted/advised me on has happened. She is by far the best and the real deal! she still surprises me to this day after having a fair few readings. thank you! xx

Amazing!!! *****
i am always left reassured and confident things will work out as sue says,she is wonderful.thankyou sue from the bottom of my heart,I am so so fortunate to have found you,Michelle .
Of anticipation of future events,she is 100% spot on with her predictions about the future.she is like my friend I always turn to sue in times of need.

Rob Walker
  "Sue is very experienced and it was a very enjoyable course on mediumship. "

Steve Hot Hands
This woman really knows her onions, she has many packs of Tarot cards which she asks you to pick. She was bang on about a lot of things and would like to say thanks, money well spent. Love & Light, Steve. 

Can't express how amazing this lady is! She told me something in a reading to then see the person who she was talking about say the exact same thing! I got chills, you need a reading.

Amy s 
Absolutely amazing!! Had many readings off different people and she is by far the best! Straight to the point and 100% accurate about my situation. She is the real deal x  

She is amazing!!!!*****
Vicky H. says: I have seen Sue on a few occasions now as have been going through a very difficult time! Each time I've seen Sue I have been amazed at how much this lady knows, with detail too. She is accurate with everything she says with my past and current situation. I have never seen anyone like her and would not see anyone else now, she really is gifted. She doesn't look for any clues, she just knows! Some of the things she has predicted have been happening but just waiting for the main ones to unfold, as it isn't time yet! Whenever I see Sue, it doesn't matter how I feel when I go in, I always feel better when I come out! I have been recommending Sue to my family and friends. 

Message body
Within minutes Sue had picked up on my ex and his character and was 100% accurate. The reading itself was insightful and exciting. Sue picked up on my old profession which seems I will be going back to, which  is exciting for me. I look forward to the future and would urge anyone who wants insight into  the future to go and have a reading with Sue... lovely lady very straightforward.  Love and Light.  Lorraine.x

Amazing *****
Michelle L. says: I went for a face to face reading with questions about my job and work future and got so much from Sue within 5 minutes I managed to ask many more detailed questioned than I had expected. She was absolutely excellent and I would recommend

First visit - amazing experience
Rose M. says: This was my first ever tarot reading and was an amazing experience. I'm so pleased you are offered a recording because there's a lot to take in .. Sue's description of myself, friends and family were very accurate. I look forward to seeing what the future holds and how much Sue told me plays out! 

Roberto *****
Always find the card readings very informative and straight to the point.. always motivates me and makes me look forward to the future opportunities.. Thank you 
April 8, 2017 at 12:19 PM | via Minisite

What can I say *****
I thought I'd run out of superlatives. My latest session with Sue was just amazing yet again. So must have a hammer, she is certainly hitting the nail on the head.She couldn't have been more accurate
She is such a lovely sympathetic lady. She makes you feel at ease and her reading makes you feel so close to the person that you miss.
Thank you Sue Marjorie
Sue *****
Rashma s. says: I have known Sue for a number of years. She is highly gifted in the spiritual world and has a warm personality. She is highly accurate in her readings and always tells you the truth. I would highly recommend her as she is honest and straight forward. All the best. 

Sharon O. says: Sue is outstanding never disapoints . She always speaks the truth and things always happen the way she sees it . If you are reading this and want a reading go for it . She is a lovley woman also patient . You feel you grew up with her she sees so much
Extremely gifted and kind lady *****
MM L. says: I have had her consultation for many times and every time she picks up on my current situation, I mean any situation very accurately to the minute detail possible. All the predictions which has been given to me remain the same/consistent thoroughly wait and see how it unfold. After reading I always felt invigorated and energized it is not just by the hope she gives me from reading positive future but through the kindness you can feel by how she conduct the talk and generate information that at the time you need. This lady has a warm personality on top of precious gift from heaven. Feeling always thankful to her. 
Clarity and insight *****
Vikki I. says: Sue is a very gifted person. She can see events and predict those with accuracy. Although there is physical distance and she hardly know how my voice sounds or how I look, she always predicted with accuracy. Absolutely amazing experience and highly recommending her services.Thank you Sue!
Truly gifted ****
Julie S. says: It's been a while since I last visited Sue...I find her warm and relaxing although a little rushed, but they may be cause she's trying to get as much into the 1/2hr I paid for. Nevertheless, still, I found her spot on with descriptions of my current situation and descriptions of people I have issues with I'm my life....actually unbelievably accurate! I have a few months to see if things will pan out how she predicts so hope to bring you an update by May/June. I do not live by what sue says....I use sue as a bit of reassurance that I'm on the right track and I like knowing what's ahead of me but once I listen to the recording later on....that'll be when I'll know how good she is 😊 

Kind - highly recommend*****
Liam W. says: Sue did not once ask me for money when I was asking her questions via email. I get the feeling that she would do it all for free but has to earn a living and I respect that. I am only 18 and very interested in spirituality and hope to meet in person with Sue for a full reading when I can arrange transport! 
Skye K. says: A very gifted lady, I'm always amazed at what she tells me as it is so relevant it feels like she's reading my mind not just the tarot cards. Would highly recommend a visit. 

Ru D. says: I came to Sue as I was going through a difficult time in my Life. This lady is extremely gifted. She has helped me so so much that even a thank you isn't enough for Sue. She guides me well she knows what I feel and tells me accurate as possible what is to occur. I even get questions now just to help me through this difficult time and I alway look back through her answers for reassurance when I am extreme down. I know Sue has best interests at heart and I have faith and trust in her direction. 

Wow *****
Lorna D. says: I am amazed by how accurate this was, some insights into what I have been through may me gasp in surpirse. Sue was lovely, I will definitely use her again. Thank you Sue for the healing that you gave back to me, I had the first great night sleep in years 8 and a half hours unbroken sleep - Bliss!!
Astonishingly accurate!
Lynne T. says: I have reading with Sue for over 4 years now, and she has been consistently amazing with how informative the reading is. It does take a while to know the way she work and learn to ask questions in a way that would give you clarity in to the situation. She is very fast, intelligent and sensitive with her insights, but overall it is her wit and charm that win you all the way. 
Ist time with Sue...
Anna G. says: Warm and kind lady, very accurate, will be using her again... 
Awe Struck *****
Marne H. says: I don't even know what to say but thank you Spirit for giving us Sue. Sometimes I just want to hear her voice because it's so comforting! I have had 3 readings, so far, and everything to this date has come true. She is a divinely talented hollow bone for the knowledge of Spirit unlike anyone I have ever come across. My life would not be the same without her loving talent! Thank you Sue!! Lots of love and roses your way! xxxxx
Beyond Impressed!! *****
Beverley R. says: I've been thinking about doing a follow up review for a little while now - and trying to think about what I would want to know if I was a new client considering calling/visiting. (1) I wouldn't want woolly assurances! I'd want to know whether Sue is accurate and some tangible examples. Okay. I'll try to avoid writing War & Peace this time but say this as background. I've visited Due, I've had telephone consultations, and I've sent through email questions. I'm a single woman, but about 6 years ago I met... well the only way to accurately describe him would be 'Soul mate'. Or maybe: the love of my life. I wasn't ready, he wasn't ready, but the one thing we always had: an enduring connection and friendship. Over the last 2 years the time to finally build a live together was drawing nearer... I could feel it, as could be, but as with most things outside of Hollywood movies it is the most complicated, difficult, challenging time in both our lives (when it's out every three right time to hold on to your perfect happiness, right?). So: what to do, what to do? I prayed, I meditated, I trained to the girls, I mulled it over, I trusted intuition and intellect, and eventually through a quirk of fate - I found Sue. Now for the good stuff: every single reading ALL, or most (depending on time lines), of what Sue has seen/answered/ revealed has come to fruition (did you get that? EVERY single reading - and there have been 10 over the last 2 years I think). Every. Single. Reading. Now let me clarify: we all have free will so nothing is predetermined. I take every answer to my questions as a glimpse at the 'Truth of Things',  a clarifier if you will. But without fail Sue says "you'll have a difficult phonecall where he seems to contradict himself, just go with it. He will tell you X, Y and Z in this way, with this tone of voice, and just let him. It will be in November or December of this year" and (brace yourself!) in the last week of November he called - we spoke and laughed for two hours - and one and a half hours in he said X, Y, and Z in EXACTLY the order Sue saw, with exactly the same inflection, she EXACTLY the sane wording, and guess what? Thanks to Sue I just went with it. Then another consultation: So and So is brooding about Mum, and feeling that they're not living the life she would have wanted for them... And guess what? Yep. A week later I randomly discover that So and So was brooding about Mum on the anniversary of her birthday, and lamenting the life that they felt they weren't living but that Mum would have wanted for them. Another gem: X misses you, and will call in 6 weeks. 6 days later X called. The first words he said? "I miss you". Every single contact I have with Sue contains information that has been validated, by me, by my loved ones, by strangers... by time. Now, if you're anything like me, I must have missed out on the 'patience' gene when they handed those out, but she is so gifted, so accurate that I don't actually mind that some things are 6 months or 2 years in the future... because here I am 2 years later and I've got to tell you: it's deeply awe inspiring to watch those longer term dreams come true. I'm sure they'd have happened anyway, but I draw such emotional and mental comfort from knowing they're coming. There truly aren't words that can accurately convey my gratitude and affection for this lady. I'm so grateful and humbled that Sue shares her gift with me (and Lord knows she must be heartily sick of my 5 million questions about the same situation) - but she is so warm, funny, personable (and I must add: takes even the most outrageous of random questions in her stride!) that she is my 'go to' person when my innate nosiness and impatience needs her confident reassurance that "yes, this too shall pass"... the real gift lies in the fact that with Sue you also get: "... and here's how." For what it's worth, my advice? Don't hesitate; Stay open minded; Stay positive and book in to see or talk to Sue. Blessings and Light. B xx 
Amazing reassurance and support *****
Hannah D. says: I've had a few readings by Sue over the years and this time went on behalf of my partner who couldn't go. The issues faced were very challenging and we needed a speedy response which Sue was incredible with. She guided me through the specific questions I had come with clearly and accurately and even suggested spreads that might help. I felt extremely supported throughout the reading and came away with a much clearer outlook on the situation, ready to face the challenges ahead with sues guidance. She was so down to earth, reassuring and humorous it was a really uplifting experience at such an uncertain time. I'm so grateful to have Sue close by and will definitely be returning in the future. Thank you Sue. Hannah. 
I am spellbound
Tracy S. says: I consulted with Sue in June this year & every single thing she told me has played out exactly as she said. I went back recently for clarification and confirmation that the path or journey I am on remains as it was predicted. She undoubtedly has a remarkable gift. I have peace of mind that all is as it should be. 
Professional, Kind and Accurate
Philip S. says: I have had a number of readings face to face and many email questions answered by Sue since 2013. Sue is genuine, deeply psychic and very easy to deal with. She has also accumulated a lot of wisdom and knowledge about the spiritual over the years. Although the journey that I have been on as a result of my contact with the 'other side' has been far from easy, they certainly picked the right person to convey the information through. If you are open to the truth and willing to take on board the messages that come through Sue then you will not regret going to her. 
A very uplifting reading
Chris M. says: I had my full reading with Sue yesterday and I was very impressed. The format was different from previous readings I have had with other mediums, she was very 'to the point' and presented things as a matter of fact, although she was very accurate in what she said and picked up on my personal and work situations and health issues, she was probably more accurate that I would care to admit to myself about some things. As for her predictions, only time will tell. I would definitely recommend her and I will visit her again the future. 
Beautiful person
Mm Y. says: As much as I respect her gift and professionalism I am in love with her personality. She is maybe one of the nicest person on the planet that I have ever met. This lady is warm, compassionate, yet firm and grounded who can take any matters of you seriously but with respect no matter what you need to know and worry she Never judges or say a comment out loud. Her gift answers what you need to know but before it takes to the hand of white witch (not sure if this is the right word) you have to present it in front of human that is Sue, that I consider a fortunate thing that trustworthy person can deal with your very personal matters. This doesnt mean you have to say everything to the reader it is actually the opposite Sue does not need any info fed by you. She deals with genuine information came out of reading and you deal with it with her. I thank you always Sue I hope to be able to continue with you as long as I live!
Spot on!!!
Delia D. says: Once again sue picked up what was going on around me, what was happening at work, what is happening with my daughter. Picked up accurately a friends character & what she is feeling & what she's going through Things sometimes takes a while to unfold & not always in the time frame given & as there's no time in the spirit world that would be why I also sat in to listen to a telephone reading sue did for a friend of mine, very very powerful stuff came out & there was information there my friend stated she could not possibly known Just got to wait to see what the future unfolds how sues predicted for me 
Amazing and Sweet as ALWAYS
Frances K. says: I've been getting readings from Sue since 2013. Sue always gives the truth but is very sweet no matter how painful it can be at times. Thank you Sue for always being there and giving me guidance, truth and perspective. 
Face to face 
Dawn s. says: Absolutely amazed at how Sue found my wonderful cousin 
Jodie M
Jodie M. says: Absolutely amazing, I was gobsmacked at some of the stuff she knew. I've already recommended her to my friends and I will definitely be going back 
Unique gem of the psychic world...
Leela M. says: In my recent reading, Sue blew me away with evidence which nobody else could have known about. The first reading was just as amazingly accurate, with events unfolding as she predicted they would do. Along with Sue’s obvious talent, there is so much more which she brings to the reading. She is warm, caring, reassuring, and has a punchy sense of humour. It’s a lovely experience visiting her.I would highly recommend Sue. In this commercial world, it’s difficult to find a genuine psychic. I will definitely be visiting her again and again in the future!
Full reading 
Sharon S. says: Wow! As my first ever tarot reading I wasn't sure what to expect but I was amazed at what sue already knew, and I am truly hoping that her predictions come true! Sue worked through the cards fast so I was able to ask a lot of questions. A very talented and truly lovely lady. Thank you! Sharon 
Accurate Reading (Telephone / F2F)
Sharn G. says: This is the second time I have had a reading with Sue (first one face-2-face and second one on phone - both with Tarot) and each time, she has picked up feelings and situations very accurately. When it comes to forecast,she is direct and to the point and yet very warm and friendly. She gets through many questions quite quickly so have your questions ready beforehand. I would go to her again! 
Full Reading
Caroline V. says: I really enjoyed my time with Sue. She picked up on so much about my past and current situation with so much accuracy. Even if none of her future predictions come true it was fully worth it for me to do the full reading. After a long period of feeling uncertain about where my life was going I can out of the reading feeling so relieved and at ease for the first time in a long time. Absolutely amazing. 
An amazing reading
Margaret F. says: I had a 1 hour reading with CD on 14/7/2016 . I was hoping for illumination on a family matter that has been a worry for 12 years. My expectations on this matter were were excelled with Sue describing the individuals concerned & the situation in great detail & the outcome with a timescale . There was much information about many other individuals & situations that touch my life & illumination for me on my therapeutic work . I was delighted with my visit to Sue & felt it was time and money well spent. Sue is a very genuine medium with powerful Spiritual helpers & I shall certainly recommend her to people in my part of the country. 
Sharon O. says: I've been to many readers over the years and never have I ever been so amazed by this much accuracy. I wish I had of had it recorded now .During my telephone reading Sue had to keep reminding me to say stop whilst she shuffled the cards because I was still in shock by her accuracy each time she revealed things about my past and present situation . I'm looking forward to the future . All I can say is the best money I've ever spent on a reading in 20 years . Thank you Sue, xx speak soon
Title your reviewTruly astonishing 
Tracy W. says: Write your reviewMy friend and I visited Sue for the 1st time yesterday and we are so pleased we did. I can say this is the best reading I have ever had the things Sue told me were so accurate it was unbelievable, I would like to say a massive thank you. My friend has never done this before and was left quite over whelmed a day on she is feeling a little confused and wishes she had asked more questions. Will certainly visit again in the future, looking forward to the next few months to see if all comes true Thank you again Sue Tracy and Tara 
Just WOW
Marjorie A. says: I went to see Sue as I couldn't get over the death of my husband I still can't. The first time I went the things she said just blew me away. I was too nervous to say much and couldn't believe how accurate she was.. The second time I actually wrote a list and although I read it out loud before I went not even my daughter who took me knew that I had it. Everything she said and more were in the list and even in the right order. She knew of personal jokes and things that only he and I knew of. She is just amazing. Although I have only been twice it feels like I have known her for years. She is such a lovely compassionate lady..
Emily R. says: Just wow! I was amazed with how much Sue was able to tell me about myself from the cards. I found the reading really interesting. Have recommended you to a friend and am looking forward to returning soon to finish off my hour :) 
So amazing
Rosie k. says: I have was unsure about my life and what i should do so i thought that i would get in contact with Sue. I am so glad that i did. I have had many readings done now via email, phone and face to face. Sue is excellent and 100% correct in what she says. Everything she has said it has come true. 
Never enough time!
Shirley P. says: I love this woman! She is amazing! This is my fourth meeting with Sue but my first telephone reading. I was a bit wary about a telephone reading but I needn't have was like having Sue in the room with me.She is so amazing. She knew everything that had happened to me & all my thought processes at the present time plus what I wanted to know for the future. The time passed far too quickly & I wanted to know so much more.......I could have gone on all night but I'm sure Sue couldn;t have! All I know is that Sue has a very special gift & I feel very fortunate to have found her. 
BB S. says: I have been thinking about what to write for some time.I have been going to see Sue regularly for around three years.Sue has been here for me through a bit of a bleak time for me. Unfortunately I have not been able to move on from a certain situation which has frustrated me to bits.Sue has always shown me empathy and warmth.She is very open with how she explains things and very thorough too.I would always recommend to have a recording as so much information is given it is impossible to take ALL of it in.The question everybody asks is how accurate is she,very accurate, the timings can be a bit of a pain,and you have to wait for things to unfold,I know what she has said will happen but maybe not in the time frame that sometimes comes across in the readings.What you do get is almost a snapshot of your future and the one thing we need to remember that we have the choices and options to change things if we want.The thing I love about Sue is that she doesn't paint this all perfect picture of life,as some other readers do.Life is life.I want to write more but I'm waiting for two things to happen to finally have closure on something that is very personal.Sue I thank you from my heart. Speak soon ;) 
Very impressed
Jane J. says: Despite my tendency to be a little cynical about fortune-telling, Sue has astounded me. Following my first tarot reading with her by phone in 2009, I decided that the predictions were so unlikely that I didn't really believe any of it, and put her accurate readings about my past down to chance. It wasn't until recently that it occurred to me that the most unlikely of her predictions had actually come true. I decided to give her another try and, this time, the things she knew about my current situation were mind-blowing. Sue's manner is very professional, as well as sensitive and caring. Without giving her any information, she makes you feel as though she not only knows the facts of what's going on in your life, but also understands your inner feelings. I highly recommend her. 
Telephone Reading
Sue M. says: I came across Sue last year. Had my first reading with her. Couldn't believe how much she knew and i didn't have to tell her a thing. She told me a few things that would happen in the next couple of months. To be honest i couldn't see a couple of them happening and blow me they did. I then went back for another reading 3 months later and once again 100% accurate. After this i have become addicted. I would never go to another reader now as Sue is so spot on and knows exactly what is happening I've seen so many times things happen before my eyes that i thought would not happen but as she predicted they have. You almost need her in your life overtime you have a blip in life to tell you the outcome to save you worrying. She gives a lot of detail and every time i come away confident that what she has said is just a case of waiting for it to happen and it does time and time again.A truly genuine and talented lady and lovely person to talk to. 
Actually in shock 

Ricky W. says: I have been talking to Sue for a year now. This is my second review but I thought I would give an update on the last. She predicted something in June last year. By january this year it still hadnt happened and I had even resigned myself to a "perhaps my actions changed the sequence of events". In other words I had gotten to a stage where I thought that particular prediction was virtuallg impossible. I am pleased to report that it happened this month in EXACTLY the same sequence she said. I am really shocked! Advice I would give is just be patient. It either happens much sooner or sometimes much later than she predicted. But it invariably happens. Sue you have surprised me once again! 

