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Starfield with The Double Cluster (Cadwell 14) in the constellation of Perseus formed by t


About Magic ......and Spells.........



If Sue does a spell for you it will be completely free of charge.


This does not mean that it is worthless!!!


 It  doesn't mean that she has spare time to answer questions on it.


So you should not phone,  email or text or drop in  for updates.


If Sue were to check on its progress, the spell itself has less chance to grow, and would be less likely to work. She likens a spell to a freshly planted seed. Once it is planted, it needs to be left to grow; pulling it up to look at its roots will kill it. Sue will plant the spell by invoking the energies, water it with her intentions to give it life; then set it free to do its work......


But be assured, If Sues says that she will do a spell for you, she will be doing it.





Magic starts with belief, with the 100% belief that you can affect a change, it is pointless having ritual down to a fine point, with everyone word perfect, and all the points exact, if no one truly believes that they can make a difference.


 Go for ritual certainly, to make yourself believe that you have everything else perfect, so that the effect must be perfect too. But most of all, just believe that it will.


 I start with honouring the elements, honouring the Goddess that is the earth, and honouring the spell that I am about to perform, I cast my circle in the belief that this will protect me from difficulties and harm. I cast my spell in the belief that if will do some good, and then I go away and forget it, leave it to work its magic, I do not disturb what I have done, or check that all is done correctly. Usually all works well, and in a short time change is evident.

A Fertility Spell

You will need:-One empty egg shell, in two pieces so that it can be joined together. three pieces of moonstone, ( available from crystal shops)some earth or compost, three large seeds ( sunflower, melon or pea would be good)  incense. water. Athame or small knife.




Place the bottom half of the shell in a hole in the ground where it will be suitable for a seed to grow.



Around the open cup of the shell place the three moonstones, saying



"Between these stones I set my womb


in the fertile earth.


may this spell fulfil it soon,


and promise me a birth.


Boy or Girl, I favour none


Happy a Daughter; Happy a Son.


Fill my heart with love  and bless


My love, and I with happiness.


Light the three incense sticks, saying....


"Fire and Air protect my Heir"


Fill the half cup with soil  then sprinkle with water saying


"Earth and Water, protect my Daughter"


Place each of the three seeds inside saying  for the first seed


"Grow up strong small seed of mine


May you grow up tall and fine."


Say for the second seed......


" You should grow up sweet and true


May life always be good to you."


Say for third seed................


"A blessing rare if you should grow


a child that everyone must know"


cover the seeds with a little more earth, and then sprinkle with water




"If you grow as a child of mine, I promise heart and soul,


that I will always honour you, within a mothers (or fathers ) role"


Picture yourself with your child in your arms while  you


take the Athame, and thrust it into the soil, saying


"Fulfil the seed, and bless this womb,with my sacred  child."


Place the eggshell on top of its other half, and cover it lightly with soil,saying as you do so....


" I leave you now to make you way, protected by the Wild."


Leave the three incense sticks to burn down on their own, but make sure they are away from anything flammable, and are protected  from children and pets.................


* This spell also requires the couple to try for a baby in the usual way; its position is to promote the fertilization, not replace it................

 A Worth Spell.


Even the most giving soul still needs money in this world, and self worth.

This spell combines the two.

In a way which also brings wealth and self worth to others.


 You will need 3 yellow or gold candles


(for creation)                   (for wealth and self worth)

Some copper coins, the shinier the better,

3 Citrine’s.  (The happiness and self worth crystal)


Light the candles as you say:


'I light these candles to create,


The will to grant a wealthy state,


And happiness, with enough to share,


 From within the dish that’s lying there.


 To ask for myself, and not be greedy,


I ask for myself and for all the needy.'


Gently drop the coins into the dish, alternately with the citrines                                             

And  say


'I lay these coins within the dish, though they be low, and few.


May they be mirrored, day by day, and trebled through and through.'


Let the candles burn right down


Put the dish on a window sill in natural light and add any other copper coins that you get to the dish, without ceremony.


If the dish fills up and overflows, scoop up the money and give it to a good cause.


Apart from that do not take money out of the bowl.


Any windfalls should also have some of its sum added to the bowl, to go to needy causes or people.


(Not yourself or those who benefit yourself.)

A spell to help with weight loss or gain


For this spell you will need 5 candles for weight loss. 3 for weight gain

They should be pale coloured, and stood close together but not touching.

For weight loss this would take five days with the candles lit for 15 minutes per day.

For this spell you would sit the candles within a pile of stones, and remove a stone everyday of the spell.

For weight gain the spell takes three days with the candles lit for 33 minutes per day.


For this spell you add stones around the candles, just everyday stones from the garden path or wherever, one for every day of the spell.


Please be aware that every spell involving candles requires you to watch the candles as they burn, to invoke the right amount of intent. But those candles should never be left to burn unguarded.


Have in your mind a picture of how you look now, as you light the candles, and then  after a few minutes replace it with a picture of how you would like yourself to look.


Say the words below, every day as you sit with the lighted candles.


For ****** say the name of the person that the spell is for


“Candles burn and ignite

Fire within to incite,

Loss of weight, gain of pleasure

Till ****** has met optimum measure.

Stone by stone, smile by smile

May this only take the smallest while.”


This spell is intended to bring a happier attitude to the person involved, at the same time.

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