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Submitted Reviews

These reviews are replies sent to review requests  sent after readings, and others from people wishing to submit after readings some time ago. They are all  as submitted by the client, and unchanged, except for spelling anomalies

991……  for spellboundsue at Sanctuary

850......5 star reviews *****

115…... 4 Star reviews ****

18 ...... 3 star reviews ***

3 ......2 star reviews **

5.....1 star reviews *


Expectations ****

Sue never fails to impress, concise and to the point with relevant details expanded upon. I hope those suggested time lines come to pass.


Thursday.27th July 2023


Informative, efficient and kind*****

Sue’s ability to read the tarot is so impressive - and quick. I don’t think I really needed to tell her anything. The cards did all of that. Sue puts you at your ease immediately and I found the guidance I was looking for. Thanks Sue.


25th July 2023


Brilliant Reading*****

Amazing reading you were spot on




A very happy customer *****

Sue has been helping me with her readings for years. She guides me throughout my life whenever I need answers, advice or suggestions. I would highly recommend Sue to everyone.




Amazing guidance and reassurance *****

Sue made me feel so comfortable and welcome with her, she was spot on with guidance and advice given in my reading. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends!




Detailed and accurate ******

First time having a reading and I was really impressed by both the accuracy (for past and present) and detail. I would highly recommend.


17th June 2023


Very Accurate *****

I was overwhelmed with what Sue read to me as it was very accurate. Reading me my future, was very helpful as it gave me a heads up on how to go about any huddles on the way. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to know where they stand in life.




Sue is Amazing *****

3rd reading with Sue in 10yrs plus . My first reading was so accurate , when I needed some guidance & clarity many years later I booked again . Despite the number of years in between , the accuracy is staggering . This is not making the reading fit the facts , I am speaking of some specific issues, personalities and circumstances that combined just couldn’t be applied in a one size fits all reading , to the point I am no longer local and have a two hour drive each way for a face to face reading. I wouldn’t contemplate a reading with anybody else

Emma D




I've had a couple of readings with Sue and on both occasions, I have felt relaxed and as if I'm talking to a long term friend. Each reading has been very useful and has provided reassurance at a time in my life where I needed some extra clarity. A lot of what came up in the readings, I was able to relate to. If you're feeling uncertain about having a reading, don't be! Thank you so much Sue!




Amazing *****

Because Sue is SO ASTONISHINGLY ACCURATE, I leave a reading with her so full of excitement and renewed vigour for life. It's like hitting the 'reset button', and is such a relief. This has been the case over all of the years (16) that I've had readings with Sue. Wonderful bonus- after 9 years of desperately trying to lose weight, after following the what I was told by Sue, I am finally losing weight easily and enjoying the process as ever, thank you never seems enough


June 2023


Enlightenment *****

Great advice, calming effect, uplifting. Clear confused mind. Supportive.




Wow *****

Excellent and Mind blowing




Amazing *****

Absolutely Amazing




absolutely Amazing *****

Sue , never fails to impress and her predictions are spot on .... Sue is Absolutely amazing. Sue never fails to impress me xxx




Sue never steers me wrong.*****

 I usually get a couple of readings a year and sometimes a quick check in for clarification on something. She is always spot on, always points me in the right direction, and gives me some hope to use as a north star as I reach for my goals. I am so excited to see what comes of the reading I had today. I’ll check in with her this fall. Don’t hesitate to book, it’s 100% worth it. You will not be disappointed!




Amazing *****

Amazing. Thank you!





Thank you *****

Sue is there for me when I fall…. Thank You


13th February 2023


One of the best things in life *****

Sue lifted me from a hole with yet another reading full of indisputable truths. I never come off the phone from her without a huge sense of renewed vigour, full of anticipation and excitement. The good things are one thing ( always backed up with with evidence in the form of astonishing accuracy), but she also makes sense of the pain, sadness and disappointment to the point that I am able to see it as a blessing and am actually glad of it! Aside from anything else- just hearing Sue's voice is like a soothing balm to the soul - and not a trace of judgement in her voice ( despite some things I've said definitely warranting some!) I am so blessed and grateful to have had Sue in my life for over 15 years. I highly recommend having your reading recorded to be able to review at your leisure - it's very easy to miss things Sue has said during the excitement of the reading, and it is so lovely to be able to listen back and take more and more information and comfort any time you need it


Saturday, January 23



“I’ve known Sue for years and she has never failed to give incredibly helpful and accurate spot on support. She’s a marvel. Book an appointment with her. Now!”