The Real Deal!! 
Beverley R. says: Simply put: Sue has become my 'go to' when I need that vital glimpse 'behind the curtain'. This was my 4th (I think!) telephone reading with her and as ever I'm becalmed, reassured, and prepared for future blessings and challenges. Let's face it, into every life a little rain must fall.... Well, sad to say I've felt at times, like I was standing under one of those fancy high velocity shower heads with my love and work life!! But. Then I met Sue. See, Sue doesn't sugar coat (more on that later!), she gives you what she sees ... In all its jaw dropping glory. I've been thinking about what to say (what I'd want to know if I were filled with uncertainty and debating my first call) and here it is: (1) spend some time in advance in a quiet place, focus on you, what you REALLY want to know and want to ask. (2) prepare some questions in advance, say one question per minute-ish if you're telephoning her; her reading style is very organic and you probably won't get through all your questions, so number them in order of importance (3) 15 minutes is  plenty! Honestly. (4) Get. A. Recording. Please, please trust me on this one - whatever you think you hear, you'll LOVE re-listening to her words, because outside of the moment you'll hear even more... you'll get even more out of the reading when you listen back. (5) keep an open mind, and most importantly - ENJOY. Now I gave you a little hint that not all you hear will be rosey -  BUT Sue is excellent with advice too. Personally I loved that she can say "oh this will happen/come up and be difficult". I Loved it. I'm living my life and I know it's not some Disney animation ( - yeah; still waiting for small woodland critters to come clean my house while I twirl around singing!)... So I liked that I could be prepared. In this particular instance Sue said she couldn't get the actual time, but in possibly 3 or 4 weeks my beloved would call me, and it would be a 'devastating' phonecall.... Well. Having not spoken to Mr Stubborn for a couple of weeks at that point I thought 'okay then'. I hung up from my call with Sue, pointlessly (probably gormlessly) looking at my notes (once again: mind blown)... And within EXACTLY 30 minutes my beloved called with .... a devastating phonecall. Well - it would have been devastating ... except (a) I knew it was coming, and (b( I knew he'd come to his senses in... well... 5 weeks? 5 months? Who cares. Thanks to Sue - I know it'll happen when it's supposed to :-) There's something about her (her energy? her help? her insight?) that has delivered her straight to my heart. I've recommended her to anyone that'll sit still long enough for me to boast (two of whom have already called and are in awe). Wait. Why're you spending time reading this? Go sign up and meet one of the most authentic, blessed, gifted individuals I know. Oh...  and before you go: you're welcome ;-) Blessings & Light xx 

Spot On
Peter C. says: Second visit due to the first being spot on. No matter how you feel its nice knowing you have choices and Sue gives you a sneak preview of possibilities, may it be your hopes or fears. Enlighting expirence from a charming woman. 

Amazing !!!
Michelle B. says: After researching for a clairvoyant for a while I found sue,I read the fantastic reviews and m about Sue and thought she's the one.i did a ten question email reading and was absolutely gobsmacked at her replies !! I gave nothing away,asked questions which sue could not pick up from if she wasn't so gifted.amazing answers,she told me things I only know and I have absolutely faith what sue has told me is going to turn out true.100%.her answers went into detail of my problems and I never told her about them.amazing email reading and I'm now booked in for a telephone reading as sue has said things no one knew about except me.since my email reading I have felt calm as I trust her with her answers without even meeting her.sue told me about certain health problems which I was trying to question her in but I didn't want to give anything away,,but she knew with her answers she was fantastic absolutely !! Thank you so very much sue and I look forward to my telephone reading Michelle.x 

Totally blown away!
Denise R. says: I've known Sue for some years having been under her expert tutelage on a Psychic Awareness course I attended. I went for a Tarot reading as I felt I needed some direction. Sue was straight in there and accurate from beginning to the end about my past and present. Her reading of my future has been transformative and given me hope and allowed me to feel positive again after some difficult times. I feel energised and optimistic once again. Thank you Sue. I just wish I had recorded it - I definitely will the next time! Love and light xx 

Mo I. says: Always grateful for Sue generously using her gift to us. The reading is generally astonishingly accurate to the point that you don't even know which later revield it's true I am her regular so every time I write reviews I provide at least one prediction which came's this; there was a certain individual she predicted a few years ago I will be closer at my certain age and further connection comes at him certain age. At the time i didnt believe it because things were terrible between us. Now my certain age passed last year now it's the time of his certain age started things are still not desired but looking back, we did get closer last year. 

Delia D. says: I have had many readings with sue, lots of things she has predicted came true Sues reading was read very very quickly, with a huge amount of information & detail, that was correct,wasn't able to write it all done(I always have it recorded) Sue had picked up for a long time a change of job, which I knew I wouldn't be changing, what she had in fact picked up was, us all being tuped over to another company, which is happening 4/5/16 Sue has also picked up people returning back into my life & new people I'm meeting Sometime it takes a while for the predictions to come to pass, but they do happen, of course we do have free will & are able to change our path also 

Amazing as always
Frances K. says: I've been getting readings from Sue since 2013. She's always accurate and very sweet without sugar coating. 