Gregory M



Telephone Mediumship *****

Best mediumship ever, Sue is such a down to earth, warm lovely person. Gave me so much clarifications about people in my life i have lost. Thank you Sue, really appreciate everything you have done for me.

James L



Amazing as Usual *****

Another amazing reading with Sue, spot on with everything, will always go for more readings with her, she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable every time, such a lovely friendly lady, , thanks again Sue XxX if I could give 10* rating I would


11th January 2023


Thank you Sue *****

Thank you Sue . Amazing as always




phenomenal *****

Jan 2023


Always a happy experience *****

Have been attending  readings with Sue for a number of years. Maybe it is my imagination but I have just attended another Tarot reading mainly to see what the New Year (2023) will hold and I felt there was some sort of extra stength going on this time! Anyway another New Year starting with hope and encouragement thanks to Sue who is always so calm, warm and astute. Even when previous readings have not entirely make sense, with some aspects, time brings understanding. Thank you once more. xx


29th December 2022


Amazing *****

Sue is amazing straight to the point worth every penny. Does not waste any time gives as much as she can always. Her insight is outstanding every time.


11 November 2022


face to face reading *****




Sue answered every question I asked and gave me some useful advice for my confusion. I highly recommend her.

Mrs L

12th December 2022



Thank you Sue for your patience, your understanding and your calm.


November 22



Sue has a calming presence but is kick-ass at the same time; helping to make sense of life: past, present and future. She is always bang on the money and highly recommended.


November 22


Sue has a calming presence but is kick-ass at the same time; helping to make sense of life: past, present and future. She is always bang on the money and highly recommended.



I was blessed to have a beautiful reading from Susan. I have learned so much about my life and my children through her.  I have the answers I needed. I have had a Great Peace ever since I talked to her. I will definitely be doing another reading soon and I have shared my experience  with so many friends

Sandra (USA)



Good Morning Sue *****

I just wanted to say a massive thank you again for my reading onFriday, Ileft feeling very overwhelmed bu5 I was so so happy, it really opened my mind and you gave me closure knowing my loved ones are around me and are on the other side happy. I have recommended you to a number of people and I will definitely be in to see you again soon. Again , thank you….





I have been having occassional readings with Sue for over fifteen years now. In this time she has been a huge source of comfort and hope during some very dark times. I have never come off a call to Sue without a huge feeling of relief and even excitement- always giving credence by the many truths spoken by Sue during the reading. 'Thank you seems to fall pitifully short of the mark, but thank you Sue, for making a big difference in my life ♡♡♡


October 22


Relaxed and positive *****

Sue answered everything i had written out, and gave great comfort with answers i was seeking.


5th August 2022


Amazing *****

I have so much to thank you Sue, she is unbelievable and has been my shining light in my darkest days. I don’t take any big decision in life without Sues guidence & I swear by it. She is honest, clear and accurate. I found Sue at my lowest point in life and ever since she has lifted me up & many others in my family.


6 Years Now


Thank You Sue *****

Thank you Sue for being so amazing over the years with your helpful readings. Your healing powers are great, and always welcome. I am grateful to receive them. Thank you.


July 2022


Calming and positive *****

Sue is always so good at what she does, really knows you before even opening your mouth. gives great guidance on personal situations and helps make you feel positibe about outcomes even when things are stressful. couldnt recommend her enough :)


Wow! *****

Sue is brilliant and spot on




Email request *****

Sue always answers questions on time and efficiently and is always accurate.

Colin Anstee

12th May 2022 at 11.20am


Wow *****

Spot on hope it all comes true now Can’t wait to book a face to face reading


Friday 13th


Amazing *****

Such a great feeling seeing Sue, she is truly gifted. I left feeling very uplifted with a sense of direction and clarity. Thank you.