Clare P. says: I was very sceptical about having a reading but felt it was something I had to do. Most of what Sue said I related to straight away and I am working out the pieces which I'm not too sure about. Sue makes you feel very calm and is a very warm person. So glad I took a friends recommendation and visited Sue. 
Special person with warm heart
Yu I. says: Sue really has a genuine talent, many predictions have came to pass over the past few years. As a regular client I always intend to write about her talent from different angles - my recommendation this time is go to her when you are not in need for psychic. This may sound contradictory because when you are searching for one you are usually not in a good shape, but before life hits you to the point go and consult her so that you will be aware of what is goi to come and are able to hear her in non-needy but neutral way. This will be my tip this time! Also she is very very very ethical. There is no rip off or anything like that and she works very fast never even waste a second, so do not worry if you are first time client. A example of prediction granted from my story this time is one time she said my friend is going to see me but it will be post pined and come later. Yes it was like how it is described. On this I have absolutely no influence over it and somehow she sees it. Wonderful Sue with my respect always. I now speak to her because it's FUN. 
Email reading 
Emma M. says: I feel that Sue was very accurate with my current situations and I can only hope that she is accurate for the future. From a customer service point of view, Sue got straight back to me when I had a query. Very Happy 
Simply the Best
Ricky W. says: I have been talking to Sue since 2014. Most of her predictions have actually come to pass. Her timings are pretty accurate. However, sometimes things come to pass either MUCH earlier or MUCH later. I like the fact that she doesn't judge anyone (including the people I consider the bad guys). We can learn a lot from her in that regard. My recommendation is the telephone readings as opposed to the email readings , because then its easier to ask her to clarify certain points. She is definitely one of the best out there and I would definitely recommend her. 
Great reading
Simona C. says: I had a 15 minutes phone reading with Sue which I have highly appreciated. She is a fast and accurate reader, extremely accurate with details of people and events. She was absolutely right on the past and present and she has picked details of the future which I could easily recognize (I could identify people and situations). She is a very gifted reader and I will definitely use her services again. Fast, accurate, and warm. Excellent for me. Simona 
Jenny B says:
Jenny B. says: I met Sue for the first time and it is clear she has an amazing gift. She was so accurate about many aspects of my life and hearing her predictions was of great interest to me. I will certainly go to see her again and would recommend her to everyone. 
Excellent and would recommend
Marie H. says: Sue is a genuine reader and she has great insight into situations. I have had two phone readings with Sue and she has validated lots of things for me. I think Sue is a lovely person and a few things she predicted from my last reading have come true. I look forward to our next chat as she is very caring and genuine. Thanks Sue x 
Amazing experience!
Martina M. says: I had my first reading on Saturday (6th Feb '16). It was a tarot reading. I'm speechless!!! Sue was spot on talking about my past, spot on about my presence and I will just have to wait and see what the future will bring. She adviced me how to avoid certain things in life and encouraged me in others. Sue is very gifted lady and it's actually scary how accurate she talks about things. I highly recommend her services! Thank you so much Sue! I'm very happy that I had the opportunity to meet you. X
Telephone Reading
Mandy M. says: I had a telephone reading with Sue today thinking I was a sceptic, I knew a couple of people who had convinced me that Sue was very good. I was blown away by a few of the details of my life that Sue picked up on. There were a couple of aspects that I would say did not quite make sense. I will definitely have a further reading in the future, unfortunately I was a bit too shell shocked to make the most of the appointment today. Perhaps with further investigation the unexplained aspects will begin to make more sense. 
A friend and a help in need
Carolyn A. says: Dear Sue, over the years you have been a constant friend. You have given me answers which are right. Sometimes you have been there to calm me down. I could not have conducted my passage through time with a particularly complicated man without your help. How can I ever thank you enough? love to you 
Wonderful Gifts
Julia M. says: Had a telephone reading with Sue as I had an important decision to make. Sue knew all about it in great detail without me having to say a word. I am very thankful for her wonderful gifts which have given me so much help and consolation in trying times. I would not touch another psychic now as I think Sue is unique and spot on with everything. 
Beautiful lady 
Yu Y. says: How many times I have had her readings, every time she leaves me with calmness and comfort. When I write reviews I intend to throw light on her gift from different angles but it will never be enough. She is smart, intelligent, perhaps most intelligent lady I have ever met, and warm. Thinking back, I made my first reservation by phone and just had a short booking talk only but after I hanged up it really made me feel better. It was obviously before the real reading it was enough to make me believe she was real. Her reading is unbelievably accurate and knows and describe the things in a really accurate way. An advice from me as a regular is face to face or telephone readings are recommended than emails and ask the same questions from the different angles. The more you want to know the answer comes back. Sue is fantastically good and phone conversation, picking up what you need to know before you know and tell you things you have to know etc and carrying on the flow of the reading even if you are gobsmacked full information comes without wasting a second. She is this accurate. And her voice is deep and really calming. Thank you Sue always.
Guardian Angel!
Kryspina S. says: There are no words which can express how extremely thankful and grateful I am to lovely, wonderful Sue with beautiful heart, for all her help, guidance and support. She has been always watching over me, guiding me when I was going through difficulties. She has never let me drown when water was pulling me in. I would have never coped without her and wouldn't be in my life where I am now. I owe what I am and what I have to you, my dear Sue! 
Incredibly insightful!
Lynne T. says: I have consulted Sue for over 3 years now, and she has guided me through some very tough time. I recently purchased a flat, despite her prediction that it will be successful, I faced enormous difficulty around the purchase at every steps. So many times during the process I really thought it is going to fell through but somehow I trusted her guidance and just go for it. As a result, I have completed the purchasing and pick up the key this week. Thank to Sue. 
Incredible insight
Alexandra M. says: Sue has extraordinary gifts which she shares with great kindness. Her accuracy is astonishing, her insight given with wisdom and clarity. I've been consulting her for over four years and she's guided me through many difficulties, some of which are still unresolved, but so much good has come to me by being patient and reflecting on what she says. She has also sent me and my family healing, which I know has helped immeasurably. My experience is that it's best to ask Sue direct questions, which I prepare before a reading. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting her as I live overseas but she's excellent on the phone. I find her immensely comforting, even by email, and I see that others have remarked on the sense of well-being she gives. By necessity, I imagine, her written answers are often - but not always - quite brief and she is very quick to reply. I'm profoundly grateful to Sue.
Vicki B. says: If you are questioning whether to go and see Sue I would encourage you to take that step. Sue is very professional and imparts so much information. She is extremely gifted, helpful and considerate. A very special lady and I strongly recommend you see her. X 
Ellis R. says: This is the first time I have had a reading and I was truly amazed with the accuracy of everything that Sue told me, so many things made a lot of sense and I will definitely be going back. Many Thanks! 
Kelly D. says: I have had two seperate one question email. She was in my opinion spot on. I asked her to contact the spirit world for me and the things she said did resonate with what was going on and thoughts I'd had! Very good! I need to book in for a full reading :) thank you sue xx 
Bruno C. says: Sue is truly amazing! Not only she is wonderful, compassionate and kind, she always leaves me speechless about the accuracy of her readings with so many details about past present and future… Sue’s guidance is clear and impeccable according to the desired outcome. Every time Sue raises my spirit and rekindles my hopes! Highly recommend! Thank you so much Sue x
Very comforting 
Tracey s. says: I had never been to anything like this before so I was feeling quite nervous, I found the experienced quite brilliant and will definitely be returning for another visit. Thanks so much tracey 
Sue Is A Natural
Louise F. says: This has been my fourth visit to Sue. I always make it a point to have face-to-face readings with her as this is definitely her forte, as opposed to e-mail readings which are just too concise to understand what's really going on. I found my latest Reading hard to digest, nonetheless it felt very honest and real; there's no point in expecting things to be sugar-coated for you. Having said that, there were a few things which jumped out from the Reading which I didn't see coming and this left me feeling pleasantly surprised and hopeful. From previous experience, although timing is never accurate, events almost always eventually unfold as she had portrayed them and her advice is a blessing. I think of Sue as more a guide than a clairvoyant as I do believe that in the end, free will always has the upper hand. She just gives you the heads up on how things are likely to transpire should you choose to go down a particular road. Thanks Sue x 
Chunky C. says: I was nervous to go I didn't know what to expect but sue told me things that were unbelievable I hope all that was said comes to true and wish the best for the future for you 
Simon V. says: I had my second appointment with Sue. She is very gifted lady who has been extremely accurate about what has been happening in my life. When I see her I feel very relaxed and comfortable as if I am seeing very close and good friend who knows me very well. Sue has given me so much guidance on bothering me questions. What she told me about my future, if it happens it will be brilliant! I look forward to seeing her again. She is such a warm, lovely lady with very kind heart. 
Perfect Timing
Kirsty N. says: As with all the tarot readings I have had, I am always drawn when the time is right. I had only seen Sue once before now as I had a tarot reader that I was comfortable with. I returned to Sue this time around because it felt right and I'm really glad I did. Sue offers in one session what a Counsellor does in 10, validation, reassurance and comfort. Thank you Sue so much for restoring my faith in the process of life once more and for showing me my answers just when I needed them. Until next time x
Brilliant tarot reader!
Gregory M. says: I've consulted Sue many times with excellent results. She is very gifted. 
James from USA B. says: Sue is great, the more you give her about your situation, the better the guidance coming back. I just want to point out that it is guidance. With the advice given you have the ability to make or not make different choices. 
Yy S. says: Another wonderful reading with this talented lady. I highly respect what she does including her personality. Warm and professional. Things told are unfolding so can't wait to see it finalizing it. Little tip here as a regular - prepare what you really want to know and come back a few times; interestingly what you hear seem to always to land at the same place from various angles and you know what you want to know better that way. Thank you Sue xxx 
Email Reading
Sue M. says: I only came across Sue last week for the first time on the internet. I booked an email reading. Couldn't believe how quick and accurate her response was. I was very impressed with her answers.I am now tempted to book a telephone reading as it will be more in-depth and curious to know more. After reading all the great reviews i will definitely be in touch with her again. Thank you Sue 
Email reading 
Natasha W. says: Natasha W says: Wow! Perfect answer I received. thank you so much Sue. Wishing you love,peace and happiness xx 
Accrurate reading 
Delia D. says: I've had several readings over the years with sue, she has extrodinary gift, there has been lots of things she's predicted that have come true, maybe not in the timeframe, but it eventually comes to pass. Sue reads very fast allowing to answer questions very accrurately When sue first spoke about my past she picked up very accurately thing that had happened one of these was my daughter was going to have a miscarriage,a guy I had let go 10 years previously was going to contact me through an electronic form & return, at the time I said he didn't know we're I was & didn't believe it could happen, but Haho he had been looking for me across facebook for two months previously, also she had been predicting a greek looking guy since 2011 & he appeared last year. These are only some of the things that has come right, it's only timing that can be way out 
Georgiou R. says: I have been seeing Sue for a few years now and every word she says has always been spot on. I saw her yesterday as I was convinced I had failed an exam that would determine my future career and she told me I had passed.......I just got the results to say that I did in fact pass! She is among the people in my life whom I hold dear as when I need her guidance she is always there to help! Ignore the negative reviews! Go and see her and you won't be disappointed. She is 'real' a truly amazing lady :D 
Janisha C. says: I have been seeing Sue for just over a year now and every time I see her I always leave feeling a sense of clarity and excitement. Sue makes you feel very at ease and if your mind goes blank, which does sometimes happen to me, she is very good at offering questions to get you back on track. She keeps the readings light hearted which is always great as you don't always hear exactly what you would like to. I will probably use Sue for the rest of my years as I feel like she knows me on a personal level now. Have recommended her to many people and will continue to do so. She is the best of the best. Janisha 
An excellent and very comforting experience! 
Jessica P. says: Sue is a very talented lady. I have had a few tarot readings with Sue over the years where a number of the things she has said have come true. Myself and two family members had a spiritual reading yesterday with Sue where we got to connect with my grandad who has recently passed away. For me this was the most comforting experience ever and I came away feeling a closeness to him again and a feeling of happiness that I now know he is happy and safe where he is. I feel reassured that although he has gone from this life it doesn't mean he is never around me and I can still communicate and connect with him through Sue. I will definitely have another spiritual reading at some point and will always go to Sue for my tarot readings when I feel I need some guidance in my life. Thank you Sue! 
Put your mind and heart at rest ...
Tracy S. says: Sometimes you just need someone who has a remarkable gift to soothe and calm your soul and bring clarity .... Sue is that person. She has a gift, of that there is no doubt. 
Quite amazing!
Virginia S. says: Sue gave me an extraordinary reading, she was extremely accurate in what she told me about my past and present and answered all of my questions with a lot of detail. I came away feeling very positive about my future.
Dave p. says: Dave It is always a pleasure to see Sue, she always makes so much sense and leaves me feeling so much more positive afterwards. In my opinion you have to go a few times and have clear questions..............Sue is a clairvoyant, always near the mark but obviously the rest is down to you.
Highly ethical and real gift 
MM Y. says: Always satisfied wi her reading. Without doubt she has a gift and I can say she is the most ethical psychic I have ever met. If you are in doubt on her reputation, go try somewhere else and try what they can do. The amount of information she provide is uncomperable to anyother(at lease these who I have met, which I really want to give names so no more people get ripped off for nothing) Some psychics who sugar coat things takes ages to come to a understandable conclusion because you have to have lots of guessing which inevitably makes you to repeat. With Sue, she reads and answers within a few minutes! Think about it... you have a complete answer and revealing information out of someone who doesn't know the situation. TRUST ME no one can do this. My recommendation is what you prepare as much questions as possible because often you run out of it as she works so quickly. Just a little examples here regarding the accuracy ... years ago she mentioned someone described as "in law, comfortable childhood and gone to good universitieS" and in the recent reading, I specifically asked on the same person and she gave me this "intelligent, lots of academia in him etc...completely matching. Notice the capital S that I put; this person actually has gone to top universitieS and have BA and MA. Holding two amazing degrees, Therefore her putting plural for university is quite appropriate. 
Full of info quick work done
Sally K. says: She has amazing talent I believe it is top of the world. Even experienced psychic goer will be astonished with her gift and how quickly she works. Within one min she works out on your question and provide you in depth answe along with predictions. When you are down you can be helped out by it. Can't thank her enough for all her kindness. Lots of love 
Always exceptional standard 
Yvonne I. says: Again- I shall re-inform these who are reading this page- YOU ARE LUCKY, this lady is REAL. As a regular goer to her, my curiosity continued to pursue confirming her talent and my future one after another in the past years, I can tell that her talent is real. Think about it, what sort of psychic claim they can peep into future, even they allegedly can connect to spirits? She states clearly about seeing future on her website and she DOES it in her reading with accurate validation which enables even complete skeptics to pull in to believe in what she says. Nesscary to mention that not all predictions came to pass, as there are ones went complete opposite but amazingly many things came true. Right now I am waiting for bigger one to manifest and for that, regular readings are held on the same subject which somehow came up with the same answers. which is kind of even scary because that means the same cards popped up over the phone. Also I would like to highlight her professional manner on top of her gift. She has a polite attitude, very calm voice even nice to hear over the phone and extremely ethical. So you are not talking to an aunts next door just chatting over your worries. She never overly curious about your life, in a good way, not putting nose to your privacy which you might feel overwhelmed or annoyed of, but instead professional neutral way of stating make you feel at ease, able to ask any kind of questions that you desire to ask, even extremely private ones. One thing to remember is you don't rely on her too much but hear her guidance, but I must say what she says is more than guidance, things came real is as acurate as science. Actually I don't want to write on this because she gets so busy but her warm personality makes me do this. Keep coming back to Sue every often when I need her.
3 years later
Mark n. says: In April of 2012 I first contacted Sue and asked about my particular line of work. I had just lost my job in ' dubious' circumstances, and due to the outcome had effectively been blacklisted from my profession. I asked Sue would I ever do this job again, and she said not until there is a change of government. 4 weeks after the last General Election I was offered a job back in my original profession. Sue is amazing. Everything else in that reading, of which the job aspect was not the prime reason for contacting Sue, came true when she said it would also. An amazing lady. 
Fabulous experience!
Mandy C. says: I have seen Sue on other occasions. It is always a fantastic experience! She is direct and informative. Every time I have walked away feeling calm, happy and focused on the future. I have recommended Sue to many of my friends and of course I have little doubt that I will return to see Sue in the future myself. Thank you see for always hoping me make sense of the messy world we all live in xxx 
Always Happy
Nikki B. says: I have seen Sue on other occasions and she never fails to deliver and wouldn't trust anyone else to do my readings, as she always tells me things about myself or my past that i have never told anyone else. Although some predictions haven't come to pass (as we are always changing our own fates by decisions we make) others have be spot on. I have never had an email reading before and i was a little worried at first but as usual Sue never disappoints, will always recommend Sue to friends and family
Y from London Y. says: I am regular to Sue and wrote review in a past which I never do to anyone else that required me to write. But with this warm lady, who I sincerely and wholeheartedly respect, I feel hurried and obliged to express my witnessed experience over the years. After most recent reading I felt encouraged and why not looking back to re-go through the previous ones recorded and I did them all guess what it shocked me that things then I didn't think relevant or I didn't believe at all which I even thought she was wrong utterly nonsense just making me feel better made sense years later of today. This biggest prediction has yet to be completed as the predicted date/year is little forward so bit of waiting time for completion. However, this future event which I am hoping to come, has started been unfolding with this month which the month she predicted few years back but one year later than then- given year. So last year I felt ok the time's up, it is not coming, despite the other small predictions have came so I feel extremely disappointed that my biggest hope seemed failed then. But I somehow KNEW, that amongst what she told me has a series of rings of truth underling throughout the repetitive readings that I had, so I never doubted her genuine talent. It just that I thought she perfectly foresees many things but regarding certain things she just unable to correctly sees. So every time I consulted her I was kind of "selective" when listening, which ones are likely to unfold or which ones are going to be accurately manifest. Because when it does manifest, it is so perfectly manifesting to every details and when it fails it just fails completely. This somehow reluctant attitude helped me relaxed and not rely on her too much that I lose myself if too much involved in predictions I will keep searching for it, but rather enjoy the outcomes whinch luckily have comes true. So despite certain things failed, including one biggest hope has failed, which seriously upset me back then, I never lost a faith in her and told her my sincere respect number of times in private rmails. What I am trying to say is - to provide more in depth evidence of her readings with actual events- as stated above, after the recent readings I listened all the readings back and the other prediction I I though it will be nice if it comens but highly unlikely that it does (which is the other prediction, different one which made me upset and regarding this 100 percent failed) , has been repeatedky referred to it even I never even asked or mentioned in certain readings. But she kept touching it every single time! I thought then I couldn't relate it to a certain person because as of extremeky sad experience it has caused me, I kicked it out of my memory and instead let other things occupied my head. So I felt she was just reading my past events which mistakingly addressed as future events. But i didn't tell her it was probably from the past, because even it was from the history, I thought it's quite fun to listen she talks about it without me mentioning a word of the event/person. Now, in the most recent one which was last month, she said it will be new start. That is why I listed back the old ones - And the reading before this, stated "all the anger gone out of me" and the another previous one said "things caused us immense happiness and sadness will come to more satisfactory conclusion" which, in fact, this month, started coming resolved (but not completely) and approaching to predicted future of "there is a new start and this month is the first step towards it". Sue, Sue, Sue - after all the time of being in agnoy, things started manifesting - although I never know if it will be completely came true, i hope it doesn't stop becoming true half way of it- I just would like to tell who reads this and existing reviews it it says with one star that it never came true, just wait and get on with your life and go your best and act as the best possible person you can be. If you do so, it doesn't matter if things failed, but you have a better life path than bevore, and it things do comes true years later it is the result of your own devoted life. I have to say I was extremely saddened when the desired prediction has failed( in this case, waiting doesn't turn over to the state of manifest) crying everyday. But if this one, which is coming true, is going to come true, I will be so happy that the first one failed. This is how it works! (at least as of my case). So it makes me to do things as perfectly as I can on everything's that I do- works, family relationships, being nice to people, making myself look nice, keep fit and healthy, maintain proper lifestyles and never let go my faith etc - all helps me to be a better girl. If this prediction does finally fail again, it will certainly depress me again that is true. but I do my best anyway. Regrading other small, relatively unimportant which I didn't even mind if they come true or not predictions, here are some manifested examples-" a certain friend planned visiting me from far is not going to be able to come ", yes, he told me so a few days before the reading day. Also said on this was "he will come in xx instead" - yes, he did come in that time frame which I found out later the reschedule of the plan after the reading. Another exaples; within the monthly spreads " not good job but work wise progress on this month" - yes, true to even how I felt, "I meet someone like this xxxxx in flight when xxx " yes, exactly matching person in exactly in the airplane. "I meet someone like this xxx on internet" thought impossible to meet a man via internet and airplane which never comes together, nonsense this is - yes, I met TWO different persons in the described ways. Dear readers, convinced with her talent? Things do fail , but shouldn't complain I think. One thing comes true it is beyond human ability. Note that I usually don't write this, disclosing personal experience and indeed it is Sunday, took me two hours to organize my head plus 1 hr to type it all. (I hope Sue appreciate my respect to her making me do this :) ) Sue is genuine. All these reading this should consider yourself previledged as this real beautiful witch is showing herself on internet. Usually scam psychics are better with public promotion but she is, yes, unbeliebably genuine. As of other example, not on prediction but on validation, i asked her regarding a certain person who things are who I happened to address as "one of my friends". I didn't mean friend as someone I have a cup of tea every so often, it just came out of my mouth in fact I should have referred as acquaintance. She immediately responded that "OK, this one is not your friend at all " kept describing the personalities and how I felt caused from it and the past. I was gob smacked. When she checked me what she said was correct, I couldn't respond. It is funny in the recording, there was 10 sec. silence at the very moment because as a matter of fact I had my mouth literally hanging open. Shiverring went down on my spine but not a nasty one! I hope me writing this is one of the useful reviews. (Thanks Bevery yours was interesting) She is a beautiful witch, who uses internet tools better than I do, instead of a feathered ink pen and owl communication. I find it incredibly funny that she sends replies to me via Blackberry or iphone. Oh it is 21 century now... I love you Sue, I hope I will be like you one day. 
Blown Away 