Destiny *****

Sue is amazing. Been feeling like I've been walking through mud for the last few years and getting nowhere so needed some guidence. Everything Sue told me was correct and has inspired me. If this year pans out as she says it's going to be a good year and a chance to move forward. Definately would recommend a reading. I had the 30 min face to face.


Tuesday 3rd May=


Wow *****

Totally impressed with Sue. I left 2 very vague questions for her, which she absolutely nailed!! I will return x




Tarot  Reading*****

Highly recommend Sue. Was spot on with so many things, found it really helpful. Sue has a lovely warm personality and makes you feel at ease.


May 2022




Great! Is always good to speak with Sue. Clears confusion. Good advice and is enlightening



Gives me hope *****

I was sceptical at first about seeing Sue, but both times I’ve been I can honestly say she leaves me speechless. There are things she just couldn’t know that the cards reveal, it’s so interesting. My logic is whether it’s real or not, it gives me something positive to think about (and sometimes negative to avoid). Im ok with things happening the way she suggests or with me making changes to change my direction


10/10 *****

I have been to Sue before and she really is fantastic! She is honest even if it's not what you want to hear. Did a shared reading with my partner who had never had his cards read and was unsure of his feelings towards it. He loved the experience and felt more comfortable with himself and the future after it. If you want someone very honest and down to earth who won't lie and tell you what you want to hear this is the lady for you!




Great Reading *****

I saw Sue only recently and I had a lot on my mind with every thing going on. It was the best thing I did as she answered all my questions to put my mind at rest. Thank you Sue x


April 2022


Very enlightening  *****

I am a strong believer of things falling into place when they need to, however, at this current moment in my life I really found myself needed some answers or direction and Sue really helped me through a Tarot card reading, its the small answers that make the biggest of difference. It was my first time doing a reading and it was recommended by my sister but I did do my research. some advice for first time readers: don't try and be investigative with the reading, have questions prepared and keep in mind that it's all about perspective and what you do with the answers you receive is up to you, Sue is there to translate and articulate what the universe is trying to say.




Blown away  again *****

I used to go to readings with my mum, as my dad had passed away, Sue always blew our minds away with her readings, I went for a tarot card reading, for my future, and again my mind was blown away, my mum passed away last year, and to know that she is with my dad again, puts me at ease, Sue is just fantastic, and would highly recommend a visit. sue has always been spot on.


4th April 2022


Finding your path when you need guidance *****

Sue has an amazing way of tuning into your life situation. When ever I become unsure of my direction or situation , getting guidance from the cards via Sue helps immensely in keeping my mind on an even keel. Sue has a lot of accuracy and her experience helps to translate the message very well. If you haven’t tried Sue, don’t hesitate

Long term male client

4th April 2022


Thank you Sue *****

Tarot and Mediumship (recorded) with Sues Face-To-Face Readings - Sue greeted me like an old friend. The room was calm and so peaceful.  I'd lots of questions and my photo in an envelope of my loved one.  Sue spoke quickly whilst reading the tarot cards I'd chosen, and her replies to my questions lifted a weight off my mind and heart. I asked for it to be recorded as I wouldn't have remembered all the information being given. (Listening back to the recording afterwards gave me time to absorb and reflect about what had been said.) I was very sad due to a recent and sudden bereavement of our pet dog. My heart felt heavy and I'd found it so hard to get through each day.  I'd so many unanswered questions, lots of guilt, and 'whys' and 'what ifs'. I needed reassurance.   With mediumship, I learned that our dog was not suffering anymore.  (He) gave an understanding of how he'd felt prior to passing on, and that he was fine now.  We had done all that we could, but he wasn't able to stay with us any longer.  We were not to blame.  He told me not to worry so much about him!  He was the one doing the worrying and looking out for ME now....   I learned he'd been around me recently to give support and comfort when I was at my lowest ebb. I was able to remember these occasions too. I've always been  sensitive to my surroundings. Sue mentioned some ways in which he may connect with me and I was able to relate to some of these times.   Thankyou Sue for helping us both to find each other once more. You were 'his voice' and you brought us together again.   The best thing of all is that I know he's never far away from me, and is looking after me in his own ways. I still chatter away to him at home every day..... Yes, I still have times when I long for his physical company and for him to sit on my lap like he always did. Sometimes my heart feels heavy again, but knowing he is nearby gives me comfort and reassurance that I'm not alone... Now I feel i can begin to heal. I would certainly recommend Sue. My time with her gave me the strength to carry on and put my mind at ease. I was also given two follow up questions in case I'd forgotten to ask these at the time. Thank you Sue.