Beverley R. says: As I sit to write this, I find myself at a loss to capture everything I think about Sue and the telephone reading I had last night. Sue's gift is real. It is based on light and love. This I know. I have a very strong faith (more about that later), and have always had an interest in the interconnectedness and power of spirit/soul/auras/psychic gifts (call it what you will). So, I've spoken to psychics, and researched the power of the human mind, faith, love, psychology, psychic gifts etc. I was 'introduced' to Sue by a different psychic I had consulted with in 2013 who no longer does email or telephone readings, and was told Sue is 'The Real Deal'. That was months ago. I finally made my telephone appointment, and Oh. My. Goodness. "Concentrate on yourself, then tell me to stop..." and that was the end of what Sue needed from me to exercise her amazing gift. Sue told me in detail about my past. Think about that: in detail. I asked about money, love, my future, work. And Sue systematically blew my mind. The level of specific detail was mind blowing. A man I cherish, who I have known for 4 years? Sue described him in detail (his looks, his life, his career, his priorities right now); dear reader, guess the exact number of years Sue said he's been in my life? 4 years. I've intersected with him 3 times in my life. Guess who many times Sue said he's been in and out of my life? 3 times (she even clarified that this is the 3rd time! Correct.) - and I gave nothing away, no gasp, no 'uh huh', she just spoke rapidly, clearly, with no hesitation. I have 2 particular 'talents'/gifts of my own: one of which is that I'm a novelist. No other psychic has ever mentioned it, even colleagues and most friends don't know. I've been reluctant to exercise my skill (even though it would make me money. Self doubt, and fear of success sound stupid for my reluctance, but are the truth - it will take over my life, and the thought fills me with such joy, I didn't trust it. I love books and writing with a passion - I've been full of excuses). Sue stated specifically and clearly: "You write. You need to write now, that is your path" - I wasn't even remotely thinking about writing that day. Sue told me I need to do it, and do it now. No ambiguity. I've shared personal details here just to show the power and purity of Sue's gift. It's not enough for me to say she predicted x, y, z or 'told me about myself' - ask yourself this: if a psychic specifically told you what I was told, is it generic enough to apply to you? No? Exactly. I prayed and meditated on the great many things I was told... And thanks to Sue, and something even more private I was told, a new journey begins for me. I will actively recommend her to any who need her. May her path, and all of yours, be full of joy, good health and light. Blessings to all. Bev 
Inspirational Experience
Peter c. says: Sue told me some things that she couldnt have know about my past and present and I believe that the future predictions she made can only be a guide for you as once you have been told what is going to happen you can in theory change whats going to happen. So it a question of patients now for me to see if my future predictions are correct however, when you have a reading what is clear is anything is possible if you believe and you feel uplifted by the experience. 
Great reading
Cristina S. says: Sue gave an accurate reading of the past and present, along with clear predictions for the future, which were concise. I felt relaxed and at ease, so I would definitely recommend her as a clairvoyant. 
Extremely insightful and would recommend
Marie H. says: I had a phone tarot reading with Sue this week and I have to say she was very accurate about my past and present. She gave me a lot of reassurance that a lost friendship will be regained in the future and that this connection will always be there. Told me my marriage will always be good and in general an extremely honest reading. I will be back to Sue for another reading as she is genuine and good at what she does. Many thanks Sue xxx 
Milly M. says: Write your review I have seen Sue two weeks ago and she is amazing. Reading is fast paced with a lot of information in short period of time. Sue is very knowledgeable and the best Tarot reader I have seen. She was correct about my past and present. I can't wait for my future to unfold..:) I will be coming back. Thank you Sue.x 
Shirley says
Shirley P. says: As always Sue lifted my spirits with not only what she said to me but the sometimes amusing way she portrays what the cards say. She is firm but kind & above all has given me hope. This is the third time I have seen Sue & everything she has told me in the past had happened bar one thing where I meddled with what I had been told. Regardless I so look forward to my future & if I do marry again Sue will have pride of place at my wedding! Her gift is not only amazing but healing as well & long may she continue to carry on what she is doing. 
Highly Recommend 
Cley M. says: I think Sue's Warm nature captures every minute detail about everybody. I was astonished by her face to face full reading. I was speechless.. Hope she lives longer to see what she predicted 
Uncanny way she picks up on underlying issues
Joanna B. says: Just had my 3rd email reading from Sue. Every time, she surprises me by telling me something that I know is true, but that I hadn't even hinted at to her. I am particularly impressed with how her readings pick up things that are underlying and important to the question, but which you hadn't told her about. Her last 2 readings have been proved to be accurate and insightful. I hope this latest one is too, because it's a happy one. 
She gets it right every time
Jo K. says: I have been seeing Sue and asking her questions for over 6 months now and what she has said has always happened - time may not be completely accurate but you have to bear that in mind. She is also fantastic because she accepts me for what I am and makes me feel better when I see her. Thanks Sue. Jo, Bedford 
More gold from Sue
Georgina P. says: I've been going to Sue for years, mostly for advice about specific situations. About a year ago I went with a 'clean slate', no particular issues and Sue told me I'd meet a man involved in politics and have a relationship with him, she told me his age, background etc. He sounded so completely unlike anyone I would ever meet in my normal life I thought she'd got it all wrong. She also told me that there were health issues ahead for my father and I dismissed this because he was so fit and well and has always had a very healthy lifestyle. I put the reading to the back of my mind. Fast forward a year and via a random route I met a man, only a while after I'd become involved with him did I remember the reading and realise he fitted the very specific details she'd given me. I'd never have met him in my normal day to day life, he is from a completely different world from mine. Similarly, only months after my father was diagnosed with lung cancer did I remember Sue had told me he had 'health issues' ahead (this was in response to a vague question about whether things would go OK for my parents in the future). It's not a matter of trying to make things fit what she's told you... she told me things I didn't believe could be true when she told them to me and now they are. It's pretty mind-blowing. I remember at the time I was sceptical but Sue is unfazed by this. She doesn't care about making you believe her and she isn't trying to read you. She just tells you things as she sees them - in the cards and via her gifts. She is straight and to the point and speaks with conviction - she's confident because she knows what she sees. My recent reading was for advice about this same man and she always seems to get things spot on. Last time I went I took a friend who is very spiritual herself and has been to clairvoyants and readers before. My friend went with a clean slate - ie gave no information about herself or her life - and was immediately completely blown away by what Sue 'knew' about her past, present and future. She came out buzzing and very uplifted. As others have said, Sue does not sugar-coat things and is direct rather than vague, but she is also tactful and compassionate. She told me my father had health issues to face, she didn't tell me he would be diagnosed with advanced cancer, for example. And she tries to help you to make sense of things and gives you advice as to how to deal with situations. I do think she sees more than she lets on sometimes, but that's not a bad thing. She makes clear that as an individual you have agency and that paths are not set in stone, you can take or leave them as you wish, which is important. She's a wonderful person and very very good at her work.
Amazing :)
Revecca G. says: Sue is amazing. Each time I go and see her she lifts me up and makes me feel so much better :) She is kind, gifted and Bedford is very lucky to have her! Her readings are accurate and there are things she has said to me that she couldn't possibly have known. Thank you Sue x x 
Wonderful and Amazing as always !!!
Kryspina S. says: I am always very grateful for every appointment I have with Sue. Every time she describes with such a detail and incredibly correctly everything what is happening in my life. She has such a beautiful, precious and priceless gift which no words can describe! She's been always helping me so much and guiding me through difficulties. I wouldn't cope and manage without her. I am extremely grateful and thankful! 
Lynne T. says: I have phone readings and email reading for several years now. She is always very accurate at picking up your emotional and what you go through in your life. It is rather incredible. I m honest amazed. Sue is a perfect place when you need guidance to understand yourself better, prediction is not always exact but very close. In my opinion, the important aspect of seeing her is not about knowing the future but knowing what you want out of it. 
Dark to Light
Joseph K. says: I have always been afraid of making the decision to see a psychic. Initially i booked 2 times and cancelled twice due to the worry in my head. Well my 32nd birthday and I still had many unresolved issues so I took the plunge. I am very happy I made this decision. She is real. And I would recommend to anyone looking for answers about the deep self. Thank you Sue. You have been amazing, and I can also vouch for her healing ability also. 
Lorraine A. says: I turned to Sue yet again when I needed help and guidance, as usual she is the voice of reason and makes things look clearer My first meeting with Sue was 3 and half years ago, when I was possibly going through the worst time in my life, she was the light at the end of the tunnel, and continues to be Thank you Sue 
Psy T. says: I initially booked my reading with sue because i felt confused within my life. She was great, and able to tell me things i havent shared with anyone, very detailed and specific with her answers. I feel she was very honest, meaning she never sugar coated anything. I would definitely recommend sue to anyone who is interested in sue's various services. Also i left the reading feeling a lot more clear minded. Five stars! Thank you sue!!! 
Alexandra M. says: Sue has helped me and been a great source of comfort and guidance for years now. It is a privilege to be able to consult her, knowing she is honest, extremely hard-working as well as compassionate and sensible. It is wise to be patient as timing can't always be exact but her accuracy is amazing. 
Cee T. says: Sue is a lovely lady, very friendly, I felt very comfortable!! The things she said about me, the type of person I am, where I am in my life, my relationships with family and partners was amazing...considering all I told her was how to pronounce my name. She predicted many things for me, which I am waiting to see. Whether these things come true or not I don't mind, I'm not going to live my life waiting, all I know is it was money worth spending- brilliant and exciting. Thanks Sue. 
Title your review Once again, you are there Sue, with immediate answers to my usually inane questions.
Carolyn h. says: Yes, Sue, has been a constant in my life. She knows me so well and she is constant accurate Guardian Angel. She has the most uncanny gift and I admire her so much. She treats me as though I were the most important person in the world, yet she must have so many to care for! The public, I mean, we are so so lucky. Thank you, dear Sue, xxx 
Felt so much better
Louise S. says: What a kind and patient lady! I am sure there are never enough hours in the day for her. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and will definitely see Sue again. I felt somewhat disorganised in my head initially but straight away Sue sussed my feelings, emotions and lifestyle. There's a lot to take on board, but having my reading recorded will give me the opportunity to listen and take on board all that transpired between us. Thank you Sue so very much. 
Paul O. says: I've had several readings with Sue over the past 5 years. She has proved to be amazingly accurate even when I've believed her to be way off with some of the things she's predicted. If there is a criticism to be made it is that her timings can be quite a bit out but Sue is up front about this and has warned me to keep this in mind a few times. She's a lovely warm a friendly person who you can be open and honest without fear of being Judged 
Alot to look forward to
Pamela S. says: My reading with Sue was really good. I had a full reading, it was a lot to take in, so I was pleased to have it recorded. I'm looking forward to what's in store. Sue is geniune & spot on. Excellent reading 
Gifted and genuine psychic
Philip J. says: I have had a number of Tarot readings with Sue over the past couple of years, and have come back to leave a review after a recent mediumship reading. Sue both reads the cards and makes connection with spirit in a very straightforward and empathetic way. In terms of the quality of the message coming through from the other side by either route she is probably unmatched in this country. Sue also has a warm and genuine nature which adds greatly to the experience of the reading and makes it easier to let the messages and guidance coming through sink in. Highly recommended. 
Teresa f. says: I was recommended to sue by a friend and after having three face to face reading and one telephone. I always feel lifted after each reading. my predictions have been right so far! a great and wonderful experience. Thank you 
Karin.A from Dubai
Karin A. says: Sue is an amazing clairvoyant, she is gifted with the ability to foree events before they happen, she is also a very warm and sweet person. She doesnt like to waste time on the phone and gets right to the point unlike other readers who waste time on the same story. I have already spoken to her 3 times and will do so again. Thank you Sue! 
5 star rating 
Joanne m. says: I was meant to rate 5 stars ! As reading was perfect for me. Look forwards to seeing you again 
Sarah M. says: I have had many readings with Sue, over the phone, face to face and also via email. Nothing in life is ever guaranteed and to a point we make our own destiny; that said, Sue is an excellent Clairvoyant, a caring and sensitive lady. Her readings are always accurate, some in completeness, some in part... thank you Sue for all your help. 
Sue is like a guardian Angel...
Kryspina S. says: I am always very grateful for every reading I have with Sue. She's been extremely supportive to me for such a long time. She's been always guiding me through difficulties. I wouldn't cope without her help. She is like a guardian Angel with pure heart giving me strength I need! I know she won't let me drown, when the water is pulling me... 
If Sue were a bird she would be a beautiful wise barn owl!
Carolyn H. says: She is extraordinarily wise. Not only that she is caring and considerate and has this extraordinary insight into the thoughts and soul of others. Over the years I have asked her many many questions, i must say 90% of the time about the same person! She has helped me so very much; she gives gentle, thoughtful answers, with the utmost patience. She has a wonderful gift. I am honoured to think of her as a friend because she has helped me so much. Much love, Sue. 
Louise O. says: Right from the start of the reading Sue accurately told me what was going on in my work life - the details were right on point, including, my feelings And what I had been thinking she got my partner 100% on with his ways and work problems. Be interesting to find out if the predictions come true 
Consoled and Impressed
Dev p. says: Right from the start of the reading Sue accurately told me what was going on in my work life - the details were right on point, including the situation, my feelings, and how others were treating me. I was truly impressed. She also described specific characteristics of my siblings with a high level of accuracy. I only recently had the reading done, so I'll find out if the predictions come true. But I would recommend Sue - she is very sweet and straightforward. 
Kerry c. says: Very warm and welcoming I was able to speck to my brother who passed early this year I asked him that morning to give me a sign it was him that no one would know and it was he wanted to give me funny kissis by holding my head he always did this lol he said he was safe and he was with my gran which was nice to hear I have been to sue a few times and each time is the same she is what she id and says how it is wish I could of spoken to him longer but the connection was lost. 
Beautiful Soul
Mya G. says: Had my reading yesterday and i have to say that this lady is the most beautiful compassionate soul who, in my opinion works tirelessly for the benefit of others. The reading was so helpful and insightful and i would reccomend Sue without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a genuine and caring person to help them in times of need. Even if there isn't a particular need and you are just looking for gentle guidance and answers. Contact her because you won't be disappointed. I was blown away by the precision of many things she told me. Mya. G. 
Serena F. says: My family and friends have always gone to Sue when In need of guidance and support and have always left positive, confident, stunned and happy. I decided to have a full reading because I was at a point in my life where I felt confused and lost somewhat. I was so blown away with how accurate Sue was It made me giggle. Sue has a lovely warm, friendly and kind presence to her and when I was around her I felt instantly like I had known her for years. I was so very happy with my reading and what Sue picked up on. It did not just life my energy and spirits but it made me feel at ease. I will definitely be back for future readings and look forward to it. Thank you Sue, sending love and light x 
We are all so blessed to have Sue in our lives!
Jayne T. says: Since visiting Sue for first time nearly three years ago, I've had many readings and look forward to them. In that time thanks to Sue helping me gain a great deal more confidence in myself and my abilities, I've learnt and achieved many new things and completely changed my life for a more positive, creative and happy one with a few new careers started/in progress. Sue has an incredibly gifted talent, is extremely accurate and is a lovely lady with a great sense of humour.... she will blow you away with her comments, both past, present and future! I've recommended her to so many people in my life, friends, family and new people I meet who go and meet her to be amazed! Thanks Sue for your never ending support and helping me to become the true person I want to be in every sense. I'm very excited about the future and my new life. I hope new people visiting this site and reading these reviews will be inspired to go and visit her! Xxxx 
Highly Recommended
Julia M. says: I think Sue has a real gift. Always knows everything that is going on with me without me having to say a word. Very helpful, kind lady who always gives me hope to keep persevering. Some predictions have happened others for the future I am obviously still waiting for. I have contacted a couple of psychics in the past and not one has come up to Sue's standards. 
Fabulous as always
Antonia E. says: I've had readings from Sue for several years...and she's never let me down. A lovely lady, who is truly gifted. Face to face readings are better, as you get to have a proper natter with a good friend....but now i live so far readings are just as good and just as accurate. Without me having to tell her anything, she manages to take my thoughts and organises them into a logical order, making me feel better about life in the process........ Not all of the predictions come true, but nothing is ever set in stone and Sue can only make predictions from the point we're at at the time she's reading, she can't predict every time you're going to change your mind and change course....any more than we can for ourselves. She's Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient, not omniscient.....though it sometimes feels as though she is :) I will always recommend this lovely lady and will always keep coming back for more guidance. 
Very helpful and calming
Rita D. says: Sue has a way of calming you, giving the best advice and clarity with regards to predicaments! She is spot on and definitely has clairvoyant powers and a wonderful person!! Thanks so much! x 
Sue is the best---Inspiring, helpful and calming
Rita D. says: Sue was very helpful. She listened to my issues, gave me sound advice and I really feel that she was helpful. I was really down and felt that I was out of control and she was very calming, soothing and inspirational. She pointed me in the right direction and answered all my questions and clarified some problems for me. She was great and I will of course call again! 
Lovely lady
Pj J. says: Sue, welcomes her clients with her warm nature. She is such a lovely lady who I trust. So far when I have had troubles or need answers sue is a great help. 
Lovely woman
Sophie B. says: Sue was great!!! Knew what was already going on without me giving any details away. Gave great advice about my predicaments! Really warm and welcoming woman easy to talk to. The tarot is scarily correct! 
Amazing, truly inspiring and helpful.
James L. says: Sue was amazing, first time I have been to see her and from the moment she started with the tarot cards she was explaining what was going on in my life , my father came through and I asked many questions which he responded to. Has answered many questions which we're going through my mind and bringing me to speak to my father for the first time in my life made me happy. Thank you sue, for everything you do to help the lives of people. James Lehal 
G Martin
Gregory M. says: My second visit with Sue was even more fascinating than the first. An extraordinarily gifted and warm woman, I regard her, hands down, the most brilliant tarot reader I have met -- and I've met 'em all :)
G Martin
Gregory M. says: My second visit with Sue was even more fascinating than the first. An extraordinarily gifted and warm woman, I regard her, hands down, the most brilliant tarot reader I have met -- and I've met 'em all :)
Sue is the Best
Sunita G. says: I just had mine face to face reading with sue yesterday,I live far though,most of her prediction was accurate, cause I normally gets my future prediction by my dreams & alwys comes true still love to visit her & was worth it.she is a brilliant & very friendly,I've enjoyed a lots.sue is the best thanx a lot & love to visit u in the 
Sue is the Best
Sunita G. says: I had a fantastic time with Sue,everything was great,I've been so many places but Sue is the best,I love to visit her again in the Future,I really enjoyed how she described she is very friendly & loving person .xx
Reading at Sanctuary
Shirley P. says: I have seen Sue twice now. Each time I have gone in depressed and each time I have come out with hope. Sue's reading of my past was completely accurate and all but one thing has come true regarding my future.....but the time period has changed and so i still have hope. Sue is a very warm, compassionate person without being sentimental & I love visiting her. I love having the MP3 readings so that things I cannot recall I can listen to in the quiet of my own home. I would firmly recommend Sue to anyone seeking answers to questions. 
Hugely grateful
David F. says: I have visited Sue for a face-to-face reading three times now over a period of about three years. A number of things in the first reading left me like 'yeah, sure, how??' Two years later they came true, absolutely true - note the distance of time. In my latest reading, her understanding of my past was remarkably accurate. Her perceptions of the unseen in the current time period of my life may be right and they may be wrong but, either which way, I accept them as fitting with things I do know and as a way not to have to go round and round issues in my head - that is a huge help. I am also very impressed by her fluency of understanding and communication with the psychic realm. In my life, I often find myself with troubling psychic challenges to cope with, and her guidance, experience, calm and occasional slight concern give me a beam of clarity and precision of psychic tolerance and consciousness and conscience, without which I don't think I would have coped. I think Sue is a lovely person in her quiet, thoughtful, modest way, but also I do feel she is a person of great integrity and real, unsentimental comnpassion. 
Face to Face
Tee S. says: I really enjoyed my reading with Sue. Her knowledge of my past was accurate. She was patient as well as humorous. I hope things turn out the way she has predicted. I would definitely see Sue again. 
Theresa H. says: I have had a face-to-face reading with Sue and email readings (you must follow the correct instructions to submit these questions) - just think of the amount of correspondence Sue must get). I have found Sue to be accurate and some things in my face-to-face reading did not transpire, but then you also have to remember that Sue can only tell it as she sees it at the moment. You have free will and may very well do something that changes what she originally saw. Also, mediums often pick up issues/conditions around you and sometimes cannot distinguish if this is you or someone you are close to. As long as you know that circumstance that is being described you can still "take" that piece of information and therefore keep the flow going. I was very happy with my readings and my regarding my latest email reading, I was impressed that Sue can be so accurate without a face-to face connection. Would definitely recommend.
The light I was looking for!!
Stel S. says: Sue was very accurate on my last and present. Only time will tell how the future predictions were. Over all for me it was quite emotional experience. The predictions gave me something to look forward to and aspire to. Thank you :) 
Paula T. says: I found Sue a lovely , warm person and she was spot on with my past , present and hopefully my future. I will definitely be seeing her again . 
Incredibly Wonderful & Extremely Amazing!
Kryspina S. says: I am always ever so grateful for every appointment I have with Sue. She has been always very supportive. Sue guided me through the most difficult times in my life...Thanks to her I know I am never alone. She foresaw so many things and events, either happy or sad ones, which have happened...She is like my guardian Angel who is beside me all of the time. 
Amazing gift 
Dominique B. says: Me and my partner had a joint reading together. I was yet again shown what an amazing gift sue has. This being my third visit and everytime she has amazed. Thank you so much for our reading, you have opened my eyes and helped immensity with my life at the moment I am forever thankful xx 
The greatest tarot reader I've met
Gregory M. says: Sue's reading for me was in a word superb. I've met a lot of tarot readers in my life and she is by far the most talented, evolved, generous, wise and kind. If I could give her TEN stars I would! 
So Reassuring and Comforting
Sue R. says: So much so, that it left me wanting more! I have recently lost my husband and needed some kind of signal and contact with him again. Sue provided this for me with a psychic reading and this has brought considerable comfort to me, especially when I am on my own and at night-time. I then had a palm reading from Sue because I wanted to know what the future held for me without my husband, as I couldn't and didn't want to see a future without him. Sue opened my eyes and gave me some very interesting and believable revelations. She also confirmed certain dreams and ideals that only I and my late husband would have known. I wouldn't hesitate going back to Sue and certainly would recommend others to use her gift. 
Incredibly Accurate!
Roz N. says: I saw Sue regarding some health issues of my own. She reassured me there was nothing to worry about, therefore immediately putting me at ease. Her accuracy is testimont to many clients including myself, going back to see her year after year. She explains the reading in a timely manner and one which you can follow. I love her 'style' of reading and reassurance which is why i would not hestitate to go back or recommend her. 
Title your review An Incredible Comfort
Carolyn H. says: Write your review I have had several readings with Sue and many, many emails, because I need insight into the mind and character of someone very important to me. Sue has given me incredible hope and knowledge to carry on when, without her insight, I would have given up! She is utterly incredible in her predictions and perception and I unfailingly recommend contacting her. She is a thoroughly delightful person, kind and thoughtful, and gives one hope for the future. thank you, dear Sue xxx Carolyn 
Billie E. says: I have had a number of face to face readings from Sue over the years and they have always been very accurate. My latest reading was by email and was just as accurate - timelines were spot on as was the outcome. Well done and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sue! Billie 
Events Have Finally Started To Unfold
Louise F. says: My first full reading with Sue was back in early August 2013. Using her crystal ball, at the time, she had mentioned a specific event which was to take place in April 2014 and predicted issues surrounding it. It's now that time of the year and I am truly astounded at how accurate her revelation was in relation to this matter in particular. She had also predicted a second scenario (with a less accurate timescale); this has not yet come to light but I'm feeling hopeful, especially now that one of her predictions has actually materialised as was told to me. The tarot reading was also very insightful and to date a few things she had foreseen therefrom have also come true. I do believe Sue is naturally gifted in this area...I don't believe in coincidences. Thank you x
Cat Johnson
Cat J. says: Sue is a very talented lady. She is very accurate and very respectful of hard situations. Sue helped me last year make some very difficult decisions and now after my last reading I'm looking forward to what lies ahead. I think Sue can inspire your dreams, bring reality to thought and celebrate successes. I recommend a visit. Thank you Sue. 
Tarot face to face, april 2014
Lynda m. says: I have had 2 readings with sue, recently had my third. I was taken a back again at how accurate the reading was. Very honest, new my current situation well and showed empathy. Still trying to take it all in, things that she said came to light soon after, therefore with the reading i had this prepared me to deal with issues in a calm way. Thank you very much sue. 
Shenise b. says: I experienced my 1st ever readying by sue I rate her 10 out 10 she was spot on with alot of things she said about my past and my future and about how I was feeling and my relationship I went in with an open mind and wanted answers she gave me answers and gave me more then what I was expecting to hear and just want to say thank u for your words and guidance sue u are brilliant I shall be seeing u again very soon .
Helen m. says: This was my second visit to sue and received the same warm welcome and fantastic reading. The accuracy is shocking and I love the way she guides you through what questions to ask of the tarot cards. I came away feeling positive and excited about the future. Helen 
Fantastic as always
Antonia E. says: Sue is a lovely lady with a true gift! Lost count of the times she's been able to help me make sense of life. Will ALWAYS thoroughly recommend her xx
Astoundingly accurate 
Shas S. says: I have had few readings done in the past with couple of different people (who have been pretty good). However it was my first telephone reading with Sue. To my surprise, Sue was absolutely accurate and very honest and says it how it is.. She told me about my current situation in depth with a lot of accuracy and answered all my questions with courtesy, patience and empathy. Obviously she’s mentioned few things about my future which I will only be able to confirm when we reach that time frame. But so far I’ve definitely had a good experience and have already recommended her to four people. 
Chris d. says: I had my first visit to Sue yesterday. I had 2 appointments which were not consecutive. The first one was a psychic reading and I was not disappointed. Things Sue told me were so accurate and special and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was my husband she had contacted. I wandered round town before my next appointment and I felt a massive surge of energy and a warm glow even though it was raining and cold. I came out of one shop and on the pavement,lying in the wet, was a white feather! My palm reading was also amazing-Sue revealed things that nobody else knew-only me and at the end of my session I left feeling "buzzing". I have had a good night's sleep for the first time in over a year and today I feel warm and "tingly". I will definitely return for further readings and am so grateful for my findings yesterday. Thank you so much Sue! 
Emma D. says: Sue was very caring, great customer service and such a nice woman. I had a 4 question email reading with her and I really enjoyed it, I even emailed her back to ask some more questions and she awnsered so quick. I will definitely be back! :) 
Online reading
Nora H. says: I have had face to face readings and email readings with Sue over a few years now. I believe she is a truly gifted lady and I have found her advice very helpful in many occasions. People forget that we create our lives ourselves, and that talented people such as Sue tap into the energy of how our lives could develop if we do not make changes or change our minds about where we want things to go. They have the ability to help clarify what is ahead, but they do not create that future for us. It's up to us to make changes if we feel what has been shown is not what we desire. I shall continue consulting her in future. 
Highly recommend 
Lynn S. says: I went along with my daughter for two full readings. Sue was spot on with my daughter and about her depression it was an amazing reading and my daughter has now started making plans where before she couldn't even get out of bed sue told her things that were happening now and it was so true. My reading was also outstanding she discribed my husband perfectly this is my second reading with sue it was relaxed and she was very helpful I would deff go back to sue for a third time when I need guidance. Lovely lady and very truthful. X 
Tarot Reading
Belle S. says: I have so much admiration and respect for Sue.Always to the point no skirting around any issues no matter how difficult the answers are.I am very blessed to have found this lady.Her predictions from last year have come true and that's all I can say over a very personal matter.All I can say is thank you Sue for your patience and understanding. 
Dave P
David P. says: Always a good place to go for peace of mind. Sue helps you try to work out what is happening in your life when you need answers and almost every time she is right. The best thing is when Sue starts talking about things which I haven't mentioned, and they are so correct that it takes me a few seconds to realise..............10/10.
Telephone Reading was Fantastic
Diane G. says: I was very apprehensive on having a telephone reading, but I was amazed at how accurate Sue was with my past and present life. Sue was a very kind and encouraging lady who gave advice to help guide me. I would recommend Sue and I will certainly be going back for more readings. Thanks Sue.x 
Telephone Reading was Fantastic
Diane G. says: I was very apprehensive on having a telephone reading, but I was amazed at how accurate Sue was with my past and present life. Sue was a very kind and encouraging lady who gave advice to help guide me. I would recommend Sue and I will certainly be going back for more readings. Thanks Sue.x 
Fortune Telling Runs Through Her Veins
Vicky S. says: I like to go and see Sue when Im at a crossroads and I always leave knowing which way to turn. 
Title your review spot on! 
Jo S. says: I've been seeing sue now for years and she is so accurate in everything she says . Everytime I go to see her she leaves me amazed !! Sue is brilliant at answering all your questions . She clarifies everything and gives good guidance . I would def recommend her ESP if you're lost or are confused . She will put u on the right track . 
None Like Sue
Julia M. says: Sue has been helping me for a few years now. I would not know where to have turned without her. On my first reading she knew all the problems I was having without me saying a word. Her accuracy and predictions have been spot on. Some problems have been on-going and her encouragement has given me hope to see light for the future and continue whereas I may have given up. I believe with her gifts she is God sent and very special. 
Incredibly gifted professionally, and a delight to know personally
Philip S. says: I first had an appointment with Sue six months ago at the end of July 2013. I wrote at the time that the reading then was potentially life-changing and that Sue is someone with deep knowledge and insight. What has transpired over the past six months has only confirmed that opinion. Everything that has been predicted as happening within that period has occured (no matter how unlikely it seemed at the time) both in terms of events and also in relation to thoughts and feelings. Sue's psychic gifts and her ability to read the Tarot and interpret the advice that it gives has given me guidance of real value and benefit in complex and difficult work situations, in dealing with family and personal relationships and in terms of my spiritual development and understanding. I have briefly compared Sue with other psychics who, though talented and well meaning, have a more 'general' approach which does not match the range and level of accuracy and truth that Sue provides. Sue is second to none, and the package is well rounded off with a good sense of humour and a personality that is genuine, honest, patient, caring and wise. If you are thinking about looking into yourself and your future and are unsure whether to take the next step, I would advise you to do yourself a large favour and book an appointment with Sue. 
Working in Love & Light: My friend, Thank you x
Michelle M. says: I have been going to Sue for years now along with my very close friends and family. We all are always very happy with Sues work ethics and welcoming persona. Of course her accuracy also. Over the years I have kept written accounts of our readings and I must say, they ring true. Thank you for your many years of service and most importantly your friendship working with in love and light. Mich x 
Jamie .. says: Sue, you were absolutely right, they do have a child together! I had no idea, and just found out! but you told me this two months ago! i cant wait to speak with you again. amazing. 
Genuinely talented lady with warm heart 
Yukie Y. says: I am a regular to her both in face-to-face and phone mostly in recent time. She knows how much I appreciate her as I express it often, so review is not necessary. I am doing this because simply I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to her in public and letting her amazing talent to be more recognized in order to attract new clients as comments by a regular would help confirming her prediction towards future. Sue is honest by nature, intelligent with a sense of humor and genuinely talented. With these qualities reflected on her reading, she has helped me my difficult times. Any questions answered without knowing you, given details are as comparable as scientific facts which is amazing. She will never waste a minute, even a second in your reading time. Anyone who is a first time sitter should consider yourself lucky to find her, anyone who has seen another physics will regret that she was not of your first. I believe anyone in need will be put at ease by her. Personally I believe this lady deserves more public status than pseudo known psychics out there (but she is so not greedy...). I will keep posting updates and will come back to her soon. 
Monique c. says: I had a tarot reading from sue and she was absolutely brilliant! I would definitely recommend her as she is so precise and straight to the point!
Sue is my oracle!
Kryspina S. says: I've been seeing Sue quite often. I am extremely happy and grateful I've met her as she has given me loads of support, comfort and guidance through difficulties...She is like a guardian Angel to me. In my opinion, Sue has an incredible gift and blessing of helping people. She didn't only bring hope into my life, but she changed my life, she changed the way I see life. I am very thankful for this. There are no words, which can describe how grateful I am. Sue has been always right about my past and present. She knew details of my life which only I've known but nobody else... And future?...Whatever she has foreseen, it's happening...It's coming...some of events she saw, happened already...She has foreseen extremely sad things and extremely good things happening in my life. She has been always right. I strongly believe that what is to be, will be, only if it's meant to be...And Sue is there to show us different paths, variety of possibilities through the journey of everyday life discovery. Thanks to her I've noticed that there will be always doors to open and doors to shut... 
Thank you Sue
Shirley K. says: This was my 2nd reading with Sue - I find her straight and to the point, no messing. She is very accurate & honest - some of the things Sue told me were amazing. I would recommend her to anyone. 
Amanda L. says: I had a lovely reading with Sue, it was uplifting and has filled me with hope for the future. I hope it comes to pass. 
Patsy N. says: Feel more focused and tranquil and a little safer. Hit the nail on the head. I hope my future will be as predicted................I will have a family again 
21 Nov 2013
Nadine N. says: As always Sue is on point, she has this amazing ability to make you feel at ease even when you feel life is being unfair. My reading went well I left with a sense of peace and gratitude. 
Title your review 5 stars for Sue
Carolyn H. says: Write your review Without Sue's help, I think I would be a wreck. There is one particular subject, on which she must be heartily sick, but never, ever, shows it! - and I return to it again and again. It involves an insight into another's physic thoughts and Sue has been like a lifeline to me. I know I will return again and again for the calm, patient, kind and considerate, and accurate thoughts of Sue. I am longing for her predictions to come right; I cannot stress enough how grateful I am that I first contacted Sue. She has brought me considerable peace at a very stressful time of my life. Thank you, dear Sue xx 
The Best of the BEST
Vicky K. says: Sue is brilliant... She was spot on. She is kind, compassionate, and above all honest. She made me feel at ease right off the get go. I have a lot of experience with psychics and I am ranking her #1. She knew everything and I mean she ht the nail on the head. I had my own gut feeling. I believe we all have abilities or intuition but we sometimes choose not to follow it. Sue confirmed mine. I truly believe that her predictions will manifest without a doubt. I have sent her follow-up emails and she is very quick to respond. She deserves 5 stars... She is a gift.. Thanks SUE.. I will never forget how you have helped me. 
Life has a way
Mahendra S. says: Life has a way. I knew what I wanted in my life but was unsure of my roads. After seeing you sue you have made it clear of what I can do. And as for love I hope it does work out as it take two hearts to do this. Thank you for all your help. Mahendra 
Sue's wonderful readings!
Sonja H. says: I have consulted with Sue for over a year now.. and I am completely amazed how accurate her readings and visions are. Most things so far have happened though not always in an expected way.. but literally she has the ability to help you choose which paths to follow and her advice has become valuable to me. It is so hard to believe some of the things she says because they sounds so good and I sometimes ask the same questions to convince myself and calm my nerves, but as time goes by I am hopeful and believe that things will work out as Sue has predicted because the future has some much positive to offer based on my last reading with her and Sue has been like an angel showing me that glowing light in the shade. 
Great as usual!
Theresa G. says: Brought my partner to see Sue with his problems. Accurate right from the start, together with her lovely mannerism, which got him relaxing and asking his own questions as well. Reassuring trip, worth the 90 odd miles each way travelling in the rain.... Hope what she says will come true, and after a few years asking Sue questions, know they will as they always do.... 
You can't beat this accuracy!
Jayne T. says: This is my second review but I have seen Sue quite a few times in the last couple of years since first meeting. I can now confirm many predictions Sue has made have already come true and in the detail described which is genius! My personal journey since meeting her is transforming my life in a positive and successful way I never thought possible before. It has created a belief in myself that I can achieve my goals no matter how far they seemed out of reach in the past. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough, even if you're a skeptic like I was two years ago! It is a truly fascinating experience and one you cannot afford to let pass you by if you are looking for new level inspiration or going through turmoil. Thank you Sue for inspiring me to unlock my passion for learning new things and being a huge support during the tough times xx
Gentle, Re-assuring,Positive and Healing
Barbara E. says: I have known and respected Sue as a Healer and Reader for many years now and would highly recommend friends and family who are in need of direction, peace of mind and healing to choose whatever aspect of Sue's spiritual gifts that matches their requirements at the time that they feel they are in need of guidance. Sue is an amazing lady who has been given these gifts to assist others when they are in need of re-assurance about whatever and wherever the issues are in their lives. The empathy and spiritual love and awareness as Sue connects with spirit to relay the messages back to her clients is truly directive and uplifting. Thank you Sue for your insight and clarity when communicating messages from spirit back to us - your clients. 
Helpful insights
Sharon G. says: another very helpful reading from Sue. I had a reading last June and it prepared me to be strong for a very tough was very tough, extremely so, but I kept Sues advice in the back of my head and I was able to keep going forward. Ive just been back to Sue and once again have had some useful information and a wonderful reading...she's a lovely lady who says it as it is ! It great knowing I have my four questions when those times occur I need a little insight. Thanks Sue xx
"Amazing lady"
Celia H. says: I can honestly say you will not leave disappointed.I have seen numerous people claiming 2 be a clairvoyant,They are in no way shape or form in sue's league.And 2 say i dont like driving would be a under statement but after seeing sue the 100++ miles going home was the quickest i have ever known.Would HIGHLY recommend looking forward to my email questions. Thank you so much sue 4 everything many thanks celia 
Title your review Telephone reading
Dorothy B. says: Write your review This was my first reading with Sue, she is the best i have come across. I will be back for more readings with her. Sue is a great lady so much information given in such a short space of time. Thank You Sue. Dorothy.xx 
Sharon F. says: I booked a reading with Sue on the recommendation of a friend - and I wasn't disappointed. Sue wasn't well on the day and did offer me the option of rescheduling, I was reluctant to do so, so she kindly offered to do a quick reading to see if she could pick me up. Within the first few minutes she was telling me things that I don't think I've ever even said outloud! The rest of the reading progressed in a similar vein. Sue was saying things that were almost word for word conversations I'd recently held. A few things were very surprising but I'm hopeful that they'll come to pass. At a difficult and confusing time in my life, I came out after half an hour feeling optimistic, reassured and confident. Sue has a wonderful way about her, so even when telling me things that I might not like, I still didn't feel disheartened and could take the positive from them because of the overall reading. The option of emailing 4 follow up questions is a great service as I'm sure as things pan out I'll want to check I'm still moving in the right direction. I've been to other readers before and would definitely rate Sue as one of the best I've been to. I'd highly recommend her. 
Emily b
Emil b. says: Thankyou sue for a lovelyexperience. Extremely accurate with my character and past and present looking forward to seeing your predictions unfold. Very special lady xxxxxxxxxx 
Fabulous reading as always from a lovely lovely lady!
Antonia E. says: I've been having readings from Sue for several years and hope to continue for several more! Sadly, in the last year, I've had to resort to email readings rather than face to face ones, as I have moved out of the area, but I am pleased to report, the quality of the readings is just as high as ever....the only thing missing is Sue's lovely company. I really miss popping up to see Sue as often as I did, as she is always great company and her readings have always helped more than I could ever thank her for! I always came out smiling....and often getting strange looks for giggling to myself, having spent a lot of the time in Sue's company in hysterics, as we share a wicked sense of humour! There have been times, when I'd feel like I'd hit rock bottom, and Sue's calming demeanour and accuracy in the readings would help lift me out of my pit, and give me hope, and ideas on how to dig myself out of the holes I had found myself in. Sue really does have an amazing talent, which, coupled with a wonderfully warm and lovely personality, makes her a perfect Reader! I am very happy and proud to count her amongst my friends and thoroughly recommend her! 
Amazingly accurate and a huge help.
Wendie G. says: This is the first time I had met Sue and she picked up on every aspect of my life with all its dramas with incredible accuracy and without me giving her any clues. My situation and that of the people immediately around me has been very complex and there is absolutely no way Sue could have known any of it without having her very special gift. Thank you Sue for making me feel relaxed and at ease and for giving me clarity that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I look forward to receiving my email recording of our meeting. 
A woman with deep knowledge and insight
Philip J. says: If you are thinking about whether to step over the threshold and look into yourself and your future with the benefit of Sue's assistance, please be assured that this woman is genuine and her gifts are real. She is honest, straightforward and empathetic and will allow you to guide the process of discovery that a reading with her entails. All the positive comments on these pages that I reviewed before my reading chime with my experience of meeting Sue. My reading was potentially life-changing and I do not regret having 'taken the leap' and booked an appointment at all. And this, dear reader, is written by someone who is rational, often sceptical and never writes reviews! 
Title your review Enormously gifted and accurate reader
ZsaZsa n. says: Write your review: I have been in telephone contact with Sue several times, the latest quite recently. Apart from being a very charming and personable being, she is an enormously gifted and accurate reader, having told me on several occasions certain future events that would occur, without my knowing anything about them beforehand. And, she never fails to offer good correct advice! I admire Sue a great deal and am always astounded by her memory and by how much she can accomplish each day! Whenever a "problem" appears in my life I always think of contacting Sue. I can't recommend her highly enough; she never fails to disappoint! 
Simply outstanding....
Kelly W. says: Awwww bless Sue... This lady is just simply outstanding... I had my 2nd reading with Sue last week and it was just amazing! I was so nervous to begin with but sue handle me with care... She has so much compassion it is unreal and her gift is just phenomenal.. There were things that sue had said to me that you could never have guessed! Just to point out I have never met sue but she managed to tell me that I had dropped two dress sizes recently which I have due to difficulties... I seriously could go on and on about how remarkable she is.. My reading was wonderful and insightful... Sue did not give me any false hopes to please me but the reading was realistic and it has helped me understand where I am going and I feel like I am on track again.. I got a lot of love for Sue a lot as she has pulled me through some tough times! Give this lady a call you will not be disappointed xxxx 
Good, Gifted, Gracious...
Alexandra C. says: Sue came to my attention at the beginning of the most troubled period of my life to date; just over two years ago, an unexpected loss threw me into a profound state of depression which therapy and medicine did nothing to alleviate. Having been warned not to "dabble in the occult" by another psychic back in 1986, I was reluctant to turn to a psychic for help, even one as highly recommended as Sue. Now I can only be grateful that she came into my life. Over the many long months of this turbulent time, Sue has always been patient, kind, steady and accurate, offering me comfort and reassurance but also giving me an occasional much-needed push to "be strong". Sue has been able to predict many things with great accuracy. One example: when we last spoke over the phone in May, Sue saw the worsening of my daughter's disorder before I knew how serious it was about to become but at the same time, reassured me that all would be well in due course. My daughter was hospitalised by ambulance several days after the reading and is now at home again and improving steadily. Sue has also predicted that this extremely troubled and unhappy period of my life - which has brought divorce, illness, moving countries and a profound personal loss - will soon be resolved, bringing joy back into our lives and I look forward with confidence. Reluctant to describe any person or situation as "perfect", nevertheless I'm giving Sue the five stars she deserves for her extraordinary compassion, combined with professionalism and accuracy. Thank you, Sue.
Nothing short of amazing
Katie F. says: I have had two readings with Sue, one about 2-1/2 years ago and the other just last month. The first reading prepared me for and got me through one of the most difficult times. She predicted that my husband would have a nervous breakdown in February but that things would start to get better in November. You don't know my husband, of course, but at the time I thought Sue was way off the mark-- it would be completely out of character for him. Well, about mid-February he fell into a deep depression. He was so desperate that I would have thought he was suicidal. Sue had told me that someone he knew committed suicide and my husband would never put his family through that. (This is true-- his uncle killed himself and destroyed his family). I held on hoping Sue would be right about November. And I swear, November 1st he slept through the night for the first time in months and even said he might be feeling a bit better. A half a year later and he has gotten the help he needs and is his best self again. There were many other things Sue said in that reading that were right on the mark. In fact there was nothing that she said that didn't either ring true at the time, or turn out to be true. Just last month I called Sue before I went into a big negotiation with my business partners. She said that I wasn't valuing my time enough and that I was accepting less than I deserved financially. I was able to go into the meeting from a strong position and I have ended up much more fairly compensated. The best part is that my partners agree! I will definitely be calling Sue again. I should also mention that I am in the USA so I only talked to Sue by phone. I can't believe she can do such accurate readings from an ocean away! Sue has such a lovely manner and I hope to get to England some day to meet her in person. 
Helen H. says: Sue was so correct about me and i'm hoping that what Sue told me about my future comes true to. I went not knowing how I felt about this sort of thing. Sue makes you feel relaxed and I came out relaxed and happy. I would recommend Sue to any one that wanted answers in their life. I will go back again and record it next time. Big thank you Sue 
Truly amazing.......
Revecca P. says: I recently had a reading from Sue and was blown away by her accuracy....... I have been feeling so sad and hopeless in the last couple of weeks and Sue helped to unburden my mind and gave me hope no matter what the outcome of my situation. Sue is a warm, friendly and welcoming lady that you are able to feel at ease with. She knew things that she couldn't possibly have known - one example of many, was to do with me moving just 5 minutes away from my home in Bedford. I was unsure about this decision and so asked if I was doing the right thing. Sue told me to look into whether the catchment area of the school I had my heart set on for my daughter would be a possibility at this new house (I just assumed that because it was so closeby my daughter would be able to go to this particular school). When I rang up to check with the council the very next day lo and behold she was right & if I had moved my daughter couldn't have gone to my favoured school and I would have been devastated! I am still amazed at my amazing reading, I only wish I had chosen to record it. I am extremely grateful to her and think Bedford is very lucky to have such a unique and special person :-) 
Very hopeful.
Tracy W. says: Sue I would like to say a big thank you before I begin my review as you have restored my faith.. My reading left me on a high due to the information that you gave me and I really do hope that my man is on his way back as predicted, you will never know how much this means to me. I have recommended you to both family and friends, some have already visited and have been blown away by your accuracy. I am now looking forward to the future and will definitely visit you again and will update on my progress Aug/Sept time. Thanks once again Sue x 
Truly helped me
Jennie M. says: I visited Sue after a recommendation from my family. Sue is so fast with the cards and just seemed to know me from childhood through to present day. Not only that, Sue knew things about my partner that she could not have 'guessed' or known. Absolutely amazing. Sue's earliest prediction was to happen the day after I saw her and she was absolutely spot on. Sue even gave me some healing in the reading to help me. Genuine, caring and insightful; I would recommend Sue to anyone - she is the genuine article. Thank you so much Sue, you will never know how much you helped me to find clarity, peace of mind and belief in myself again xxxx 
Very helpful and calming
Deepa K. says: Dear Sue, Thank you for the reading. It was very helpful, insightful and calming. I will be availing your services again. I have a request though, i erroneously deleted the reading that you sent me, would truly appreciate if you could resend the reading to me. Thanks & Regards, Deepa 