Thursday 10th March 2023

Starfield with The Double Cluster (Cadwell 14) in the constellation of Perseus formed by t

Face to face reading *****

I was really happy with my reading with sue will definitely be going again

Luigina Ruggiero

15th March 2022


Fantastic experience *****

My ‘meeting’ with Sue was a Telephone call and, Tarot card reading.—so we have never met in person- I have always had a deep interest in the spiritual world but felt rather nervous of pursuing it —-Sue is a remarkable lady and I felt immediately comforted and ‘at ease’ in her presence. The information she gave to me was invaluable and certainly enhanced my life and perception on many items. I am definitely going to book another sitting and hopefully would like the opportunity of meeting Sue in the future. Thank you very much Sue for your great gifts and patience.

Valerie Morgan

2 weeks ago


I love Sue *****

I love my time with Sue! She is spot on and I always feel like I’m in good hands and that she genuinely cares about me. Looking forward, as always, to my next reading xoxox




Relationship and future *****

Amanda H



Brilliant reading from Sue - do not hesitate to book  *****

I booked my first full face to face reading with Sue, not knowing what to expect but I have to tell you my mind was blown! She is brilliant and is such a lovely lady. The reading was a combination of Tarot, the Crystal Ball, Mediumship and palmistry and I was so happy with it all. Sue was spot on about everything, she was honest, professional and is extremely gifted. I also felt so at ease. I will definitely be booking with her again and will be highly recommending to her to everyone.




Very insightful *****

My first reading with Sue was very interesting! She told me many exacting details about my surroundings which were very accurate, though she has never seen where I live. She was also very insightful about other aspects of my life and relationships, with some very astute and uncanny observations. I am looking forward to another reading with her again soon.

Katy S

1/28/22 (USA)


Wow enlightening *****

Sue was amazing so spot on every single detail the answers and information kept coming. Very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgable I will Definitely be recommending sue and be back again thank you x


27th January 2022


Sue is AMAZING *****

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Sue is absolutely amazing. Her gift is unparalleled! Every time I talk to her, the details she gives astonish me.


21st January 2022


Great experience *****

Sue was spot on with my reading, with no prompting she hit on my past and present, and I can’t wait for the future. Sue truly has a gift and I feel lucky that I could experience it with her.


20th January 2022


Fab as usual*****

What can i say? Sue is a vey gifted lady and always makes me feel welcome with her great readings highly reccomended! Brill Stew

Stewart Crawley

22nd January 22


A good reply *****

I had one question for Sue and got a very intuitive, intriguing and thought-provoking response from Sue that operated in my mind on a number of levels


18th January 2022


Absolutely the best! *****

There is absolutely no one like Sue! Hands-down she is the best, most accurate, and proficient reader I have ever been to. I’ve been to many and I am a reader myself. I am blown away by Sue’s erie accuracy. If it wasn’t for her these last two years I don’t know what I would’ve done! She brings me such peace and clarity. I replay her readings over and over and over again for insight and for peace of mind. They are more than just readings they are healings. Thank you Sue for everything you have helped me with! You are amazing and a gift to this world!

Lindsey M

12/23/21 (USA)k


Review from S Palmer *****

I have had 3 readings with Sue. Her insight is incredible. I will not use anyone else now. And she is so honest and always tells me extra things to help guide me that she sees. And no one else could. Sue helped me with a difficult period in my life and I will always be grateful x




A Reading Can Change Your Life  *****

When I consult Sue it is because I am worried about something and I consult her as a friend - the best type of friend, one who cares, who knows what is worrying and who is genuine, kind, intuitive, strong and who has an extraordinary gift. Sue can see things in the future and in the past and uses her skill to reassure and advise.