Surprised at how gifted sue is!
Julie c. says: I came in to see sue yesterday and had a full reading, I was amazed at how much sue was telling me that was so correct! One or two things I didn't quiet get but most of it seemed true and genuine, Sue was so lovely and came across very calm and friendly, she must truly have a gift and I would recommend her to anyone and I will for sure be going to see her again,once I see the stuff she predicted coming true I will be back to hear more :), thank you sue you have made me feel a lot better within my self xx 
Full reading : tarot.. spirit and crystal ball
Jo S. says: Sue is AMAZING!!!! I dont know how she does it but this woman knows the answers to EVERYTHING. She intrigues me soooo much because every time ive turned to her she always gives me the CORRECT answer and the RIGHT advice. Everything she predicts.. has come true and ive been going to her for a good couple of years now. Id be LOST without her. Recently i had a FULL reading as i normally just have tarot.. this time i chose the crystal ball an di was BLOWN AWAY!!!! How can a ball predict your life? It can!!! She saw things in that ball that was so accurate. I came away thinking ..Sue is brilliant ..she is my angel!!! i do believe i was meant to meet her.. she puts me on the RIGHT PATH!!! Incredible.xxxx
Liz s. says: I had a half hour face to face mediumship with sue yesterday and I had been worried about one thing in particular that sue could not possibly have known and it was one of the first things she addressed and put my mind completely at ease. I cannot recommend sue highly enough and I will most definitely be using sue again in the future. She has a very calming and lovely personality and I can only thank her for everything that she did for me yesterday . she got everything acurate and also gave me some advise about someone close to me that may save a lot of heartache .Thank you Sue xxxx 
What a refreshing revelation
Mya G C. says: Genuine, sincere and truly gifted lady. I could wax lyrical about her gifts because there's such an abundance of them but the best thing i feel anyone needing answers can do is book a reading. You truly won't regret it. I had a reading with her for the first time on 01 May 2013. It proved to be a real turning point. This lady is the REAL MACOY!!! Fasten your seat belt and prepare for a refreshing revelation from a beautiful and sincere soul. I am so happy to have met this lady and i would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. Mya. 
Gifted Lady
Julie C. says: I met Sue once by chance. I was not expecting it and it just happened. But I went away feeling amazed that in a short time she could tell me so much that was true. I found that she was not intrusive. I had a email reading shortly after our meeting and got answers that some where true to my life at that stage and some that come true as time went on. A year later I had another email reading and once again Sue was spot on. Truly amazing lady with a very gifted talent. 
Can't recommend highly enough....
Debbie M. says: A fantastic reading from Sue. So clear and accurate and amazed at how much we covered in 30 mins. A really easy person to talk to and never once did I feel judged. Will, without doubt, definitely be in touch again. 
A Very Special Person
Maggie W. says: I cannot speak highly enough about Sue. She has helped me and others who I have recommended her to through some very difficult and emotionally stressful times. She has amazing insight and has been proved right over and over again. Above all, she is discreet and sensitive but always straightforward. I hold her in very high regard. 
Amazing email readings
Isabelle R. says: I have contacted Sue several times over the past year or so, once for a telephone reading and then for numerous email questions. She was always very, very good and things happened just the way she said they would. Then, just recently, I sent her the photo of a close friend of mine and asked her to tell me everything that she could sense from that photo. And her reply was jaw-dropping. She was so incredibly accurate about his personality and the way he is! And she was even able to describe his accent and the sound of his voice!! That, I must say, left me speechless. Sue is extremely gifted and I look forward to more predictions coming to pass. 
Spot on!
Hannah C. says: I have had various tarot readings from Sue, including face to face and email. The most recent was yesterday and Sue was spot on with everything that came up. What was lovely was that she was able to elaborate on areas that had come up in previous readings and gave me a clearer insight into certain situations and behaviours that I probably would not have picked up on myself. She works fast and very thouroughly so that she can fit in as much into the allocated time as possible. You definitely get your money's worth. I would also like to say a BIG thank you to Sue. Having doubted a few of the readings in the past they have all turned out to be right in a way I didnt expect! Always a positive experience with Sue.
Full reading face to face
Delia D. says: I have had several readings of sue, had a full reading with sue yesterday the palmistry was accrurate with how my life has been in the past,sue also picked up difficulties surrounding my daughter & how she is behaving around me at present & that things should leval out this, hopefully the future will unfold the way sue has said,excited & can't wait for the good things in my life to happen, I have also had healing sent to a much needed friend who said she felt better after receiving it, I have attended one of sue courses as well & have found them very useful 
Absolutely spot on !!!!!
Nisha K. says: I had a telephone tarot reading with Sue recently which truly amazed me. The things she told me about my past and present were spot on. I will review further about the future when things start to unfold. I have no doubt in my mind that Sue is the genuine article and would most highly recommend. 
Full reading
Stephanie b. says: Sue is so kind and warm hearted, everything she sed was spot on , would highly recomend 
Omar M. says: Had a phone reading with Sue. Very impressed with her insight, she was very accurate with her readings and we managed to discuss so much in only half an hour. I would certainly recommend her. :)) 
Margherita m. says: Went to see sue on the 12.02.2013 she is the best so nice,kind warm person very helpful,told my friends xxx 
Carrie-Ann H. says: I just had a full reading yesterday (13.02.13) with tarot, stones, palm and crystal ball and although i can not comment on my future readings as it has not happened as yet, i can say her readings from my past and present was spot on so i look forward to seeing my future reading unfold. She was able to give me some details about this year and not just the things that will take place in a few years time so i will look out for the things she has told me for this year and keep everyone up to date on my reading. Speaking more on Sue herself, she was so kind, softly spoken, a peaceful atmosphere and it was just so nice to listen to her. She was very calming and went in to a lot of details about things. She had me leave with a smile on my face. My experience with her was nothing i experienced before in past readings with others. I extremely recommend her if you ever want a reading done. I have never recommended a psychic before so this is a first for me as i was so impressed by this one....Thanks Sue 
Mark N. says: I first contacted Sue in April 2012, when as a last resort during the most difficult time of my life, I googled something like ‘ best psychic UK’ and Sue cropped up. After reading the testimonials I decided ‘why not?’ and went for a tarot phone reading. At this stage I must stress I was an avowed sceptic, but was desperately searching for something to cling to in order to resurrect some hope in my life. Anyway, the reading which was over in 20 minutes was a revelation to me. Not only did Sue give me the standard follow up options, but also extra questions as I had not fully used the allotted time. This immediately made me think this is not a lady in it for a quick buck. But more importantly, the words and predictions were spookily accurate. I did not say a word to direct or encourage-Sue just said what she saw. And it gave me hope. Hope that had evaded me through what I was seeing around me, and everyone telling me to get on with my life. I was given a November date that would be a turning point in my life, which also happened to be my dearest wish. Reasons were also given for this happening, which I couldn’t be aware of throughout the time, but have since been told that what Sue was saying, and said back in April, was exactly what had been happening. Sue could not have known about this stuff because I only found this out myself in the last 10 days or so, but her accuracy was astounding. Returning to my situation, I was truly the underdog of underdogs in my view. Everything was stacked against me, and seemed to be getting worse throughout the summer. This lead to countless e mails to Sue-which were always answered promptly and very politely-( I must have really tried her patience at times!) constantly seeking reassurance that the November situation was still happening. Sue could have changed her mind at any point, but rigidly stuck to her guns regarding November. It gave me hope that was bereft elsewhere. At this point I must state that it was only Sue that kept me from going under during this time-be it sight or incredibly wise advice about how to deal with certain situations, or when to stay quiet even. Anyway September arrived and still no sign of anything changing. Sue was adamant I just had to be patient. November came and nothing for the first 2 weeks. Then out of the blue I received a phone call which has now resulted in my dearest wish-the one Sue said would come true-has come true and in exactly the way Sue said it would. Sue has become so special to me that she was the first person I contacted to tell her my news, and of course Sue was very calm and replied with an incredibly assured and friendly response as if to say ‘ You didn’t doubt me did you?’ It made me smile a lot. So, I still do not know how Sue does this, but it is not guesswork or anything relating to a phoney. This has made me question a lot of things I believed-or didn’t believe before- and all for the good. The accuracy was stunning throughout , as was the advice given which was as if Sue had known my personality as well as my situation. Despite Sue’s undoubted talent or sight, above all she is a beautiful, honest person who genuinely cares about her people. I owe her so much. Thank you Sue. It is a shame there are only 5 stars.
Sophie D. says: Lovely lady, has a very calming vibe! Sue was very accurate on current situations in my life, and gave great guidance on what options i have! Cant wait to find out if her future predictions come true! Have recommended her to friends already! Felt at peace after her reading.
Spot on and life changing
Helena A. says: I have been reading with Sue since August 2012 and she has yet to fail me. I live in Australia and have had phone and email readings with her. Her accuracy has blown me away..she had plicked up on my job situation so well and every things in regards to it has manifested. She has been amazingly patient with me and my numerous questions due to my anxiety. Im not sure how to put in words the way her reading soothes me..She is so accurate in many things and blows me away..I have tried many many psychics in the past but no one has been like Sue...She is the best and I will never try anyone else...I love her for how humble a person she is even with her lovely gift. Her chages are affordable and she will always find time to return emails. Now i am just waiting for another prediction in regards to my relationship to manifest..I am certain it will but i just have to be patient. Thank you Sue and for anyone there who is a sceptic, please give her a try and you will no be disappointed!! 
Life changing..yes really!
Maria C. says: If your reading this review you might have doubts in buying a reading from Sue...clear your mind and go with instinct.My first encounter with the Sanctuary and Sue was by chance:))i know now there is no such thing as coincidence..with her help and the crystals i passed my driving test,maybe i just needed more confidence..she was my outside and with the love only a person unique like her is capable of..Once you had a reading from Sue you will know that her prices are just small pennies in comparison to the priceless guidance she will offer.I am not at my best financially at the moment like many of you out me this is an INVESTMENT...i was so surronded by energy and good vibration and i still am everytime i think of Sue,after i passed my test i decided a full reading was in order...I've had it..please don't expect universal enlightment from tarot or palmistry just go as sceptic as you can be..Sue's gift will demolish all the rubbish from your monkey mind.She was so accurate in know all those intimate stuff you only know them you and yourself and never told a soul about?Oh well,don't take my word for it try awareness blowing and blooming..Big THANK YOU to Sue for all the guidelines..i don't have enough words to thank the Universe but i certenly have a lot of love which i'll always send your way....A real Sanctuary for the road ahead.Love & peace of mind and harmony to all. 
Clear as Day! 
Faz H. says: Sue was GREAT! She helped me soo much with making this important decision; her calm and understanding vibes made me feel at ease because I was really nervous. I felt like she knew me so well and I was talking to a friend for some advise. I would recommend her service to all with any problems you may have. I certainly will be in the future! Many thanks Sue x
Meena p
Meena p. says: i went to see sue yesterday, for an update from a previous reading i had a year ago, the reading was still the same, everything she said about my past and present was accurate, just have to wait and see about my future hope it will be the same as sue predicted. i would recommend her to my friends she is a lovely lady 
Re Motivated
Bronwen T. says: I saw Sue on the 3rd, I am normally a very difficult person to read , Sue had me pegged at the handshake. I had asked my guides and Angles to allow her to give me one unarguable validation, because I am that much of a cynic at times........ She gave me 2!! Sue you have helped me find my direction again and you gave me an answer to a question that has been elusive to me for close on a year. I am recommending Sue to all my like minded folk. Many Bright Blessings Bronwen 
Accurate to a T!
Sian v. says: I saw Sue this Saturday past and was blown away by how accurately she described the quandary I needed clearing up and what it was that had brought me to her door. She's quick too - I ran out of questions half way through because she answered them so quickly! She's amazingly gifted and was a source of real comfort - I walked out of there feeling the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I would highly recommend having a reading with her - I walked away feeling a lot more at peace. 
The best reading ive had. Am very happy! 
Jessica P. says: Ive had a few readings with sue now and she has always mentioned things that relate to my life.I went and had a reading with her on saturday and it was the best reading ive ever had with her. Everything she said was spot on regarding family and career etc and what she told me about a difficult situation i have just had to go through helped me to come to terms with how im feeling about it and left me feeling positive about my future. Would deffinately recommend her and will be back for more readings in the future. Thank you Sue! 
So accurate 
Leanne W. says: I went and saw sue yesterday , I must say I am amazed at some of the things that she knew, Im looking foward to finding out if her predictions come true, I'll be back with an update. I'd never had a reading before and was very nervous , within minutes I was made to feel so comfortable . I can't wait to get my recording . Thanks sue 
Amazingly gifted, genuine lady 
May c. says: Sue has indepth accurate insight into my own personal life and those around me. I was touched by her clarity and sound consistant advice which she has given to me. A kind, compassionate lady who has touched my life with her extraordinary abilities. I will be a returning customer and wouldn't go to anybody else for insight and advice into my life. She is a long standind most trusted lady who has made a positive difference in my life with her gifts who i will always come back to. 
Pam R. says: I have had several readings with Sue, each time she has quickly assessed my situation through tarot cards with extraordinary accuracy. I have always felt calmer and at peace following a reading. 
My mind is at peace.
Sylvia L. says: I had a Tarot reading with Sue last Saturday and it went well. What really amazed me is that she made spiritual contact with my beloved Dad that passed away earlier this year and told me things that she couldn't possibly know. It was extremely emotional but I came out feeling at peace and in a better frame of mind. I would definitely visit Sue again. Thank you Sue, especially for the hug! Xxx 
Dave A. says: I had a reading with Sue last week I feel better after seeing her, and I am hoping the next 6 months unfold as she has predicted. She was very helpful and accurate. But if her predictions for the next 3 month come true it is what we have all been waiting for
Thank You
Sheila P. says: Amazing insight, straight to the point without the waffle some readers give! No hesitation in recommending Sue 
Psychic reading
Cris S. says: I have had a few readings with Sue and each time she was clear and accurate without knowing any details of situations beforehand. Her friendly approach and the relaxing environment make the reading enjoyable.
Karen L. says: i went yesterday to see sue and found her a lovely lady, that tells you straight.I had a lovely reading with my sister and will defo go back again thank you sue. 
Email Readings
Nicola H. says: I have had readings with Sue for about 3 years now. She is very good and there is always a quick response. I can't let go of a someone but I am slowly getting their after Sue's readings enlightening me of the situation. It seems stupid but they have helped! 
Mo O. says: Sue is one of the best psychics that I have had a reading with! On each occasion she has answered the questions honestly and accurately, without knowledge of the history behind the question. A number of her predictions have also started to unfold. She has made me feel so much more positive about the future Thank you again Sue for your patience and insight regarding my situation. Mx 
Heart of Gold
Jack V. says: Sue is a beautiful soul who instantly makes you feel at ease during your reading, she makes excellent use of the time allocated, with her pure skills in reading without pause. I have had the pleasure of being surrounded by truly gifted psychics and feel Sue to be one of them. I've led a very chaotic life and although I feel the cards danced around for me than I would have expected I can read between the lines and see that without the changes we know of, we will continue in a set way. I bid if you have a reading to take reflection upon this before holding any negativity to the unexpected for fate lies in our own hands. I would recommend the tarot card reading for anyone who would like some in depth answers into questions they have had for some time no matter how hard or trivial. As a gift I paid for my girlfriend to get a Palm reading, a quick scan and Sue responded by the next working day, we both found this reading to be truly charming, extremely informative and accurate. I'd like to thank you Sue for your humble nature and care, everything you said made pure sense to me, the obvious and the subliminal. Keep up your passion and I wish you all the best for all your endeavours in this life, Jack 
Comforting Reading
Caroline F. says: Had booked for a full reading, but due to commitments Sue offered half hour reading. This reading gave me great comfort to know I am heading in the right direction, although doesn't always seem it. I have been seeing Sue for over a year, she's a genuine lady, who foretells things ie: I didnt realise I had a health problem and thought Sue was on about my father lo and behold it was me with gallstones!!! Keep up the good work, Sue - full reading is scheduled in my diary for after to myself. x x 
Lorraine e. says: I saw Sue on thursday and had a full reading I was very comforted, she was very accurate in all she said about my family and the past, and I am hoping beyond hope that her predictions for the future come true, as this will make our family and friends so very happy 
Lu V. says: A wonderful reading that has given me the insight to feel positive about the future. Sue's direct, no nonsense approach was refreshing and allowed me to get to the point. I was overwhelmed at her perceptiveness and ability to see and know things I had not even acknowledged myself. A gifted lady. 
An angel 
Nancy S. says: I have been going to Sue for over a year. All I can say is she's an angel. Her predictions have been to date extremely accurate and always over the phone, since I live on the other end of the pond. Sue is extremely gifted. 
Wonderful lady with a true gift
Sharon G. says: I had my first appointment and saw Sue for a 'full' reading last week. I found her to be a warm and compassionate lady who immediatly made me feel at ease and that she 'understood' me. I have long been spiritual and have had many readings in the past and found Sues direct approach with quick answers to my questions refreshing. She was accurate in all she told me, and the predictions for the future will help me prepare for what lies ahead. It is up to the individual what they choose to do with the information received. I believe Sue gives us the chance to make changes now to make the difficult paths easier when we face them... forewarned is forearmed ! I had quite a 'heavy' reading and Sue was eager to make sure that I understood the information that was coming through and did her best to go deeper with her answers to give me information that could guide me. I felt that Sue genuinely cared and was trying to help me. She is a wonderful lady with a true gift. At the end of the session Sue gave me 'four questions' that I could ask her by e-mail once I had had the chance to go away and absorb the information...something that a lot of Clairvoyants dont do after a reading....I will be going back to see Sue in the future. 
Perfect as expected!
Theresa G. says: Managed to drive down in the rain storm to see Sue instead of the normal email questions. Determined to tell her a question answered a few weeks ago would never come true after what's been said..... 'Unfortunately', Sue's right again, yes M backed down, big time, despite what he said before within the couple of days Sue said he would. Answered a lot of questions, including work and family as well as relationship, most of them I knew (but Sue didn't) and had the reassurance, but most important of all, will go down and see J as her illness approaches the terminal stage. Thank you again Sue.... 
Thank You Sue
Lee A. says: Sue has helped me so much these last couple of months. i have been seeing her for about 3 years now. But recently i have been going through a hard time. i have seen Sue regarding my situation and she has been accurate constantly. everything she predicted happened within a couple of weeks. the situation i was in seemed like there was no hope. the things she said felt like there is no way that could happen but it did. Sue is real and tells you how it is. She tells you straight what to do and how to do it. she does not waste time and you really feel comfortable and relaxed when you are with her. She is always there to help and will always cheer you up. i am so happy to be able to call Sue my friend as she is amazing and just such a nice person. She has helped me so much and with out her i would be an emotional wreck. Thank you Sue for all your help. Lee x 
Jenny says Thank you
Jenny T. says: Thank you Sue for your quiet contemplation and matter of fact delivery. Very comforting. 
Ruth D. says: Sue is amazingly accurate and detailed with her readings. I just have to find the patience for all the amazing and wonderful things that are coming in for me this year! I have had a reading before so this is my second and they both tie in perfectly. I would recommend Sue to everybody!
I will definitely go back to Sue in the future
Gerry S. says: Sue was spot on in describing my past & present. I was particularly blown away when she mentioned something that NOBODY knows. Sue was very descriptive and accurately so of those around me. I had a great deal of questions for Sue surrounding important life choices - some of the answers she gave were not what I wanted to hear, but it has equipped me better for the future and the decisions I have to make and I now feel re-assured that I am making the right choices 
Maureen t. says: WOW Sue you always come through, your always spot on and always open and honest with your predictions. Sue is such a truly special person, i have been visiting Sue for a while now and would recommend her services to every one wishing to learn more about their own physic ability's.She is a star .Love n Light mo xXx 
Comforting and Accurate!!
Sharon r. says: This is my second reading with Sue I am always blown away by her accuracy, this second visit was because I had some issues and an extremley unrestful mind! I came away feeling a lot more at peace with myself! As yet I am awaiting to see if the future unfolds as sue has predicted! 
My first reading
C W. says: This was the first time I'd been for a reading and was unsure what to expect, I was blown away. So much information about my past, which was scarily accurate, my present again accurate but in more detail than I was even fully aware of myself and has given me a lot to think about, the future reading was both expected and unexpected, only time will tell with these. Sue was so lovely, putting my mind at rest about issues that have been on my mind and explaining everything as she went along. I felt that she really made an effort to help me and that really meant a lot, I will definitely be going back in future. 
Yes Sir!
SA s. says: Each time I get a reading from Sue (which has been quiet a few times in the past year) I feel happier and better. I love her straightforward way of answering my questions without adding poetic language to it which I then consequently have to translate for myself! Shes the man! and she knows it! So yes people if your looking for someone genuine then dont hesistate to contact the girl. Thank you once again Sue I LIKES YOU :P S.--Northern Ireland 
Excellent and very insightful.
Hannah C. says: This was my third and longest reading with Sue. I was very nervous but Sue was very quick to put me at ease. She was polite, professional and welcoming and the reading was full of humour which made it a relaxing experience. I had a 35 minute reading and found I got a huge amount from it. I was able to build on information Sue had given me in previous shorter readings. She was incredibly accurate and insightful (without any prompting from me) and also very helpful in areas I struggled to understand. Sue worked quickly so I was able to get as much out of the reading as was possible, which even included a prediction for the the year ahead. I went into the reading feeling confused and anxious and came out full of positive energy. Sue was excellent and I would not hesitate to use her again, or to recommend to others. I am saving up for an hour long reading next time!...oh, and yes, on closer examination my son does have a childish love of animals. I gave him the china cat and he shared it with his brother. Thank you so much Sue. You have a wonderful gift. 
Telephone reading - 4/04/12
Isabelle R. says: I do hope that Sue will be right in the long-term as this would mean that my biggest wish will come true. She is a lovely person to talk to and, as many people have said, very calming. She was able to pick on some very sensitive current issues and was spot on. Definitely someone I will contact again in the future. 
HELEN G. says: I found Sue to be one of the most polite, calming people i have ever encountered she was spot on with the cards, and what i have been going through. I will be returning and can see this being a regular visit. I left with a sense of calm and peace which i have not felt for some years. thank you so much. Helen G 
Accurate as usual...
Theresa G. says: Thank you for sorting things out regularly again. Life is hard enough, at least there are answers to some of the problems. Everything coming true as you said from 18 months back... contact when you said there will be, new light at end of tunnel as you said.... everything coming together. I record each reading and keep email answers on record so can check regularly. Feb/March happened as you predicted, now waiting for the Summer event.... If Sue doesn't reply immediately to email readings, it's because she's madly busy, but one little prompt and she will, sometimes at 10.30pm or once at 2am!
Consistently accurate
Paul O. says: I’ve had a number of readings with Sue over the last few years: face to face, telephone and email. They have all proven to be accurate in time. What particularly impresses me about sue is the way she can pin point the difficulties in your life with the minimum of details given to her. In addition to her remarkable gifts she is a lovely person Best wishes Paul Oliver 
So Far So Good
Kate C. says: Sue was very helpful and very friendly from the moment I walked through the door. She helped me not only with the reading but also to chose appropriate crystals for my home. Sue said things to me that not very many people know and things that no-one else has ever mentioned to me. She made me feel a lot more positive about the future. I will go back to Sue and I would definetely recommend her to others. Thank you Sue.