I have total faith in her ability and don't hesitate to recommend her; it can change your life, I promise.

Carolyn H



Amazing *****

I go to Sue only once a year. She is amazing as I am given whats ahead so not need to see any other readers as Sue is is accurate. You will not be disappointed. Honest as straight to the point. Thank you again Sue




My reading with Sue *****

Very recently, I had a face to face reading with Sue.The first in a couple of years due to lockdown.Sue related to me exactly how I was dealing with an ongoing issue, without my saying anything.she is extremely accurate about the past to do with this and also the present, this gives me hope that the future she describes is also accurate. Which helps me deal with , the reasons I have a reading.I have trust in Sues honesty and integrity. She has helped me enormously, I am sure I will continue to have readings with her. Booking is straightforward and easy. Not expensive, given the absolute high quality of reading. I am very happy I found Sue and her husband. Thank You so much for the help and guidance I have been given





So reassuring and accurate *****

Fantastic, calm and accurate - truly gifted lady - thank you Sue for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life.




Spot on Sue *****

have recently seen Sue and needed answers to various things on my mind, and before I even asked what was on my mind she looked at me and told me what I had intended to ask her. Sue in my opinion is a truly gifted woman kind and warm hearted and a pleasure to know her. Thank you Sue.



Tarot Reading *****

I often have a reading with sue when I am confused about things that are happening in my life. Sue gives great insight and helpful answers to how to move forward




My Reading*****

Sue is BEYOND AMAZING! She is EXTREMELY GIFTED and has been so accurate with all the information she gave to me. I LOVE HER BEYOND WORDS.




As usual- Fantastic! *****

Over the last couple of years or so I’ve been having my Tarot reading by Sue, be in no doubt she is the real deal, insightful , fun , and to a very very large degree- accurate ! She has unstintingly helped me navigate my way through a difficulty period in my life. For me, I can’t imagine anyone having a reading that they dont get a lot from. If you are hesitant take the plunge  , I don’t think you will be disappointed.., get it recorded its impossible to remember all she reveals in such a short time span.




Thank You *****

Sue was friendly, reassuring and very professional. Thankyou Sue. 

Jan Boresta




Peace *****

Sue’s abilities and insights have been incredibly on point and supported my journey over the last few months, she never waivers in patience and delivers accurately time after time. My latest reading was a connection with my dad, which had us both chuckling due to his charismatic and funny nature, which brought me so much peace. Sue has Incredible gifts, don’t hesitate in booking in with her at all, she will give you the answers you need.




Review *****

I had a twenty minutes face time reading with Sue. She was able to answer all of my questions within the given time. She predicted a great future ahead and I cannot wait to see it. Definitely will book her again!Thank you for the reading





Great bonus to our Halloween party,

Sue came along and read cards for our guests - about 10 mins apiece- even our sceptics came away with some interesting thoughts - throughout the evening our guest were exchanging what was read to them and are still talking and sharing the next day! Sue was professional, yet, fun and courteous - booking her again - there’s so much to hear ! Our guests were in awe and thought it made the party !


Saturday 30th October


Amazing Sue *****

Sue is the best. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a lovely lady, extremely accurate and professional in her readings - caring and funny too 😀 I’m so glad I found her.

Valerie Peace



Shocked *****

I went into my reading not knowing If I fully believed in psychics but everything sue said was completely true , I am completely shocked!

Mollie Rose

29th October


Clarity *****

Sue brought a lot of clarity to the questions I had. She really can connect in a way that I’ve never seen before. I would highly recommend a session with her and get it recorded ;)




2nd visit *****

This was my second visit to see Sue. It was much better without masks, as I could hear her more clearly. She made me feel at ease and shared my frustrations with my late husband. I felt much more at peace when I left after her consultation than I did on my first visit. Thank you Sue.




A glowing review *****

I have been welcomed warmly by Sue and she immediately set me at ease. I believe her to be authentic in what she does. She has been able to reveal answers to questions that have been unanswered for quite a time. She is a real gem. Thanks Sue


12th October 2021


Peace and Healing *****

Amazing. Sue has given me peace and healing and helped me so much. X




Amazing as always!*****

Sue is an extraordinary reader. After many years, she still has lost the touch of magic with me. There are things she told come like exactly what she said and the time she said. But important to keep in mind that things are progressing base on so many external factors and conflicts just like how we grow, so it is good to have a reading through out different stages rather than holding on to a single prediction. She always helps you to make good decisions.