Excited if it all comes true! 
Kylie M. says: I came to see you today as I have been feeling very confused about life and where mine is generally going. I found that without saying anything about myself you knew everything and it was all correct and accurate. You made me feel positive about my future and I generally heard things that I very glad to hear about. You made me feel like I was on the right path and that I was making the right decisions. I found the atmosphere very calming and I felt like you were very honest and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all, you were very understanding and answered everything I had to ask, even if I felt that the questions may be strange or inappropriate. I am honestly shocked at how accurate everything seemed to be. I would definitely recommend your services to others. 100% satisfied - Thank you Sue! 
Always accurate
Theresa G. says: Have had quite a few readings from Sue now, by phone, face to face, by email. Sometimes it takes her time to reply because she's fully booked on a 10 hr day, but the information is always accurate, to the point, understanding and non-patronising, often accompanied by a good humoured comment..... even if I'm not always patient to wait for things to happen. But when I re ask because I'm impatient and don't have faith, the answer is always the same.... and then I see things happen as Sue promised it would..... Just been through a very difficult few months after break up with ex and would have been even more stressed without Sue's guiding hand. Now, things are finally happening as she predicted, the advice re facebook I was worried wasn't going to take place but it did, and only took 2 mins for the desired response...... May be this time, things will work out properly because at every stage, I can ask and get reliable support on the best way to handle things..... Thank you again, Sue.... 
Heaven Sent
Angela J. says: I feel very honored and privileged to have met Sue. The reading I had with her was truly astonishing and has positively transformed how I perceive and understand things. To sit with someone you do not know and have them give you such accurate details about yourself and your life is unbelievable - it completely blew me away. I am amazed. Sue really has been given a very powerful gift and she uses that unselfishly in service to others in a caring, sensitve and life-affirming way. I immediately felt safe and at ease in her presence and will return at some point to explore further under her guidance and immense knowledge. I really look forward to that. She is genuinely very special. Thank you so much, Sue. I wish I had met you sooner. Warmest wishes, Angela xx 
Karan c. says: This was my first reading and I was made to feel at ease straight way. The reading was fantastic so true and precise, only I knew the thoughts I had and never spoke a word to anyone yet Sue knew it all. She is true to form and delivers as she says an accurate reading and that is what I got. I would definitely go back as for me personally she can become a great guide in my life. thanks you Sue. 
Rob F. says: I found Sue to be really helpful and caring and very accurate in all she told me, fingers crossed for the great things she predicted over the coming months it is definitely worth contacting this wonderful lady 
WOW !!!
Tania S. says: Went for a full reading with Sue last week and she told me about a man watching over me with a greyhound. She told me exact details of how he died, how old he was, his character and described a health problem that he was saying I needed to have looked at. This blew me away because I am currently under the hospital for the exact problem that Sue described. This was in fact , my uncle , who used to breed greyhounds ( a fact that I did not know at the time ). I would recommend a reading with Sue at any time, she was great and I look forward to seeing if her other predictions come true.... 
Lisa M. says: Hadn't been for a reading before so was unsure what to expect; but I can honestly say I was blown away by how much Sue knew about me and the sheer accuracy of what she told me about myself and my life...all without me uttering a word. Would highly recommend...Thanks very much Sue. 
Happy for the future
Helen C. says: I had a 30 min Tarot reading with Sue yesterday. I booked it after seeing her article in this months Fate and Fortune and saw she was local to me in Bedford. I haven,t had a reading for about 10 years, so was looking forward to this. You are immediately at ease as soon as you go in and the reading took place in a cosy area especially for it. The 30 mins just flew by as it was relaxing, enjoyable and Sue is very friendly and easy to talk to. I felt happy and enlightened as I left. She is very accurate and answers your questions. I now feel more optimistic for my personal and work futures. I shall look forward to my next visit :) Thank you Sue. 
Spot on
Anna M. says: I have been to Sue a couple of times when there has been a lot of uncertainty going on in my life. On both occassions I have found Sue to be spot on. Everything she said was going to happen, did. Even my husband was impressed and he's a skeptic. Sue made me feel comfortable and at ease and I would definetly use her services again in the future. Highly recommended. One word sums up this lady - amazing!. Thank you Sue.
Reading with Sue
Clare S. says: After a bit of recent turmoil in my life I went along to Sue with many questions but with an open and perhaps even sceptical mind. I went for a full reading. Sue's tarot and palmistry readings blew me away. She astounded me with what she was able to tell me about myself, my character and what has been happening in my life. She has given me a renewed hope for the future. She couldn't have had any idea why, or what she was saying, but one of the glimpses she had for my further in her crystal ball almost made me cry with joy. Thank you Sue, I left you feeling uplifted and at peace with myself and my situation.
In another world
Amar T. says: My readings were definitely enlightening experiences and I felt as though I was in another world in Sue's shop. Just arriving into the shop is something of a subtle but yet a marvellous feel. Your walking on a busy high street in Bedford, lots of traffic and loud noise, car's passing close by, pedestrians around, a real busy buzz happening, but as soon as you enter in Sue's store just a couple of metres from this fast paced street scene, there is a very calm and tranquil feeling which emits around your body and you immediately feel at ease. You forget about time, and you know this is a GOOD place to be. I have found Sue to be very calm and peaceful. Her readings have been spot on with my past and present that I've even giggled and thought where does this come from. The accuracy is just.......astounding! Every person I'm sure will receive different vibes off readings, but if your looking for accuracy and real answers that can propel you forward to your dreams and desires SUE is the person to see. Her prices are fair and affordable and she even compliments the service she provides with a few free goodies ;) Once you've seen her, I'm sure you'll be back for a second visit. It's nice to know that a small clever part of our society have opened up to the universal consciousness sue taps into and are gaining real insights into themselves and life. You can be one of those. Go and see Sue NOW :) 
Hannah F. says: I was so impressed with not only Sue's accuracy in what she does but also how she made me feel and her general personality. She has time for you and genuinely understands and empathises with you. She does not give you any false hope but you still come out of the session feeling fufilled and at ease about the future. She was able to ressure me that my life will get better and through her readings, I have been given the strength and will to continue to do what I am doing. The atmosphere in her shop is calming and spiritual. Sue is amazing, and i shall deffiantely return because I feel that unlike certain television physics, Sue is 1000% genuine. Thank you so much! x 
E-mail tarot reading
Caroline F. says: Excellent service, I prefer a face to face tarot as more personal. I am still awaiting my 10 questions to be answered, but as New Year I can wait. Lovely lady, with a warm personality and informs you of things you had forgotten. Happy New Year x 
Ruth w. says: Its so evident that Sue really knows what she is doing and for me was absolutely spot on. I like the way the reading is structured so you can ask the questions you want rather than the usual year spread and thats it. Very talented and very accurately . Thank you 
Clarity and Impressed 
Rob M. says: Thank you Sue. My session was indeed insightful and gave me clarity which was a key goal of my full reading session. As a person with numerous options in life, it was a much needed session for me personally and sincerely like to think some of these options outlined, will come through. I would be using you again and was impressed. thank you 
Anna m reading jan 6
Anna m. says: i had a telephone reading with sue on jan 6 she got to the point about a lot of personal stuff straight away which i found very helpful,she has a lot of patience when listening to you and is kind and compasssionate,i would recommend her for a reading thanks anna 
3 Readings 
Belinda L. says: I have been to see Sue 3 times and she is a lovely person and very kind and sympathetic. She had great incite into my family (deceased) and was spot on about them all. Also there have been some specific questions pertaining to a relationship that has been taking some time to get off the ground. The person she described and the problems he has in his life was uncanny and 100% correct and these things have been repeated on 3 reading about 6 months apart. The timings are not spot on but I will come back and give another review as the predictions unfold. I am optimistic as I am sure she has a wonderful gift. 
Utterly amazing!
Julie W. says: It was my first visit to Sue but I couldn't quite believe how McLuhan she understood about the problem that I came to her with. I did not give her any detail beforehand and I was absolutely blown away by the things that she said. She couldn't have known about so many things that she told me that were revealed by the cards. I await to see if what she has told me will unfold in the timescale that she has indicated. She is such a warm and kind lady and I felt totally at ease talking to her. I will re-post if there is anything further to tell based on her predictions.
Will recommend
Kerrie c. says: i had a great reading everything was read was all good answer and though,Sue read me like if she has read me before it was well relax with a bit of laughter and encouragement.thanks again i will come again and let people know xxxx. 
Manisha S. says: I had a face to face reading and was quite happy. She makes you feel very comfortable being with her and hopefully I look forward to seeing her predictions in my near future
Great reading
Marivic S. says: Sue is great and accommodating. fast and accurate reading. thank you very much sue for your advice. I would love to meet you again soon. God bless!
Compassionate and true
Lynne K. says: I had a reading with Sue last week and found her to be very caring and helped me with my questions to gain the most from my reading. She picked up on lots of things that were relevant in my past and about personalities that were relevant too. She never predicted my future (and I didn't expect or want her to) but she laid out the scenarios of each path that I had the choice to take. thank you 
Sarah H. says: I had my first reading with Sue on Saturday. I have never done this before it's something I've always been interested in and finally got round to arranging it. It was so fascinating and overwhelming. I couldn't take it all in. A really amazing experience. The accuracy of past and present readings were pretty much spot on. Obviously I can't comment on future predictions. Sue is wonderful, I'd love to meet her again. 
Very ethical reader!
Lynne T. says: I have reading from Sue for over 3 years, and had only few questions to pursue. The result are not always what I want to hear but I know and trust that she read what she saw and is usually the reflection of your current state of minds, that is key reason why many of her client are loyal to her. Her prediction is not always accurate, sometimes quite opposite, and when it happens can be quite heart broken. But at the end of the day, we are responsible for our own choice, and should be bless for her guidance regardless. 
Rashma t. says: Hi i knew Sue a few years ago and fortunately, got in contact again. She is very empathetic, accurate, and wise in her approach. She was able to provide guidance and answers that i required within a limited timeframe. She has always been nice but also allows you to ask questions, whilst giving you concrete answers. rashma 
Scarily accurate
Michelle G. says: I went to see Sue yesterday with my Mum for a shared tarot reading. She was very thorough. We asked a whole range of questions. There were a few things she said which has scared me but I am conscious of needing certain things to change in my life. It was very emotional too. She was very accurate with aspects of both my Mums and my life straight away without any prompting. Would definately go again 
My first half hour reading
Lisa W. says: Sue is totally amazing, this was my first reading, My PAST was read, but i think someone elses energy was picked up at first, so I told Sue the first part did not relate to my life, so she started on a different pack, but i wasted approx 5 mins of my 30 min reading sadly. The other pack seemed more my energy. alot of what sue said made sense for the PRESENT, I just have to see now if what she said for the FUTURE will turn out what she said. I used my 2 free questions the day after, and sue responded back straight away. Now interested in booking a full 1 hour reading next month out of curiosity . How does she do this - what a gift, what a lovely lady, gave me great comfort for the future at a difficult time for me ! Thank you Sue 
Accurate and Insightful
Jo B. says: I've had a number of readings over the years, this was my first with Sue. Right from the off I felt like she had climbed into and seen my life (like Patrick Swayze looking on the subway trains in Ghost!). I asked mainly one word questions, the accuracy of the detail surrounding the circumstances was mind-blowing. My best hope is that the things she says come to pass, in the timeframes she suggested they would. If they don't I will still have felt more hopeful and clearer in my mind than i have felt for a very long time. Thanks Sue x 
Kelly McG
Kelly M. says: I would like to say... What a lady! This woman has predicted things, wich have began to unfold... And currently unfolding....I have seen her twice in person now...both spot on! I have had a lot of email questions to Sue also, everyone seems to have been again spot on, The next so many months will confirm even more for me... But on the whole... So far so good!! I have even travelled from Liverpool to see her, when I feel I have needed. I walked out of there yesterday July 2015, feeling my mind was clearer and I know were I was and what I have to do! Thanks do amaze me I must say! Would highly recommend. I got recommended by a person Infact Sue predicted to her that I would come into her life... I did! 
Very Good cant wait for it to unfold
Debbie H. says: Went for a reading on Saturday and was very pleased with what she told me, cant wait for the future to unfold although realise I have to carry on with the life I have and not go looking for what Sue predicted (which may be hard!) She mentioned a couple of deceased people and it wasnt until i got home and spoke to my Mum about it that I realised these were my Grandad and my Mums cousin she was talking about. Will be back especially if things come true! 
Would recommend
Samantha W. says: I have had a face to face reading and emailed 10 questions, both relatively accurate and very helpful. 
Palmistry & Tarot
Steve N. says: I had a very nice face to face reading with Sue. She is very knowledgeable and I enjoyed my time with this lady. Her style of reading is fast and packed with information. There were a number of predictions in the reading which are yet to be proven and will of course be affected by free will. I have had a good time and I would recommend Sue to others. I actually ran out of questions to ask - which is a first for me! 
Victoria N. says: Had a 1 question email reading with Sue. She gave me much needed hope for my future and am now excited to see what's ahead for me. 
Fingers crossed
Claire A. says: Recently had a half hour reading. A lot of what Sue said about my present situation was very acurate.Fingers crossed my future is as positive as my reading. Thank you. 
Excellent reading 
Joanne m. says: This is my second time seeing Sue and I have to say both times she has been extremely accurate and correct with what is gong on in my life at that moment. I have found her to be caring, compassionate and straight to the point with her readings and I have left both times feeling lighter with hope. She has helped me make decisions in my life and see situations in a clearer light. I shall continue to see Sue amd is far best the most accurate clairvoyant I have ever seen. Thank you Sue 
Email readings were encouraging 
Nicola B. says: I have had 2 email readings just answering certain questions I had at the time and although I am at the moment unable to comment whether she is correct, she has a great way of communicating to make you feel at ease and would certainly look into a full reading in person at some point.
Great experience!
Grace O. says: I had my reading with Sue a few months ago and everything that she said came true...i decided to go again this november. I totally recommend her service. Wish her all the best!!!! 
Very Insightful as always - Highly recommend
Barbara E. says: I have visited Sue once a year since 2005 and always found Sue very insightful and uplifting. Sue's spiritual gifts are truly amazing, and she is spot on with the past, present and here and now. The future predictions are not set in stone, as any honest Medium, Clairvoyant should explain th their clients, and I think that clients should go prepared for a Reading with a positive attitude and realise that we have Free Will and that we can change our minds as the future unfolds, and therefore change our own pathway. Sue sees where we are now, our doubts, our hopes and our fears and gives an honest insight to what lies ahead for us and the directions we can choose to take along our journey and the choicss we can make, also, if asked, she will give her thoughts on the best possible outcome for us. Sue not incorrect with what she sees and hears from Spirit, but our own energy and vibrations will either bring events about, or not as the case may be, according to what we change or choose to go with within ourselves. Sue's Mediumship and Palmistry is excellent and she is a very warm lady with a robust sense of humour and caring attitude towards her clients. I would highly recommend a visit to Sue. Regarding timings... Yes, these can be delayed due to circumstances around us and others and also universal energy, but if there is a delay, you can be sure that if it doesn't appear at the given time then there really is a very good reason why..... and it usually appears on the next 12 month cycle. I have never concerned myself too much with the timing of events, just the events themselves, and these have always appeared as Sue accurately predicted and obviousy there was a reason for the delay so that we (the clients) receive the best possible outcome. Thank you Sue - see you in about 12 months time. 
Weight lifted from my shoulders 
Beverley B. says: I had a telephone conversation with Sue for the first time this week. She asked what area would I like my reading on and as I'm having a stressful time at work I choose this area. She immediately told me the problem I was having. She described the person who's malicious behaviour was causing all the problems. You can't get more accurate than that really. I never told her any details and there were only two suspects. I cannot thank Sue enough as I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders. Without 100% proof I am still unable to do anything but I know who my enemy is and Sue's practical advise as to now to deal with him really helped to bring me back on track. A little disappointing that it wasn't recorded but Sue has offered me an email of the reading and 3 questions emails for the future. I look forward to receiving my email in due course as I Sue did say she had just broken her shoulder. I wish her a speedy recovery. I feel more positive and able to get through each day since my reading. I have recommended her as the accuracy was overwhelming. The future predictions have yet to materialise but for now I am satisfied. Thank you Sue. 
Would recommend!
Heather D. says: This is the second time I've seen Sue. Felt very relaxed and really enjoyed my reading. Sue's a lovely, friendly, calm and funny lady all rolled into one. At the first reading Sue gave accurate information and detail which identified my father siblings. At the second reading I was given a past, present and future outlook. Again very interesting information and accurate descriptions. This last visit certainly left me feeling happier and more positive about the future and I await, with interest, to see how things evolve. Thank you, Sue x
Ann R. says: I had a great reading and felt very comfortable with Sue. When I'm visiting down here next I will most definitely see her again 
Email reading
Meena P. says: Ive been emailing reading with sue for a couple of months now. They have been accurate, im very impressed with the answers, i received, now i just have to wait until october november to see whether it comes true.
Positive Approach
Asha h. says: I had first an email reading for one question ,which was 100% accurate.So opted for 1 hour telephone reading .The first thing she told me about my past was absolutely right.She started by saying: ''when you believe me I will start ''.So ONE NEEDS TO HAVE FAITH to know the predictions.Or else it would be just a waste of time.I did had faith.Most of the things she said later made sense. I won't say its 100% accurate.I think for one to predict ,they need to know your problem completely..But yes I would certainly recommend her as it opened my eyes to few things and brought clarity.She also suggested some ways to handle my problems ,which I am very sure will help me.She was very positive and kind in her approach.She answered many questions in an hour.Maybe even 1/2 hour time would have been sufficient. I must say the service was excellent.Quick replies via email to whatever you ask.So its a genuine company.
Physic Reading of Mediumship
Maria M. says: Still raw from the loss of my Dad, I saw Sue for the first time last week. I was just seeking some comfort to know that my Dad was "in a better place"! I was amazed how accurate Sue was and most certainly got the comfort I was looking for. Thank you. 
Caring and helpful
Lor A. says: L. says I have been seeing Sue for two and a half years now through a very hard time, events seem to be happening as predicted and hopefully will continue to do so Sue continues to be caring and helpful, I realise that the timing of predictions are hard and can take years to unfold lets hope they continue to do so, just as she has said 
Light at the end of the tunnel
Sunita K. says: Been to see Sue twice now. On both occasions I had lost direction in life and Sue's readings have helped me and shown light at the end of the tunnel or shown light on grey areas. Good reading on both occasions. Appreciate her honesty. 
Telephone Reading
Ruby M. says: I usually have a face to face reading, but because of logistics couldn't get down to Bedford. I wasn't disappointed with the reading at all. Very thorough and insightful. 
Moira M. says: This was the 2nd time to see Sue. Previous visit about 16 months ago. She was accurate straight away with my current circumstances. She also predicted again something which she mentioned would happen in 2014 and she brought it up again in the cards. Sue must see so many people especially in the last 16 months so would not of remembered what she said previously. If it comes true it will be great, so fingers crossed. Sue is welcoming and was very understanding. 
Moira M. says: This was the 2nd time to see Sue. Previous visit about 16 months ago. She was accurate straight away with my current circumstances. She also predicted again something which she mentioned would happen in 2014 and she brought it up again in the cards. Sue must see so many people especially in the last 16 months so would not of remembered what she said previously. If it comes true it will be great, so fingers crossed. Sue is welcoming and was very understanding. 
Roberto B. says: If I am totally honest I have always been sceptical about this until things I have been told actually happen. From my first reading with Sue I can honestly say that what I was told has actually happened. From meeting certain people to purchasing a certain style of property. The girls were described by hair colour and my flat was described by size. I think I have to say it does amaze me how she can read people and know what connected people have gone through. I did in fairness go in a bit worried about certain things but came out so reassured about my future and I truely beleive what I have been told will happen due to it happening before. Thank you. 
Thank you sue
Deborah H. says: I had my first ever tarot reading with sue, it was a birthday present from my friends at work, I found her very accurate on nearly all of what sue told me, we will see about the little piece that wasn't correct but hay ho who knows ? it could still happen!! . I loved the sitting very much and found sue very quick and straight to the point, I will definitely be going back for another reading and would recommend anyone to go . thank you sue. love Debbie xx 
Very helpful and very accurate
Sarah M. says: This was my first experience with Sue. I have been studying and working with spiritualism for a while now and I never cease to be overjoyed at how these gifts can help people gain knowledge and insight. Any choices we make about our life are always made from our own free will, however to have guidance is always very helpful and comforting. Very accurate reading. Sue is very easy to talk to and offered clear accurate pieces of information as well as a very helpful insight, into the events that may unfold. Thank you Sue. I look forward to following up this reading with the 4 email questions and to speaking to you again. xx 
Darren T. says: I went to see Sue in May of this year and I was amazed at how to the point she could be. So many of the things sue knew about were spot on and the things she saw happening did. I have also Emailed Sue eince my 1st reading and everytime the information she has come back with has been correct. Now looking forward to see if the next predictions of what Sue could see come true. Will let you know when they do. Sue is always so caring especially when she knows how the answers may affect you or not be what you would have liked to hear. It soffens the blow which I believe helps. SUE IS NUMBER 1 IN MY BOOK. Darren 
Amazing gift
Jennifer C. says: I was sceptical at first but I'm pleased to report that Sue is the real deal. I was intrigued by her email reading option and decided to give it a try. She responded promptly and provided me with very brief and concise information. She predicted that I would be offered a new job in autumn (most likely October), for less money than my last position but with incredible career progression and that it would be with a company I know but have hesitations about. I can confirm that a new job was offered (on my birthday in October), it was with a company I had some doubts over but it actually was way more lucrative than I could imagine. So much that I even suggested that they offer me less! However I feel Sue was still correct about the reduced salary as in my last job I received some fantastic bonuses. I am in awe of her powers and will certainly recommend her to all.
Recent Reading
Ron F. says: I was told about sue by a friend who rated her very highly! i was in a bit of a no mans land with life so decided to see if i could get a nudge in the right direction. Sue was very good with the cards which told me a lot and gave me confidence about my kids and my family. she also revealed some stuff about me and my ex, was very interesting. My mum has passed 3 years ago and i was hoping to at least get a smile, sadly the Clairvoyance phase didn't fill me with confidence and was quite short, as was the palm reading, although about 50/50 of what Sue said could be positively interpreted the other 50% didn't register with what my knowledge was! All that said, out of the readings i've had int he past, Sue was among the best, i would definitely go again should the need arise! 
Recent Reading
Ron F. says: I was told about sue by a friend who rated her very highly! i was in a bit of a no mans land with life so decided to see if i could get a nudge in the right direction. Sue was very good with the cards which told me a lot and gave me confidence about my kids and my family. she also revealed some stuff about me and my ex, was very interesting. My mum has passed 3 years ago and i was hoping to at least get a smile, sadly the Clairvoyance phase didn't fill me with confidence and was quite short, as was the palm reading, although about 50/50 of what Sue said could be positively interpreted the other 50% didn't register with what my knowledge was! All that said, out of the readings i've had int he past, Sue was among the best, i would definitely go again should the need arise! 
Very worthwhile
Peggy B. says: I had been thinking about a reading at the sanctury for sometime and felt nervous about it. There was no need to be, Sue is a genuine, caring and gifted person and felt at ease with her straightaway. Allthough there were one or two things I wasn't sure about, almost everything was spot on - amazing as I had never met her before. She mentioned things I did not expect and has given me plenty to think about, that would not have occurred to me otherwise, and I am someone who is constantly thinking, but wish that wasn't so. I am happy that I have the option for four email questions and looking forward to my email review to think about too. Also was about to make a wrong decision, and Sue's astonishing guidance has made such a difference. There are many things we don't understand I feel, but there is definitely great truth in palmistry, fate does seem to exist and guidance makes a huge difference. We are lucky to have people like Sue. I was touched when she gave me a healing chrystal and keep it by my bed. Am going back to the shop to get some for a friend. If you are reading this Sue - I hope your voice has had a chance to recover, thank you and very best wishes from Peggy 
Helen W. says: I came to Sue following a recommendation from a friend. I had a face-to-face Tarot reading a time when I felt I had a lot of decisions to make in my life. I found Sue's reading to be very accurate and I feel that she gave me clarity in my own thoughts. I would recommend her Tarot readings to anyone. Sue has a calm nature which I liked and I appreciated her straight talking during the reading. 
Mary M. says: A lot of what was said was very relevant and gave me a lot to think about 
Hopeful For The Outcome Predicted
Claire B. says: My stomach was in knots all day before going in for the reading with Sue as I did not know what to expect and at such a turbulent time in my life, was dreading it would be all doom and gloom for me. I had a full reading and all that information was somewhat overwhelming to take in all at once (that's why next time I'll have my reading recorded). I found Sue to be very warm and sympathetic, instantly putting me at ease. I was told that I will have to endure some hardship and need to break bridges in order to achieve my goals, however if this will prove to be a means to an end, then it will all be worth it in the end, so I will have to be brave. I just hope things will indeed work out for me in the way this has been predicted in the long-run and that I can ultimately find some peace and happiness. I'll just have to wait and see. Thank you Sue. I have renewed hope ! 
Daniela a. says: Sue was very good, she told me certain things which were spot on! She had a lovely manner and made me feel at ease. I would recommend Sue - however like most people I would say not to take everything literally as the future can always be altered by choices we make. I did go to Sue for a particular question, and I can say without me even asking, she had answered it. 
Christy p. says: Hi I enjoyed my reading with Sue, now I have to wait on perdictions. 
Peace of Mind
Christine B. says: Went to see Sue with burning questions in particular one which was making me lose sleep and was making me feel depressed. I didnt ask the most important question first, I wanted to hear what Sue may pick up and was able to feedback to myself. I was reassured with somethings that she told me, Sue was spot on with some things that had happened in the past, which made me feel that the future would be the same.............. only time will tell. There are a number of things that, hopefully, will materialise. Sue came across as very honest, she made me feel relaxed and we had a little giggle. 
Helen M. says: Having arrived to see Sue as somewhat of a sceptic - I was certainly converted! So many of the readings were accurate and allowed me to get some closure to some major things that had been happening in my life. I left feeling positive, relieved and empowered! Thanks Sue
Feeling positive
Kate J. says: Met Sue for the first time yesterday. Shes a very compassionate kind person, who made me feel very at ease discussing some really sensitive issues. Not sure how accurate she is yet, but the way she described people in my life rang true. Came away feeling lighter having shared a few problems. Kate. 
Lynne B. says: My 1st reading with sue, and i was impressed, past and present very accurate, phoned regarding a ongoing "problem" Didn't pick up on this in my present, but you ask your questions after this so i guess its just how she works, So once i asked my questions ( i didn't give anything away) she was spot on. I knew she answer to my 1st did she. During the course of my reading she gave me a new way of looking at things and i will certainly be following her advice...cant comment on future predictions but I'm hopeful it will turn out how she said, Would definitely have another reading with this lady , no doubt she's the real deal. The 4 email questions was a nice bonus too 
Hopeful - amazingly specific
Cat H. says: I have never had a reading before but got to the stage where I was totally fed up of a lot of things and wanted to make some changes and see if anything I wanted was going to happen. I didnt know what to expect at all. I was going to book an hour but it says on her website that half hour is usually more than enough which impressed me because she could have had more money out of me and others so that obviously isn't her priority. I booked a half hour session. I had a little difficulty following the parking instructions as couldnt see the sign from where where you drive so I called her. So we started a few minutes late but she was really relaxed about that and made me feel calm. Went to the lovely area she has for readings and I chose a card pack. Once she started I was amazed at the speed of the reading and her interpretation of the cards. No washy washy nonsense; it was very specific with dates and descriptions "you'll meet a wirily strong olive skinned man whose mother is Italian and he has a 10yr old son in Sept/October and "your daughter will be born 10 days early". I asked all of my questions and didn't know what more to ask so she'd ask for me, "lets see what you need to know that's coming up". And four free questions to ask afterwards. The session went a good bit over half hour and as she didn't have enough change so charged me less and she was very sweet about it (I could have paid by another method but she just decided to take less) I feel that she was extremely generous with her time and gifts. She was approachable and friendly but not over the top. I don't know if the things she said will come true, if they do I'll have to come back and give her 5*s! The only reason I give 4 is because I don't know yet. But I feel so much better and happier after the reading, I don't feel worried as I know things will unfold as they are meant to. I hope the things she said do happen, it crosses my mind that knowing things may make them happen ie she said ill do my bathroom in October so I can make that happen but the man I meet and the specifics, I cant make that happen, not with such specific info. I think she is amazing and I loved the reading and Sue. Lovely genuine lady, no flakiness or airy-fairiness about her. She seems down to earth and certainly isn't in it to rip people off. I thoroughly recommend. 
A R. says: I was made feel very relaxed. Sue gave straight to point answers which I liked. It was very accurate which unnerved me. It was like she knew all my present life which such accuracy. Never done cards before and would definitely recommend her, she is caring and did not even charge because there was a barrier from my side. Try and you will be surprised. 
Any Sceptics? Take it from me, she's fantastic
Julie J. says: I had my reading on 16 Nov 2012 - I was feeling very low and so unsure of what direction I should be taking. At firt, I wa a little confused at who was coming through as the person being spoke about about didnt feel relevant to me? But, then once she pushed him aside, the rest fell into place and was all relevant. Seeing Sue, reassured me that the path I was on was the correct one. It's now 23/12/12 and things seem to be going as she says although a little slow but I know that what I'm dealing with needs alot of patience so I'm no longer'll all come good in the end. She tells it like it is and it's great that you get the option of the 4 questions you can ask in a 2 month period. I recommended Sue to a workmate who found her equally helpful. 
30 mins not long enough
Paula P. says: Saw Sue yesterday for a 30 min reading. I should of booked an hour as I wanted to know more. Sue has a special gift. I left hopeful and I feel so much better today after hearing I will have a better year next year and a bright future. I really hope my predictions come true. I am excited now. I wi ask my 4 question soon. I am looking forward to seeing Sue again in a few months time 
Extremely confused by what is to come
Samantha w. says: I had a shared reading booked on 23/11/12 for one hour. Two of us went along and at the beginning sue said an hour would be too long so she only done half an hour. At first I felt a bit like well why advertise an hour if you don't want to do an hour but the half an hour was a good amount of time. I would have preferred half hour private reading as I had so much to ask as soon as we had left. I had asked to have it tapped but completely forgot to mention it when we got there so unfortunately we miss out there. I am certain with the stuff I've been told is true hut slightly confused due to my current life, if that makes sense. I will definitely be going to see sue again. Maybe for a crystal ball next time. My personal views on the shop is that she should have someone minding it so after your reading you can have a snoop around and she can continue doing her work with client's. Overall sue is a very talented lady and will be recommending her to many more family and friends
Paula P. says: Had a telephone reading with sue yesterday and was left feeling very reassured about the situation I find myself in. Her info regards my past was spot on, just hope the future will turn out as she says. Also as I didn't have enough questions to fill my slot Sue told me I could use them again which no one else has done. Looking forward to future xx
Happy customer
Joanne G. says: Sue answered all my questions speedily and with no messing about, which I found very very helpful. None of that wishy washy general stuff. She knew everything about the situation, amazing really. Not had a reading as good as this before. Was a bit blow away to be honest. The cost would not stop me getting another reading in the future because she obviously has a genuine gift. Thanks very much. 
Great reading
Nicola J. says: I first met Sue last year and i had my first Tarot card reading. She was so spot on to so many things which she never would have known. I am open to things but know you can not guide your life to what you are told but it is amazing how certain things have happened and i am intrigued to the future. Thanks Sue you are great. 
Full review 
Barbara F. says: It was my first reading with Sue and over the phone. I was a bit nervous, I did not know how it is going to be. I think that the face to face reading would be better, but it is too far for me to travel. Never the less, all went ok, although I felt a little "spaced out" afterwards. Sue was correct about quite a few facts from the past. I was impressed by the exact dates of future events to follow. Sue has a cheerful and calming voice to listen to. I was pleased with my reading and I am going to contact her in the future when in need.
Karli w. says: i was feeling a little troubled and need some guidance. i feel sue has empathy with me, she is kind and understanding, i always find that after seeing sue i feel enlightened my troubled road looks a little clearer, i think sue is always accurate with my readings, thank you sue, 
Reading- Last week
Sanah A. says: Another great reading, once more. It was very very insightful and enlightening. It's been my third reading so far, and every time I'm left with my mouth hanging open five minutes into the session! Thank you x 
Simon T. says: I visited Sue for the first time last week and had a full reading. Sue was very insightful, made me feel at ease immediately and made my first reading truly wonderful. She has helped me to come to terms with my immediate situation which has helped me a lot and I can only wait, see and be hopeful that the future turns out to be as we saw in the tarot cards and crystal ball. I will certainly be going for further readings in the near future. Thank you Sue S x 
P. W.
Paulette W. says: I had a brilliant reading last week of palms and tarot. Sue advised me that my little girl was afraid of a teacher in her class, and I got home and asked her what Sue advised me to and she is, so now I can help her understand better. My son is sleeping better after Sue told me why he wasnt. The music helps. I am hoping all my other predictions come true as I am excited now. I highly recommend Sue. Thank you! 
Interestingly accurate!
Rehanna H. says: This was my second reading with Sue and I was amazed (yet again!) at some of the things said. Sue was spot on last time around and I'm hoping she's right this time too! As always a pleasure to speak to - thank you Sue
Noel s. says: sue has restored my faith in tarot readers as a lot of reading online .. today are just out to rip off people . she is honest accurate and has got a true gift .have not met sue in person but through email readings sue is 100% spot on many thanks sue xx 
Excellent and reassuring
Catherine M. says: I went and saw Sue about 5 weeks ago now and she was very accurate. I've left it a little while to see how things would develop, and my career worries resolved for the reasons I was told, my family has changed like I was told, and we will have to see in next few weeks if the other bit was accurate! Everything was very accurate and promising, and I look forward to seeing Sue again! Great experience, friendly lady! Thank you! 
Email Readings
Nicola H. says: I have had readings from Sue over the past couple of years now. Although a couple of predictions haven't come to pass the majority have - hence why I keep coming back! She is also quick to respond. xxx 
Isabel w. says: Sue has been helping me through a difficult break up. She always replies with honesty and compassion, even when I may be asking her the same questions over and over haha! She also has done reading for family and friends which are spot on and lots of things have come true. recommend her to anyone! 
Maria L
Maria l. says: I was recommened by a friend to have a reading as have been feeling very confused about alot of things in my life at the moment, so needed some clarification and guidance. I had the full reading and was amazed on how accurate she was with alot of things that had happened in the past and what was coming along in the future, I found her descriptions very precise. I felt very comfortable from the start to finish, have also been given 4 questions I can ask by email within the next 2 months which is lovely as I'm sure I will have a few more to ask. I will definately be going back for another reading in the future or when I feel I need to. Lovely person & definately recommend her. Hope what she has predicted will happen xx 
Face to face reading
Delia D. says: Had a face to face reading found the reading very quick,past was accurate palmistry was spot on in what had happened with the people I had relationship/marriage with,& mediumship was good too, will wait & see wether the future plans out as predicted,I would visit again however I leave 1hour-2hours away so may stick to email or phone readings in future 
Deb from Beds
Deb M. says: It's the second time I have been to see Sue, she was accurate the first time and I wanted to know more. I hope the next lot of info comes true. Sue also contacted my Nan who passed earlier on this year, I am sure it was her as Sue knew certain things nobody could know, thanks for your honesty Sue, I will be back again x 
Feel Better
Angela h. says: I had a reading with Sue and was quite amazed by things she said. There was no way she could have known the things that she did. There were a couple of things I could not work out but what she did say was amazingly accurate. Thanks Sue for putting my mind at rest 
The best reading I've had
Glesni O. says: Well in terms of future predictions, time will tell but sue was extremely accurate in her description of current events. I would highly recommend her for an in depth and concise reading! Thanks sue x 
Heather A. says: Had reading with Sue last Friday. I had hoped to be able to comment more fully after hearing the CD I ordered but unfortunately it has not arrived, nor has Sue replied to an email I sent. Please send a.s.a.p Sue. Thanks 
Really happy
Lianne p. says: A really lovely reading from sue, i would recommend sue to anyone and would advise those who are unsure to go for it. It always gives me a pick me up at the very least 
Regular full tarot reading
Deborah W. says: As usual Sue's reading hit the nail on the head. Questions answered and clarified. As always it was a calm and enjoyable experience. Have to do some research about a couple of characters that came through. Thanks Sue. x 
More reassured
Paula C. says: I had a telephone reading with Sue yesterday. Sue makes you feel really at ease with her warm and friendly manner. She was able to talk directly about actual events and people in my life and positively about my future, which left me totally reassured and very happy about what is to come. Thank you Sue Paula 
At peace.
Nicola n. says: I had a reading done with Sue. And she described people in my life and was spot on. She left me feeling at peace and very hopeful for the future.
Donna C. says: i had a reading with Sue yesterday and was amazed, she was very friendly and warm and 100% accurate,i feel very positive about my future and would highly recommend her xxxxxxx 
Ella P. says: I have now had two different readings with Sue the first was amazing and very emotional.Sue got through to my Dad and although I didnt truely beleive after that reading I do!Some things she said she couldnt of knownas I hadnt said a word. My other reading was full of hope of the future and I came away very uplifted.
1:1 reading with Sue
Joanna S. says: I had a reading with sue and felt her energy was lovely, it really was, I felt the reading was a little rushed and had booked a 45mins reading but felt the reading itself was only 30mins, I was 5 mins late however. So maybe that was why. She picked up on my ex, my current partner, my family and my granny in spirit. I am looking forward to see what will unfold. I am a little unsure as the house I am living in we aren't happy about and Sue mentioned we will stay there for 2.5 years which seems a very long time indeed, so who knows but at the moment we aren't happy there and will want to move house fairly soon!! hmm time will tell be interesting to see what happens here - thank you Sue!! 
Very Good
Richard M. says: First time I've had a reading with Sue and to be honest found the experience quite accurate on a couple of things that were said, as for her other predictions time will tell. Sue is a lovely warm down to earth lady and makes you feel at ease straight away. Would recommend. 
Looks promising
Paul S. says: A promising prediction, which will take time to pan out, but it concurs with other predictions that I have had about the same matter. 
Thought provoking 
Shiela h. says: I had a reading with sue some yrs back and she was accurate in a lot of her predictions . i have my tarot read regularly by various readers and i have to say sue is definately in the top3 that have read for me . her prediction about my mum was very wrong but what she said about my friend was spot on as was what she said about my past i hope her predictions for my future are just as accurate over all a great experience worth every penny x 
Disappointed but very hopeful
Mandy a. says: I requested spell from sue after a long drawn out bad situation in my love life she very very kindly has done one for me I paid for 10 email reading and was disappointed as the answers were just a sentence long and was expecting them to be more detailed than they were. Bit confusing as nothing was different to other readings I have had but there is a spell cast so I assumed there would be a more positive reading and also have asked sue if the reading includes the spellwork or not but cannot seem to get a yes or no.The reading however does include dreams coming true that Ihave been waiting 7 years for so I am hoping and praying she is very correct. The predictions about my son are very spot on Thank you Sue mandy xx 
Email reading
Lisa L. says: Impressed with the accuracy of certain points , has given me a lot to think about and will look forward in about 6 months time to a face to face reading .
She is very good 
Eman A. says: regardless if what she said was right or wrong it was a great experience and I honestly enjoyed talking to her... I felt that she went deep into my soul. Thank You SUE :) 
Title your review The angel I prayed for
Simon T. says: I have been seeing sue now for 18 months and she has given me the strength to to go on when at times things were very difficult for me. She has helped me understand my situation and I am now convinced that my dream will come true. Her insight into past, present and future is always spot on and her and she always very accurate with answers to my questions. I prayed for an angel to help me and Sue appeared, I am now just waiting for the future to unfold as Sue has predicted-I am now certain it will. Thank you sue xxx
Unsure but hopeful
Carly G. says: I have had 2 readings with Sue, as well as a short taster session. Sue is very calm and makes you feel at ease, and gives very good advice. She described people in my life to a T and some of her predictions about my career and housing have come true. Unfortunately she twice predicted that a certain man would call me in 6-8 weeks, it was what I was hoping more than anything, but twice I have been disappointed. Sue predicted that this person would be my soulmate and that we would be good friends, then together by Christmas. It is now December and he hasn't called! It is confusing, as another tarot reader told me that this person would be the one for me, but nothing has transpired. I would recommend Sue if you are confused or worried about things, the other testimonials speak for themselves. 
19th October 2012
Fran J. says: Sue gave me a brilliant reading, it was like she was reading my mind. She cleared alot of confusion up for me, that although I know what to do she made it clearer for me. Will go and see her again soon. 
A Brighter Future
Jacqueline G. says: I have had Tarot readings before, but this was my first with Sue. I wondered how much could be discovered in half hour as in previous readings i have always had an hour. I was quite taken aback and a bit flumoxed when she asked me to ask the questions i wanted answers to. I was expecting Sue to waffle on a bit as in other readings i have had with other people, but no, she was very direct with her answers and keen for me to ask further questions. I have no idea if most of what was told will be, only time will tell, but i would not hesitate in returning to Sue. 
Elaine T. says: I found Sue very friendly, initially I felt she was a little rushed but as the reading progressed this improved. There were one or two things that I couldn't relate to at the beginning but alot I could, both good and bad! Only time will tell how accurate the predictions will be but I would go and see Sue again. 
Happy but a little unsure
Kate K. says: I had an email reading with Sue, she answered all my questions and I was happy with the response, however I would have liked a little more information on certain aspects as some answers were quiet short, but I am also aware that the answers were to the point! I would like to follow up with some additional questions when I have time, but overall I was happy with the response. Over email I am sure it is more difficult and I am sure a face to face email would be more accurate and give more insight. Thank you Sue and I look forward to gaining further insight in the future.
Want to believe but still a sceptical...
Charlotte C. says: I had an email reading from Sue after alot of uncertainty in recent months. Alot of things which were predicted I will just have to wait and see if they unfold. I thought more may have been picked up regarding past events. However, the points that were pin pointed were I have to say accurate. My questions were answered promptly and was very impressed with the manner they were dealt with. Thanks Sue hopefully my future will pan out the way you have predicted, you have at least if anything given me hope for what might be! xxx 
Manj g. says: I went to see Sue after a recommendation from a family member. Problem is I found her prices vary they paid £10 less for exactly same thing. I found as my appointment had be eaten in to by previous appointment and this in effect made Sue appear rushed at first this made me feel rushed but as the tarot reading commenced i felt very relaxed and tranquil. once relaxed you can feel her set up in the shop is very nice and relaxing. I did not find the palmistry entirely accurate and some of the things she said were not at all relavant to me. Then there were some things i interpreted as extremely relavant so this is why I am unsure. hmmmm.....very hard to make an actual decision. what I can say is Sue is a lovely person and I did like in the manner she spoke to me she told it straight. She has given me the option to email 4 questions when i feel ready as there may be some things i could not think in consultation 
Rather disappointing
Eleni C. says: First of all, I would like to thank Sue for her e-mail reading, which was delivered to me on time. I received it yesterday and it was a 10 question tarot reading. I was a little disappointed, though, and this is not because some of the answers I got were not what I was hoping to hear. One of my questions (and actually the most important to me) was “what was the real reason behind the break-up with my ex”. I asked this obviously because he broke up with me and did not clearly explain the reasons. Sue’s answer was that I was jealous of him having a female friend who is just a friend and that I was too concerned and stressful about it. I was so surprised to read this! First of all, he had no female friends as far as I knew, at least. So if I didn’t know about him having any female friends, how could I be jealous or concerned about that? Secondly, there were absolutely no jealousy issues or arguments between us, from either side. Apart from this, I was also frustrated by the short length of the answers. I was hoping for a more in-depth reading. So, I am wondering if after a 10 question tarot reading via e-mail I am entitled for the 2 free follow-up questions or is this only for face-to-face readings? Thank you. Eleni C.
Gave me hope
Lo V. says: I have a huge amount of respect for this lady and she is very, very knowledgeable. 2 question email. The answer was specific but would have appreciated little more detail and compassion. I understand she needs to protect herself from needy people who can drain the energy of psychics. However knowing my email was responded to on a mobile device where predictive text distorted the answer left me a little flat. None the less I am hopeful that this time she is accurate and I send her many blessings. 
Not sure
Jamie. says: I have had a few readings with Sue this year both by phone and email and she is a very nice woman. She has been right about a couple things, others have not come to pass. I was particularly disappointed in the last email reading i had, as the very same the day the complete opposite happened:( i was really hoping for the outcome Sue predicted. 
Brenda L. says: I had read all the reviews and been told from a family friend how accurate you are, so i thought lets give it ago, although some things maybe apply to me, things like the children i have were wrong and a partner that is still coming in and out of my life was wrong and saying that i had lost a baby was wrong seen as those are typically main events in someones life i just question the experience but felt very comfortable with sue
Such a shame
Rachel W. says: I read some good reviews so was really hoping to get some answers as i'm going through a difficult stage at the moment. I paid for an online reading as I couldn't travel to have one face to face. The answers I received were very short and to be honest couldn't be further from the truth. I really wanted to have a positive experience but I think this is just a way to make money from people that want to believe. Complete rip off!
Online readings
Emma C. says: I followed the website instructions and paid for the online reading with 10 questions - but only submitted 5. Booked in my time as per the instructions on the website and nada.. :o( was very dissapointed as I had heard such great reviews and I was so looking forward to receiving the readings. Perhaps my own fault as I did think online readings were odd but as I travel a lot it is difficult for me to book face to face and decided to give it a go. My e-mail must have been received as I have received the 'rate me' email. £35.00 down and a real anticlimax to not receive anything. 
Wouldn't recommend
Christine h. says: I had reading with Sue 11 month ago before writing any review wanted to give some time for her predictions to unfold but till now nothing happened...well nothing what Sue said. She's a nice lady but i don't think she has any power as a clairvoyant. I wasted my time and money (had full reading). My advice to you is not to waste your money.

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email readings are  read from a spread of Tarot cards, so please be aware that while the answer may be fairly short, they still have to be shuffled laid and read.They need to be booked in via the book a readings page, to be read accurately.The questions can only be answered on time if they are submitted via the submit email questions page, via the link opposite.