Lovely lovely Lady *****

Had a quick facetime reading with the lovely sue on Friday when she predicted someone would return into my life but using a different tack and low and behold a few hours later they did and using a different tackxx

Friday 1st October



Wonderful *****

Sue gave me lots of answers and I felt enlightened after my reading. Very insightful! Thank you Sue!




Review *****

Sue gave me useful advice and hope for the future. I'd definitely recommend a reading




20 minute reading *****

My reading with Sue was amazing! She saw things that no one else could know! She is the real deal! I will definitely use her again! Thanks again Sue.

John Watkins (USA)



Sue is a Gem *****

Sue is so warm, familiar and personable. Come prepared with questions as she moved fast. No dull moments. A bunch of psychics come to her because she really “has the gift.”. Can’t wait for my next reading with her.




Quick Answer *****

I had a specific pressing question as to which option would be the better one for me and it was as usual promptly responded to by Sue and made feel more secure regarding my next steps


September 9th


Amazing *****

I have been to see Sue on few occasions and she has always been accurate. I saw her mid August and have to say that her reading was surprising to me on a number of aspects. Even though it is only a few weeks since I saw her, what she foretold me has started to come into being at an almost alarming rate and with such clarity. I can only highly recommend Sue. Thank you Sue and I have found that secret place, never did I imagine that would be the case. Much love, you know how to reach me when you need me. Kindest regards


14th August 2021


Top Notch*****

Sue is amazing. I’ve had 2 readings with her so far and both have been immensely helpful. The guidance she provided help me to move a relationship forward. She recommended I do a particular thing and she was exactly right, it had the desired effect.


First reading July 2nd second reading September 6th


Great Reading *****

I had a 20 minute reading and I can't believe how much we covered in such a short space of time! Sue was speedy in answering my questions, but also very detailed. She has a kind and friendly manner, which made me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the reading, as it gave me a lot of insight, and I would definitely recommend.




The best psychic I have ever encountered *****

Sue is amazing she is spot on it’s incredible. Her abilities are amazing! She helps you be truely enlighten with information that are undoubtedly true because they are exactly what happens..

Jeanette (USA)

September 7, 2021


Spot on *****

Sue is incredibly intuitive and accurate. Her energy is wonderful. I cannot believe the things she saw, felt and described. She is so gifted and provided so much clarity for me. Also she was available so quickly. Definitely book! You’ll be glad you did.


9/3/21 (USA)


Reassuring check-in *****

I've had readings with Sue a few times now and always enjoy Sue's relaxed style and empathy, which enables me to ask the questions I really want to ask. Key points have been unerringly true or have come to fruition. Equally, timescales can move and things can change, so by checking in with Sue, I get a great deal of comfort knowing where I am and what is going on, so I can make a choice about what I do next. She gives me an insight and perspective that maybe I haven't considered. before and it helps me feel in control - maybe because so much of what she has told me has been proven true. Thank you, Sue!




Silver Linings *****

Sues tarot reading was very accurate. She was spot on regarding my character and current circumstances with enough details to convert any non believer. Sue gave me hope and I’m looking forward to the next year ahead. I’ll def recommend Sue and even have a reading done again.


21st August 2021


Lovely Sue *****

had a full face reading with Sue in July and I thought she had such a lovely aura and I instantly felt calm, I was able to ask her a question that had been seriously impacting on my state of mind and I thought she was just so so lovely and reassured me on what had been bothering me. I felt so comfortable with her and could have spoken and listened to her for hours. Since then, I have continued to feel better about it. Thank you Sue. x


July 2021



Lots to take away and ponder on *****

I have had several readings with Sue and they are always enlightening and often very accurate. Maybe not always what you’d like to hear but plenty to go away and reflect on. Depending on what’s going on in my life the readings have been comforting , helpful or thought provoking . Great kindness and sensitivity from Sue alongside frankness about life.


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